Ex-ZMDC boss in $6m scandal


Mr Godwills Masimirembwa

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter—
PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday said Government will exercise zero tolerance to corruption and urged the law to take its course on former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation board chairman Mr Godwills Masimirembwa for allegedly demanding and receiving a US$6 million bribe from a Ghanaian firm that sought to invest in diamond mining at the Chiadzwa Diamond Fields in Marange.

Mr Masimirembwa resigned from the ZMDC board ahead of the July 31 harmonised elections to contest the Mabvuku/Tafara National Assembly seat which he narrowly lost to Mr James Maridadi of MDC-T.

The wrath of the law, President Mugabe said, must take its unimpeded course in the matter as such rot cannot be tolerated under his watch.
The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces said Masimirembwa and his group demanded money in cash and created a shelf company that took equity in the diamond mining firm under unclear legal circumstances before astonishingly claiming that the Ghanaians had violated some unspecified Zimbabwean law and threatening them with arrest should they set foot in Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe was addressing guests who included Government ministers, Members of Parliament, traditional leaders and senior Government officials at a luncheon hosted by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing to mark the official opening of the First Session of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe yesterday.

“Corruption must go, corruption must go, corruption must go,” he said.
“Vakanzi unzai mari, US$6 million first through the normal way, imwe iyi chiunzai, kwete through bank transfer, youya iri cash makaibata. Nevanhu vedu managing our own banks and managing our own mining sector.

“Nerweseri isai 6 percent from your 30 percent, we form another small company yanga isinga  zivikanwi  naMinister even na anybody else. That cannot go unpunished!”

President Mugabe said when the Ghanaian firm’s officials wanted to bring their equipment into Zimbabwe, they were told not to come back on the pretext that they would be arrested.

He said the Ghanaian firm had entered into a joint venture with ZMDC where it had 30 percent stake.
But its officials remained outside the country dreading the spectre of arrest threatened by the former ZMDC boss despite assurances given to the Ghanaian firm by Commissioner-General of Police Augustine Chihuri that they would not be arrested as they had not violated any law.
This was after Masimirembwa continued telling the Ghanaians that the risk of arrest remained.

President Mugabe said efforts by the Ghanaians to approach former South African president Thabo Mbeki for help through that country’s central bank did not help matters as Mr Masimirembwa continued warning that the police wanted to arrest them.

“Even after being given assurance by the Commissioner-General of Police kuti huyai, ivo vakati no, hatikwanisi kuuya tichisungwa. TineBank kuno kuGhana, tikasungwa chete, there will be a run on the bank,” the President said.

The Ghanaians, President Mugabe said, ended up flying all the way to Washington to meet the then Mines and Mining Development Minister Obert Mpofu (now the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development) who was attending a diamond mining meeting in the US.

“He (the Ghanaian investor) flew to Washington, Minister anga ana (Johannes) Tomana, Attorney-General naMasimirembwa, zvonzi ‘mhosva chii?’, Minister says ‘I don’t know about this’, then Masimirembwa says, ‘ehe kune mhosva’. ‘Yei?’, ‘A-a tichataurirana’, ah-ah vabva vatadza kuuya,” the President said.

“Minister says tichadzoka, vodzoka, vobvunza kunaCommissioner (General of Police) kuti ‘are there any cases?’, Commissioner says, ‘Hakuna mhosva, ngavauye, I am giving them assurance’. He is given assurance, asi achiri kutya kuuya, ndokuzonzi chimhara kuBulawayo we will take you from there.

“Ndokutora Minister apa, Commissioner apa, VaMasimirembwa nechigroup chavo apa, vochinzi chitaurai imi mapurisa, munedocket here rekusunga uyu? Vakati aiwa hatina isu. Ko VaMasimirembwa, zvamaitaura, uyu ane mhosva yei? Tonho! Tiudzei zve? Tonho! Ha-a come on, we can’t have that in our country. That naked corruption, no!” the President said punching the lectern for emphasis.

A senior police officer who did not want to be named as he is not authorised to speak for the ZRP confirmed last night that the matter was under investigation and told The Herald that Masimirembwa allegedly worked in cahoots with two prominent local businesspeople in creating a shelf company through which the illegal proceeds of the money fleeced from the Ghanaian investor were channelled.

“Preliminary investigations showed Masimirembwa got around US$4 million cash and was working with two prominent businesspersons (names supplied),” said the police official.

“He managed to keep this Ghanaian outside the country for 15 months making these threats of a non-existent arrest. We are now seized with investigations. What also raised eyebrows is the amount ZMDC asked these investors to pay in equity. Just US$6 million, it is too little. But, anyway, we will see as investigations unfold.”

Officially opening the First Session of the Eighth Parliament, President Mugabe said structures to combat corruption shall be bolstered through the establishment of the National Prosecution Authority as prescribed in the new Constitution.

The NPA will take over functions previously performed by the Criminal Division of the Attorney-General’s Office.
The composition of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, whose Commissioners will be required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and to publicly declare their personal assets, will also be aligned to the new Constitution.

Efforts to get comments from Mr Masimirembwa last night were fruitless as his cellphone was continuously unreachable.

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  • Marufu Marufu

    The President is spot on. This cannot continue. It has to be stopped and this guy should face the music.

    • progressive citizen

      Shiri inemuririro wayo haiwurege. I believe the guy is still barred from practicing law in Zimbabwe for his past deeds involving abuse of trust funds. I wish if the President’s efforts could be complimented by all relevant state organs.

  • Zimbabwe United


    PLEASE PUNISH HIM FOR UNDERMINING NATIONAL EFFORTS TO OVERCOME SANCTIONS……he is no better than political sellouts and puppets doing the bidding of the British government in undermining the indigenisation and economic empowerment of the majority of Zimbabweans.

    Throw the thief in jail. He must surrender his passport and have all his accounts frozen as investigations proceed. Once convicted, funds in his account must go to pay back the Ghanaians and the balance converted to state assets. That is what other anti-corruption laws around the world do.

    The same should happen with immediate effect to his accomplices.

    We are tired of insults and criticism being daily hailed on this forum at the President personally, for allegedly accommodating thieves and the corrupt among the rank and file of ZANU-PF. A prosperous nation starts with a clean government, with ethical leaders and a functioning police and judiciary system to achieve such a government. For the police and the judiciary to be empowered it requires the firm and non-selective commitment by the President to weeding his administration of any and all corrupt individuals.

    The wrath of the law, President Mugabe said, must take its unimpeded course in the matter as such rot cannot be tolerated under his watch.

    ” Corruption must go, corruption must go, corruption must go,” he said.“Vakanzi unzai mari, US$6 million first through the normal way, imwe iyi chiunzai, kwete through bank transfer, youya iri cash makaibata. Nevanhu vedu managing our own banks and managing our own mining sector.“Nerweseri isai 6 percent from your 30 percent, we form another small company yanga isinga  zivikanwi  naMinister even na anybody else. That cannot go unpunished!”




  • Ray Mbada

    Zvinonyadzisa chokwadi, mazita atinongonzwa nemukurumbira aye heya imbavha idzi? Zvino isu ve-Zimbabwe toti vaMugabe, basa iro. Ndizvo zvinopa vavengi manyawi vachiti shoropodza isu tofunga kuti vane ruvengo gamba kwete, mukati medu mune mapere akapfeka matehwe ehwai! Sulumani akati batai munhu imi moti anomboreveiko mufana uyu izvo kwete, batai munhu vakomana.

  • Musa

    Gees Wills *******. They should send you to jail and throw away the keys. Well done President. Ok Mpofu Wacho zvatinonzwawo kuti haabvire Munyaradzi idzi.

    • Sifiso Xolile Ndlovu Zgwanyanw

      Ko Chombo naChihuri vanga varikuStates sei? Handiti Obama akati kunema ‘targeted’ sanctions and travel bans?

      • wena

        chihuri met them in bulawayo. do u comprehend english at all?

  • rukudzo

    I think he should face the music for tarnishing the image of ZMDC and our government.

  • Tedius Tembo

    What about Chombo? His name has been mentioned everywhere in corruption cases but no investigation has been carried out. Masimirembwa is a small fish just about to be sacrificed. The President tolerated corruption in exchange for political support for too long and he cannot stop it when he is so old. You people destroyed a beautiful country left intact and blossoming by Smith in 1980.

    • YOWE78

      I think they will be more of these arrests….look at how “certain” ministers were moved from their ministries pamwe pane zviri kuda kuitika! Mpofu, Kasukuwere naChombo all have cases to answer

      • Musa

        Chombo Aita sei. It’s the MDC that hate them due to the disorganisation he does in councils run by MDC then they vilify him. Where is the evidence?

        • YOWE78

          he was exposed on his divorce about his property ownerships…it just requires an investigation to determine how he has over 100 stands, over 10 leased out buildings numerous other undeveloped business and residental stands all these things were made public knowledge a year or so ago but no inquiry yekuti akazviwana through abuse of office here was not done, yakatsikwa tsikwa and he settled out of court to silence his estranged wife…hazvinei neMDC shamwari make sure you know your facts before u talk nevanoziva wanzwa here munin’ina

  • john

    Was this man not struck off the bar for fleecing trust accounts

  • shapiro

    yaaaa thats good President.I know personally you dont accommodare corruption.Now we want all crminals to be weeded out.Well done our President.I am quite happy with th e way you have moved people to various ministries.It will give a chance for other criminls to be investigated.

  • Mutswiri

    Masimirembwa, once a thief always a thief. You have betrayed the trust of those who rehabilitated you. Old habits die hard and the legal fraternity is laughing saying “told you so”. What a disappointment and shame on you. Now take your punishment!

  • shapiro

    Chombo should also face the music guys.He is a known criminal.His sex and corruption scandals are all over the show.This ZMDC small tiff is just a drop in the ocean mhani boys.Chombo is a big tiff.

  • John Chimindo

    Ndizvo hazvo president, commander-in-chief of the defence forces, first secretary of ZANU-PF and chancellor of all ZImbabwean universities. (Kana pane pandadarikira sorry, ndinokumbirawo kuregererwa). This is the first denouncement I have heard in 33 years. Mamwe ese hamusati makambomanzwa here Cde President? It looks like this small man is a pawn.

  • jbzuwa

    I hope some certain Minister who bought a bank will also be asked where he got the millions and those who have houses in every town.

  • mukwerekwere

    This guy is just a scapegoat, there are bigger fish who have taken much more still out there.

    • Kanhunzi

      Taura hako saObert Mpofu and Saviour Kasukuwere these two need to be another example because Obert aane malodge kunaanaVic Falls and Bulawayo he is another one who should declare his assets naKasukaz

  • Comrade wekuBvakaz…….

    Batai Munhu……………………..Hoo saka ndoo mari yaiita zvese zviyazviya nhaika.. Aha..Haa Apa Magona Gushungo…. Ngaaende Ngaende Munhu uyu i………..

  • mafirakureva

    i would like to ask one critical question, When did this happen? Why did it take so long for him to be investigated and arrested? When Tomana and Mpofu wre briefed in Washington by the Ghananians, why didnt they make a police report on arrival at Harare International Airport? When they called Goodwill in Bulawayo and discovered that he lied, what action did they take? Imagine an A.G was present but chose to remain quiet! Does it need President Mugabe to shout so that one is investigated for such level of corruption and later arrested(this should be a year or so ago).This goes to show the extend of corruption in the country’s high circle and the fact that when you are politically correct it requires only President Mugabe to be arrested.Imagine Commissioner Chihuri was aware but did not take any action up to now.How long does it take to investigate and was there any investigation or it started yesterday after the President cried about it.It appears instead of investigating and arresting the matter was first briefed to the President, why? It is not only this guy in Zimbabwe’s power echelons, there are many and more serious cases of bureaucratic corruption that goes investigated yet people know.This is Zimbabwe and how many years have people been talking about this? On the other hand, will this guy receive a fair trial now that this issue was made public by the President not Police or the A.G? These are fundamental questions.Batai vanhu not munhu one chete-vakawanda vamwe vanga vatori naPresident paLuncheon nezuro.Expose them President and arrest, starting with Politburo members and cabinet Ministers-Chikurubi haisati yazara space iriko.

    • Musa

      Iwe we do not want essays here. Get to the point. I only read the first two sentences.

  • Mabwazhe

    This is only US$6mil in cash,ko kuzoti madiamonds akaba anosvika marii!

  • Manyika

    I just hope the State will pursue this case vigorously. Our tragedy is that such terrible allegations have sometimes been swept under the carpet as long as the accused persons toe the Zanu PF line. Former ZMDC boss Mubayiwa and former mines minister, Obert Mpofu, once faced such accusations but it seems the cases have been allowed to fall out of the limelight. Interestingly, Themba Mliswa was arraigned before the courts on a litany of corruption charges after he had pointed a dirty finger at ZRP Commissioner General Chihuri . . . it was only after he had apologised to the ‘owners’ of the country that he was granted bail and the State is no longer keen to pursue the cases. The president himself must back up his words with immediate action, he once claimed Thabo Mbeki indicated to him that our ministers were demanding kickbacks from prospective South African investors yet no minister was ever relieved of his duties, let alone prosecuted, for these damning allegations. Corruption has been allowed to fester and its effects are just as bad as the economic sanctions.

    • Mamvemve

      Why does the ZRP need the President to remind them to do their job? Or maybe is this a case of lets sacrifise a few small guys to show the public we are trying to do something? The case involving information supplied by Mbeki to the President also died a natural death despite being mentioned at the revolutionary party’s congress several months ago.
      If someone can supply the list of corrupt leaders arrested and jailed in the last 33 years, I will be very happy to buy them lunch.

      • robobo

        Cheap lunch then !

      • David Wheeler

        Here the list, (blank line below!)
        When and where is the lunch?!!

  • Zapiro

    When we were full we found sacrificial lambs.

    Funny how a ‘technical glitch’ during NewsHour brought up a picture of Chombo when this story was reported on ZTV News yesterday.

    • Manyika

      That was very interesting indeed, ndakafa nekuseka!

  • YOWE78

    This is a good start !!!! and kana nyaya yakasvika in the ears of Gushungo with such detail then they are going to make an example this guy

  • Mimi

    The President is right, Masimirembwa lost it. But he is not alone. For a start it will be good if the President ensures that all those corrupt officials are brought to book. Chombo, Mpofu etc. etc. kuzoti vana Amb. Makuvise who stole monies to buy mastands zvakazoperera kupi. For as long as the President just talks about it and nothing is done to these guys corruption shall continue and that I bet. And he should pay big time for loosing the Mabvuku/Tafara seat to the MDC-T, I suppose the electorate knew what happening and we know those that are corrupt or have been involved in corrupt activities. Everyone wants money but getting it through corrupt means should be shunned and action taken against culprits. In Europe whenever an official is caught ont he wrong side of the law they resign, ko hindava vedu vachingoramba varipo?

    • robobo

      WOW ! Mimi . . . you seemed to have seen the light at last.
      For the first time EVER – good post.

  • Wafaz

    Yes it could be too little too late,but the President should be applauded for his effort. It`s never too late.Corruption has been allowed to go on for edges,while people die in hospitals because of lack of medication.When we criticize,the system we are only representing the our country`s interest not anything else. Let this spirit continue.

  • harare

    mpofu bought a bank for us22 mil plus charges.pane paaizofa nenzara here iye achishanda ne zvikakara, biggest problem yamasimirembwa kuda kudya ega,kana kudya nana nobody.

  • masimirembwa

    Ndizvo asi handiendi ndega padhiri iri

  • Dzorai phumi yenyika

    I would like to thank all Zimbabwean for support and encouragement to weed out corruption in Zimbabwe.
    To some up, you are all saying:
    1. Chihuri must do his job
    2. Everyone must support Gushungo to clean corruption from Zim
    3. Corrupt official should be arrested and jailed
    4.They should return what have stolen from the people
    5. If you see them committing a corrupt act expose them
    6.Let set up a Website to report anonymously those who commit corruption
    7. The herald must take lead in this fight
    Please continue expanding this list, add your ideas on how to act against corruption.
    Hama dzangu, pasi nehuwori

  • Chikomba

    Mabvuku ne Tafara tiri kuchema kwazvo ndiye aitivigira hama dzedu dzenenge dzafa pa macampaign emaelections apa akomana takadya taipihwa mafuta sipo mazoe.Musi wekuvhota after casting your vote takaenda kwa MP. Masi kunodya sadza munhu wese kokuzoti matanks emvura vasina kupihwa vashoma


    Our President (RG Mugabe) is a very principled man and when he says something with the emphasis he showed, heads will definitely roll. Corruption is a cancer which should be obliterated at whatever cost. As far as I know our president, this is the beginning of another Chimurenga against corruption and more will emerge. When we talk of corruption which was happening and which has not been unearthed, there is a tendency to look on those who are ZANU-PF only. Let the arm of the law extend even to those who lost but deprived our nation of the much needed financial resources. We still have a lot of financial obligations ie paying civil servants etc. We need money which should circulate in the official system so that we implement our empowerment and indigenisation programmes. This is a behavior which we should all condition ourselves against.

  • chaputika

    shuwa ruzhinji rwuri kushaya $1 rekutenga chingwa yet 1 man is pocketing 6million aaah no guys mr president well done but its been long nyaya yazivikanwa why, is it paive nemainvestigations ekuda kuona kuti hapana vakuri vari involved here kana kuti muchinda uyu aramba kudya nevamwe.
    from this bhora mberi kana maka gohwesa paelection todawo corruption mugate futi tione gutsa ruzhinji coz 2018 is only 4 yrs away and tinenge tiripo hatizombodi kana kuona manifesto yenyu mukadisappointer apa, u are tried and tested for your better part nw looking for the best of you before ndauya nerangu bato rinonzi zvangu zvaita 2018

  • charlie

    Biti akamboti chii gore riya about Masimirembwa? I rest my case.

  • mukanya mukuru

    the law society of Zimbabwe has been vindicated. it stated that Masimirembwa has not reformed and people thought that it was playing politics.

  • Wazviona

    Why, why, why do the police need to be instructed by the president to arrest Zanu PF criminals? Chihuri, instead of assuring the Ghanaian investors, should have arrested Masimirembwa long ago. Is this the way our police work???

    Someone is not doing their work properly, or is this the new way of policing in Zim?

  • Kaysha

    Shame, he is the sacrificial lamb.

  • Kamuzubanda

    Corruption is a habit and hence everyone who is in the position are susceptible to it.

    There are people who are ready to compete for those jobs with greater chances of corruption and those who don’t have the chance, expect to minimize the corruption and keep complaining about it.

    But prevention and eradication of corruption is an absolute requirement for better social and public life. This corruption takes an interesting turn in such a way that everyone becomes corrupt in some other sort if situation permits.

  • Kamuzubanda

    For stoppage of corruption is only way to self evaluate. If we succeeded to do this you will see the result. Because it is possible to deceive other but not ourselves. So awareness through educational plans can make change in Zimbabwe in every respect.

  • Nhopi Yaibva

    Vafana varikudzura vakomana. This is not an isolated case, in fact there are others even in ZANU PF who are doing more damage. Musanyeperwe kutaura kwevamwe vanoti vakanzwa kuti nhingi corruption asi ivo voyita sebonga rinoda kuzvuva rimwe asi kana iro rodhonzwa roti mavara angu azara ivhu.

  • Nhemachana White Rhino

    The law says he is innocent until he is proven guilt. Ngatimirirei matare atonge tinzwe kuti humbowo huripo here hunobatika, apsina izvozvo hapana nyaya.

  • David Wheeler

    There are many people – some born inside the country, some born outside – who do not speak “Shonglish,” but who are nevertheless very interested in what is going on here. For there benefit, please provide translations in English.