Corruption a danger to national development: ZYDA

CorruptionGovernment must take action and bring to book officials who are looting public institutions through corruption and other vices which are choking economic development, a youth group said on Tuesday. The comments follow revelations of massive corrupt dealings unearthed at state mobile telecommunications company, Net One where it is alleged the company could have lost millions through illicit dealings.The Zimbabwe for Youth Development Agenda (ZYDA) said corruption was a danger to national development.

“The litany of corrupt malpractises is endless. Corruption has become so endemic and left or economy anaemic and vulnerable to all forms and kinds of manipulative business tactics by would be investors,” ZYDA chairman Liberty Bizure told journalists.

“Corruption has permeated our society to the extent that schools, hospitals and other basic service providers demand kickbacks.”

Net One chief executive officer Reward Kangai has since been sent on forced leave to pave way for investigations into the scandal. Mr Bizure however said there were parastatals and government institutions that were also responsible for the rot which led to the country losing diamonds worth an estimated $15 billion as recently revealed by President Robert Mugabe.

“This amount was enough to clear our historical external debt and also fund one year’s budget thereby assisting the fiscus in the provision of social services such as good road network and adequate medicines in our hospitals.”

He said Zimbabwe should take a leaf from China where prominent individuals have been jailed for involvement in corruption.

ZYDA is a trust pushing for the involvement of young people in the affairs of the country. – New Ziana.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The public disgust and indignation over corruption is reaching boiling point. When economic hardships are used as pillows by the majority when they go to bed on empty stomachs, the need for clear government action become imperative. Corruption kills jobs and chases away investors. In an economy where retirement nests were wiped out by hyperinflation, many executives in public and private sectors are trying to use corruption to build illicit retirement nests. Where governance is weak, the devil`s mind is being used to further corruption. The on-going soft soft treatment of culprits is not acceptable.

    • Musafare

      Well articulated Cde Mzvinavhu! But as you rightfully declared no substantive action ever appears to be initiated to combat this destructive disease entrenched at the highest echelons of Government, where those principally mandated with authority to deal with top level corruption are themselves totally implicated and part and parcel of the problem.

  • trywell

    if culprits are brought to book i think it will do wonders for the urban vote food for thought

  • Thetruthshallcome.

    Tackling corruption needs to start from the top. Unaccountable 15 billion as if it disappeared in one day. The CEO of the country was watching whilst looters were looting. Using state resources to further the interests of the First Lady, why is this not corruption? Minister Mpofu’s open corruption went unaccounted for, why is that? Dealing with the small fish does not augur well in the face of foreign investors, deal from the top. Getting investment and then change suddenly like has happened at Chiyadzwa does not augur well with foreign investment.