‘Emulate President, take education seriously’

Minister Mushohwe

Minister Mushohwe

Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspondent
Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Chris Mushohwe yesterday encouraged children to emulate President Mugabe by taking up their education seriously.

Dr Mushohwe said President Mugabe is a great teacher who took his education seriously and this earned him seven degrees.

Speaking after touring Dzikwa Trust in Dzivarasekwa, Harare, Dr Mushohwe said President Mugabe’s love for education and children resulted in the formation of the Presidential Scholarship Fund to cater for children who could not afford to go to universities.

Dzikwa Trust houses 319 orphans from Dzivarasekwa and Dr Mushohwe was speaking while addressing the children and the directors.

“I started working with children long back together with President Mugabe who has got seven degrees,” he said. “He is a great teacher and has taught in Highfield here in Harare, Midlands, Matabeleland and in Ghana.

“He did his first degree in 1958 at Fort Hare University in South Africa and in 1994 he went to South Africa to join the South Africans in their celebrations after the end of apartheid and there he joined Cde Nelson Mandela and requested if he could bring some students from Zimbabwe.

“President Mugabe then recognised children who were marginalised, children from the periphery and this gave birth to the Presidential Scholarship programme.”

Dr Mushohwe said the Presidential Scholarship programme has up to date benefited 20 000 students.

“I was fortunate to be assigned by the President to his dream which is known as the Presidential Scholarship,” he said.

“Within 20 years since it was implemented, the programme has assisted 20 000 graduates who graduated, most of them who are now professors, some engineers, doctors, scientists and some have taken up humanities.”

Dr Mushohwe said the Presidential Scholarship programme partnered with Dzikwa Trust and has taken nine children from the centre of which seven have graduated, while two are still enrolling at universities in South Africa.

He encouraged children at Dzikwa Trust to give back to their centre and help their fellows to take their education seriously.

Dr Mushohwe took a swipe at journalists and encouraged them to write positive stories that build the nation and create a national identity.

“These (development stories) are the kind of stories that we expect in the media,” he said. “The stories that build the nation, the stories that build and create an identity, that is what we want to see so that our children will learn and see the things around them. That is what we must focus on.”

Dr Mushohwe donated 100 kilogrammes of mealie meal to the Trust.

Speaking at the same event, Dzikwa Trust programme director and Trustee Mr Seppo Ainamo said Dr Mushohwe’s visit was a great honour to the children and the Trust.

He thanked Government for partnering with the Trust through the Presidential Scholarship programme.

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  • Judas Iscariot

    For me what motivated me to take education seriously,was seeing my older brothers and sisters,living comfortable lives after completing their education.They all got jobs that they trained for. If your older brother with an engineering degree, or nursing diploma, is now selling phone cards and pirated discs to earn a living,it’s hard to convince kids to take education seriously. Gov’t needs to help create employment, rather than scare investors away.

  • News Doctor

    Doctored News.

    On another note the Minister encourages reporters to write positive stories that build which is a noble idea. But it is not news when a dog bites man. It readily becomes news when the man bites the dog instead. When negative stories dominate the airwaves it is because the man has become K9, and rabidly so to the extent of selling the newspapers. You do not sell news by telling us that you went for a barbecue over the weekend and returned home safely.

    • gerro


  • thula

    it is difficult to emulate the President or else will also destroy the future of our Children.how do we emulate a person who has made his people destitute and are living in abject poverty?

    • DK

      If you have nothing to emulate Mugabe for, sorry for you. Some of us have a lot to emulate him for. We own land, we own residential stands, and degrees too…and most important, FREEDOM.

      • Fred Muchena

        it shows that you have no ability to work and achieve on your own. Everything that u have u were given without working for it. I understand where you r coming from.

      • gerro

        Generations to come will want to emulate PRESIDENT MUGAB.

  • yowe

    Uyu muface anonzi Chris anosvota. His bootlicking inotosemesa. He reminds me of one Ngwena who knelt down to greet a certain mother doctor. Pasina gore that crocodile was embarrassed in front of thousands. Your time will come Chris sazita vako Chris vari pama1 izvozvi hehehe YOUR TIME WILL COME SOON