Ex-worker accused of leaking company info

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
A former accounts clerk with a private security company was allegedly assisted by the company’s human resources manager to leak confidential information to tarnish the company’s image after being denied payment of leave days.

The accounts clerk, Maenzanise Blessmore Munyikwa, appeared in court jointly charged with Solomon Mashayangombe.

The pair appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami. They are facing unauthorised access to or use of computer or network charges.

The first State witness, company finance manager Mr Chamirayi Nyemba, said he heard from the company stakeholders that someone was tarnishing the image of the company.

“The way the information was coming out seems like an insider was divulging the information,” he said.

The trial was adjourned to March 21.

Prosecutor Mr Chrispen Chikafu alleged that on September 7 last year, Mashayangombe resigned from the company without reason.

A week later Mashayangombe phoned the company finance department asking to be paid his leave days.

He was advised that it was not possible because he left without notice.

Irked, Mashayangombe connived with Maenzanise to fix the company.

Investigations were carried out leading to the arrest of the pair.

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  • Ncube

    The Herald only mentioned the name of the accused & it is SILENT about the name of the company, We all know it is VOLSEC Security which is in the habit of prosecuting it’s former employees.

  • Chikomana

    What kid of information kkkkk Ruvengo chairwo My Advice withdraw the charges and settle the matter amicabily. Cash in lieu shld be paid period If the two turns to labour court finance direct u will regret your childwood tactics. Evidance of reputational damage are difficult to provide to the courts. Be blessed in Jesus Name Amen.

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    What information was leaked?
    What is the name of the Private Security Company?
    How was the information leaked?
    To who was the information leaked?
    HERALD – all this information is public information as the matter is before a public court but it appears you have gone to great lengths to protect the company.

    • NMB

      Taxes not being paid to ZIMRA was leaked
      NSSA deductions not being remitted was leaked
      NMB double payment information was leaked
      The Herald is paid by Reuben Chisale to write false information just like the Herald was used to write false information about Securico by Volsec

  • Tsikwela

    The company provides security services to some top guys at the Herald…….

  • Chizanga

    It’s very clear that someone from the Herald was paid to publish this story & deliberately protected naming #####because this Security company is always in the newspaper for all the wrong reason. Cash in lieu should be paid whether or not an employee has given notice or not, there is no provision in the labour act which provides for the employer to hold on to an employee’s salary. ####grow up

  • James

    If the company is ####then obviously they have TAX issues Zimra go and read the court extract kkkkk NSSA also don’t be left out

  • Observer

    There is obviously lack of professionalism and bias in the way this story was reported.

    1) The name of the Security company is withheld.
    2) The information leaked is not mentioned
    3) The so called stakeholders are not mentioned
    4) To who the information was leaked to is not mentioned
    5) The reporter says the employee was “Irked” is that not his opinion
    6) Only the Finance manager is interviewed.

    Herald need to be professional, this is too obvious

  • chinos

    Sounds like one ofbour judge”s company, the one who ruled that people ple could be laid off with month notice. People lost all benefits and en masse. Sounds like witch hunting at this company. The things that only in our patria