Cuthbert Dube grossed US$6.4m per year



Paidamoyo Chipunza Health Reporter
Premier Service Medical Aid Society group chief executive officer Dr Cuthbert Dube earned half a million dollars every month, almost twice the US$230 000 initially reported, when his generous allowances are factored in.The mega salary rivals earnings by celebrity soccer stars in the cash-rich Barclays English Premier League.

Dr Dube, who has since been forced to retire, got allowances equivalent to his monthly basic salary of US$230 000 plus a bonus of over US$1 million.

This brought his annual earnings last year to just over US$6,4 million. The annual wage bill of the 15 PSMAS executives for 2013 was a whopping US$18,6 million with Dube taking more than a third of this total.

PSMAS group operations executive Mr Enock Chitekedza got about US$2 million in 2013. Other executives pocketed slightly above a million dollars each over the year.

The other 13 executives were Ernest Gwinyai, Enock Chitekedza, Richard Mutasa, Cosmas Mukwesha, Juliana Sabarauta, Mavis Gumbo, Nicholas Munyonga, Augustine Khoza, Raphael Paradzayi and secretaries Joice Munyoro, Getrude Tsiga, Barbara Melusi, Fungai Nyamuzinga and Thomas Hama.

With a strong membership of 794 000, and assuming PSMAS collected US$7.50 as contributions from each member, the society collected US$72 million in 2013 with a third of that going on salaries for the top 15 people.

The salaries and allowances were approved by the PSMAS board of directors chaired by Mrs Meisie Namasasu, a director for implementation and control of expenditure unit in the Ministry of Finance.

Mrs Namasasu has since been dismissed for approving extravagance salaries at the expense of service delivery.  Company secretary Mr Cosmas Mukwesha recently announced the slashing of salaries at PSMAS.

The new proposed salaries were expected to see the GCEO earning a basic salary of US$60 000 a month, and other group executives US$30 000 each. Some executives who were claiming school fees as high as US$48 000 a year were also reduced to about US$6 000.

Meanwhile, PSMAS has since reduced its debt from US$38 million to US$13,9 million. Mr Mukwesha said most claims in excess of two months have since been cleared.

“We are certain that once we get January contributions we should be able to clear the debt,” he said.
He said they were expecting at least US$14 million from Government and another US$3 million from the private sector.

Although PSMAS is yet to get its operating license for 2014, the card is still valid for use while they settle their financial issues.
Medical aid societies administer public funds. They operate as non-profit making organisations and are governed under the Medical Services Regulations (Statutory Instrument S1330 of 2000) administered by the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

As of last week, Government had renewed licenses of 25 societies to operate in 2014. Government is pushing for all health funders to settle claims within the stipulated timeframes so that no service provider denies treatment to a patient with a valid medical aid card.

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  • Tuksedo

    Hmm, people need to keep calm and take a collective deep breath. This is more than 10x what Dube authorized for the ZBC boss.
    It’s apparent who the kingmaker, the proverbial head of the snake, is.

  • Mr.Sunningdale(Kong Town)

    Cuthbert Dube,Zimbabwe’s David Beckham.

  • NAM peace Observer


  • Zvakwana

    Zvakawoma, why continue to contribute to these crooks. Even $60k/ month is ridiculous for a company with gross operating cash flow of $72 Million a year. People go online and see what executives in the first world countries like USA, Canada and Australia are earning compared to what the company is grossing/ year.

    • Mheni yapotsa

      Ko Dr Farai Muchena the Group MD arikusara see vakomana? Ndiyani arikumuvharidzira?
      Number ONE MAN at PSMI her vakomana?

      • Mamvemve

        When a group of senior people are appointed to run an entity and they connive to award themselves these sort of salaries it is called THEFT BY CONVERSION. For the first time I have respect for Jonathan Moyo because he is the one who said as much this week. So we are expecting these people to be arrested, nothing less.

  • Caleb

    National disaster chaiyo he shld compensate poor civil servant families whose bread winners died due to psmas inability to pay service providers

  • Thumani

    A stinking US$6.4m per year paid to one rich man while the poor civil servants are deprived of basic health care they already paid for – that’s terrible. When a man undermines programs that benefit people’s health care and welfare that man is as good as a sell-out.

  • Pablo Escober

    The salaries were approved by the PSMAS board of directors chaired by mrs Meisie Namasasu.” I am guilty of having believed women were not as corrupt as men if given leadership positions.PSMAS scandals were approved by a woman,Air Zim was brought to its knees by a woman,gracious goodness. The Herald should publish the names of all the other culprits who were on this board that approved these salaries.To me these pple are worse than Dube, because they are appointed to protect the intrest of the ordinery PSMAS member,rather they decided to connive with the Dube led executive to defraud PSMAS members off their hard earned contributions.Just saying these pple were forced to retire or relieved off their duties is not enough,they should be arrested for defrauding this organisation and govt should do whatever it takes to recover every penny these individuals stole,this should involve selling all their asserts and seizing all their bank accounts. This is unacceptable.

    • rukudzo

      She approved a balanced budget I guess. There would have been absolutely h nothing wrong if these salaries were not at the expense of service delivery, and also if the rank and file of staff were also being looked after in a fair manner. However I disagree with the 230K per month even the 60K being mentioned now is too too much in an economy like Zim. Give me that job, give me a salary of 15k and I will do an excellent job. In other words I am saying 15K is a reasonable salary by Zimbabwean starndards.

    • Mubatiwehomwe

      When a man steals they only think of themselves, but a woman steals for the whole clan

      • makwavararama

        so whats the answer? stealing is good if you share what you steal with relatives?

        • Tuksedo

          No dude. Put women in these positions, tese tinodya.

          • makwavararama

            PSMAS board Chair- woman whats your answear?

          • Toko

            We have yet to see women engineer such unhinged scandals of excess. Let’s put some good girls in these positions.

      • makwavararama

        but if we are not from that clan we are loosers

      • Well


  • Tonderai

    Why are they letting this happen. Why are they bleeding our country / us like this? How could they!?

    • logic

      Because most of them at the top is bleeding the country and they know nothing will be done. Why is that?.
      Because it is a cash cow for the gang of thieves that they will milk dry right in front of your eyes and they know you will not do anything about it. And the reason is?
      Because those who make the appointments are grossly inept. Because it is the fault of those who appoint these people to the multiple boards so they are complicit in the rot. How about our role too in this mess?
      Because we keep voting for the same people who abuse us through their direct actions or inaction and when this kind of thing happens we cry foul but next elections we give them a fresh mandate. Bottom line is you get what you vote for.
      There are other becauses too numerous to list.


      Once again topping the list as the highest paid CEO in telecoms and tech, MTN‘s Sifiso Dabengwa ended the 2012/2013 financial year R23.5 million rand richer. This includes a base salary of R8.4 million, benefits of R1.678 million and a bonus of R13.45 million.

      • Jotham

        Your comment is very reasonable. The issue of CD is blown out of proportion. The ability to negotiate is what is before us. Most people’s comments are as a result of emotions, rather than the law. I do sympathise with people who find this issue of Dube C, being something which they can not stomach, but it was not his fault.

  • Bill

    The country has gone to the dogs! Who in this world approves a “reduced” basic salary of $60,000.00. That’s scandalous! That person is actually worse than the person who approved $ 230,000 before there was a public outcry.

    • makwavararama

      at the end of the day in any process elections or salaries the poor are loosers. saka ndiyo nyaya yacho

  • Kiringindi

    Editor, page two please. We want to see the $18.6 million schedule

  • Wilson Magaya

    Mr. Dube has to testify to a parliamentary committee. Please do not go on a witch hunt but rather get this “son of the soil, comrade Dube” to come to the people and explain himself. Maybe he was doing it with the best interest of our people at heart

    • rukudzo

      I agree with you 100%. If he invested that money in Zimbabwe, we can just ask some of his businesses to perform community services for the very poor rather than send him to jail. I would strongly advise against sending him to jail. His salary was approved. He did not steal. But yes he needs to explain how it was worked out. I challenge anyone to be offered a salary, and then refuse it saying it is too much.

      • Vinnie Garbone

        This type of apologetic behavior is why your country deserves to burn and you continue to let yourselves be crapped upon. Stand up and fight for what is right rather than apologize for the wrongful acts others have committed.

        • rukudzo

          Refuse your salary and offer it to the poor.

    • Jotham

      Mr C. Dube has no case to answer at law. Please familiarise yourselves with Management and Labour laws. Mr Dube’s salary is the responsibility of PASMAS Board. His approval of salaries for ZBC personnel(Top Brass) is within the frame work of the law. ZBC Board had the authority to approve or disapprove the salaries. Let us research before throwing reckless comments around. Making a wrong decision is not illegal at law. Vanhu please think before you shout.

      • dombo_changamire

        legal it might be, but as a CEO his ethics should have guided him better. Still he needs to appear before parliament. This has noting to do with legality issues. Might not be lawyer, however I think he might have breached other peoples constitutional right to access of health which might actually have led to their deaths. I think he is liable for those deaths

      • Seles

        Jotham, ka, asi wakadyawo? This has nothing to do with the law. This has all to do with conscience. There is something called ubuntu which I doubt you or Cuthbert has. How can you defend someone who has been earning an obscene figure whilst the contributors are dying in hospitals simply because they can not afford top up for their medical conditions? Go to assess the situation on the ground before you go ballistic.

        • makwavararama

          the same applies those who pay tax are poor while those who receive and administer the tax are very rich. Do you want examples? iam not supporting but iam saying they are other obscene things done by leaders at the expense of the public. At the end the loser is the innocent public.

      • Thug Xibo

        Mir wise Joham…… ever heard of fiduciary duty and the requirement to act in the best interests of the entity? Ever heard of the companies act? I suspect its a law. This can be considered NEGLIGENCE by applying the doctrine that a reasonable person with his level of knowledge and experience could have simply foretold that he was in fact bankrupting the organization that he was trusted to keep afloat. That my friend is answerable in clourt.

  • Concerned

    it’s not fair for the poor contributors who are now facing lack of service delivery from good health clinics and hospitals because they are not honouring that medical aid card yet the contributors are amongst the low income earners in the country.

  • tiger

    you are really not serious , munozivawo here musiyano we USD ne Zim Dollar kana muchiti mabata vanhu vanga vachiita corruption inotyisa kudaro , mobva mati magadzirisa muchiti munhu anozopinda pa same post iyoyo anofanira kuzotambira US$60. 000,00 munorevei. ibasa rudzi ririkuitwa nevanhu ivavo?can you make a research kuti iko ku America kwacho the same job ririkuitwa nevanhu ivavo varikumbotambira mari.

    • brenda

      chokwadi. 60000 is still way to much. What exactly do they do? even some presidents dont earn that much

  • macemike

    Was he paying TAX – NSSA – etc , i wonder – ZIMRA need to audit PSMAS ASAP – oh sorry forgot they only hassle private business people!!!

  • Mimi

    Now that this gross anomaly has been unearthed, let Dube and his other Executives be just made to pay restitution because simply sending him on forced retirement will not help matters. Surely these guys have something to pay back to PSMAS and the country. Damn

    • rukudzo

      I would propose they adopt poor families in Binga and work with these families to take them out of poverty as the appropriate restitution. Refunding the money to some such coffers will result in same being taken again by another person. But adopting poor families and seeing those families improve their lot is to me a better restitution.

  • Chokwadi

    “The salaries and allowances were approved by the PSMAS board of
    directors chaired by Mrs Meisie Namasasu, a director for implementation
    and control of expenditure unit in the Ministry of Finance” wonder what kind of decisions are being made at the ministry of finance

    • s shumba

      I can bet u she is 98% at PSMAS and 2% at the Ministry – just to justify her looting.

      • makwavararama

        one secreat you must know is fpr every looting in parastatals, govenemt controlled firms and councils there is a Government official leading such a process either a Minister of someone senior

        • Tuksedo

          It is no secret my friend. In fact these pay schedules were all approved by the relevant authorities in every case. Gushungo knew as well, but it wasn’t scandalous up until people went unpaid for months on end.
          In fact, there would be no scandal right now, if Muchechetere had been paying his employees.
          Zvakafumugwa naBaba Jukwa. Inga vakataura wani kuti shasha bhadhara vanhu vako otherwise. Well, ndoo otherwise yachona iyi.
          Consequences and repercussions.

          • Jotham

            Gushungo does not run companies. You are building a very funny image where by you are connecting the President to these shoddy deals in state owned companies. You are trying to be reasonable using unorthodox means. Your mind is less than that of an ant.

          • Tuksedo

            The buck stops with the Chief executive. This scandal is already well beyond the jurisdiction of any single minister and the corruption is of too great a magnitude for Jona Moyo to be playing judge. Prosecution, and jury.
            Gushungo doesn’t run companies, my friend, never has, never will. He runs a country, in this case, straight into the ground. Did he know what was happening in real time? Possibly not, which is further proof of his ineptitude, but he sure as hell knows now.

    • makwavararama

      she should also be sacked from GVT for lack of confidence

  • chippy

    We would like to know salaries for Dr Farai Muchena and Dr Tafadzwa Gutu they r also senior executives ku Pleasure Medical Aid

  • Significant Watemwa

    its now too late, maybe start ne forensic audit of the reserve bank, not just someone aipuwa mari zviri pamutemo. Hapana nyaya apa, His salary was approved by the Board and the shareholder. The shareholder which includes the government and the public service ministry, knew about it, otherwise they were sleeping at the wheel. There is no case to answer here. Hapana nyaya apa.

  • PSMI staff

    This is sickening, Guys as an employee of PSMI am paralyzed. I had wondered why Dr Muchena is living this lavishly. But apart from these salaries the were also other company deals like purchases of buildings, company cars. The board was being paid handsomely. Pushy cars, expensive houses, What? Some of the money was paid through PSMI check their books you will see that. Building, small building bought for $7million, Dube property’s is zim is over 100 in low density. Houses of these guys sickening . Forensic audit , please there is more to this. Lets go to loans, the $10million bank facility last year. He has recently been paid through PSMI , psmas vehicle and subsidiary.

    • makwavararama

      tell us more which MUchena is this? the Minister? whats the role there?

      • Mheni Yacho

        Dr Farai Muchena is the Group Managing Director. Technically the NUMBER ONE MAN at PSMI. He is an anesthetist by profession.
        Somehow his name has dropped out of the discussion.
        His salary is in excess of $200 000.00.
        Who is hiding him?

    • Well

      Yes. Real money was most likely stolen via the purchasing system

  • Mbada Murenje

    Dziva rinegwena idiva kamwe hama dzangu. Zvino vana Dube vange votoita chitsvare nava-Mahachi, vana-Muchechetere vachitivawo nekunonyudza zvishoma kusvika kune vadiki vanotamba kumajecha.

  • joseph

    $60 000 basic salary for what? For God’s sake this is an ailing economy. why should anyone earn that much for administering medical aid funds in Zimbabwe for that matter?

  • Tapera

    morning everybody .I think to peg the salary for psmas at $60000 is way too much still. what is it thy at they do that deserve such, infect even the most powerful economies did cut such high salaries for sake the nation. I propose $20000 for the last man in psmas .

  • comrade kunakirwa

    Are these jobs advertised in the media and interviews held? Is everyone in Zim being given an equal opportunity. I bet you if you competitively advertise these jobs they will get far much better and more energetic talent than these dead wood liabilities at a far much lower price. Corruption and its resultat effects you lose a lot of money for a destructive liability.

    • leemoyo

      I agree with cde Kunakirwa, these jobs must be advertised and salaries made public because these are public entities.
      Each financial year their performance should be displayed and how much they get. We salute Jonathan Moyo for swiftly picking this rot. I think President should also strtch his muscle, here. Its a shame we are begging money to pay fees for thousands of kids while one man earns millions. FYI Baraka earns less than 480k, Tony Abbot 450k etc. These are people running complicated trillion dollar economies.
      Where were the ministers> Be they MDC OR ZANU PF- Mr President this is GROSS INCOMPETENCE on the part of your ministers. Its a shame you recycled them AGAIN. The same thing with these boards- . The problem is these guys have never run a tuckshop- their qualifications is either being a war vet or was arrested by Smith so qualify to be a board member. All board members must have credentials -academic or business

  • wenger

    Who cares anyway, its the way us blacks run entities!

  • Matuzviemheni

    Ko board racho ranga richiwana marii? They should also be booted

  • cephas

    He was busy declaring war on corruption achiroverera vana vakadya tuma2 thousand dollars paAsiagate iye achirova mari inouraya nyika….since he banned vamwe for life, he should be incarcerated for life…what blatant hypocrisy!!!!!

  • Busto

    News maker of 2014, I guess this, as bad as it is, has aroused the so called PHD (pull-him-down) syndrome in most of us. Zimbabweans stop wailing the wheel of justice and righteousness is in motion.

  • Ndaba

    We miss the point. The board and minister signed off his appointment. If he goes the minister must go. Getting excited about his salary and retiring him now works in his favour. He will negotiate a package and walk away.

  • Manyika

    In addition to these outrageous earnings, PSMAS bought him a $534k house and the other executives had a housing arrangement of $300k per person approved! No wonder they ended in the red. The really sad thing is that they may get away with such unashamed looting. Such looting justifies all those anarchists who believe “all property is theft.”

  • bee bee


  • Boni

    More than 1000 civil servants can be paid by C. Dube per months. This guy is a killer. He deserved to rot in jail with his management team. Muroyi wemasikati.

  • Mai Fatso

    I’m sure this money was used to ‘buy’ his life kuna TB Joshua. This is how TB get his money. Cashbert akaenda ari muwheelchair kuNigeria akadzoka achifamba. He must have pledged his millions to TB just for him kuti atumirwe mvura nemafuta ekurarama. Mark my words, no cash to TB, no life!!

  • tindo

    Zimbabwe’s budget is $4 billion . Mr Dube’s package is $20 million . That’s 0.5% of the countries budget . Think about that, what does the Minister of Finance has to say about this. We have no money in the country yet 0.5% is being pocketed by one man.
    whether this is legal in the eyes of the law, it is not in the eyes of our economy therefor it points to corrupt activities which means an investigation must be done.

    ZIFA board executive salaries should also be exposed as well,

  • Munzwi wedenga,Gweru

    Mweya mutsvene huya uzozadza moyo yevana veZimbabwe nerudo rwekurangarira vanotambura panyika.Vagopanana mugove unoringana,zvisingabari bishi nemheremhere.Ndinokumbirisa utange nevakuru vePSMAS,nekuti moyo yavo mikukutu.

  • Dengu

    True mukadzi akaba the whole family enjoys ,if man steals the whole nation inoona nhamo nekushainirwa pride,etc man very foolish greedy and stupid

  • Bravo

    Cuthbert Dube must charge with murder because he cause millions people and children to die when they are denied medical attention by doctors because PSMAS will fail to pay services rendered to them.Surely this more than Rwanda genocide

  • mhofuyomukono

    @Zvakwana, sure zvakawoma. Sha, what it points out is that the government doesn’t care as long as it is one of theirs stealing, they won’t do anything.This issue as it stands is making headlines and its even a hit, but it will die natural death as usual.We will be continoulsy told the state/law will act against crooks but nothing will be done because these are top people. Zvichangopera tichingouudzwa kuti vachasungwa or somethign along those lines.Aleady on this forum vamwe vaakucommenter wani kuti Dube haana kuba, but his salaries were approved.So in that case, kana ndimiwo maZimbo vamwe vangu todii tatambura veduwee.Kushanda toshanda and we are even honest, but toita sei varume nenyika.Kuchikoro takaenda but mabasa hapana.Macontributions ePISMAS toita every month, kuZesa,city council nekunoda kubviswa mari tobvisa but chaimprover hapana.Todii varume?.

    • Ziziharinanyanga


  • s.k

    They are all scandalous vesezvavo yese $60000 is still to much mbavha dzevanhu in a country like ours where the economy is struggling to get back on its feet. Im disappointed at the Presidium, zero tolerance yavo is just mere talk as usual typical politicians.

  • Unsilenced

    Ministry of Health is not doing a job any more it used to be a ministry the time of Dr Stamps.

    Dube’s behavior can be in more organizations that deals with health as the ministry is dead. I think it should look into all institutions that deals with public funds especially to do with health. There is this organisation which was on headlines last year called National Blood Service Zimbabwe. what really happened with this organisation. this should be investigated again. the organisation used to be run by blood donors but now it seems it has changed from that and now is run like a company. There is need to have these organization scrutinized on how they appoint their CEO’s , Directors etc. how can a person run an organisation for more than 20 years without being changed . is there an effective articles within the services as like the Act.if it is there is being followed.
    do the minister of health know how these organisation operates.
    my suggestion minister should meet these organisation through their chairperson and or attend their AGMs to see how things are run

    Make sure also National Aids Council is investigated too, these organisation are looting serious finance

    • tito

      hands off Natational Aids Council, Its a smart organisation

  • Bra G

    So much has been written and debated about this Cashbert Dube. Since the unfolding of the events he has not been given an opportunity to explain or ay least say something. Mr journalist, lets hear his side of the story. There could be more interesting or shocking revelations if he is given a chance to say his side.

  • John Rambo

    Imi $60000 yakawandisa mhani compared to total contributions, that’s almost a million rands pamwedzi haaaa mhani ita mushe, ngavasungwe mhani vanhu ava. VaMugabe vana venyu tachema batai vanhu ava

  • Chivara

    PSMAS has increased Member and Dependants contributions by 100% why did the Civil Servants get 100% INCREMENT???

  • Stanford

    Iku ndiko kunonzi kubirana. A salary of $60k is too far above salaries paid to ten top executives here in SA. For those readers in this forum please follow this link to see my argument:

    I also extract a few examples from that link:

    As far as the total guaranteed pay awarded to executives Richard Lepeu of Richemont [JSE:RCH], came out tops among the best paid executives in South Africa. Last year he was paid more than R50m.

    Other Richemont executives, who were also among the top 12 best paid executives in the country last year, are Johann Ruper (R40m), Gary Saage (about R28m), Frederick Mostert (about R22m) and Martha Wikstrom (about R22m).

    Other top earners include Marius Kloppers of BHP Billiton [JSE:BIL] with a total guaranteed package valued at about R31m and Cynthia Carroll whose package at Anglo American [JSE:AGL] was guaranteed at about R24m.

    Graham Mackay, the former chief executive of SABMiller [JSE:SAB] had a package of R27m and Malcolm Wyman, the former finance director of SABMiller a package of more than R22m.

    Mark Cutifani of AngloGold Ashanti had a package of R16m, Marius Jooste of Steinhoff one of R15m, Jerome Smith of Cipla Medpro one of R14m and Thys Visser of Remgro one of R12m.

    Nick Holland of Gold Fields had a package of R11m, Jacques Schindehütte of Telkom one of R11m, Brian Joffe of Bidvest one of R10.5m and Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan of Anglogold Ashanti one of more than R10m.

    Sifiso Dabengwa of MTN had a package of R10m, David Constable of Sasol a bit less than R10m and David Robinson of Aveng also just a bit less than R10m.

    • Jotham

      You are lying ,nhema chaidzo. Those are cooked figures.

  • Seles

    Are we serious if we say there is a liquidity crunch? We say we have cut the CEO salary to 60K, really. Those that contribute to the Medical Aid hardly go above $500. I think we need to be serious and set realistic salaries. $5000 will still be outragious but thats where we should start for CEOs and not 60k! We are always breaking records for the wrong reasons- bread costs $1.00, a sachet of 500ml Chimombe is worth a dollar and now we have gurus earning money which even the American President doesn’t even dream of earning! Yet we say there is a liquidity crunch in the country.

  • Seles

    Suggestion — Let the minimum salary be set at US$20 000 i.e. if CEOs get US60 000 and ma maid ana Muchechetere get $3 000 per month.What do you think union leaders?

  • makwavararama

    ndipo panonzi pabasa kana uchitambiraso

  • makwavararama

    Ladies and Gentlemen nowadays the most corrupt people are the boards or so called councilors. They are 100% sure that if they loot alone without the CEO benefiting hapana kwavanosvika. The boards are aware that they have very little to benefit but they then device looting means ie some boards pecks. ordinarily a board person should get an allowance of about $150.00 or less. There is nothing like cars for board persons, school fees, loans, medical aid etc. So to access this they bribe the CEO with ridiculous perks. The biggest culprit is the board. Ndiye murindi saka murindi wenyama akapa imbwa nyama yese imhosva yembwa here kana yemurindi?

  • Sahwi

    apa varwere vachidzingwa kuzvipatara vaine medical aid. nxaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • Young Patriot

    Speaking as someone who is owed money by PSMAS and who has been forced mafia style to give discounts to this merry band of thieves in order to be given only some of their rightful dues, facing the risk of retrenchment of staff and failure of the business, it is very clear that there are two Zimbabwes in Africa – one in which the economy is broken and continues to further fail with people dying from curable diseases and hunger and one in which the economy is in full flux. Very clearly the general population would be wise to try to enter the government, and in particular parastatals that are entrusted with public funds because according to the press this is how one obtains the Visa to enter the good Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe of The Old Patriots.
    Oh old patriots is this what you fought for? And shall you, being but mortals, try to squander even the brown earth before your time has come? Shall you burn the country to a crisp to remunerate yourselves for the pain? To whom shall you be hero’s if we shall have to beg to eat, to live. Shall we emulate you when you are gone and finish off even those last remains of the Great Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is for All Zimbabweans – That we should guard against colonialists I surely agree – but now, should we guard against each other.
    Dear Brothers!

  • jahman

    This guy was supposed to be called CASHBET DUBE

  • shamiso

    Editor, search some more for more expositions. NASSA would also be a good place to visit NEXT. They have been paying a pittance to retired members for a long time now. Find out what is happening there also

  • Leeroy Dube

    Guys,the Gvt knew all along about these salaries.One of the Board of Directors members who approved these salaries is none other than GEORGE CHARAMBA,spokesperson for President Mugabe!!!!!!

  • comrade kunakirwa

    Kudya dzemarema ivo vachkwangwaya. Ndoo independence yacho yamaichemera kaiyi.

  • ini zvangu

    As one National Hero told me a few years before he passed away,”My son, our country has gone to the dogs”. Even so, he truly believed we could sort out our problems as Zimbabweans and that young people were suppossed to take over and repair the damage the old guard had (and still is) done.Of course he died without seeing that dream.With people like Dr Dube at the helm, am sorry, we should not blame sanctions for our failures.

  • Mimi

    All those listed Executive listed guys should be given the boot and pay restitution. Dube is not the only one who abused and benefited from this crazy salary scheme. Ko vana Sabarauta vari kusarirei. I thought the list was quite long, hey

  • greg howel

    prosecution yeiko–repossess all the properties he has and refund the money where it was stolen-thats corrective-not all these worthless lengthy trials and eventually the institutions get nothing excerpt the arguing lawyers-MONEY MUST BE REPAID BACK-PROPERTIES MUST BE REPOSSESSED NOW-Infact give him a chance to do offer to do that by himself or go to prison.

  • rinovava

    china sent one wealthy individual to the gutters for a long time despite all party connection bla bla bla, the wife was given enough to seal her fate, assets were taken from as far afield as example in china,can zimbabwe do the same with this hogwash man and all the deluded clan….north korea sent a bad unkle to the gutters for conniving to defraude country resources can you idiots in zim match that……

  • RobertoTheMuggerbe

    So, ladies and gents, if $60k per month is ok for the new incoming GCEO at PSMAS, what is the problem with $40k per month for Muchechetere? Pafungei.

  • culture

    Vanu ve zanu pf please mustitendeudze pfungwa nenyaya yamunoziva kuti cuthbert aitambira marii kubva kare pliz tell us wat are u doing with ecomic crisis at hand ka mari ka dube hakatipe chekudya fr the future generation were are the investors how much are your ministers taking home and wat benefits do they have.??.?????

  • Dhewa Mbune

    Yaa idzi ndidzo mbavha

  • macemike

    How can you run an organization that is in the RED and still reward yourself with OUT OF THIS WORLD renumeration? Common sense should prevail but in this case – GREED!!!!

  • ndochiyi ichocho?j

    Agreed in total Dube was given a salary by the board let this board explain before the parliamentary committee as to why they did this because still you shall give him a golden handshake Asi chiyi nhayi who appointed this board is he not also responsible for the rot bring him to book!

  • makwavararama

    You are 101% correct. the thing is maboards anoziva basa ravo uye vanorigona. Board (murindi) work by nature is more of voluntray work but modern zimbabweans do not want that. So ndivo vanotanga kuzvipa mabenefits aisapiwa maboards kare then in turn they also give the ECO maperks aisapiwa kare. So looting start with the board or so called councilors. The purpose of the board is to check the CEO on behalf of shareholders saka kana murindi irimbavha shareholder hapana chake in public corporations its then the public which suffers

  • Munosvota

    I disagree. If a blind person comes to buy at your shop with a note she thought was a $10 when in fact it is $100, do you note give her back her full change since you can see. This guy according to today’s herald was getting an excess of $500 000 a month including perks. This dwarfs what BP International CEO gets. Does he have conscience at all. Being leaned he should have seen this. But he took advantage Gvt blindness to enrich himself.

  • Jotham

    Those are moral issues and don’t qualify as legal issues.

  • makwavararama

    correct ordinarily one who have approved something ridiculous should answer the questions not the one who received.

  • jk

    They become legal issues, duty of care, when members are unable to access what is rightfully theirs (ie medical assistance) due to greed of the CEO who signed up to ensure they have that access. He did not join to loot, but to help.

  • Jean Kanengoni

    If Zimbabwe has torts law, then it can be made a legal issue, duty of care in that his mandate what to ensure that members of PSMAS has full access to medical care. I know this was not always the case as they are limits to what members can access. Now if those limits were because he chose to have a $6 million dollar lifestyle at the expense of the member’s health.

  • Jotham

    You are imagining things. May you leave your emotions out of this. The Board is the employer, it is the one which has the mandate to protect the interests of the members. Tumwe tumitemo that you are proposing can only work in your dreams , reality requires us kuti tisarote masikati. This does not imply that I am siding with him, let us look at facts applicable at law chete. Hazvineyi nokumufarira kana kumuvenga , please.