Elizabeth walks out on Tsvangirai

Mr Tsvangirai

Mr Tsvangirai

Takunda Maodza Assistant News Editor
MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s marriage to Ms Elizabeth Macheka has essentially collapsed and the two have been living separately for close to a month now, The Herald can reveal. The former Prime Minister lost his first wife, Susan, in a road accident in 2009. He briefly married Lorcadia Karimatsenga in 2012, but the marriage ended in a costly manner as he had to pay upwards of US$200 000 to leave her so that he could wed Ms Macheka.

The Herald is reliably informed that Ms Macheka walked out on Mr Tsvangirai last month when he was in Nigeria consulting prophet TB Joshua.

Ms Macheka now lives in the Philadelphia section of Borrowdale while Mr Tsvangirai remains in Highlands.
Sources say close family members tried to resolve the “sensitive personal differences” between Mr Tsvangirai and Ms Macheka without success.

“Elizabeth’s father (former Chitungwiza Mayor Mr Joseph Macheka) tried to intervene. He visited his daughter in Borrowdale and tried to impress upon her the essence of a marriage, but she would not co-operate,” a source said

Mr Macheka was not available for comment yesterday.
There were reports that the MDC-T bought the Borrowdale house Ms Macheka is using but other reports say Ms Macheka built the house herself.

Mr Tsvangirai himself says they co-own the house that his estranged wife has moved into.
In an interview with The Herald at his Highlands residence yesterday, Mr Tsvangirai confirmed Ms Macheka was no longer living with him, but would not shed light on why she moved out.

“Ndizvo zvinonzi chakafukidza dzimba matenga (this is an example of a private affair). We do not have to disclose why we are not happy,” he said.

When this writer arrived at the residence to interview Mr Tsvangirai, the MDC-T leader called his wife on her mobile number so that she too would give her side of the story to The Herald.

She did not answer the calls, and Mr Tsvangirai dispatched a driver to bring her to the house. The driver returned alone.
When Ms Macheka finally answered her husband’s phone and spoke to this reporter, she said: “I cannot comment on that issue to the media.

“Hameno Tsvangirai, he is the one who is a public figure. He knows better. I am not a public figure and whether you damage me or Tsvangirai, hameno.”

Throughout the interview, Mr Tsvangirai looked dejected.
He said he loved his wife and worked hard for his family.

“As far as I am concerned, I am still married to my wife and there is no reason to talk about separation or divorce.
“Marriage is about two people mutually committed to love and support each other and to be happy.

“If there are any differences which may arise, which is not something exceptional, we will discuss them as two mature adults. That is what I am committed to. Ours is a marriage that is in the public domain and therefore public scrutiny is natural but the truth is that there is no separation that I am aware of,” Mr Tsvangirai said.

He denied claims by senior MDC-T sources that party funds were used to buy the Borrowdale house for Ms Macheka.
“I bought the house in Philadelphia as a joint property with my wife because; that is how it should be. There is no way I would live in Strathaven (his residence before he moved into the State property in Highlands as Prime Minister in the inclusive Government from 2009 to 2013). It is Susan’s house. The party has not paid a cent to my settlement with Lorcadia and in any purchases that I may have made,” Mr Tsvangirai said.

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  • sinhanhanha kumbandana

    it never rains

  • Ndebvu Mukomichi

    Imi Mai Tsvangirayi, we know that there is no good time to leave a husband but you have a picked the worst time to create negative headlines by leaving him. Tauriranai and solve your problems whatever they are. i ask you to re-cultivate the garden of love in your heart and retun to him. Even the reporter ari kuti he was dejected- does that please you? Come on Amai – your marriage vows are calling out to you in 2014.

    • Musa

      Ah what advice. Why did he leave Locardia. Anyway butter kupi zvinorwadza sei kurambwa like he did Locardia. This is an idiotic boyfriend . Soya Elizabeth. But mmmmmmmm Ruzabeta Geeeeeeeeeeeees. Apa wanndikonawo. Haunt Nyariri. Who is next. Mugabe is taken since you want vanotonga Zim. Ngirazi?

    • Kuta Kinte

      It depends nekuti LOVE chaiyo yakanga irirpo here in the first place.

    • Jotham

      Nhamo zvainoita, the tears of a leopard, Shame.

    • Mafirakureva

      hapana chekudzokera apa….zvatopera so

  • Mimi

    It was just a matter of time before Elizabeth saw the light. The final straw was Tsvangirai’s loosing the 31st July elections to Mugabe and ZANU-PF. I mean which normal woman would stay, panga pasisina chekugarira apa. Tsvangi is feeling sorry for himself. What goes round comes round…. handiti Morgiza Tsvangi treated Karimatsenga like trash here??? It never rains but pours for Tsvangirai… eish

  • Bvumavaranda

    He has told you the truth. Public scrutiny is natural but are you satisfied now?

    • Kuta Kinte

      Yes we are. thank you.

  • Dombodema

    Ukaita system yekufukidzira rimamanyanga mumba mako nematenga, one day uchawana matenga acho, nemawalls, nemawindow zvaboogwa-boogwa.

    • Mhofu ye Mukono

      Veduwee mashaya nyaya here. Inga zvinonzi chakafukidza dzimba matenga. Regai vaviri vanopedzerana vega.

  • Realist

    Really Takunda, is this news? Is your aim to reduce a national paper to a gossip column? Yave Kwayedza here? Why are u not reporting on pertinent issues that we face as a nation – no liquidity, no governance, a collapsed economy, no Zesa, no water, no health system, no roads, no salary increments, no food. Tsvangirai lost the election last year muna 2013, he is not news anymore. Let’s find solutions to the above.

    • Musa

      Realist. This is news tibvirepo. You are just ashamed of your leader in another mess.

    • Madzibaba Appiah

      Good One!! Wapedza. Thanks

    • Jotham

      This is big time I can’t wait to finish the story. If you are pained by this ,that is your business. When the private press was making a killing out of the Chombo case you/Tsvangirai and company you were having a field day, nhasi ndezvenyuvo.I always discuss the main topic, and i don’t use diversionary tactics in order to win arguments. Hahahaaaaaa.Kikikikikiiiiiiiii.

    • gutu chitovah

      my frend this is what we call news. We are talking of a former prime minister here whose ascendancy made news, likewise his descendency deserve to be news as well. that’s real news worth pamberi neHerald.

    • Progressive Zimbabwean

      It is news but I think I would agree with you that it did not deserve to be a headline considering what we are currently going through. There are certainly more important issues the country is currently seized right from the top to the household level. Tsvangirai is a national leader in that he is a former prime minister and a leader of a significant party in Zimbabwe so much so that his private matters are matters of national interest and hence this report. My worry Comrades is that we are focusing on useless issues yet we should be focusing on how best we can make ZimAsset work for the good of our country. We also need to address the complaints by motorists regarding the imposition of mandatory blending. Also requiring our attention is how best we can rescuscitate SMM whose Shabani and Mashaba Mines were undermined by a ‘reconstruction’ whose result was destruction. We need to also appraise our ministers whose performance falls short of expectations in some areas as evidenced by the pace with which the energy minister introduced mandatory e-blending when a little more research was required. He is a man of action which is good but needs to exercise caution when making such crucial decisions.

      • ivhuraramba

        E-blending is the way to go. If developed countries are also embarking on it, what is this new research which you want to undertake now? The problem with us Zimbabweans is that: if one of us comes up with a brilliant idea: he/she will equally find brilliant detractors, and/or critics. Unfortunately, the detractors or critics always come up without any alternative viable solutions except but to attack. Someone came with the E-blending project. However, the detractors or critic project is more pronounced than the real E-blending project. Some are even taking the E-blending project to court, which shows how determined are the detractors and in the process stalling development. Zva Tsvangison he is part of news; let him make news headlines whilst the real citizens of Zimbabwe develop the nation. In any case, Tsvangirai is part of the problem. His usefulness is no longer important, he has proved to be a liability to the nation.

  • Jinda Ramambo

    Lets not anticipate real life dramas! I hope we just l have to learn to let the elder deal with his issues in peace! This is no not easy for the man and he is human!

  • Nikluv’zve


  • taneta nazvo

    So what?

    Chombo haana kurambana here naMarian tikazoziva murabaraba wemaassets pavange votatsurana mumatare umu? Khaya Moyo haana kurambana nemukadzi here, and didn’t Francis Nhema and wife go separate ways? Ko, ivo Ishe nesmall house when the late was alive when this was now an open secret, kwaisava kugarisana kwevakarambana here?

    If they can’t live together, then they go separate ways. Zvichi kushamisa here?

    • Musa

      Dzimwe marriage ndedzemakore after a long time you may get tired of each other. Ok Tsvangirai two weeks dpi we six months chii

    • Disaster

      Taura hako sahwira. We still remember a prominent wife who wanted to leave her matrimonial home because she thought her husband’s deeds would affect her children’s future but was prevented from doing so because some people have the power.

    • Abel

      Didderence is this chubby cheeked fella has had almost 4 women since his wife died in 2009. And also he claims to be holier than thou saka dont compare with the ‘evil’ zanu pf politicians. Ngaarakidzeka kuti ani nani pane vaarikuda kubvisa. Saka stop defending the impossible. He is a poor judge of character, finish and klaar.

    • Jotham

      As a public figure Chombo was trashed home and away by the Private media ,Ziso / Newsday /Daily lies etc.. Mr Tsvangirai is a public figure and he be dressed down by the public press. This is big time news, gore rino tichaonesa. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • chirandu_mukuru

    Very sorry. Such can happen to anyone. I hope they manage to resolve the matter.

  • Budai Pachena

    Mr Former Prime Minister, I agree that your marital issues are a private matter. What is not a private matter is how you and your wife have been able to buy a house in the posh suburb of Philadelphia. Now some may deem this to be a private issue too and it should. But given all the claims of how the purchase was funded and rumors of your wealth, I suggest that you just declare all your assets and the source of funding. Its that simple if you want to set the record straight. If you have nothing to hide tell us what you have and how you got it. You accuse Zanu PF of not being transparent but are you and your party being transparent?

    It all starts with you Mr Former Prime Minister. Teach Zimbabwe to be accountable again.

  • Ndabeni

    Are these the beginnings of New Year jokes? April Fools Day is just but three months away. Kikikiki

  • Batman

    This paper has lost its relevance..

    • Blackbeauty_1

      Once you are in the spotlight as a celebrity or politician your personal life will never be private because thats part and parcel of it all. Herald is just reporting the news as it is, just like how other world newspapers, media websites and magazines do.

    • gutu chitovah

      lost relevance to who nhai Mhatman

  • Isaac Dundas

    Its a family affair, non event, does not deserve the headlines, no bearing on real matters of the country.

    • Blackbeauty_1

      But its still news.

    • Musa

      Tibvirepo Isaac and Batman. Why did you read the article if it was not of interest to you. Manyadziswa again by this Bafoon

    • Jotham

      Family affair. Your mind is in a sorry state. The country is not affected , munyare, makura, munofungasei.

  • MkanyaGP

    Speculation again.

    • Musa

      Owe GP speculation when the reporter says he talked to Tsvangirai. You are just the fool Tsvangirai is

      • MkanyaGP

        Fool ndimai vako

  • MweniTafara

    “The party has not paid a cent to my settlement with Lorcadia and in any purchases that I may have made,” Mr Tsvangirai said.

    But I am not aware of any business or any serious income generating occupation that can bring out so much money. Maybe Tsvangirai receives personal donations external to his party and perhaps ZIMRA may be interested to see if taxes are fully paid.

  • Musa

    Wanzwa butter Tsvangirai. Locardias ghosts have come to haunt you. You humiliated her and tried to cover up the relationship by marrying Elizabeth . What Elizabeth wanted was you Premiership. How could you not see that? That dullness is what Zim people also rejected.

    • weAfrica

      i totally agree that woman is nothing but a mere gold digger

      • @33

        Lizzy thought she was going to become the first laddy by 31 July 2013 zvikaramba saka achagarirei zvake

  • http://www.zimbabwe.com Oneal Patel

    Tsvangirai’s relationship with his wife is of no consequence and neither does it benefit us in any way. The crunch of the matter is our economy which is on a downward spiral and is negatively affecting our wellbeing. Herald journalist do not attempt to divert our attention from the core issues, Zanu pf made pledges of resuscitating the economy, kindly keep us updated on the progress being made.

    • Musa

      Get away Patel. His marriage concerns us. He fooled Locardia like he wanted to fool Zimbabwe into voting for him and we said Nononononono! He is Finally proved the fool he has been all along.

    • kule oxford

      crux of the matter


      If you look at the size of any paper, it is not only economic issues which constitute news. When the wedding was advertised and held, you people did not scream like you are doing now. Why did you not blame the Herald for not focusing on economic issues. Comment on the issue not on how the Herald should do its work.

  • rukudzo

    I wish you well Mr Tsvangirayi on your marriage problems. Hope you will be able to discuss with Eliza so she can come back home. This can happen to anyone.

    • Jotham

      Shame , kuchema kwengwena pafa mombe.This writer is very illogical indeed..

  • Dean_of_Sadza

    I feel sorry for Tsvangirai. He is such an ignorant, clueless buffoon, trying to make it in a world that demands much less naivety!

  • punungwe

    Icho chivhindikiti chakaita saRuzabeta moti chigare nedhara rakapera simba kare kare, hamuone kuti munenge machipa punishment yakaipa. Nhongwa hadzipera mumba imomo asi nyaya inenge iri panhu pamwechete chete.

    • anold

      tinyararirei uko Ttange ka kutsvaga kuti ndiyanani vakaroora vakadzi vadikisa kwavari vamwe vacho almost half their age. Kanan usina zvekutaura nyarara hako please.

  • Musa

    Eeeeeeeeeee veduwee. Ipai munhu Munda vanhu ve ZANU awane chekuita. Tamborinyoka wanga waiti kudii. I feel sorry for MDCT followers. Munoitasei ne fuzz rakadai.

  • hamatakatambura

    “As far as I am concerned, I am still married to my wife and there is no reason to talk about separation or divorce.

    If you recall, thats exactly the words Locardia used (replace wife above with husband) akabata mutsvairo ari kumusha kwaTsvangirai.

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    it show that his marriage was related to power him being Prime minister and nothing like Love. he is not only a puppet of the Europeans but a total mess, this explain it all, some one who is ready to die to bring back colonialism can only have the intelligence of a goat, i will say lower than a goat.

  • Mdct

    Mr Tsvangirai invites the herald into his house to tell then after all it’s a private matter, what utter nonsense.

  • chitota

    A very sad day for him. We may mock him etc but the reality of the matter is that he was widowed at an advanced age. With his status as a seasoned politician, he attracted desperate chancers like Macheka.

  • izviwo izvi

    Meantime Ziscosteel workers are paid between $20 and $50 dollars in December. Ndidzo news idzi dzamusiri kuda kuburitsa which affect us rather than Tsvangirai’s marriage breakdown which will not affect how people feed their families. However what have we got on this story, a defeaning silence because these people’s problems are of least interest and the one thing which drives the economy and everything else relevant to Zimbabweans is Tsvangirai’s marriage. Ko, matabloids basa rawo nderenyi or has thepaper become one of the rag papers?

    I reiterate, news yes report it all you want. But headline news, no way, but just a red-herring to divert attention from the economic carnage around us which affects society and families in a big way. How many families are suffering right now and what has Tsvangirai’s marriage woes to do with it?

    Yellow journalism at its best is what we are getting but hey anything to get the traffic to the site, right even when the paper avoids discussion on substantive issues?

  • Peter

    Poor Morgan , when will you realize kuti Elizabeth musikana if she was a male we would say iboyz (CIO). The MDC security wing did not do its job in terms of intelligence work and hence you are in all these scandals. You must have trusted liutenants on your intelligence desk to look at the people you associate with. A background check on Elizabeth would have helped. Learn from Bob that security is a key issue and he always puts this minesterial post in the hands of his trusted liutenants Mutasa, Mnagagwa, Sekeramayi and Goche briefly.
    Zuma also has a very strong intelligence background hence his ability to remain in power besides him being scandalous look at what happened at the last ANC congress Zuma with his unpopularity he was supposed to loose the presidency to Monhalante but he knew what was coming and he was prepared. Unfortunately his predecessor Mbeki did not see this coming and Zuma trounced him.

  • $4558738

    so why is still in State property, he has alternative accomodation plus Strathaven, trying to take further advantage of tax payers clearly in trying to snatch another property!!

  • Musa

    Ruzabeta Ma 1 richinotanga gore

  • Ndozvandisingade Izvozvo

    “There is such a thing as righteous judgment, but it seems that lately the word ‘judgment’ has become a curse word, period. The issue isn’t whether or not we’re insightful enough to avoid being judgmental, but whether or not we’re secure enough to accept being judged. It is inevitable for every conscious human being to judge. It may spring from insight and experience and sincerity, and in such cases, it is quite beneficial on the receiving end.”

  • Ndozvandisingade Izvozvo

    “There is such a thing as righteous judgment, but it seems that lately the word ‘judgment’ has become a curse word, period. The issue isn’t whether or not we’re insightful enough to avoid being judgmental, but whether or not we’re secure enough to accept being judged. It is inevitable for every conscious human being to judge. It may spring from insight and experience and sincerity, and in such cases, it is quite beneficial on the receiving end.”

  • Mimi

    @Batman this Herald paper has not lost any relevance. Just say that you are also hurting by the revelations and goings on in Tsvangirai’s dormain. Of course you would have wanted it to happen to any other person other than Tsvangi. The issue that interests almost everyone is how Tsvangirai treated every other woman going for Elizabeth… and even now he has the guts to even announce that “I love my wife”. Hauchadiwa just like you did to Karimatsenga. Am sure Tsvangi is wishing if his late wife was still alive. Remember the Bulawayo child that he was refusing to take a birthcertificate for, aiti zvinoenda nepi. God has a way of paying back big time. Elizabeth wanted Tsvangirai for what she thought she was going to get out of him, remember the renovated kitchen, the trips abroad. Kari wise kaElizabeth after all.

  • Collin

    Well they were never meant to be. Celebrity marriages don’t last long. He should’ve known she was not marriage type

  • Fogmaster

    Baffoon Tsvangirai married a CIO!
    And chickens are coming home to roost!

    • Jotham

      Who is a CIO ?. He married a woman. In order to sound reasonable in your dirty thoughts , your catch phrase is CIO. Baba ava havabviri muma dhirezi , nhasi uno mangwana uyo. His reckless behavior of sleeping with any woman that he comes across is the main reason his wife left.Now some mental deranged MDC-T activists are claiming their excuse catch phrase :-CIO.Shame

  • Comrade DZ

    hapana nyaya apa, vanhu veHerald kwanai

  • zinhiva phineas

    dai akahwinha aimuramba here?


    There has never been real love between the two if one analyses in detail. Mumwe anga akavandira muvhu and is in the process of getting what she wanted. These women are very clever nowadays. All men, it is easy to get into the same predicament with your partners in life. It is very funny when people ululate in front of God saying I do, I do. Remember I said in front of God. Kwanzi till death do us part. Musatambe naMwari vedu wee!

  • Fatso Gringo

    So what? Does that bring water and better health services to me? No. Again looking for scapegoats to the current issues. Everyone of the cabinet ministers is a player and has small houses. Bob said so. Saka maregei kutaura nezve ma small house ema minister iwawo? From Chiyangwa, Chombo, Nhema, Khaya, Mpofu, Munangagwa, Gono, Chihuri, etc. 2014 ZPF yakawina sekutaura kwavo yet we do not see anything that has made our lives better. Just gossip and rumor mongering like H-Metro. Are you trying to divert important national issues form us by printing such garbage issues. From Gumbura saga which again is not important to us. Feeding the nation with irrelevant stories only meant for beer halls and shebeens.

    The day I have water and ZESA mumba mangu 24/7/365 is the day I read such minor stories. Till then bring out the real meaty issues that affect everyone. PLEASE!!!!

    • MaraMechavio

      ZimAsset has already started delivering!

      • Fatso Gringo

        Talk is cheap. What has it delivered? Salons and barber shops with some tuck shops? I do not see or feel anything except talk talk talk from officials.

  • Sg

    So what is the public has to do with all this?The better if Herald interview the public on how the economy should be improved and consolidate the information for the betterment of informed decision making. Pleas be serious on heralding that which benefit the public.

    • MaraMechavio

      The economy is in the process of happening.Even world renouned institutions and publications are upbeat about Zimbabwes economics prospects.Only you and other prophets of doom refuse to see the obvious.

  • Micheal

    Four lessons for Tsvangirai

    (1) Marriage must not be based on uncertainties: – he attracted the wrong marriage partners on the promise that he will one day become president of Zimbabwe and when that did not happen he lost promised status that attracted the likes of Elizabeth.
    Marriage is not a promissory encounter. It must be based on love of who you are and not your potential gains.

    (2) When it quakes like a duck, it is a duck: – He ignored the rumuors that Elizabeth
    could be a CIO and worse still he ignored the fact that she was a daughter of a
    ZANU PF Central Committee member. Who the hell in his right mind ignores such
    things? I think he is lucky to even be alive today. He should have listened and
    investigated all these allegations before he commits himself.

    (3) One thing at a time: – He should have concentrated on his political aspiration
    first before planning to get married. He bowed to public pressure and committed
    himself to soon. Now he is suffering alone.

    (4) Finally nature has a way of punishing people who go about hurting innocent souls. I am not sure whether it’s true that he had a girlfriend in Bulawayo that he
    pregnanted, moved to Buhera- Karimatsega, then ZBC and ended with a daughter of
    a ZANU PF member.

    My little advice is that he sits back, take stock of what has happened so far and
    leave marriage alone for some time and focus on his carrier I am not sure whether as a politician, trade unionist or farming, but he must do something for himself first, get settled and then get a woman that would love him for whatever he would be then, whether its farming or being a President. Marriage is a life time commitment, don’t rush, plus at 60 yrs. I don’t see the reason for rushing because I don’t think the sexual drive is still that strong as to cause you to make rushed decisions.

    I wanted to say look at how Mandela maneuvered his love life but I think that’s an
    unfair comparison as you joined serious politics very late in your life plus you were not priviledged educationally as Mandela so obviously the level of thinking would be way different.

  • garwe

    AS much as we see an interesting reading or bad news on this issue, the actual fact and truth is the reporter never seen Tsvangirai, more interestingly is the fact that he managed to buy his personal house before those who wanted him to be kicked out of the Gvt House, the only truth the writer wanted to tell you is that ” Tsvangirai had an alternative accommodation if you kick him, he has a safe landing” now you know that he will never join you kwamunogara. Those who are calling for Tsvangirai ‘s source of money, shame on you, he had never been poor, the type of cars he had been driving, houses tell way before inclusive government that he don’t require your scrutiny. that is power.Chase him tomorrow from your Highlands house and see if you will find him in the streets. Mavakutopererwawo. Shame on you

    • MaraMechavio

      Just how did he get rich?

  • gutu chitovah

    Watanga zvekare Tsvangirai Ngaangotora Thokozani Khupe zvinhu zvifambe or else kana achida GNU ngaatore Misihairabwi akafirwawo futi. izvi zvokutora vanhu vePolitiburo izvi??


    Morgan dont worry i nebver liked that woman, you need someone close to your age, she is the same age as your son….. Mama Khupe is available talk to her nicely


    Save the Rhino

  • King

    ahh those who say the separation of Tsvangirayi is not news, so what is news then? that is news big time and the paper continues to be relevance that is the reason why you keep on reading it. Tsvangirayi stories sell like hot cakes and he should put his house in order so that he does not attract media attention. you cant expect the media to write about you when you separate with your wife because of your social standing, you are a just a mere citizen without any prominence, let alone relevance to the society you live. It is against this background that unlike Tsvangirayi, the Former PM of Zimbabwe, your affairs wont be taken note of unless you commit heinous crime. What lesson do the young generation learn from Tsvangirayi. if he cannot manage his love life ,how can he lead this country to the promised land-as he always promnise, better aende MDC-T should look for another leader.

  • Bvuma

    Rome is burning and you waste time and space on trivials. Who cares, ndiko kutonga kwacho kuri muZim Asset kana Manifesto here.

  • gindah

    this is not worth national news ndezve H-metro izvi …………..

  • Memory Muchavaira

    For Elizabeth her romance with Tsvangirai went horribly wrong. In the fairy-tale when the princess kisses the frog he changes into a handsome prince. Elizabeth would have settled for a president, but unfortunately even that didn’t happen.

  • Mafirakureva

    haasi Tsvangirai here waiti pamberi nehungochani?? apa wavakuita tek tek nemadzimai,,,,,,uchafira yevaikufurira

  • Musa

    Private affair my foot.

  • Jotham

    Private affair?. surely some people should have their brains thoroughly purified in water.

  • Kuta Kinte

    So let it be news because the people involved are news material.