Deadline for farmers

 Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Chinhoyi Bureau
WHITE commercial farmers operating illegally on land acquired by the State for resettlement purposes in Mashonaland West province through ad-hoc lease agreements with resettled farmers have been given until May 15 to wind up operations.
This is when they are expected to have finished harvesting their crops that are still in the fields.
Farmers leasing out land outside provisions of the law will not be spared as they stand to lose their allocations.

The ultimatum was issued at a meeting between Zanu-PF’s provincial leadership and 50 white farmers in Chinhoyi on Friday.
This followed another meeting on Thursday of the provincial lands committee in Chinhoyi where a decision was made to give the farmers time to harvest their crops.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Mashonaland West and chairman of the provincial lands committee Faber Chidarikire, said the decision was arrived at after considering submissions from the farmers.

Vice chairman of the provincial lands committee Temba Mliswa, said some white farmers have been recommended to stay by the communities they operate in.

Others will be considered for future allocations.

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  • Londisizwe

    At least they’re providing employment and producing something for the benefit of the nation, unlike many multiple farm cell-phone farmers in Ministry positions who haven’t got a clue!

  • Sofia

    Cc an the relevant authorities look into the operations at the mushroom technology centre , where students/ clients are subjected to making 100$ payments for everytime one speaks or calls the instructor for crop inspection, no receipts are being issued and students are not being given the necessary literature to grow their crops despite promises then they are further charged for the same manual yet they have already paid. Ther is no way rural women can afford this! Please help

  • anon

    He is a little fool. What is better, to have the people, whatever their race, renting the land and producing that which benefits the nation or the alternative of insisting that the recipients produce something when they have consistently demonstrated they cannot. Nyore ndeyekutenga chokudya kuSouth Africa, Zambia neMozambique pedze mongochema drought asi paine vari kurima vachikohwa pedze moti ibvai muchisiya minda ichirara? This current government is full of fools who think that just spewing ideology results in performance.

    • Zimbabwe United

      But they are also free to apply for land even when they are white. So why not apply?

      • anon

        Are you so naive? If they were “free to apply” why were they not given that as an option as sitting tenants who held titles to the land? No matter what you think, the issue of those deeds will choke some people just as they have become an issue for current farmers who are trying to apply for loans.

        The myopia is what led to the mess we are in just as it is causing the hunger and then you buy from the very farmers who are now plying their business in Mozambique and Zambia; and yes farming is a business not just an tool for sloganeering while you are producing little. Vakangwadzwa nenhamo, those neighbours around us, vakaona kupusa kweZimbabwean government and took advantage of the scenario and are now food exporters to us and now we want to do the same thing to those who have worked out an arrangement so that they keep being productive. This simple thinking like the “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy” maxim of Animal Farm is what got us where we are. Udofo uroyi

    • hunzi007

      Zimbabwe imported yellow maize from South Africa. In SA people use yellow maize as stock feed. Our industry is down because of these imports. Why cant our government introduce a broad based economic reform across racial,religious,cultural n social lines. I bet you there are many white people willing to be involved in our economic turn around

  • Observer

    How can a business partnership between two Zimbabwean citizens be seen as criminal?Where is the equivalent of 51-49% in agriculture?Racism is a cancer that consumes those who practice it.Are we not eating maize grown by the Collets of Chinhoyi in Zambia?

  • Mari Manyemba

    why would you bother whats happening onsomeone’s farm as long as there is production maybe the whites are no longer interested in owning land but simple to farm under any arrangement

  • hunzi007

    Politics is politics but i dont hve confidence in this Mliswa guy. Everything he touches fails. Remember the days he trained the national team players using drills for training soilders. Nigeria hammered us 3:0 at NSS

  • Zimbabwe United

    Whites can apply for state land allocation. Why the pride?