Ex-VP Mphoko demands golden handshake

Mr Mphoko

Mr Mphoko

Nqobile Tshili Bulawayo Bureau
Former Vice President Mr Phelekezela Mphoko, who was recently fired from Zanu-pf and Government, is in the process of engaging the Government to negotiate an exit package.

Mr Mphoko, who lost the top job after the new administration led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa took over following the resignation of ex-President Robert Mugabe last month, has reportedly engaged Professor Welshman Ncube as his legal representative in the matter. Prof Ncube, an advocate, who is also the president of the MDC party, confirmed the development, but could not shed more light.

“I’m his legal practitioner on that very issue,” said Prof Ncube.

The development comes after President Mnangagwa on Wednesday gazetted retirement benefits to be enjoyed by a former President of Zimbabwe. Cde Mugabe is set to be the first beneficiary. In terms of Vice Presidents, Statutory Instrument 86 of 2015 states that a VP who served at least one term in office can enjoy exit packages such as a security officer, two drivers, and domestic workers.

The clause has created speculation that Mr Mphoko does not qualify for the benefits since he did not serve a full term. Mr Mphoko assumed the VP post in 2014 and lost it last month, two years short of a full five-year term.

Constitutional lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku said Mr Mphoko was likely to be offered his exit package as stipulated in the Constitution. Section 102 of the Constitution says a person who has ceased to be a President or Vice President is entitled to a pension equivalent to a sitting President or Vice President.

Section 103 says both an ex-President and ex-VP cannot be employed in public office or by anyone else whilst receiving a pension from the State. Prof Madhuku said the definition of a full term was only relevant to limit a President or Vice President from seeking another term in office.

“What defines a term is a constitutional instrument. The Constitution does not require any Vice President to have served any term. The Constitution requires a Vice President to have been a Vice President,” he said.

“He is entitled to his full benefits in terms of the law. It doesn’t matter how long he served. Even a person who has be a Vice President for two hours qualifies for full benefits. The constitutional provision states that a President and a Vice President upon leaving office are entitled to the same salary as the serving President or Vice President for the remainder of their life,” said Prof Madhuku.

“Secondly, they will be entitled to benefits as stated in an Act of Parliament.”

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Oh. What about Dr Tsangcry? He served before our new constitution as GNU Primus Inter Pares Minister. What do the Constitutional Law Profs Madhuku & “Soko Murehwa“ Ncube say please? Moot point for discussion.

    • Shiri

      With fools like u Zim will be 4ever regressive until donkeys develop horns. You are devil incarnate .

      • pupurai

        He is just being humorous but I think he is right.The Law must be clear.I also agree MT needs something small too.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        I am by no means Lucifer! Kkkkkkkk! Is it foolish to remember other former government officials who appear to have been forgotten without any explanation on this topic of VP packages? Its you who is a “foolish fool“. This country paid pensions and is still paying pensions to ex Rhodesian “legal & political “ criminals ! As liberation hero I am very clear on my views. You dont have to join this debate if you are mentally deficient ,please,please. It is my duty to educate you for free. You sound a bird that can not even fly ! Kkkkii.

        • Maria Smith

          You must be very educated then. What is your profession? Do not accuse others if being deficient because you also exhibit mental deficiency. I would rather remain illiterate that be under your tutelage.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      You are a multiplied fool. The Herald loses credibility when they have idiots like you on their payroll

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Payroll? An ordinary reader of the Herald being put on payroll? My foot!

    • Masaisai

      President and Vice-President are what is being considered here Dr. Tsangcry was a Prime Minister and the new constitution says zilch about prime ministers. However, the constitution clearly says when the president resigns or is no long fit to run his office, the vice president takes over. At some point Mphoko became president after Robert Mugabe resigned and Munangagwa was in “exile” and based on the Madhuku doctrine Mphoko should therefore get his full dues as an ex-president.

      • Cde Constitution

        Technically, if Mphoko became president when Mugabe resigned then according to the constitution he is entitled to nothing since he did not serve out a full term.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Yaa, The issue in the report is about VPs , but are you saying Dr Tsancry who did not get a package is forgotten. If you dont see my point then you are fool . Are you saying only P & VPs have packages the rest are not eligible at their levels. I dont politically love Tsancry, but I accept him to be equally human and played his role during the GNU ,which enabled us to have a new constitution which,as a mile stone, limited Presidential terms. Usaite masasai e ignorance iweka!

        • TruthHurts!

          Changrai’s position is not recognised in the constitution. It was a beast created out of the GNU.

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            Oh. Thanks for reminding me that the GNU was an “illegal governing“. KKKiiiiiiiii.

        • Maria Smith

          We are ineligible of pensions because we are unemployed. We should all have a contribution from government called state pension for those not in employment and not the President and his vice president who have put us in this fix.

    • zimbotry

      Even if this situation wasn’t sickening, where is this money supposed to come from. People such as him and the ex First family have looted enough from us

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        If the loot is proven ,the resources will be forfeited to the government treasury. Other countries have done that on their economic criminals.

  • Bothwell Kadoma

    what golden thing has he done except being corrupt going about demanding the release of people held lawfully in custody this are some of the elements who escaped restore legacy and are trying to abuse ED cz he guaranteed their freedom on top of all tey were doing with Grace with impunity,silence is more golden mboko lest u wake up realising u steering up troble fo yoself and choppies

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    What about Banana? Same must extend to him. You are wasting taxpayer money on looters of our economy? Mugabe and Mphoko don’t deserve a cent.

    • pupurai

      I do here your point but let’s put rules without looking at persons.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Ah , Cdes Banana, Mugabe, Mphoko deserve packages. Vakatonga nyika ino . They are not like you Sabuku ku Chinyausunzi Village.

  • Fatso

    If the Constitution provides for an ex-VP to be eligible for an exit package, then Mphoko should get one. Lets not discard our Constitution due to factional or emotional reasons. We should uphold our Constitution and not set a bad precedent.

  • tambaoga

    he deserves jail time more than a golden handshake

  • eish

    Ana Mboko

  • Bulembe

    Please arrest and prosecute the Mboko for the Avondale Police Station offences and also for unlawfully shielding thieving Prof Sorodamba from prosecution. Maakuda kutijairira imi vakuru….

  • dziva

    ED looking ahead of people already securing his retirement entitlements five weeks into office. Typical zimbos think of their own! Why not gazette laws so the general can access their money in the bank? Oh i forgot you are working on it!

  • Muchatiroto

    Mboko yakagara Pension yake Mu Hotera

  • Muchatiroto

    Pension Ya Mboko kugara Muhotera kwaakaita

  • Musorobhangu(G40)

    ED is also entitled to his pension when he was fired by bobster and he is lining his pockets again when his current term expires in the next 7 months….kkkkk..eish zvakaoma weduwe

  • zimbotry

    People like him have already stolen enough of us. Where is all this money supposed to come from?

  • guest

    Golden handshake for corruptly ordering the police to release suspects from lawful custody?

  • Musorobhangu(G40)

    @herald please post my comments,whats wrong with you

  • pupurai

    As a devote Christian….Cde Mpoko should know that blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven….he should not aspire for earthly things.

  • L. Makombe

    Ngaapiwe kumusangano wakamudzinga. How can someone be rewarded for incompetence. Zvaakadya kuma interface rally zvakakwana, otherwise Chipanga, Chomdo, Saviour, Jona, and others will also seek golden handshakes. Welshman haunnyari, just behaving like Chamisa wekudzingisa vanhu mabasa. Only yesterday, the MDC was saying Mugabe’s package was ridiculous, now you have the other MDC championing the rewarding of an incompetent and useless person.

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    Somebody please remind him…….his ability to breath fresh air out of prison walls was his “golden handshake” Nga-arege kutijairira!

    • Bulawayo

      If he has not been charged. It means hes not committed any crime. So pay him.

  • yowe

    Mboko anongosvota mupei aende dont want to hear about him anymore

    • TruthHurts!

      Taurai naye zvakanaka. Anonzwisisa mukamudurira chokwadi. Parizvino achiri mu-denial, chokwadi hachisati chabata. Achiri mu-phase yakambopinda Joyce Runaida Mujuru paakasvipwa. Mhoti kukungurutswa kubva pahupenyu hwemutepfe-tepfe uchinodonhera pakati pevanhuwozvavo zvinongokanganisawo mafungiro enjere dzemunhu. Mubateyi zvakanaka otherwise government ingatozoita rimwe zi-bill rakangoreba-reba akarwara nepfungwa munhu iyeyu since responsibility yekumurapisa saVeePee iri yehurumende.

  • http://pymmutubuki.wix.com/chess pym.mutubuki

    Mboko akadhakwa ngavasamupe kana cent

  • Bert

    Please give that fat worthless piece of cow dung the golden boot, he has done nothing for Zimbabweans except plunder state resources while everyone starved. He deserves to be put on trial for his crimes

    • Bulawayo

      Its so funny that guys you only see it on Mphoko. What about the payout that Mgabe got. After all the donkey years of looting and mismanagement? If the zanu devil got such a big package, then his assistant devils should do so.
      Remember Tsangcry is still living in a state house. This is zanu at its best.

  • Mjombo

    As much as I disliked Mphoko & what he stood for I still think he is entitled to his package just like Bob. He has to be treated the same as Mugabe

  • Geshemu

    Mboko ngaitange yabhadhara hotel bill.

    • Greeforce

      Sure. The Zim Corruption board should investigate him before this package deal happens. He is a millionaire. Im not sure why he cant settle quietly with all he got from the public. Maybe the lawyers are eyeing the money as well.

  • Citizen

    I think this calls for the amendment of the constitution so that it clearly states that only those who serve a full term are entitled. This guy gobbled taxpayers’ money in a hotel now he demands even more. He spent his benefits in that hotel.

  • Tavengwa

    Give him something please..ko bhachi rake riripi makamubira futi?

  • Tavengwa

    Yaaak give him his wallet and jacket please

  • luv my country

    one thing i know and i am certain about is all that good package can’t buy peace, leep rest and respect never. it not fair at all. all this is a wrong precedence being set across the political divide, everyone must be held accountable of their action while in office but if some people just walk freely i do question the current president credentials. we cant say Mugabe and his family were good during the tenure of his reign but at least they must have declared his faults

  • Donald Duck

    If Mugabe got his cut why can’t mpoko
    You are sick tribalists.