Cops up for culpable homicide

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
Three Marondera police officers and two neighbourhood watch committee members allegedly strangled a commuter omnibus driver while trying to arrest him at a roadblock in 2014.

The five appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Hoseah Mujaya facing culpable homicide charges.

They are Richard Buzuzu (28), Liberty Magodo (29), Tinevimbo Muzezewa (29), Tafadzwa Turipa (25) and Rambo Bhunu (38).

Buzuzu, Magodo and Muzezewa are stationed at Chivhu, Furtherstone and Beatrice, respectively.

Turipa and Bhunu are members of the neighbourhood watch committee.

In their defence, the five said the deceased, Mugove Manonge refused to avail his driver’s licence and documentation.

“He became argumentative, aggressive, violent and threatening. He violently refused to be arrested,” they said.

“In effecting arrest none of the accused restricted his airflow and impaired his ability to breath or respire.”

Prosecutor Mr Zinyandu alleged that on November 1, 2014 Buzuzu, Magodo and Muzezewa were manning a road block at the 20km peg along the Marondera-Murehwa Road in Marondera.

It is alleged that Turipa and Bhunu were sitting at nearby Bemba bus stop waiting for a relative who was coming from Marondera.

At around 4pm the now deceased, Manonge approached the road block driving a commuter omnibus registration number ACL 3362. He was carrying 14 passengers.

It is alleged that Buzuzu signalled Manonge to pull off the road.

Buzuzu inspected the vehicle and advised Manonge to pay a fine of $10 for driving without a licence.

An altercation ensued after Manonge told the police he had no money to pay the fine.

It is alleged that the three police officers were overpowered by Manonge who was resisting arrest. Turipa and Bhunu intervened.

Buzuzu grabbed Manonge’s throat tightly while others grabbed his legs, waist and hands. He was eventually handcuffed.

Manonge fell down twice and eventually became unconscious.

He was rushed to Marondera Provincial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A postmortem concluded that Manonge died of strangulation.

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  • chinos

    Poorly equipped. Have to resorr manhandling. Dont equipment to disarm and neutralize-pepper spray etc. Force. Tokuonai kuchikurubi

  • Owen Tinashe Lisayi

    life in prison please

  • simba

    it is expected when police are allowed to impound a vehicle, effect arrest for just a 10 dollar offence. The citizen then lost all his rights to phony charges. they were supposed to issue him with a ticket and all would have been OK. This is why spot fines are not law and will never be. revenue collection is now costing lives. at what point will the police be willing to uphold the law and protect the citizens as the constitution requires them to. this should not be culpable homicide as police had no grounds to arrest the combi driver. they should be charged with murder. The magistrate / judge should upgrade the charge to Murder as their counterparts who charged them are sympathetic and complicit to the offence committed. interested parties really. He, by law is given 7 days to produce his licence. Failing which should appear in court before a magistrate. it can be proven beyond doubt that the police had no grounds to arrest the combi driver.