Ditched man shoves bottles, wire into ex-wife’s privates

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
A 26-year-old man allegedly went berserk, attacked his ex-wife before inserting bottles and a wire in her private parts after finding her being intimate with another man, a Harare magistrate heard yesterday.

Kampira Job was denied bail when he appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Josephine Sande.

He is facing aggravated indecent assault, kidnapping, domestic violence and malicious damage to property charges.

He was remanded to August 31 and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

The prosecutor Ms Linda Gadzikwa, is alleging that on August 10 this year around 11pm Job went to his ex-wife’s house at Phase 9 Eastview, Harare.

He was in the company of his brothers Blessing, Soul and an unidentified man.

It is alleged that the quartet called the complainant to open the door before forcing their way in.

The ex-wife was in the company of her boyfriend and the group started assaulting the pair.

They allegedly removed the couple’s clothes and assaulted them further with electrical cables.

It is alleged that they kicked and hit the pair with a shovel.

Later Job’s accomplices took the boyfriend to a nearby river where they assaulted him and drenched him in water.

Job took a wire and started assaulting his ex-wife before soaking her in paraffin.

He threatened to set her ablaze but was restrained by his accomplices.

They went back to the complainant’s house where they destroyed windowpanes and property.

It is alleged that at around 3am the following day Job shoved bottles and a wire into her ex-wife’s private part.

The boyfriend managed to escape and reported the matter to the police.

It is alleged that Job took his ex-wife to his house where he locked her inside from 11 to 15 August.

She managed to escape and went to Star FM for help before reporting the matter to the police.

Job’s accomplices are on the run.

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  • Faculty Of Rudeology Studies

    I was shocked when I heard this nyaya on radio this past Tuesday that both complainants & the accused had actually all gone to the police station together on the very day this crime started but police somehow sent them away & the crime continued for another five days. Someone could have been killed.
    Job should have been arrested that very day he started committing this crime.
    The police seem to have only taken action after this story was aired on radio.

  • Masaisai

    This case is dubious. A victim of such violence goes to report the perpetrators to a radio station? Really? How much does Star FM pay for such stories?