Don’t go to opposition media: President

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Takunda Maodza in KARIBA—
PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday dissuaded senior Zanu-PF officials from taking their differences to opposition media houses, saying there were internal party mechanisms to resolve grievances. The President called for unity in Zanu-PF, saying a party emerging from a resounding electoral victory must not tear itself apart.

Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Nyamhunga Stadium after commissioning the construction of the Kariba South Power Extension Project, President Mugabe said: “Zvekushambadza wonzwa kuti minister akati arikutukwa . . . takati nezuro kumaministers edu hakuna nyaya yekuenda kumanewspaper anaTsvangirai muchitukana. Nyaya ngadziuye kudare kwete kungoti nyaya kumapepa ana Tsvangirai, Hatidi (You hear that a minister says I was maligned in the media . . . yesterday we told our ministers not to go to the opposition media to disparage each other. Bring all issues to our party forums not to always rush to the opposition media, we do not want that),” he said.

President Mugabe also lashed out at senior politicians in the party who abused their powers by interfering in the operations of the Youth and Women’s Leagues saying such behaviour must stop forthwith.

He said the Politburo discussed the manner in which the Youth and Women’s League conferences were conducted and noted a number of irregularities but resolved to accept the outcome in the hope that such challenges would recur.

“Nezuro takange tiri mumusangano wePolitburo . . . tanga tichiongorora kuti macongress akaitwa ema youths nemadzimai zvakabuda tino zvibvuma here? Saka takakurukura tikaona nhamo dziriko zvekutenga mavotes kana zvokunzi vanhu vanovhota zvakati, aiwa vanhu ngava vhote nemutowo wavo vasingamanikidzwe.

(Yesterday we had our Politburo meeting where we reviewed the Youths and Women’s League congresses, whether we agreed with the outcomes. We discussed the issues and discovered there were problems of vote buying and vote manipulation. We want people to vote freely),”President Mugabe said.

He added: “Seprovince munenge makaronga hazvirambidzwe, zvatinoramba ndezvekuti tive nevamwe vakuru vanoti ita zvekuti. Hatidi. Vamwe vemuPolitburo vaimanikidza vadiki (As a province you may have your plans, yes its allowed. What we do not want is a situation where some senior party members tell people who to vote for. We do not want that. We had some Politburo members forcing youths to vote in a certain way).”

President Mugabe said some youths all of a sudden now faced disciplinary cases.
“Kwabuda kuti kwaive nemhosva dzainge dzopomerwa vamwe. Takati kuma chairmen aiwa. Iyezvino tiri kuzviongorora kuti tirambe kutukana nevadiki tichivabvisa pazvinzvimbo zvavo. Nyaya idzodzo dzichange dzichiongororwa ndokusaka takati vakoke machairmen ose emaprovinces vavape gwara (It also emerged that some youth leaders were being victimised.

“We told the provincial chairpersons we do not want that. We are looking into that, we do not want wrangles with the youths and purging them from their positions. We said invite all the provincial chairpersons and guide them accordingly),”President Mugabe said.
He urged Zanu-PF not to behave like the MDC-T which has been torn apart on several occasions by internal fights.

“Isu hatidi zvokubvarurana izvozvo. Toda kuti mubatane mumaprovinces menyu muchitevera gwara reparty muchitungamirwa nachairman va Khaya Moyo. Saka aiwa tichaita nguva yatichazenge tichiuya zvakanaka tichifamba mumaprovinces.”

President Mugabe encouraged Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Cde Temba Mliswa, to work well with youths and to resolve any differences with them amicably but desisting from public acrimony.

Some youths in the province are up in arms with Cde Mliswa over the suspension of the Mashonaland West provincial youth leadership led by Cde Vengai Musengi.

They accuse Cde Mliswa of interfering with the operations of the Youth League, a charge he has dismissed.
President Mugabe said the party leadership must be apprised of the charges facing the Youth League members before they were punished.
“Asati arangwa tinenge tichida kuziva kumusoro kuti akanganisa chii?” he said.

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  • chamboko

    Would this be the same as gagging, which the President castigated on his return from China???

    • Nzenza Popotai

      Tsvangirai must be the most powerful individual in this country.I wasn,t aware he owns the independent media.He is so powerful that he is given all the credit for asking the US and EU to impose sanctions on this country and they did.Tsvangirai might hold the keys to all the economic challenges the country is facing.

    • rukudzo

      Pane Herald, pane Sunday Mail, pane ZBC pane Patriot, Kwayedza, Manica Post H Metro.Umthunywa, MaKoronike, you name it. He is not for “opposition papers” that’s the impression I get. Of course grievances should be addressed through normal channels. If the channel is blocked, you leap frog it and go to a higher level rather than the newspapers.

    • grecko

      Yes my friend, that’s worse than gagging, you either talk through Jonso (State Media) or Mugabe himself. To me it’s just a technical way of saying no talking of grievances. The same way we are allowed to demonstrate or hold rallies, but only after police clearance. Saka vaya vaifarira kuti SKM has been ordered to withdraw the gag, they need to open eyes

  • Dombo

    Since when has the Herald been opposition newspaper?

  • EazyRyderPaper

    In ZANU kana uchida kuita get away with musikanzwa you better make sure kuti hausi *** or if you are that you unequivocally support ‘The Presidium’ otherwise u will be suspended for saying the sky is blue…whilst ma *** or supporters of a certain group who say the sky is yellow are appointed to the senior posts such as the politburo…just ask the people who were elected to the disbanded DCC’s what proof was presented of their vote buying and compare that to the proof presented of vote buying at youth congress whose results have been endorsed…zvakaoma kuva muranda muparty me ma ***

  • Matandamabwe

    Beatin abt the bush, neva did Shona to the highest level, Zvaakuda vana Aaron Chiundura Moyo izvi…wat are you triyin to say by the way…Chiguri,otherwise whr do u get this staff from, l remember reading one of your comment whr you wrote abt mazino kutetena jecha something like that…u made my day that day.

  • mabwe

    That’s your problem Manyika. Maonero ako. Accept it and move on.

  • Cde_Chinx

    Asika Cde, why is Jona Moyo using the Herald to castigate own cadres and belittle senior officials openly without rebuke? What’s the purpose of the editor? How can a little man like Mutsvangwa say all that rubbish about leaders and Herald, ZBC etc carry the story as headlines? I smell a bigger rat there. How can Oppah say “Pasi newa***” and nobody seeks clarification and explanation to that? if we are to maintain our principles and ideals, then our own press should lead by example.

  • Nyongolo

    So now it’s clear that the Herald is not a state media but a Zpf apparatus. Reporting the wrongs behind closed state doors does not render one an opposition paper.This mindset within Zpf has brought Zimbabwe to its knees.If someone is caught on the wrong side of the law why should it not be brought to light.You want news to come through the Herald so that its cooked before we hear of it. They fear that people hearing the truth would turn against them.Let’s blinker them and blindfold them so that they follow “tichiita madiro” without questioning.If any of them raise an eyebrow “mutengesi”.Total authority gives birth to an authoritarian rule under the disguise that we are simply fulfilling and applying chimurenga wishes at the same time uniting the people.I am glade that kudenga ndimwari vega vachatonga otherwise corruption,nepotism,blackmailing and loyalty zvaizovhiringidza.

  • Jongwe

    Mapepa ana Tsvangirayi?? Comrade sei muchitya mumwe murume zvakadaro?? Ah ndanyara fani!

  • Pidigu65

    Why is it that all your comments are always praising Cde Rugare Gumbo even when the man has no shame in making imaginary claims? Une rimwe na Gumbo iwe!!

  • Chimsoro

    Herald/Zimpapers I “opposition” to Mujuru camp.


  • Pidigori Waenda

    1.Was this a Zanupf report back meeting or the commissioning of a national power project?
    2.Is his H.E.aware that he is President for “allbody” in Zimbabwe not just for Zanupf members? This talk of opposition media is nationally divisive.

  • Vusumuzi Bvunzawabaya

    I am just worried about his instruction” don’t go to opposition media”.It should just be all media whether opposition or government(read ZANU_PF). We don’t want our beautiful Herald to become a parrot for certain top people. The paper should creatively criticise where necessary, advise where necessary and not become a see-no-evil ,hear-no-evil. This is what got us into this mess of course apart from “illegal sanctions”:people lying through their teeth to please Gushungo

  • Chingwa Netii

    Regai dzive shiri mazai haana mwuto.

  • Murozvi

    President it not opposition media to them. They are on the same regime change agenda. They with daily news have the same goals. It is opposition media to you but not to them mr president. It is now the enemy within. MR president.

  • Murozvi

    It is not sinister they have the same objective with the daily news. They are together with morgan stop thinking they are with you