‘First Lady house grab story false’

Amai Grace Mugabe

Amai Grace Mugabe

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter
POLICE have dismissed as false claims that First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe “grabbed” properties belonging to Lebanese businessman Mr Jamal Ahmed, saying the assets in question were duly placed under police guard as part of an investigation into an assortment of criminal allegations against the mogul.

Mr Ahmed on December 21 last year obtained an interdict at the High Court against Dr Mugabe, her son Mr Russel Goreraza and a top police officer Superintendent Kennedy Fero, whom he accused of unlawfully occupying and taking over his three houses.

However, the three respondents — through Mr Wilson Manase of Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners — this week approached the court seeking discharge of an order granted in favour of Mr Ahmed by Justice Clement Phiri last month.

In a notice of opposition filed at the High Court on Monday, the lawyers attached separate affidavits by Superintendents Nyambo Viera and Kennedy Fero confirming the placement of Mr Ahmed’s property under police guard had nothing to do with the First Family.

Detective Superintendent Viera stated in his affidavit that he was investigating Mr Ahmed in connection with a number of cases involving fraud, theft, property acquisition, money laundering, purchase of minerals, and Exchange Control laws.

Police, according to Superintendent Viera, are also investigating a case in which the First Lady lost $1,3 million to Mr Ahmed.

To that end, police have deployed officers to protect the properties — two in Avondale and one along Harare Drive in Vainona — pending finalisation of investigations.

“We are unaware that the First Lady forcibly took over any property belonging to Jamal Ahmed. All we can confirm is that the properties are under police guard to facilitate investigations.”

Supt Viera added: “What is under investigation are allegations of theft, fraud, property acquisitions, money laundering, contravention of Exchange Control laws, his immigration status, purchase of minerals, loans he acquired and, generally, all those he might have done business with locally and the role each of the people might have played to facilitate his illegal activities.”

Police want to find out how Mr Ahmed acquired several properties in Zimbabwe in a short space of time.

Supt Viera indicated that police were looking for Mr Ahmed and requests for his extradition from whichever country he might be have since been sent through Interpol.

“While carrying out our investigations, which are advanced, we came to learn of the theft/fraud he perpetrated against the First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe.

“Coupled with all the other investigation material, we applied and got a warrant of arrest against this individual.

“We alerted Interpol to assist us in extraditing him from any country he might be residing (in), presumably Belgium, Dubai or Europe in general. With that red flag, we expect compliance from our colleagues in various countries where he may be to assist in bringing Jamal Ahmed into Zimbabwe to assist the police in their investigations,” reads the affidavit.

In her opposing affidavit, Dr Mugabe denied ever being served with the application that later culminated into an interdict order against her.

She argued that if the court had allowed her to present her case, it would not have granted the interim relief.

Dr Mugabe denied allegations that she forcibly took over the properties in question.

“I therefore deny forcibly taking over the said premises. Had the court heard our side of the story as respondents, there might have been no need to grant the interim relief as it did, merely to scandalise me and the institution of the Presidency,” said the First Lady.

“No one has stated, including the first applicant (Mr Ahmed), that he saw the first and second respondents commandeering matters at the houses concerned.

“To then direct that respondents were responsible for any misfortune that befell the first applicant is to say the least, being economic with the truth,” she said.

Dr Mugabe said she was out of the country when the said “invasion” took place together with Mr Goreraza.

She said Mr Ahmed and his lawyers, Mtetwa and Nyambirai, made malicious and defamatory statements against the First Family with an intention of causing political damage.

“I am aware that first applicant and his lawyers are on a mission to demonise the family and to disparage them far and wide for political purposes,” she said.

“I notice that the first applicant and his legal practitioners have gone to town in an effort to demonise the respondents locally and internationally for no apparent reason, painting a picture of people who do not observe the rule of law but who take the law into their own hands,” the First Lady said.

Dr Mugabe said she was a victim of fraud allegedly perpetrated by Mr Ahmed and that she had nothing to do with the protection of the properties in question by the police.

Supt Fero said CID Law and Order, who were investigating cases involving Mr Ahmed, ordered that the three properties be secured and protected to allow smooth investigations.

He stated that the First Lady and her son never came near the properties in question.

“I can confirm here and now that at no time did the first and second respondents ever get near these above-mentioned premises for any reason whatsoever.

“This is purely a police operation. If any person was removed from the premises, it was for their security and safety as I had been told that first applicant, a Lebanese national, was an international criminal who could possibly be dangerous as his illegal activities are far wide and ranging.

“I did my duties as directed of securing the premises mentioned. We still are awaiting the return of first applicant (Mr Ahmed) to Zimbabwe,” he said.

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  • Idi Amin Rorbeto Mugabage

    Tells us more about this $1.3m fraud, how did he stole this money from our beloved mother…

    • Ngwensyasvinura

      Correct English is how did he steal the money .Go and rewrite O level English before commenting on these issues .

      • Rejoice Ngwenya

        kkkk, ZANU.PF English!

      • Amai Mandigona

        Who told you he ever attempted to write O Levels at all ?

      • Greatness

        Its English for communication not for fault finding

  • Tarubva

    Isn’t it curious that in a country under “sanctions” and a deadly liquidity crunch, the First Lady can afford to buy a $1.3m ring? Perhaps ordinary villagers like Mzvinavhu who squeal loudest every now and then about these “sanctions” may chip in with an explanation!

    • Im African

      Mzvinavhu(Prof) has been hard hit by the #DataIncreases!

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Ndiripo zvangu .Ini zii.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      The sanctions are real and very there against our economy.

      • Madara

        hahahaha! such stupidity. its hilarious. good to have you back. :)

  • Moe_Syzlack

    Please stop calls no imposters Dr so and so. It cheapens edu ma degrees. Secondly, where did she get $1.3m to buy a stone when all of us are wallowing in poverty? I remember her saying her businesses weren’t making any profit because of sanctions. Thirdly, since when do ZanuRPolice take interest in knowing why this dude bought so many properties in a short space of time? Focus on all Zanuoids in the Brooke and around. Selective application of the law.

  • xyz

    This story stinks…it just shows the characters of all involved. Did the Police expect to find the $1.3m hidden in the 3 properties hence guarding the houses? I do not believe that any of these people are telling the truth.

  • Mondo

    Dr Mugabe as in Zinatha practitioner or an academic?

    • yowe

      good one

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Whats good one? Handina kuiona.

        • yowe

          it was deleted…where were u comrade when the masses were blaspheming aganist your holy mother

  • eliah

    This report appears to be one sided and it not reconcile with the ring story , yet some of the people mentioned are in this country.

  • yowe

    so it is confirmed Marujata bought a ring worth $1,3million when the country is failing to find forex to support business operations. It makes me wonder whatelse this first family is wasting scarce foreign currency on. Then you hear so called comrades blaming sanctions on our problems hahahaha YOWE

  • Observer gonzo

    Another “fake news” allegation – Trump style. Why do our leaders learn all the wrong things from other countries and trash the good stuff like transfer of power.

  • Observer gonzo

    Where did she get the rough diamond? Why did a person of first lady need to use shoddy underground diamond dealers to get the ring made? Why avoid the KPCS certified jewelries?

  • Department 6

    i do believe that when ‘Dr Amai’ intends to buy something, background checks are done by the CIO; so they got to know she was defrauded when and how?
    y waiting so long to respond?
    how did ‘dr amai’ get in touch with this guy in the first place? i do feel this police ínvestigation’ is bogus n a cover up/

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Tell us about how the first lady lost 1.3Mil to this Ahmed guy? Ndopane nyaya yese ipapo!

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    This is indeed a sensational matter but I think generally as a country we need to be now more focused on the following issues that impact directly on socio-economic development and some of these issues are:
    a)Road Infrastructure development – our roads are in a deplorable state and we need to act fast to harness resources towards rehabilitation and further development of our road network. We also need to work on the cities and towns whose road network has deteriorated.
    b) National Railways of Zimbabwe needs to be capitalised and modernised to ease pressure on our roads and to reduce costs of moving goods and to a less extent people.
    c) Energy – We need energy security to cover us for the next 50 years in anticipation of inevitable development that requires energy.
    d) We need to sanitise our cities and make sure we do not threaten the health of our citizens. Cholera and typhoid can decimate a whole community. The nation’s human resource capital is under threat from preventable diseases.
    e) We need to quickly revise the POTRAZ directive on social media as it is counter productive and threatens to reverse the gains that had been made so far. If there is an issue that require immediate attention with a view to reversing the retrogressive policy, it is this one. There is no question that this technology is driving Africa and Asia. Service delivery has improved as a result. Banks and insurance companies globally have developed mobile applications for use in the distribution of their products thus contributing to an overall reduction in costs. That way governments have reaped significantly from taxes emanating from profitable companies.
    You do not burn the whole house to kill a rat.
    f) We need to keep focused on agricultural productivity and ensure that our farms are productive so that we regain our bread basket status. The command agriculture programme requires support and further development to include small grains and livestock production.
    g) We need our regulate our banks especially where interest rates are concerned. It is an open secret that they have been counter productive and have significantly contributed to social and economic strife. Banks must be severely punished for the damage to the economy since 2009. Restitution is the way to go in this regard. The must pay back what they took from individuals and corporates since 2009. In fact it is expected that they themselves must be proactive to spruce up their image and start by reversing huge interest charges even on loans granted to Zimbabweans since then. They ought to be ashamed.
    These and other areas of national development as well as corruption require our focus and I am afraid to say at the moment our focus is misplaced. Political bickering has cost us another precious five years and this cannot be allowed to continue.
    Please Herald kindly print this contribution and give it to every member of the executive as well as parliament.
    We can then deal with other matters of gossip and juicy scandals after matters of bread and butter have been resolved. Matters that make our country move forward some of which I have outlined above. First Lady this First Lady that, we certainly are not that much interested. Lacoste this G40 that we are not really interested.

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Now its USD15.0013 Billion missing…

  • Pasi neZimra

    ko imi mogotanga nekuti false yakambobuda pai nyaya iyi, hanti motanga matiudza zvaitaurwa mozoti “false” and $1.3 minga iyi yakambobiwa paiko zvaita sei. pliz furnish us with more details otherwise muJama uyu hatidi kumuona futi muzimba

  • bloomberg

    That’s a beautiful photo of Amai

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    Most companies are waiting for months to have their payments for essential raw materials cleared by the RBZ. Meanwhile workers are send home to wait for the materials and lose their earnings. On the other hand we are using this much needed money to buy a ring? Does our Dr Amai not see this? Is she so blind to the fact that she is taking away food from the table of the much suffering Zimbabwean workers? I am also extremely disappointed at the Herald for failing to critically dissect this scandal and tell the nations the implications of such lack of foresight by the politically connected. While it is appreciated that this is a court report that should stick to the court facts, surely a separate analysis is called for because if we continue to avoid telling the truth because that truth may not be politically correct we will fail our generation and that of our children. There are countries that have sunk into the abyss of social moral disintegration and will never shake of the tag or label of being thieves and fraudsters. Do we want to go that route.

  • Hachi1

    Even the police actions would need a court order

  • chairman

    hehehhehehe.investigating Jamal.who was the complainant. Dr Amai..saka muri kutii.kkkkk.ndaseka

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Who said I am the defense lawyer in this case.? Ndaswera ku farm zvangu ,mvura iri kunaya zvokuti!

  • yowe

    rega ndisataure my comment on this story was also removed .Let me respect the moderator

    • Madara

      no, they shouldn’t be moderating anyways. it takes far too long and we are all adults. What did he say?

  • Alwaysready

    Well spelling is always pertinent. Interpol Probably can’t trace him, as I heard his surname is Hamed not Ahmed…. convenient misspelling? Also heard he is a Sierra Leonne born British citizen, of Lebanese descent… go figure..