DA to report Mbalula over Zim comments

Johannesburg. – The Democratic Alliance wants to report Police Minister Fikile Mbalula to the SA Human Rights Commission for the comments he made about former Zimbabwean soldiers illegally entering the country to rob and kill.

DA Gauteng leader John Moodey said Mbalula’s comments were a consequence of bad leadership. He said the African National Congress government had forgotten its vision for a united Africa.

“We believe that the comments promote hatred based on the grounds of origin, ethnicity and nationality, and infringe on the dignity of Zimbabwean citizens living and working in South Africa,” Moodey said.

He said Mbalula should stop using blanket xenophobia as a justification for crime in South Africa’s streets and instead focus on securing the country’s borders.

“Mbalula needs to work with the security cluster to boost border security so that South Africa can properly regulate immigration.

“He must not blame one nation for crime when it is in his power to properly regulate who comes into South Africa and who doesn’t.”


Mbalula told reporters during a briefing on Tuesday that the five men who robbed a Hyde Park Corner mall jeweller in Johannesburg on April 13 were Zimbabweans.

His spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment.

“Yes, they are from Zimbabwe. There are people who come from Zimbabwe, who run away from the military and they come and promote criminality in South Africa.

“That is the truth. Why shouldn’t I tell that truth? There are Zimbabwean ex-soldiers who are in this country, robbing banks, promoting criminality.”

Mbalula said these soldiers were running away from President Robert Mugabe’s military.

“To get out of it, they run to South Africa and rob banks. They are on the payroll of criminals. We can’t trace them. They enter illegally and they just come here and do not promote goodwill.”

He said his remarks were not xenophobic and that there were many Zimbabwean nationals in the country doing good work.

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to SA Isaac Moyo told Africa News Agency that his government did not condone criminality by any of its citizens and said the law should take its course wherever this was the case.

“We, however, cannot accept the many ill-informed elements in the said statement [Mbalula’s remarks] and we deeply regret that they were made without due regard to their accuracy.”

It was not immediately clear whether the SAHRC had indeed received the DA’s complaint – News24.

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  • Gatsho

    Who is more ‘sceptic’ Democratic Alliance or Fikile Mbalula? The former is more treacherous than the latter. The latter was more straight like an arrow.

  • Profmununhema

    I am very surprised you do not have objectivity. The truth is that Mbalula talks of non traceability of the robbers. My question is what gives him audacity to conclude that they are Zimbabweans. His statements are marred with contradition and the criminality issue had provided him with a platform to publicise his xenophobic nature. It is reminisent to Judas’s comments when that Mary the whore whipped Jesus with her tears and sprayed expensive perfume. Judas immediately showed his excessive lust for money and likened it to waste. If Mbalula has CCTV camera footage he should send it to ( Zimbabwe military intelligence for scrutiny and identification. The military intelligence with the Chief of Staff will then confirm if the robbers were once in army. I am not defending robbers but he was and is out of line and its very undiplomatic. If he wants to deal with criminality, he should ask for Zimbabwe military and police to help them as this is their expertise.
    If Mbalula wants to say something to President Mugabe, he should not disguise and should use proper channels through ANC protocols.

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    South Africa is a known crime hub. Their people have killed and burnt foreigners alive. Are those people former Zim soldiers? The minister just showed us how dull a politician he is. He forgets that before 1994 most of the ANC guys were refugees here, with Thabo Mbeki’s brother Moeletsi employed as a business news reporter at The Herald. Should we have chased them away? No wonder why the party is failing to deal with its own problems. Can not move without pointing a finger. Will remain slaves of capitalism.

    • Ras Matopos

      You are right, the Minister did need some criticism. I would have understood it coming from, say, SACP or Julius Malema, not the DA which seems to still have neo-fascists in its ranks.

  • yowe

    Iyi inonetsa.. Zimbos are committing crime in South Africa and many cases have been reported.However singling Zimbos out as the push factor in the crime in S.A is not right and is pure scapegoating. Sadly we are a poor nation and there is nothing we can do but beg to stay in their country and be insulted, lynched and burnt alive…Zanu Pf yatiita nherera shuwa ….YOWE!!!!