Expedite alignment of laws, Justice Ministry told

 VP Mnangagwa

VP Mnangagwa

Walter Nyamukondiwa in KADOMA—
The Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs should expedite the alignment of laws to the new Constitution to help the country move forward with its economic programmes, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.Addressing the 2016 strategic planning workshop here yesterday, VP Mnangagwa implored the departments of Constitutional Affairs and Legal Drafting to move swiftly as alignment of legislation was urgent and a priority.

“On the realignment of the national Constitution, we have not done so well,” he said. “Yes, the General Laws Amendment Bill has passed the Lower House of Parliament now and has now gone to the Upper House, the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act is still to be tabled for interpretation,” said VP Mnangagwa, who also oversees the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs portfolio.

“We need to move. The department of legal drafting and constitutional affairs, you are sitting on your laurels. You should be moving.” VP Mnangagwa said alignment of legislation was one of the key success factors of Zim-Asset that should be performed diligently.

“I make this exhortation fully cognisant that significant progress has been made in respect of the alignment of laws by the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce on Alignment,” VP Mnangagwa said.

VP Mnangagwa said enabling legislation for commissions established in terms of the Constitution such as the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission had been drafted and were at various stages of the lawmaking process. He said recent decisions on various cases by the courts called for quick action on alignment of laws.

“In addition, the recent decisions of the bench challenge us to speedily make requisite changes to certain laws affecting the general citizenry in order to address the inconsistencies and to align such laws to the Constitution,” said VP Mnangagwa.

VP Mnangagwa said decentralisation of the Legal Aid Directorate should be strongly biased towards providing essential services to remote communities. He said Government ministries tasked with improving the ease of doing business should also expedite the process.

VP Mnangagwa commended the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs for drafting various State Party Reports in 2015 including reports under the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

“It is important for Zimbabwe to remain up to date with its State Party Reporting obligations, hence there is need for the work to continue in 2016 to enable timely submission of reports to the respective Treaty bodies,” he said.

Mashonaland West Minister of State Cde Faber Chidarikire said the ministry should prioritise setting up ICT systems for record management. He said the ministry should come up with strategies to eliminate corruption and miscarriage of justice.

“There is need to come up with tough laws to deal with those causing environmental damage,” said Minister Chidarikire. “They should also come up with strategies to ensure that justice is accessible to everyone in the community.”

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs permanent secretary Mrs Virginia Mabhiza said the strategic planning workshop sought to come up with ways to improve justice delivery.

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  • Hamandishe

    A pity all members of Government refuse to acknowledge the urgency of aligning every law to the Constitution, and the resultant clarity linked to unblocking substantial funds by potential investors given by a nation that is perceived to fully respect its own constitution and rule of law.
    VP Mnangagwa should also insist retrogressive Ministers and key government players who refuse to align policies to benefit realistic economic reforms must be removed, and use all constitutional means possible to persuade the President that his usual method of protecting nepotism and corrupt incompetent family members cannot be allowed to continue, if he really has the interests of the nation at heart in fulfilling his sovereign duty to serve all the people equally.

  • Thulane

    Cannot the by laws be reviewed the city of harare has demolished house where in my view the settlements could have been regularise d.

    It was heartless act.

    Engineers could have been roped to check structural integrity .. You cannot simply demolish houses without bringing the culprit ( those selling stands to book), and that the place was designated for a church or so.

    People had plans approved by municipalities yet these fact were ignored.

    Its time Zimbabwe people municipality officer benchmark from SA . here there are notable places which could be classified as illegal but govt prioritises… It assesses itself and note s it is its responsibility to provide housing and it has failed and there cannot be quick to demolish structures when there is no alt. The govt goes further to provide services water electricity refuse collection schools clinics in these areas.

  • SimonPetere

    Believe me not doing so will sink Zanu Pf first . Do what people want and font forget that you aren’t gods. Zvido zvevanhu will never bring rebellion but kudzvinyirira. Some learn from experience but Zanu seem to think otherwise after fighting Smith