Fans fed up with BaShupi


Ba Shupi

Entertainment Reporter
Musician Peace “BaShupi” Ndlovu got a rude awakening after missiles were thrown on stage during his performance at Saturday’s OK Grand Challenge concert at Borrowdale Race Course.The “Mamonya” singer, who is usually known for his versatility and energetic moves, did not impress and the crowd started throwing beer cans and empty containers when he was on stage.

The hapless singer even tried to intimidate the crowd saying “mapurisa aripo” (the police are here) but his statement could not rescue him as objects continued raining from the crowd.

Fans seem to be fed up with BaShupi’s “creativity” of recycling songs as his song “Vaimbi VemuZimbabwe” on which he praises what he terms Zimbabwe’s best could not excite the crowd.

Even his attempt to perform his new album did not change his fortunes as the crowd seemed determined to have him off the stage.

To his credit, however, the musician showed maturity as he remained calm and composed during his horrendous time on stage during which he at times had to literally dodge empty beer cans.

The OK Grand Challenge concert saw other musicians doing well with dancehall artiste Tocky Vibes, who seemed to mumble his lyrics, bringing the fans to their feet.

Other artistes who performed to the excitement of the crowd include Sulumani Chimbetu, PeeKay and Ricky Fire while presenter for the day Templeman kept the crowd on their feet with top of the shelf selections.

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  • Masimba Musodza

    Perhaps he should have shouted “Mapositori aripo”!

  • worldcupbrazil

    Baba Shupi has no talent, no creativity whatsoever. Next time ngavango hire vapfana ve zim dancehall, Jah luv, Seh Calaz, Shinsoman kwete zvaana baba shupi zvekudhakwa izvo

  • Emru Kunanti

    In other words Zimdancehall ndoo yaakutonga………… Chi song chinonzi tobhigwa nemamonya is the worst song I’ve ever heard!