Councillors must be qualified, property owners: Kasukuwere

Cde Kasukuwere

Cde Kasukuwere

Herald Reporters
Government now wants qualified and competent people who own properties in town, to seek election as councillors to help move council business forward, and will block chancers who get into council to seek fortune at the expense of service delivery.

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  • b c

    I am in full agreement on the qualifications’ requirement. It is long overdue. I am not very sure about ownership of property as a pre-requisite though. Knowledge and competence backed by academic and professional qualifications is probably more important than one’s personal assets. The reason behind is understood. However, one’s abilities may not necessarily be influenced by their personal wealth. Such a proposal has the risk of turning down useful human resources who could otherwise contribute the most.

  • chinos

    Ivo zvakadzidza vakazotiitirei. Someone once bragged that our cabinet is full of doctors but of what good has it been to the nation, nothing.

  • mpengo

    Under whose watch did the currently unqualified, unprofessional, selfish, corrupt, unethical crop of people get into the local authorities?

  • Mhandu

    President Mugabe started off as a herd boy. Why denigrate those who seek the same opportunities to better themselves?

    • silungisn

      Let us have the input that contribute sense….not just say anything that goes nowhere because you hate Cde President Robert Mugabe….

    • silungisn

      Let us contribute some in put with sense…than to just jump and say something boring because you hate Cde Robert Mugabe….

  • Cecil Roars

    Arent you a fortune seeker minister yourself?