Econet loses $320k to employee

gavelTendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
An Econet Wireless employee, who converted over $320 000 worth of airtime to his own use, was yesterday sentenced to six years behind bars. Tendai Trust Mhembere (31) was employed as a sales man and was convicted of theft charges by magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo after a full trial.

Of the six years, Mr Mapfumo suspended one year for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence within that period.

Two more years were set aside on condition Mhembere reinstitutes $325 512 to Econet on or before October 31 this year.

Mhembere will serve an effective three years in prison, but if he fails to pay back the money to Econet, he will serve five years in jail.

In aggravation, the prosecutor Mr George Manokore called for a custodial sentence.

He said a fine or community service would trivialise the offence, adding that a clear message should be sent to would-be- offenders.

Mhembere was employed by Econet Wireless as a salesman stationed in Norton.

On February 28 last year, Mhembere was entrusted by his employer to sell recharge cards worth $325 512.

Mhembere sold the airtime and converted the money to his own use.

On March 17 a spot check was conducted by a retail accountant Tafirenyika Chimbende who discovered the anomaly.

Chimbende realised that Mhembere had a stock shortfall of $325 512 worth of recharge cards.

When Mhembere was advised of the shortfall, he misrepresented that he had given a cash-in-transit crew the money for banking.

In a bid to cover up the offence, Mhembere posted fictitious entries into the Oracle Internal accounting system of the company purporting that he had banked $325 512 on that day.

Investigations were made at Econet Wireless’ CABS account in Norton and it was discovered that the money had not been banked.

A report was made to the police leading to Mhembere’s arrest.

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  • Same Same 9 na 6

    Guys this is insane.
    5 years for stealing $325k still trivialize the offense. I would trade with this guy if he want and i will go behind bars and he gives me the cash.
    Here is the math guys.
    Either way whether he return the money or not he is going to serve 3 years right?
    He will be spared 2 years for returning the money right?
    Effectively $325,000 is worth 2 years behind bars right?
    Divide this cash by 24 months (2 years) that’s roughly $13,500 per month right? Thats CEO’s pay guys in a Blue chip company.
    So you can choose to be behind bars or be a CEO either way you earn $13,500 per month.

    • Rawboy

      Chances are the money is all gone.Very rare thieves have the mentality of stashing their ill gotten gains.Frittered away frivolously.Easy come easy go.Then they get caught when they get greedy and careless.

  • Nelson

    pa6 years, pakabvisiwa 5 years pakabviswa mamwe mairi, kuchizosara 3 years??
    someone explain to me