Ebola dance rocks beer fest

Legendary Sound perform the Ebola dance at the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival held over the weekend

Legendary Sound perform the Ebola dance at the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival held over the weekend

Brenda Phiri Entertainment Reporter
Spirits might have dampened last week over the failure by Jamaican Konshens to participate at the Lion Lager Festival due to Ebola scares but local dancehall clique, Legendary Sound satirised the development over the weekend. Through a dance called “Ebola”, Legendary Sound got fans on their feet while insisting they were merely bringing humour to the festival. “We are all about having a good time hence our effort to bring out the lighter side of the Konshens-Ebola issue. We wanted people to loosen up and not stress about the Ebola fears. It certainly wasn’t a diss and it’s good that people enjoyed the dance,” said Legendary Sound frontman Smiley

The Ebola dance proved popular as it was incorporated in their other dances such as “Magetsi”, “Chameleon”, “Shalala” and “Addida”
At the core of it all was talented dancer Bobby Hussein who is originally from Tanzania together with MC, Merciless.

“Our movement aims at popularising dancehall clarks (dances) among fans. We have been composing songs for them in the past and the future sees us making follow up videos,” said Ngoni “DJ Smiley” Machingura who is also a deejay, musician and MC.

Spinning the decks were DJs Mad Vancho (Evans Mhoni) and Simmz (Simbabrashe Chagweda). So impressive was the act that Legendary Sound ended performing three times during the beer festival – opening the show around 5pm, at 8pm and shortly before midnight when he warmed up the stage for house music outfit Uhuru.

Meanwhile, Konshens has since apologised to his local fans, explaining that while Zimbabwe has not been affected, his team was fearful of contracting the Ebola virus in transit.
“At this time it is not safe to be traveling internationally nor is it a safe time for you (Zimbabwe) to be entertaining outsiders into your country. We all love music and entertainment and this is my life but at this time there are way more serious things at stake than a show,” he said in a post on Facebook.

He said had done his research on the virus and did not want his first trip to be marred by fear.
“I would want to be focused on providing high quality entertainment and also enjoying the beauty of Zimbabwe. Again I am sorry. To all my fans and supporters. I hope the opportunity presents itself again for me to come to your lovely land,” he said.

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  • mwana akanaka

    We thought you Jamaicans see yourselves as Africans but you are not,we are alone in fighting this ebola pandemic, maybe your performance was goin to uplift the African spirit that is being trouble by this pandemic. Maybe only your ancestors really knows and feels how it is to be an African. You have proved that you only want to come to Africa when things are ok and take away our Obamas, manje garai ikoko isu kuno kukufaya with o without Ebola Tocky achatijambisa, Biggy vachi uplifter, coz they understand how it feels to b an african

  • Gudo

    haazi ma funny awa..vanhu vari kufa imi muri kutamba ne ebola

  • Rodger

    Tambai nezvimwe chitupa hachiwachirwi.

  • disgusted

    hope you will be doing the same dance when Ebola hits you. do you have to be that desperate to keep fans? SHAME ON U