Econet launches credit scheme for civil servants

Michael Tome Business Reporter
Mobile Network operator, Econet has launched a new credit scheme that will enable civil servants to acquire smartphones at zero deposit and a combo of monthly data and voice calls for $12 per month.

The scheme is open to teachers, nurses, doctors and all members of the uniformed forces. In a statement, Econet chief operating officer Fayaz King said this facility will enable civil servants to acquire smartphones at zero deposit and pay $12 instalments per month.

“We are excited to extend this offer to the members of the civil service and believe it will be great value for money.
‘‘We want to make smart phones available to civil servants at affordable monthly instalments while they are using the devices. The credit scheme will allow civil servants to get new smart phones and then pay as little as $12 per month,” Mr King said in the statement.

The company has also partnered with local companies GTel and Astro and will also be offering their data capable devices to the civil servants under the new scheme.

“We have partnered with local smart device companies GTel and Astro to sell the data — capable devices to civil servants and make monthly deductions directly through Salaries Services Bureau,” he said.

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  • Piankhi

    This is all African government entities can do. Come up with SCHEMES to fleece government workers. It is still the same story. A broke government trying to find ways to keep *** it workers and at the same time failing as usual to perform business practices that are real. Government will never learn not to be in business. They will continue to use these government parastials as money machines to fund their own top office salaries. All government parastials are broke and have not made a profit in decades. Only used for high government payrolls and personal games. I have never seen such and ignorant group of degree people trying to act like they can run a business for profit and grow. Netone planning the same old Scheme with mobile phones as they have done in the past. This is nothing new. Same as the idiots at Telone and now with Telecel.

  • Ronzo

    operation torai mari dzevanhu kkkkkkkkkk

  • Ronzo

    Operation torai mari dzevanhu kkkkkkkkkkk

  • Pastor Farie

    Econet stick to the known brands, and we will stick w u.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    To take a cellphone credit is undesirable

  • Chitimkulu

    Guys this system is not new to the world. It is only new to Zimbabwe because the animal called “hire purchase” died as soon as Zanu started stealing and all people who are under 45 never saw it in Zim. That is how phones and data are sold the world over.

  • Chitimkulu

    Then you go get another one. That is a liquid economy..