Family feuds over Chiwoniso


Chiwoniso Maraire

Problem Masau Arts Correspondent
The body of Chiwoniso Maraire was yesterday denied entry into her Bluffhill home in Harare because of a family feud.
The late mbira queen is set to be buried today at her rural home in Chakohwa Village in Mutambara. The casket was left in a car for more than five hours. No body viewing was done at the residence.

Maraire’s brother Ziyanai said the family would issue a statement.
“The body is not in the house as you can see and we have our reason for doing that. We will issue a statement after the burial,” he said.

Speaking to mourners yesterday, Zanu-PF Politburo member Abigail Damasane described Chiwoniso as a person who lived her life fully.
“Though Chiwoniso died at a tender age, she lived the life of a 75-year-old. She was able to perform in front of more than 35 heads of state in 1999 when she was just 24. She recently performed in front of more than 60 chiefs,” she said. Cde Damasane said artistes in should advocate a huge budget in the fiscus.

Novelist and film maker Tsitsi Dangarembga made shocking claims that riled the public over weekend when she claimed, in a post on her Facebook Wall, that Chiwoniso had succumbed to a shortage of ARVs.

Dangarembga, using the name Efie Dangarembga, wrote:
“Am going to have to take a few days off to recover from the #Chiwoniso Maraire disaster. Cannot stop crying. Our country and the world treats African, especially Zim women artistes like garbage. All that girl needed was a course of #ARVs and she couldn’t even get that. . . ”

Dangarembga received a tongue lashing immediately after the post.
Those that commented argued that it was not her place to make such claims.

She then pulled down the post which she replaced it with an apology.
The damage had, however, already been done as the post found its way to other users’ walls after being shared.

Chiwoniso succumbed to a chest infection.
She is survived by two daughters, Chengeto and Chiedza.

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  • Sarudzai

    She played like a fool and God called her, to help Mukadota in Hell.

    • Soko

      We may not know you or see you asi nerimwe zuva zvichakuwanawo.Kana munhu unogona kutouraya.But im not suprised i know kuti munyika mune vanhu vakaipa moyo sewe.You say evil and hurtful things to people ,and ive observed you are on most news websites.Kana musatanist anosara pasi.

    • bvongonyedze


    • ZimuZimba

      And you will soon join them ikoko. Mark my words

    • Lol

      You must be careful with your words!

  • Masimba Musodza

    So, let me get this straight, Herald. You won’t tell readers what the nature of this “dispute” the late Chiwoniso’s family is having, but you will repeat something that has been retracted on social media as if your readers have no means of getting the latest information on that other matter?

    • Vukani Madoda

      Well said.

  • Moe_Syzlack

    Typical Zimbos, burying heads in the sand. So noone dies of Aids these days? If we debate and remove stigma we may save a life or two. That’s your duty as media.

    • haematochezianezanu

      you can say that again!

  • Pigu

    Iwe nomsa dzako dzirimo dzese here nxa urimbwende ineshanje,uchafawo

  • Qiniso

    This family is loco. In my whole life, I have never heard such nonsense. Is it the Shona culture?

  • Obey wekwaDzafunwa

    Hats of to Tsitsi for telling the truth and honestly when posted she was thinking everyone now understands because this is 2013 and not 1987.hapana chinonyadzisa mukore uno kuti hama yashaya nechirwere ichi zvaiva zvakare zviya.almost every family have lost a beloved because of the disease.Please teach our children right.don’t hate the truth ,what’s so shocking here.shame on you herald matopindwa nechirwere chakaipa chekungogaronakiwa nekunyepera vanhu.

  • MfombiCrew

    Chivanhu chedu ichi chinonetsa….chinotidzorera kumashure

  • Soko

    Yes i agree with you Taurai,ive observed the same,that this Nomsa Chiga is very cruel and heartless.She always say evil things about every zimbabwean .I didnt know there are people like that shuwa