Door open for down, out Mutasa

Mr Charamba

Mr Charamba

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Former Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Mr Didymus Mutasa is free to meet President Mugabe or rejoin Zanu-PF, but should do so openly without trying to put on a brave political face, Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba has said.

Mr Mutasa was expelled from Zanu-PF for coalescing with former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru, who was also fired from the revolutionary party on account of plotting to unseat President Mugabe unconstitutionally.

Dr Mujuru went on to form Zimbabwe People First party, where Mr Mutasa was roped in as an elder without substantive and clearly defined roles.

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They soon parted ways, with Dr Mujuru forming the National People’s Party. Mr Charamba told The Herald yesterday that Mr Mutasa approached the Office of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa seeking to make contact with President Mugabe.

Mr Mutasa

Mr Mutasa

He said Mr Mutasa might have made some political mistakes, but President Mugabe had no hard feelings against him and doors were open for him to meet the Head of State and Government.

“We have been following reports on Cde Mutasa, particularly claims of his present condition which suggests hard times,” said Mr Charamba.

“Of particular note has been his wish to meet with the President. I want to indicate to Cde Mutasa – he does not have to beat about the bush if it is the wish and desire to reconnect with the President. He must do so straight forwardly and without putting on a politically brave face.

“He knows the President’s character and personality and much more importantly he knows the President’s light heartedness and besides he is appreciated as a person who made a significant contribution to the struggle to the extent that whatever misjudgements might have overtaken him cannot take away from that contribution.

“We are also aware that Cde Mutasa reached out to Vice President Mnangagwa to communicate his wish to meet with the President. The President has no hard feelings and if Cde Mutasa wishes for that contact he needs to remember that the way remains clear for him to.”

Mr Charamba said most people in Zanu-PF were surprised by Mr Mutasa’s decision to join Dr Mujuru’s political project given his then high office in Zanu-PF.

“Everyone in Zanu-PF did not understand why a person who had risen so high in the party (and the office of secretary for administration is not a junior office) needed to topple himself from that zenith to become a mere follower on a political journey to nowhere,” said Mr Charamba.

“Good things were going on for him and one is not sure what bad spirit got him to spoil his chances, but in life those things do happen and if you are dealing with a mature party like Zanu-PF there is always that giveness to understanding and appreciating human fickleness.

“Even in olden days, there was what they termed the wheel of fortune. It was always turning, raising those at the level of the dust to the pinnacle and those at the pinnacle to the dust, but with greater patience and forbearance you can always move from the dust to the pinnacle.

“But care must be taken. I am a mere spokesperson of the President – I am not promising anything except the President’s bigger heartedness.”

Reports suggest that Mutasa is facing numerous challenges in his life. Recently, his properties that include a Range Rover vehicle were attached for failing to settle legal fees accrued when he was fighting his expulsion from Zanu-PF.

By his own admission, Cde Mutasa is so broke that he is even failing to settle his electricity bills.

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  • Zvandasara

    Zanu PF is your natural political home Dhidhi. Dzoka uyamwe; hapana chinosvodesa apa!

  • Kuda Kuziva

    Is $27 000 legal fees justified for a court case that did not take off?

  • Tinowaziwa

    Once you have mounted a hyena, it becomes a lifetime ride! Beneficiaries of political patronage are always at the mercy of the dispensing authority….haumboti kana bufu!! Dhidhi is particularly more vulnerable due to his age (he also has to provide for a very young family) and the fact that he never foresaw or envisaged or planned for life beyond national political leadership!

  • lot chitakasha

    I do not get it, does it mean that to live a good life you have to be in Zanu Pf, in fact hold a post in the party. What about the ordinary men and women who cannot hold the posts, how do they survive. Also what message are you sending, you are inviting vultures into the party, people not driven by principles or the desire to serve but the awareness that only when you are inside can you eat. Hazvizi! Mutasa should go back to Zanu Pf not because he has hit hard times, not because he cannot pay his electricity bills, he should go back because he still believes in the principles and vision of the party if he still does.

  • Eunice

    These people get rich whilst in politics and forget that there is tomorrow. Busy chasing wives and concubines and want the President to rescue you, from what? Carelessness!

  • gerro

    Because Zanupf is the real deal and you know it.

  • gerro

    Thought wrong as always

  • gerro

    Chiwororo kani

  • we the people

    VaMutasa Zimbabwe yakawoma ka? You come into the REAL zimbabwe for 8months makuchema, koisu takazvarirwamairi tigere mairi, tichirara tisinakudya. This is what YOU did this country. Dusk in it Mdara

  • Kuta Kinte

    You can also get the bone which is being chewed in your opposition party and there is also a master who has reduced the whole country to beggers after dropping tears while inviting sanctions.

    • Zano rangu

      I think you overestimate Tsvangirai’s influence on the international community.Sanctions were always coming whether he had said what he said or not

      • Donald Trump

        Speculation. The facts at hand are Tsvangison did indeed say those words and sanctions followed soon after.

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    Did you mean civet servant. Kkkkkkk. YES – I can ** from a mile off.

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    So the civil servant is abrogating to himself the coveted position of power broker in ZANU PF?

  • dick mboko

    So Mr George Charamba is a ZANU PF Presidential spokesman. I thought SK Moyo was the ZANU PF Presidential spokesman. Charamba does not know the difference between State President and ZANU president. I know its deliberate. He cannot be that daft

  • Ticha Chakabveyo

    Politics should not be for personal & selfish bread and butter issues. ZANU PF as the govt must be there for the people.It is not only Mutasa reeling in destitution and deprivation. His case is a microcosm of the day to day tribulations of Zimbabweans. The ruling party ,which is by extension the govt , must therefore use the “good heartedness” to implement policies that embrace and help all of us!!!

  • Kuta Kinte

    Manheru igomo refundo and you can see from his high command of expression. Siyana naye because arikungotaura zvazviri. You are given land for free but you run away from its ownership preferring the skin which you consider better than yours. You are empowered but you strongly oppose opting to be employed. You are showered with real life opportunities but again you prefer that other skin to grab them. What do you want?

    • Cde Hondo

      So you must tell Mutasa to go back to his farms not come to the president to persuade for more looting holes. Employment is not in farming only, we can’t be all farmers ok.

    • s shumba

      …..empowered but you strongly oppose opting to be employed. So if evry Zimbo employs……. who gets employed. Dont talk ####

  • Antitraitor

    Correct because honestly I cannot imagine myself in the camp of traitors.

  • Mangwende we Chinhoyi

    Civil servants work for the government and the present government is the ZANU-PF government in the bigger picture.

  • Kuta Kinte

    “If you are dealing with a mature party like ZANU-PF, there is always that giveness to understanding and appreciating human fickleness”. Indeed ZANU-PF is a very mature party whose wisdom matures with time like wine. The party is vey accommodating but haisi party inoitirwa zvema funnies.

  • Satani Mukamachoya

    Exactly my thots

  • Cecil Roars

    Mr Mutasa should have known that ZANU PF punishes its own by expulsion. That is a very painful punishment because the moment you out of it everything ceases to flow to you; the free or easily made cash, the handouts that come during election times and that the guys control and the power that goes with it. It should be known to would be prodigal sons that Zimbabwe is a country like no other. It is difficult to save or to start your companies then can thrive independently of the system. So it is not surprising that the colour of skin of MR Mutasa changed quickly from a rich tone to this rough black diamond, a typical sign of suffering. Just go back my brother because this country is for us who have known poverty right from the beginning. You cannot just cope.

  • Aristotle

    Ok. iyi tainzwa. asi pane nyaya yebhutsu yakatsikwa paairport isina kupera. Huyai nebhutsu iyi kwandiri. Ndinosona ndiri pacorner paRobert Mugabe nafirst. Papavement ipapo. Ilocal facility!

  • Fred Moyo

    Mutasa’s pic says it all!

  • Pungwe

    What do you expect from guys who believe you can harvest pure diesel from rocks? remember Dhiziri pa Chinhoyi……

  • Diva Dollar

    Even Mai mujuru, chance permitting she wants to go back to zanu Pf