‘Corruption rampant in infrastructural projects’

Cde Nduna

Cde Nduna

From Walter Nyamukondiwa in KARIBA—
There is rampant corruption in the public sector, especially in the tendering of national infrastructural projects, the Corruption Index report has revealed. The report followed studies in Zimbabwe and Zambia. It noted that the rot was to blame for poor workmanship and inflated costs in some projects. According to the report, the huge sums of money involved in infrastructure projects was the major catalyst for corruption.

Presenting the report at the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers Biennial Congress in Kariba last week, Engineer Martin Manuhwa said Zimbabwe was putting in place measures to arrest corruption.

“Corruption was generally regarded in both Zimbabwe and Zambia as the main source of leakage in business entities and that embedded cultural practices and poor economic climate were key drivers of corruption,” said Eng Manuhwa.

“In Zimbabwe, the level of corruption in the public sector was found to be very rampant or very high. Although ways and means of reducing corruption were identified, there was general lack of political will to implement them.”

Eng Manuhwa said Government should put in place professional codes to fight the scourge.

He said there was need to activate anti-corruption policies.

The study, which produced the report, involved over 500 engineers, contractors, politicians and consultants from Zimbabwe and Zambia.

They noted adverse influence in selection, design, award and execution of public sector construction projects.

This comes as the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission last week launched a publicity and awareness campaign to find ways to deal with corruption.

Eng Manuhwa said engineers could play a major role in exposing the rot.

They can easily raise alarm were quantities would have been inflated in construction projects.

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on transport and infrastructure development Cde Dexter Nduna questioned why road construction costs remained high when 80 percent of materials were locally sourced.

“We only import about 20 percent of materials needed to tar our roads, but the cost remains high,” queried Cde Nduna. “We are still to get the reason from engineers.”

The study recommended that only ISO 37001 compliant organisations should be engaged to undertake public sector infrastructure projects.

“Recommendation was that governments, corporate and financial institutions should insist in dealing with organisations that are compliant to ISO 37001, the anti-bribery management system standard, as it is the only standard that requires the genuine commitment of top management to reduce corruption risk by curbing bribery using policies and systems that are robust,” said Cde Nduna.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    We ask God to give us our own “Cde Magufuli“ in Zimbabwe . Corruption is an evil. It undermines productive resources and discourages those who work hard to develop our economy and create clean wealth.It discourages investors. The people are asking why our government leadership is complacent and allowing corruption? Has corruption now been accepted as our government totem? Toita vana “Cde Nyahuwori“pa mutupo? “Mudyazvetsvina“pa chidawo? Chokwadi here vakomana ne vasikana? Nehanda forbid.

    • Gary WekuZviyambe

      Our entire national leadership is very corrupt hence noone wants to tackle corruption

    • Madara

      if you are so against corruption why do you support a whole party where the rot of corruption starts at the top?

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        It is not ZANU PF as a party that is corrupt.,but few individuals appointed in government or working in private sector companies. The same applies to MDC party where one fornicating or lecherous leader does not mean all are fornicators. Few MDC corrupt councilors dont translate into the whole MDC being corrupt. You would agree with me that when a Byo Bishop Ncube became a fornicator and was disgraced ,it does not mean the whole Catholic Church espouses sinning as its doctrine. Even if some Vatican leaders practice homosexuality,it does not mean all Catholics are gays. Be guided accordingly , iwe Mdara. I remain ZANU PF and will continue to do so because its political balance sheet remains positive and strong.

        • zimbotry

          A few individuals? Surely you joke. Even the First family has multiple farms which is illegal, therefore corrupt.

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            The fact remains that only few may be corrupt, where proven to be corrupt, not just suspected or alleged to be. This is regardless of whether the family is first or fifth or tenth.

        • Madara

          you say a few but it is the large majority of those in power. I dont care about the MDC. Im concerned about those people who are corrupt and in power.

    • yowe

      So you are asking for a more serious president?? That is treason kkkkk .We really need leadership that is willing to take action and this has to start from the highest office in the land

  • Roland Khumalo

    Corruption is now part of our DNA.We are Corruption and Corruption is us.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Who is “our“ ? Who is `We“? Mtwakazi members?

  • Ray Mbada

    The reason why we remain in this messy is that we have conflicting policies. We are encouraging indigenous people to take up opportunities and run businesses but we not imparting any knowledge as to how business goes about, no business ethics and no no-how. Our politicians are leading the pack and, for one to run a business in Zimbabwe, there is need to be very corrupt other wise there is no business for the honest people here. Hence, we have locked foreign investment out of country through endless demands from all angles.

    Someone wants to be paid so that he introduces you to the Minister responsible, the minister wants to be paid so he can introduce you to the committee responsible, the resident minister needs payment so he can consider your proposal to do business in the constituency and there are so many middle-men milking you before nothing can be tangible at all! Chiefs and their headmen are leading the pack in the rural set-up where land acquisition has remained on demand.

    Then you are surprised to hear baboons planning on how the land can be manned!!! Well, if it’s meant to keep monkeys at bay but be assured baboons and their race feast at will.

  • garwe

    its all just talk nothing happens no action will take place the only solution is to remove this government from top to bottom that is to the person on the ground they have all being cultured into corruption system

  • Muroiwa

    You guys take us for fools Nduna uyu ndiye anenyaya yake yekudya mari yeroad yemuchegutu yamusina kuzotiudza kuti yakafamba sei and then today you give him space on your paper commenting on corruption. This nduna guy was contracted to rehabilited all VID depots and he did a below substandard job akadya mari. Please guys we have had enough do not keep poking us .

  • Revive economy

    The major issue here is lack of political will. Corruption has been tolerated for a long time and it has grown roots now, with those in leadership positions becoming the most corrupt. We need someone at the top who knows that wealth should be worked for, otherwise we are going nowhere. Economically it means for every cent injected into the economy by government, part of it leaks out into private bank accounts, usually offshore, so economic activity cannot be boosted at all.

  • yowe

    Putting in measures kkkkk HAPANA ANOSUNGWA

  • Piankhi

    Is this a surprise. Considering the leader is overseeing this himself. People think this is happening without the so called leader knowing. The only country in Africa that is cleaning itself up is Tanzania. Cleaning house. Zimbabwe is a pooling of sh*t. And it will not change until this corrupt cowardly President is gone. With all his boot licking coward followers. Why is it in a so called democracy you cannot speak your opinion without harassment from the government. Then that means you are living in a dictatorship. People of Zimbabwe need to wake and see the lies that have been taught to them for 37 years. From all these political parties. Fresh start is the is needed. Dinosaurs are extinct and need to be buried.

  • yowe

    The current crop wont change their ways of turning a blind eye to corruption and actively participating in it.As they say you cannot teach an “OLD DOG” new tricks. Emphasis on OLD DOG

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Your suspicion is unfounded. Me becoming a myopic Nko-hossana ? I have no blind political ambition. Ndiri A1 farmer big time. KKKKKKiii!

  • Wilson Magaya

    Corruption is rampant not because of lack of policing nor mechanisms to mitigate it but rather because of the underlying value system. It is a fact that we have lost the foundational values that guided our forefathers. The bundle of values that we call “Hunhu”, “Unhu”, Ubuntu”. Oliver Mtukudzi has been lamenting this slow but sure erosion of our value system in his songs.

    We now respect and our young emulate people who have wealth they cannot explain, our forefathers would never do such. As a people we were raised to be suspicious of ill gotten wealth and yet today we put these people on a pedestal and look up to them and celebrate them as successes…..It’s a sad state of affairs because most if not all started off through over priced, poorly done public Infrastructure projects.

    Highways, power plants sewage and water reticulation the list is endless and the results border on sabotage yet we continue…down the same path doing the same things over and over and over again….Its time to realign our values and practice “Unhu”….”Nyika Vanhu, Musha Matare” it comes down to the people