EDITORIAL COMMENT: A Zanu-PF without distractions unstoppable

THE Zanu-PF Extraordinary Congress is scheduled to roar to life 29 days from now, amid expectations from both party members and neutrals alike, that the Congress will come up with practical resolutions to expedite the economic turnaround initiative. We all expect that, as has become the norm, the Congress will review the ground covered since the last session in Harare, evaluate the measures implemented and come up with informed decisions to move the nation forward.

It is providential that the issues that were likely to dominate the agenda, namely succession and factionalism, are unlikely to do so in the wake of the sacking of the two vice presidents Joice Mujuru in 2014 and Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2017, both of whom were identified with factions angling to succeed President Mugabe. With President Mugabe already endorsed as the party’s Presidential candidate for 2018, all eyes should be on the ball.

This naturally leaves the agenda clear to tackle pressing bread and butter issues. We have no doubt that the revolutionary party leadership have since identified the issues that can make us regain our rightful place as Southern Africa’s second biggest economy after South Africa. And all indications are that after a successful turnaround, there is nothing that would preclude us from giving South Africa a run for its money. President Mugabe has consistently pushed the agenda of socio-economic transformation. He rightly pointed out that this objective could be achieved through good corporate citizenship that shuns vices like corruption, illegal foreign currency dealings, nepotism and bribery.

It is also our hope that the Congress will discuss ways of stamping out or curbing these evils that detract from the turnaround programme. It is providential that the Congress comes at a time the nation has attained food self-sufficiency on the back of the highly successful Command Agriculture programme, the brainchild of First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe. And in light of the changing climatic patterns, Congress should discuss ways of ensuring that we do not overly rely on rain-fed agriculture in order to ensure that the Command Agriculture programme continues scoring for the nation.

As delegates troop into the Congress venue next month, they must remember that the whole nation will be looking up to them, it expects nothing less than tangible programmes to consolidate the turnaround programme. The Extraordinary Congress should celebrate the successes scored so far, with the illegal regime change ship running aground, the sponsored opposition in tatters and all indications are that with concerted efforts, Zanu-PF can march into Election 2018 stronger than ever before..

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    They were given 37yrs to govern and have, indeed, been unstoppable in ruining this once prosperous country. Now tese tangova ma refugees even in Botswana and Malawi. Shame maningi stereki

  • Chikonzi

    Always thought that good harvests experienced were principally due to good rains? Anyway, how can you have a “brainchild” from someone sadly lacking cerebral matter in the first place?
    As for becoming Southern Africa’s second biggest economy after South Africa, let’s temper false optimism with a little reality on the ground. Below are a few SADC countries and we can compare their nominal GDPs together with populations. There’s many ways of ranking nations depending on economic success, GDP (Nominal), GDP (PPP), GDP per capita (PPP), all giving different stories. Our highly educated citizens can draw their own conclusions.
    SADC Nations____GDP (Nominal)___Population
    ________________2016 in billions

    South Africa____US$294,1________54,956,900
    . .. …

    • Awayfornow

      Good table. So whats the GDP per capita ? Looks like we are ahead of Tanzania only.

      Is it true that Zambia’s GPD is bigger than Zim’s ??

  • kutototo

    Expecting anything new from these extravagant annual talk shows is a shear waste of time. For the author we all know one has to put food on the table so we understand you.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    If these are fake figures why don’t you show us the real ones genius? Zimbos don’t need figures to know kuti zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe. You and your ilk have been kuparangisha nyika yedu for 37yrs. That’s a fact. Buzz off. Brainwashed fools.