Council to install 10 000 solar lights

Mrs Ncube

Mrs Ncube

Abigail Mawonde Herald Reporter
HARARE City Council will install 10 000 solar streets lights by year end as it moves to become a world class city by 2020, Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube has said.

In an interview, Mrs Ncube said council had engaged companies to work on the project.

“The solar street lighting project is a very active project which we are excited about because it is going to enable us to light up the city in an affordable way.

“The project is in two phases. The first phase is going to comprise 10 000 street lights in various streets within the Central Business District and also streets which are out of the city,” she said.

Phase two of the project will see council installing the lights outside the CBD.

“After that, we will now go into phase two, which will now take us into other roads which are not necessarily the major roads and which are not really in the CBD. So, you will see by the end of this year those 10 000 lights should be up,” she said.

Mrs Ncube said council engaged several companies for the implementation of the project.

“For the first phase, there are two companies and the work on the airport road is almost complete because they have now put up the lights from the airport right up to the roundabout on Dieppe Road.

“There is also work currently going on along Churchill Road, Borrowdale Road and Fourth Street (now Simon Vengai Muzenda Street),” she said.

Council has also installed solar lights along Robert Mugabe Road

Mrs Ncube said the lights were being imported.

She said the use of solar street lights was environmentally friendly.

“It is also friendly in terms of using renewable energy considering the shortage of electricity that is going on, not only in Zimbabwe, but worldwide, hence it is actually pushing us as local authorities to look at ways of making sure that we go green as far as energy use is concerned.”

Installation of solar lights is also expected to reduce council’s electricity bill.

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  • Class War

    Why start the project with Borrowdale Road, Churchill and Forth, why not the roads that lead to the High Densities. Class War and state capture by the elites

    • gulaz

      A world class city that supplies dirty stinking water,pot holed roads???.street lights in various suburbs are not working.why cant you repair them first and then you put new ones elsewhere??super day dreaming.

  • eliah

    Good project but who is suppose to maintain these Solar Lights. A new light was hit by a car along Borrowdale Road when works were still in progress and it was left lying at an angle and up to this day it is in that posture by Armadale turn-off. The technicians saw it but already the lights are being abandoned whilst they are still new. Some other new lights along Airport Road and next to ZRP round about are no longer working. Who is in charge here?

    • Tapfumaneyi

      True, maintenance is paramount. Rechargeable batteries obviously required as power during night-time use, need regular replacement typically after every 4 years. Assuming a 20 year life-span, has council budgeted for this onerous schedule?

    • Ayas

      True. Its one thing to install lights and its another to maintain them. We lack pa maintenance and that is why our infrastructure does not last that long. We build and hope that it doesn’t get damaged. In real life, the council needs to put in place a budget for maintenance of infrastructure. The other thing is that all these developments appear to be very hap-hazard. And if you drive along 2nd Street Ext, you will notice that they have put in new lights. That’s good but….the poles are rusty and not all of the lights work at the same time/day. Hameno.

  • yowe


  • The ID10T

    One just needs to drive along airport road at night and count how many of the “new” solar lights are no longer working if one is to appreciate the true magnitude of the worthlessness of this so called “world class city” project.