Dad saves son from jaws of death


Tapiwa Kachere and his father Tafadzwa receive treatment at Chitungwiza Central Hospital yesterday, after wrestling with a crocodile in Mutoko last week

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
A Mutoko father dived into a river and fought a crocodile with his bare hands to save the life of his 11-year-old son who had been seized while crossing Nyaitengwa River.Mr Tafadzwa Kachere and his son, Tapiwa (11) were both seriously injured in the battle and were yesterday admitted at Chitungwiza Central Hospital.

Tapiwa’s left leg had to be amputated, while his father’s left hand is badly hurt. Mr Kachere, who stays in Katiyo 1 Village under Chief Nyajina, said the crocodile attacked while they were on their way home from his garden.

“When we were coming from the garden, I was walking in front and the boy was following me. After crossing the river, I heard the boy screaming for help and I rushed to rescue him. I could see him struggling to free himself as the crocodile kept on holding on to his leg.

“I took the risk and dived into the water and joined the fight trying to force open the jaws with my hands. I failed to open the crocodile’s mouth and resorted to poking its mouth with reeds while seated on its back. I instructed my son to hold on to the reeds as I continued poking into the crocodile’s mouth until it released the boy,” said Mr Kachere.

But when the reptile freed Tapiwa, it turned on the father.
“I struggled with it until we both got out of the water and I was still on top of it. I poked its eyes several times until it released my injured hand,” he said.

After the attack, the two were taken to Nyadire Hospital for emergency first aid before being moved to Chitungwiza Central Hospital.
Said the hospital’s chief executive Dr Obadiah Moyo: “That is really a sad story and we are doing our best to help the two.

“We are monitoring the situation and we hope they will soon be okay.”
Mr Kachere appealed for assistance to buy an artificial limb for his son.

“I appeal to well-wishers for assistance in the purchase of an artificial leg for my son. He still wants to go to school and up to now he still thinks he will get his leg back.

“We lied to him that the leg was temporarily being removed for treatment purposes and I do not know how to break the news to him.”

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  • Shumba

    Sad story, this father is a hero, he should get a bravery medal

    • gutu chitovah

      greatly touched indeed. a loving father, thats the extend to which real love can take you.. i salute this man

  • Kusvikazvanaka

    Brave DAD, good work!!

  • Analysis Zimbabwe

    my heart goes out to these souls and I admire the father greatly

  • Musena A

    Praise GOD yu are alive. Gumbo rinowanikwa bt hupenyu ndihwo hwakakosha.

  • dziva

    Family love is a veld fire hard to extinguish. and you showed us , proud to be from Nyadire. We salute you !

  • Ambassador Percy

    Sad story, another soccer star lost the chance to shine on the international stage.

    • mukwerekwere

      Sad? No. Remarkable? Yes. At least he has his life ahead of him.

  • Machuma

    Brave dad and thank you for standing up and protecting your son from harm. A speedy recovery to you both.

    • MweniTafara

      Survival instinct says your life is secondary but that that of your offspring is primary and when you get income first instinct is to feed the children before yours and when the same children are under attack you sacrifice your life to save them but there are excepts.

      ko mwana wangu seiko kuona? Murumwe wangu baba wandinaye, zvaanondiitira baba……..

  • mucha

    I am touched by the father’s love. Well done Papa.

  • zimbabwe1980

    God bless you man you are a real Father

  • Aljezeera-Alshabab

    I wish these two a massive get well soon. I further wish this man was our president. I’m sure he would dive into country and deliver us from hunger, economic melt down, electricity and water problems, corruption, to name a few

  • chief machinja

    Dad is my hero!. Well done man, wishing you and your son a speed recovery .

  • Bataimunhu

    Makarwa bambo, hupenyu hunokosha , gumbo muchapiwa namwari nekuti chakaita kuti mubudirire isimba ramwari. ndirini ndaitofiramumvurawo.

  • Truth

    God bless you sir

  • tinry

    Real community hero!Well done dad.

  • Che-Saidi

    BIG up super Dad,fathers will always be the best for their sons…..

  • Ini Ndini Onini

    Dai kusi kuti hukoronyera hwatakeshera pakati pedu; handiti iko zvino tingadai tovhura account yokuti vanhu vaise mari yokubatsira mhuri nemwana uyu. Zvino anovimbika pakati pedu ndiye pasina. Hapana here mufundisi anoremedzeka angatitungamire pakadai tirakidze rudo kuna baba ava vakarakidza rudo rusingazivikane. This is a story from the legends.

    • Rev C. Nyamakope

      What a wonderful Father. May God Bless you Mr Kachere. Mr Editor may you organize with the family to put up a fund through which the public can help the young boy get an artificial leg.

      • hilie

        imagine dai vari mai vaya vajaira kurasa vana mutoilet vaiita sei. vaingoti zvaiita. kudzai baba ava ndorudo runonzi kana murufu tinosvitsana. ndopaya pandinoti varume vakasiyana namadzimai ko dai varimai vainge varipo ipapo mwana aipona here uyu. varume vanokosha veduwe

  • jojo

    Father God we thank yu for giving Tapiwa’s father the much needed strength and courage to fight that croc to free his son. in deed yu freed him though now without his limb. We pray for his speed recovery in Jesus Mighty name. Mr Kachere yu are a super Dad motenda Mwari baba akakupai chivindi muzita guru raJesu

    • Madzibaba


  • karen

    All the 50 years of my life, we were promised that the artificial limbs they used in television series, Bionic man and woman, were there for the taking, and there were examples like the 2nd world war, pilot who lost both legs, but went on to fly, again and live an almost autonomous life. Please can those involved in film technically and otherwise jump at this chance to demonstrate their both their proficiency and their action, of course there is St Giles to help the boy and his father adjust, and all the montessori equipment will help them practise new skills in their village community centre, as well as adjust to the loss, and show their community, they are the same person.

  • Keith

    Mr Editor how about u set up an account t so we can help ???? how about give the Fathers number this man deserves and his some deserve top notch medical help and he desearve a good job / capital to start a businines thses are tha true Fathers of Zimbabwe

    • Anony

      true…why not set up an account and publish it in ur paper…i for one wld give towards this lil boy’s artificial limb..and to the dad…words cant express wat u dd man….this boy will rememba u for as long as he lives…

  • ZackieBwerawa

    I like the eight comments on this story so far. All positive. And I’m not the only one to see it. All have got likes. Likes only!! I join in saluting the father’s bravery and love. Wishing them speedy recovery. The father is my HERO for 2013.

  • MkanyaGP

    Such a brave man! Ndivo vanonzi varume manje ava!

  • Whezhira M

    I ran short of words to praise this super dad. The paper should give us his phone number or account number so we help with the little we have and also congratulate him. May God bless him and wish both a speedy recovery.

    • john chirimbani

      i like your statement apa pataurwa chokwadi baba ava igamba

  • Bee Gully

    Thanks to the Heavens. Dearth was eminent and the Almighty God reversed it. Thanks bamkuru.

  • Nick

    That’s my hero. God bless

  • Bigboy Musonza

    I just had tears in my eyes. That’s what it is supposed to be. Look after your own with unconditional love

  • Mutambara gonzoni

    If my dad saw me getting attacked by a crocodile he would be crying of joy and thanking the heavens.

    • Keith

      are sure???? don’t you think you need to ray to fix your relationship with your father!?
      It is in your best interest to do that latter in life you will regret it if you don’t

  • Mimi

    This father has proved to all what other men are capable of giving out and doing. So touching, so brave. Wish both a speedy recovery.

  • k manyundwa

    veduwe veduwe honaiwo,baba vakaoma avo.hurumende ngaimbopindiravo apo.vemapato ezvematongerwe vanoti ivo vanoda kubatsira nyika kuenderera mberi,ndiwo mukana uyo mumbotiratidzawo rudo rwenyu pamhuri iyi.zvino nhai vanhu mwana tichamuudza sei kuti gumbo haricha dzoki?ngati batsiranei kufunga apa

  • Zvazviri

    Intervention of Divine! To God be all the Glory… I am lost of words. The same scenario gives me a picture of a scene whereby either your son or your daughter mistakenly jumps into a dam and you are there but you cannot swim.. what would you do?
    True bravery shown here by the Father, he has faith and it is a testimony! To the Son you lost a limb but God has a purpose ahead of you keep the faith and that is why he saved you from death!
    Kurarama kudai Inyasha….vanogona Mwari wedu vanogona….singing Fungisai

  • envoy

    What a moving story, somebody forgot to mention the fathers contact details as he is appealing for assistance on the prosthetic limb!?? How do we get in touch…

  • Mr.Sunningdale(Kong Town)

    Bravery+ Love= Hero.

  • VAkhorinde

    Well Done Baba…..

  • truth

    Where is the contact details to help?

  • shelz

    a true definition of a Brave Hearted Man , a true Hero , thanks be unto God for saving their lives….

  • munt omnyama

    Are there any contact details for the father, should people want to assist?

  • Chisuri

    Ndookuti Baba…will dedicate fathers day kwauri mdara…ko Account number dzacho dziri pai tikandewo pashoma patinapo

  • Manny

    I’m glad they are saved, I would have done the same for my kids. God bless everyone out there.