First Lady donates to Chivi villagers

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe

Masvingo Bureau
Over 2 000 villagers in Gororo communal lands in Chivi South have been thrown a lifeline after First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe donated maize-meal and clothes to ease crippling food shortages caused by the prevailing El Nino-induced drought.

Each of the 2 000 villagers received a 10kg pocket of mealie-meal while school children from five primary schools were given shoes, tracksuits and jerseys.

Among those who received the clothes handed over by zanu-PF Masvingo provincial secretary for finance, Cde Killer Zivhu, who is also Chivi Rural District Council chair are orphans and the elderly.

Cde Zivhu collected the mealie-meal and clothes from State House on Tuesday.

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Schoolchildren who received clothes and shoes were drawn from Gororo, Zunga, Simudzirai, Tokwe and Mawiro primary schools in Chivi South.

The clothes and shoes were handed over to headmasters of the five respective schools.

Speaking at the handover of the clothes and mealie-meal at his homestead in Chivi South, Cde Zivhu paid tribute to the First Family for continuing to support vulnerable Zimbabweans in times of extreme hardship.

Cde Zivhu said the clothes and mealie-meal would go a long way in easing hunger among villagers.

He urged the people of Chivi to remain solidly behind President Mugabe because of his love for the people.

“What the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe has done to the people of Chivi today shows that the First Family is always thinking about how to make the lives of ordinary people better especially during times like this when most parts of the country are bearing the brunt of one of the worst droughts in living memory,’’ he said.

“What the First Lady has done for the people of Chivi today means that we should continue to rally behind President Mugabe in the next 2018 elections.

“There is no other alternative, President Mugabe is our candidate and we should all continue to support him because he loves his people,’’ she said.

Cde Zivhu dismissed other opposition parties, including the newly formed Zimbabwe People First fronted by ex-Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru, as political pawns.

“There are even other newly formed political parties like the so-called People First but I am sure you heard what President Mugabe said about such parties. The President said parties like People First would just fracture into different formations just like what hit the MDC, these parties will never cause headaches to zanu-PF and our President who we are going to vote for again in 2018,” said Cde Zivhu.

He challenged villagers in the drought-hit Chivi to be innovative and adopt water harvesting techniques so that they could harness water for irrigation to ensure reliable food supplies in the wake of changing global weather patterns because of climate change.

Chivi villagers were also supposed to offer free labour in the construction of small reservoirs for storing water to irrigate gardens in line with village Zim-Asset which is being spearheaded by the district.

District Administrator for Chivi Mr Bernard Hadzirabwi hailed First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe for donating mealie-meal and clothes saying the food situation in the district remained precarious.

Mr Hadzirabwi said the food donated by the First Lady would augment supplies from the Social Welfare Department and non-governmental organisations.

Last week Cde Zivhu donated 10kg bags of mealie-meal to 1 000 families in the Shindi area of Chivi.

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  • Ambivalence

    A 10kg pocket of mealie-meal to help aleviate the effects of drought? My word. Is this seriously happening in Zimbabwe? You actually write and print such trash in a national newspaper? Tell us a bit about Itai Dzamara. Where was he born? How did he grow up? What do his friends and relatives think about him now? Can you at least try to be a decent paper and write about real people and real issues? If you do that, I am sure you will be suprised by how well your paper will be received. You might actually become the paper that everyone wants to read. Just saying.

  • Munhu Wese Kuna Amai

    Thank you, Dr Amai! This shows how much you truly love the people.

    • yowe


    • Mabaleka

      Wakapusa iwe…love the people hahahaha….a joke of the year. Its very worrying when some people fall for this political stance.. If she cared, she knows what she needs to do…!

    • jojo

      love the people ! you are the gullible looks more like a bribe to me.anyway ,not long now.the curtains are quickly falling.

    • Munhu Wese Kuna Amai

      How dare you question the philanthropy of Dr Mugabe!

      She donates from her own pocket and from her heart. Some are suggesting that this was paid for by government or even worse western donors. Lies, all lies!!!

      This is an expression of Amai’s generosity, and proof that ZANU-PF is the only party that can ensure no one in Zimbabwe will ever go hungry.

      • HeWhoShallNotBeNamed

        how will Zanu ensure no one goes hungry?

  • faston

    10kg inobatsirei? ko kungoregera, musatamba neMavhitori they see clearly kuti hapana iripo. Kachitsotsi ke10kg hakapedzi zhara. Isai kuzvitoro zvemumwe wenyu Mpoko , do not waste your energy , Itai Mahomu-homu enyu kure neMasvingo. Makatituka makaranga kare regai takadaro hatimbofi nezhara isu . tinozvimwira mikumbi yedu toenda pajoni tonotora chikafu semazuva ese, mungatidiiii, hapana?

  • yowe

    Nhai Mother Doctor! Dai makatora 1 million yechiparty chiya makapa vari kutambura zvaisava nani here??? Handizivi kuti muno pawona sei Doctor Amai… Kuuya kuzoita mabiko pakati pevanhu vane zhara mozodzoka mavhiki matatu apfuura ne10 kg yeupfu?? Mmmmm hameno kwenyu kunenge kudada Doctor Mother…. you are divorced from reality

  • wesley

    100% propaganda Herald style. Amai was jetting off to India on the day this is announced – absolutely wasting more money than these few bags of maize meal cost.
    Is there not a single real journalist employed on the Herald. It seems not. Shameful reporting.

  • theheraldonline

    Good afternoon Tawedzegwa,
    Once again, the story on President Mugabe’s India trip came under heavy spam attack. It’s unfortunate some of our colleagues on the platform in their hatred of some individuals try to outdo other participants by spamming the platform. We would not really want to blacklist these spammers because some of them are regular debate drivers on this platform. Once blacklisted of reported to Disqus, they would risk having their accounts and IP addresses blacklisted by the social media company. Inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

  • Isac Hunt

    well done Dr, this shows that you are not british.

  • Pisanai

    Makaita basa nezvamakaita. Iwe Zivhu usataura zvisina basa about opposition parties wanzwa here. Itai kutivzvinhu zvifambe vana vashande, vazvitengere chikafu nyangwe kune nzara. Vanhu havana mabasa, dzimwe nyika dzine nzara but vanhu are working, what is wrong with our country. Gadzirisai kuti kuve nemabasa, ma industries akavhara nenyaya yekusada kunzwisisa kwenyu, nhasi vana votambura. Toda mabasa mhani imi. Irwo rusarura ganda rwamakada urwu.

  • Pisanai

    Tirikirwadziwa kwete zvekutamba but one day is one day. Shuwa tingaende mberi kushambadzwa world wide nenyaya yekutambura kwedu. Zvido zvedu munozviziva but hamudi kuti ti vhote zviripachena, motirova, kutipisira dzimba, kuba mavotes, moda kutisiya togwesha nematumbu here akomana. Musatibire mavotes nekutirova, munowona nyika ikafamba mushe. Kuguta kwe 10 000 big cats hakusi kuguta kwe 13 900 000 people.

  • Pisanai

    Heral buritsai comment yangu. Hatidi hudzvanyiriri