First Lady has no Presidential ambitions — Sandi Moyo

The First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe

The First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe

From George Maponga in CHIVI
FIRST Lady Amai Grace Mugabe has no ambition to succeed President Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s next leader but is only standing in defence of her husband against people who want to force the President to step down before the end of his term of office, a senior Zanu-PF Women’s League official has said. Zanu-PF Deputy Secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo said there are people who were targeting the First Lady and vilifying her for speaking on behalf of all Zimbabweans who fully supported President Mugabe’s visionary leadership.

Speaking at Museva Village in Chivi South where she was representing First Lady Amai Mugabe at the handover of a new church built by Chivi Rural District Council chairman Councillor Killer Zivhu for the Zion Apostolic Faith Mission Church (ZAFMC) over the weekend, Cde Sandi Moyo said Amai Mugabe does not harbour presidential ambitions.

“There are some people who are targeting the President’s wife because they are so scared of the power that she is trying to protect. The First Lady is only supporting her husband but there are some people who want to mislead Zimbabweans into believing otherwise,’’ she said.

“She never said she wants to rule this country; let her speak for everyone and she deserves the support of everyone. She stands up because she is the image of the Mugabe home.’’

Cde Sandi Moyo said those wishing to succeed President Mugabe were supposed to be patient and not try to force the veteran Zanu-PF leader out before his time is up.

She said President Mugabe was anointed by God to rule Zimbabwe and would only step down when God wants him to do so.

“Don’t be misled by people who want to force President Mugabe to step down. He continues to rule this country because God wants him to continue doing so, you are going to have another leader at some point but for now President Mugabe is in charge,’’ said Cde Sandi Moyo.

“There are people who have been fooled to follow other leaders; I say to them come back to the fold, President Mugabe is still with us and we pray that he will be there until 2018.’’

Cde Sandi Moyo said Zimbabwe was in the midst of a trying time because of some power- hungry people who wanted to take over the country’s leadership when President Mugabe was still there.

She equated the current situation to the biblical time when Moses was leading the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt only for some to rebel and start carving their own small gods when Moses had gone up the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments from God.

The Zanu-PF Deputy Women’s Affairs secretary said President Mugabe was the only leader with the capacity to maintain peace in the country.

“Just look at the history of our country, President Mugabe is the only founding nationalist leader of this country who is still with us today because God is looking after him as he is the only leader who can maintain peace in this country,’’ she said.

“It is God’s wish that President Mugabe is still the leader of this country, 36 years after Independence, President Mugabe is a God-given leader.’’

She called on the church to help the country with prayers so that people uphold good moral values that enable the country to achieve socio-economic development in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Cde Sandi Moyo hailed Clr Zivhu for assisting many communities around the country saying the sky was the limit for the Chivi RDC chair, whom she described as a pragmatic and development-oriented person.

Addressing the same gathering, ZAFMC leader Bishop Ezra Shoko paid tribute to the Zanu-PF Government led by President Mugabe for supporting indigenous churches.

He also paid tribute to Clr Zivhu for his philanthropy saying it was an indication that Zanu-PF leaders had the people at heart.

Clr Zivhu said he was a messenger of President Mugabe and the First Lady, and was sent to effect development especially in remote rural communities.

“I am only an emissary of President Mugabe and the First Lady Amai Mugabe who sent me to make sure that we help each other to meet our Zim-Asset goals. President Mugabe and the First Lady love people, that is why we do not hesitate when they send us to do tasks that improve the welfare of the ordinary people. We are already looking ahead to the 2018 elections where we want to give our President another emphatic mandate to rule this country,’’ said Clr Zivhu.

Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial secretary for the commissariat Cde Jappy Jaboon said Masvingo province was fully united behind President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe, saying those opposed to them were lost deep in the wilderness.

Cde Jaboon donated 50 bags of cement to ZAFMC for repairing the floor in the conference area while Harare South Member of Parliament Cde Shadreck Mashayamombe offered to drill a borehole to ease water challenges during the church’s gatherings.

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  • mpengo

    Wow. So all those intense rallies are for standing in defence of the President?

  • Tamupa

    Typical sycophantic verbal diarrhoea from puppet G40 sellouts!
    It is extremely offensive and blasphemous to true Christians for Sandi Moyo to proclaim President Mugabe was anointed by God, and for other comrades to conflate political party issues with religion makes one think some are completely ignorant of principles dealing with Separation of Church and State.
    Many thanks to MP Shadreck Mashayamombe for offering to drill one borehole, this will join the 12200 boreholes being rehabilitated and drilled by the European Union, and the 300 by China.

  • Chief Legal Adviser

    If there are any who want the President to step down from government office and ZANU PF leadership before the end of the terms for which he was elected, then they are causing the current political tension in the party , unnecessarily. If these are ZANU PF members, who lost when he was voted for in 2013 elections and 2014 Congress, why do they want a political coup now?. Our future leader in government and ZANU PF will be elected, not factioned, when the time comes. Any constitutional and provisioned premature need to truncate office tenure must be publicly justified to avoid factionalism . Our leaders must be open with each other when they meet in Cabinet and Politburo. Zvemahumbwe povo yaramba!

    • Joshua ka-Nyongolo Nkomo

      It is only through rumors that views to the effect there are some who want to remove the president before his term ends circulate, it is also through rumours and that the first lady harbors presidential ambitions. I say evidence because slogans to support that are now there and songs to support that only a Zezuru will take are now known by all and have been sung at her rallies. WHAT IS STILL IN DOUBT IS THE VIEW THAT THERE ARE OTHERS WHO WANT TO REMOVE THE PRESIDENT BEFORE HIS TERM ENDS, THERE REALLY REALLY IS ZERO EVIDENCE TO BACK THAT. As for the F/L, she has many things to prove her bid for the presidency. If the very clear evidence overtly displayed even on some T/ S shirts and slogans to that effect to prove her intentions is not enough why then is the view that there are some wanting to remove the president before he ends his term even when there is not even a proof of one T/Shirt and slogans supporting that more believable to team G40? To believe what is not supported by evidence is a mistake if we can not believe what has evidence already. That people position themselves for the presidency in the event a chance comes knocking is constitutional but to cook lies to make it appear they want to get power before the president decides to leave on his own accord is and has always been a pure lie aimed at causing unnecessary turmoil in the party and has resulted in the rise of G40.

      • Chief Legal Adviser

        Thanks for your comments. I agree with you that we don`t have the tangible evidence publicly about alleged sinister plot. But we are not privy to security information, to be able to say whether its true or lies. No wonder why VP Mphoko and First lady publicly refuted such speculation or suspicions on their part. Some suspected remained silent, which is their right to, but? You talk of the rise of G40, whatever that means , but you are silent on the rise of Lacoste ! Is Lacoste real or just another rumour? Anyway , thanks again for the debate. I take it you are not the ghost of our great national hero, the late Father Zimbabwe, unless you are his Jr.

        • Joshua ka-Nyongolo Nkomo

          Going by the constitution of the party it is not a wrong to prepare to rise up structurally, again biologically it is not possible for one to remain positioned at the helm for ever, so institutions have some renewal clauses or statutes that allows their members to also compete for office. The ANC, SWAPO & FRELIMO are not disintegrating in a manner simillar to what we are experiencing in ZANU-PF because they do not fire presidential aspirants and their supporters but give them a chance to prepare and then face elections. The reason why we doubt accusations linking some members to wanting to oust the president before his term are many, they are due to the fact that team G40 has slogans, they breach the constitution at will and chants tribal vitriol but are not labelled aspirants when the evidence is overwhelming. That there is team Lacoste is no secrete either but its not a foundation of Munangagwa or a term he coined himself but that which J Moyo coined, meaning J Moyo should be punished for coining such terms as well and the same punishment be extended to those saying ‘Munhu wese kunaamai’, ‘Mazoe crush 1′, ‘Mazoe crush 2′ and Zezuru unconquerable’ if justice in the party is important.
          That Mphoko and the F/L denounced presidential aspirations publicly is totally immaterial and contradicts their actions and words latter if we consider the hate speech and slogans they chant. Why they usurp the party disciplinary body by insulting the perceived culprits appear as a deliberate move to take the party as a one man possession that is handled according to one man’s interests without consulting others on key decisions. Had there been a body mandated to investigate intelligence gatherings against coup plotters there would be no noise because all steps to bring facts to light would have been considered and implemented. Whats boggling the mind is that were there is a party constitution to unearth all shenanigans by alleged coup plotters and also when the president can plug out those accused of breaching the procedure, it is not followed but some ancient and unconstitutional ‘meet the people tours’ are being carried out by G40 to pursue such sensitive issues in a way raising much questions than answers. This is despite the fact there is no proof to buttress intelligence findings and all allegations against anybody. Consistence lacks in all steps being taken because corruption allegations and threats and insults by G40 members are also swept under the carpet yet they should be investigated, an independent body be set to verify allegations is non existent, the constitution is not being invoked whatsoever, false allegations have been made by some on numerous occasions but none seeks to go to the base of it or put those doing so to justice because there is no-longer a body impartial to do justice matters in the party now.
          The base fact is G40 is not doing it in the correct way if they want to expose team Lacoste and there is no procedure being followed and that even handed justice is no-more. This is purely a succession or factional battle and the meet the people campaigns are unconstitutional but divisive.

          • Chief Legal Adviser

            Ah you mean July Moyo hatched G40? Is that why he was voted out of confidence? You agree he should be punished for being divisive?

          • Joshua ka-Nyongolo Nkomo

            Jonathan Moyo birthed all acronyms. There is none to punish anybody now because G40 is too dirty to clean even a pigsty.

  • Telescope

    Please correct the notion that “we are ruled”. Try leading the people then you will know if things are going in the right direction. Zimbabweans want good leaders and don’t need rulers.

    • Cde Mgagao

      You are just being semantic! You have been ruled or led since 1980. Period!

  • haiwawo

    They doth protest too much.

  • MweniTafara

    Editor how can first lady not have presidential ambitions when everyone wants to be president? Chinos, Mai Chisamba, Kwachu-kwachu mapombi acho morasa, BaTensen, Vharazipi, Ngwenya, Professor, Chura, the list is endless.

  • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

    Noone is saying people should not aspire to the highest office. It is not a crime. VPs, ministers, farmers, vendors, kombi drivers, pastors, or anyone can also contest in 2018 to win or lose. The issue is the allegation of wanting to prematurely push some one out of office chete, chete! Is it true?Whether is true or not the current President is not going out before the end of his government and party terms. After that , the party and people will decide .The nation that voted (via majority) want a smooth hand over after the next elections .But if the current incumbent is re elected then people will have spoken. No one can then say pwe pwe! Therefore any speculations about the future leader are useless. The constitution does not say its automatic for VPs to succeed. One has to go to the electorate also, regardless whether one is elephant , lion, pig, lizard, snake ,lizard, porcupine, rhino or crocodile!

  • wesley

    Just because she has no ambitions doesn’t mean that, at the right time, she won’t give in to the overwhelming demand from G40 that she come to the aid of the country!