Dhlakama reveals Tsvangirai friendship

Afonso-DhlakamaTichaona Zindoga Political Editor
Mozambican rebel leader Afonso Dhlakama, who has been fighting government in a bloody civil war that has lasted close to four decades, has revealed that he is friends with Mr Morgan Tsvangirai of the opposition MDC-T in Zimbabwe.

Mr Dhlakama revealed this in an interview with a Mozambican newspaper Savana, as he rejected a power sharing agreement that has been proposed by the ruling party, Frelimo, that would see him assume the position of vice president.

According to the newspaper, one time a member of the ruling party, Mr Dhlakama says “to be vice president signifies being Frelimo again.”

“Also, he doesn’t want to happen to him, ‘what happened to my friend Tsvangirai, who eventually disappeared,’” said the paper.

Mr Tsvangirai became Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in the inclusive Government between 2009 and 2013.

He and his party lost the subsequent elections of July 31, 2013 as Zanu-PF romped to over two-thirds majority in Parliament while Tsvangirai lost dismally to President Mugabe by a margin of 34 percent to 61 percent of the votes cast.

Contacted for comment on the nature of relations between MDC-T and Renamo, MDC-T spokesman Mr Obert Gutu professed ignorance on the nature of the relationship between his boss and Dhlakama.

“Of course, I will not be able to know all president Morgan Tsvangirai’s personal friends and acquaintances. He is entitled to have his own private space, just like any other individual.”

Mr Tsvangirai has in the past visited Mozambique to interact with his opposition counterpart.

Since 2000 he has met Mr Dhlakama a number of times.

The most significant of these interactions came in April 2008, after the elections of March that year when Mr Tsvangirai canvassed for regional support.

The visit is confirmed by WikiLeaks in a leaked US cable dated April 23, 2008.

It says, “The visit was personally coordinated by the leader of Mozambique’s opposition party Renamo, Afonso Dhlakama, who arranged for Tsvangirai to meet with former president Joaquim Chissano and current president Armando Guebuza.”

The cable says Dhlakama told the Press on April 24 that he advised Tsvangirai that Chissano could only get involved in finding a solution for Zimbabwe if the heads of state of Sadc requested that he do so while President Guebueza had not yet commented on the content of his meeting with Tsvangirai.

The cable concludes: “ . . . Tsvangirai did himself no favours . . . by so publicly . . . aligning himself with Renamo’s leader Dhlakama. Always the opportunist, Dhlakama took the spotlight during Tsvangirai’s visit, positioning himself as a senior mediator who is working to ensure regional democracy.”

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  • Mister Arcadia PhD.

    Tsvagai nyaya yenyu mushe!!! So,what’s wrong with Tsvangirai having meetings with other opposition party leaders be it Dhlakama,Hichilema,Malema or Corbyn,zvineyi nemi izvozvo ? How far with the $15 billion,how far with the story on poaching by security chiefs? Nxaaa Can you investigate those crucial stories? How far with Martin Dinha’s fraud story? Where is Dzamara?

    • KING

      vhunzawo hako

      • Mister Arcadia PhD.

        Nxaaa,kupererwa ka uku?

    • Mungandidii

      KKKKKkkkkk hopeless Herald, clutching at straws, surely you can do better my friend!!!!!

  • Masimba Musodza

    I was at a train station in London when a senior citizen tripped and fell. “Oh, check out, my man just went down, someone help him!” a teenager called out. Did he know the old man? No. That is how many young people talk in parts of London. In America, “my boy” or “my girl” is used to refer to anyone. When to discern the difference between an idiom and someone actually saying “Tsvangirai and I are friends” must be very difficult for some people in the journalist profession.

    • wekunyombwe

      Remote rurally trained journo! Forgive him

    • tigere

      you are a star!!! this jurno is thinks we are illiterate.

      • Nigga What?

        Asi chinyorai kwazvo kana musingadi kunzi illiterate. Did you proof read your sentence before posting? Unonyadzisa.

    • Lodza

      Zvaiva nani dai Journo anga a quota verbatim zvakarewa na Dhlakama. A lot of stuff is lost in translation and I can bet my black **** kuti he never said what is quoted here in English. Did he really? Herald munosekesa. Nekusvodesa at the same time

  • murezawarovhu

    Does The Herald really have to sink this low?

    • Cecil Roars

      It sank already and these stories are written from the bottom of the ocean.

      • jacktheswede


    • Rigayi Ikonomi

      when you think they have sunk to their lowest, they surprise you by even finding new depths

      • Nigga What?

        Well you know what they say, the ocean’s depths are largely unexplored. The Herald goes where no man has been before, like Star Trek, exploring new worlds.

  • Moe_Syzlack

    Herald clutching at straws again. Takutokunzwirai nyadzi. You are so predictable and pathetic really. Nuff said

  • Samanyika

    Herald writing zvinyadzi.

    • bajay

      porno chaidzo dzinonyorwa neherald

      • Mister Arcadia PhD.

        Kkkkkkkkkk,am laughing but this article made me sick!Thanks for making me laugh.

  • Gombiro


  • Tinovaziva

    Robert Mugabe recently said “You will wish you had been nicer to me when my friend Donald (Trump) becomes president.” Does that mean Robert Mugabe and Donald Trump are friends too?

    • Mungandidii

      Surely they are, at least according to the Herald!!!

    • R Truth

      Clearlly if this journo is to write a story on that the headline will be Mugabe reveals friendship with Trump. xem herald!!!!

  • Gwizo

    Apa Herald mashayisisa nyaya.

  • b c

    This is a pathetic article. What message are readers supposed to get out of this? The circumstances, situations, ideologies and backgrounds of the two are different. They do not cooperate on anything. The attempt to align them fails dismally. The paper will do itself good by focusing on useful matters.

  • Tiriparwendo

    Ndanyara hama dzangu ne article iyi. Kunzi my friend zvotonzi ishamwari. how many times do you sit next to a stranger and in the conversation you refer to him as ‘my friend’.

    • kkkkk

      In pic Dhlakama or Chombo?

  • Humphrey

    zvine basa rei , izvozvo, zvinobhadhara ma civil servants here, sis herald. kwanai

  • Iris

    ######## Tendai Zindoga. How dare you spent precious time such nonsense. Waste space to normal people you are.

  • Chihuta vs Bond

    In one of his birthday interviews, Mugabe once said, “Anabhururu angu anaTsvangirai vakaita musoro vakatumidza party yavo kuti MDC Renewal”. Can we conclude from this statement that Mugabe and Tsvangirai are friends?

    • Mister Arcadia PhD.

      I remember very well

  • Just a Zimbo

    “Our friends in the east” open to interpretation , my friend from the east lives in Chimanimani , someone else I know has friends in China. Interpret what you want and how you want when referring to my/our friends!!

  • Kenge

    My friend is used even when referring to a stranger. Pathetic reporting.

  • kutototo

    Just in the same way as Mugabe was a friend of Gaddafi, and he said “I told my friend that you getting too close to the west…”

  • Mukotami

    So the WikiLeaks cables have become credible again?????

    • IsaacJnr

      aptly put kikiki

  • Freedom not just Independence


  • yowe

    Hazvina kana basa izvo

  • Mabaleka

    l am not sure if its the writer or Editor who is this dumb. To say my friend does not mean someone you have a personal relationship with. He is a friend in the context of being an opposition leader in an African country fighting so called liberation parties. Its a shame that the country has come to this. Really if l was the writer or Editor l would quit….Unofambirepi with such a stupid article…shame

  • s shumba

    Its just like a CAPS United suppporter saying ” my friends at Dynamos…..”. It is a “figure of speech” …… “we are in the same boat” … …. stupid.

  • Ironhide

    You need help my friend.

  • Chokwadi Chaizvo

    You must understand English my friend!!! ( see I just called you my friend but that does not mean you are my friend!!!)….Dhalakama is just figuratively saying MRT is, like him , under the bus because of these “liberation” parties……

  • Musa

    Herald be serious.Kana musina nyaya yekureporter about Tsvangirai nyararai.In fact you are campaigning for Tsvangirai by constantly making these unfounded character assassination lies about him and his party

  • tindo

    Who wrote this, ooh ok i see, its that one, forget it

    • Ziziharinanyanga


  • eliah

    I did not bother to read this story, but its obvious everyone in life must have friends and its not a sin.

  • Cecil Roars

    Dont take him out of context. At least you should have asked him if he is a personal friend of Tsvangirai. He might have meant friend as in someone who shares similar circumstances with him. But what can we do about journalists with warped minds? You represent the lower rung of humanity.

  • Muchabvuma chete

    Zveushamwari hwa Tsvangirai naDhlakama hazviunzi food pa table. Zanu ngaitiudze kuti economy ichagadziriswa sei. Kwete kungovukura, muchingovukura sembwa economy ichifa.

  • Isac Hunt

    What a fantastic story, brilliant writing, thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Can I ask you a favour if you have a few spare minutes. Why not do a scoop and write about the corruption going on at VID in Harare. Set up a sting to catch these guys,(both the driving schools and the examiners) getting money for driving licences….. We wonder why we have so many deaths on the roads?

  • Emru Kunanti

    My friend you are very shallow

  • Sinyoro

    Nonsense. If he is a friend to Dhlakama, so what? What are you insuniating?

  • Rigayi Ikonomi

    I think this Zindoga guy is a fixated stalker of Tsavngirai

  • jacktheswede

    So ok…Tsvangirai’s image has been tarnished. Now tell us where our next meal is going to come from at 90% unemployment, no safe drinking water(sorry, no water at all)..among the many problems. Give us a positive story emanating from the ruling party and govt..thank you

  • Jurgen Kloop

    Utter rubbish !!!!!One day i will hack herald server!!!

  • Chibaba chacho

    I wonder the journalist passed Ordinary Level English

  • Nigga What?

    Herald tipeiwo maserious.

  • bajay

    this Zindoga guy is so so so pathetic

  • nmurimba

    Meu amigo Tsvangirayi, literally means my freind Tsvangirayi. This can mean someone in the same state. Need to becareful with word to word translation.