Cops gas, cannon war vets caucus

This collage shows war veterans gathering at the City Sports Centre in Harare yesterday before the arrival of the police who fired teargas and used water cannons to disperse them. — (Pictures by Justin Mutenda and Innocent Makawa)

This collage shows war veterans gathering at the City Sports Centre in Harare yesterday before the arrival of the police who fired teargas and used water cannons to disperse them. — (Pictures by Justin Mutenda and Innocent Makawa)

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Reporter—
POLICE yesterday fired teargas to disperse war veterans who had assembled at the City Sports Centre in Harare to attend a crisis meeting where they expected to be appraised on contemporary developments.The police came in full force and ordered the war veterans to leave before the arrival of their leaders.


This resulted in running battles between the police and the former freedom fighters who felt their rights were being violated. Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said the dispersing of the war veterans was in accordance with the law.

She said the war vets were supposed to have sought police clearance seven days before their meeting. “According to Section 25 (1) (a) of the Public Order and Security Act, any procession or gathering should be applied for seven days before to the regulatory authority, while for a public meeting it should be five days before,” she said.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said when applying, the venue should be provided so that the regulatory authority makes an assessment. In this case, she said, the war veterans had no venue after they were denied access to the venue they wanted to hold their meeting. “They only came today with a notice to notify the regulatory authority of their meeting,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

“The law also criminalises those who fail to give notice to the police. “The venue (City Sports Centre) they wanted to use had been booked by other people and that is why police had to disperse them. As police, we also do not tolerate actions that will incite violence.”

Later, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairman Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa held a Press conference where he condemned the police. “I am addressing you with a heavy heart,” he said.

“A heavy heart stemming from the events of this morning, specifically the fact that the police found itself resorting to heavy handed violence against war veterans who were coming to Harare for an extraordinary meeting of the war veterans.

“These members, they voluntarily disarmed themselves as far back as 1980 though they had lived with a gun day and night for a good part of their youth as they fought for the independence of Zimbabwe.”

Cde Mutsvangawa said none of the war veterans had ever resorted to the use of the gun since then because they knew that a gun was something which should not be resorted to willy-nilly. The war veterans, he said, were disciplined.

Cde Mutsvangwa said for the past 35 years, the war veterans campaigned for Zanu-PF. “These are the war veterans who were today and whose delegations were subject to violence by the State,” he said. He likened the incident to “a Marikana for Zimbabwe’’.

At least 34 mine protesting workers were killed at Marikana in South Africa in August 2012 after police opened fire on them. Cde Mutsvangwa said it painted a bad picture to see the police bring out the “paraphernalia of violence”, including the newest water cannons bought from Israel and elsewhere to beat up war veterans.

“The best weapons they (war veterans) would have had would be a cell phone,” he said. “They had nothing of violence on them to be beaten by the police simply for trying to attend a meeting.

“I say this is an equivalent of Marikana for Zimbabwe where you simply prey upon your own people because the State has gone berserk. And we wonder why the State has gone berserk. We are outraged. We condemn this violence.” As the war veterans association, Cde Mutsvangwa said, they sympathised with their fellow colleagues who had been beaten up and appealed to them to seek treatment for injuries suffered.

“They never expected this kind of treatment from the Government which they gave birth to, from a police commanded by a leader which they so much adore also from the commander who shared with them the same trenches in the armed struggle,” he said.

Cde Mutsvangwa dismissed a vote of no confidence passed on him as the chairperson of the war veterans’ association last week that was masterminded by Cde Mandi Chimene from Manicaland. He described Cde Chimene as a member of an occult who believed in “spirits in the air” which she thinks should be in charge of Zimbabwe.

“The clearest manifestation of this occult was in Chiweshe at a rally by the First Lady where she was at the centre stage with a motley collection of hangers on who suddenly become war veterans and she presented to the First Lady a demented woman whom she claimed was the spirit of a male war comrade who died at Nyadzonya in 1976 and now that this spirit needed an audience with the First Lady,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

He said war veterans wanted to investigate at what level the “wayward behaviour” of the police came about.

“We really want to believe that the patron (President Mugabe) who has such prestige, who had a standing ovation in Africa recently, who everybody in Sadc respect, who is a revolutionary icon, who has an impeccable credentials in the Diaspora does not need his name desecrated at this late hour of his life by people unleashing violence on the same people who made him become the icon he is,” he said.

“It’s an outrage that a revolutionary leader can have a police force be unleashed upon his fellow revolutionaries because thus what we are. We are fellow revolutionaries. How does it come that an arm of the State is unleashed upon unarmed well-meaning war veterans who just want to have an extra-ordinary meeting.”

Cde Mutsvangwa said there was a belief in the occult that had taken over Zanu-PF as some people now see themselves as Mbuya Nehanda, long after she died. “They are even trying to find out who were the traitors to Mbuya Nehanda, among the people living today,” he said. “There is a mystical movement going on in the party, which is totally an anathema to the revolution.

“It is against the religious beliefs because if you get these mystical people in a secular State then you are now having an equivalent of ISIS in Zimbabwe. That is where we are going with this kind of occultism which Mandi is propounding. This kind of mystical behaviour get audience in the wrong places and it drives some Politburo members. It is unacceptable.”

Cde Mutsvangwa had no kind words for Professor Jonathan Moyo as he launched a blistering attack on him, saying he was the brains behind the machinations to destroy the party from within and was habouring ambitions to be President.

“Jonathan Moyo will stop at nothing to lie to culminate, obfuscates his background,” he said. “He was anticipating this violence. We assume police chiefs in Mat North and the one in Harare probably listened to Jonathan Moyo and were getting orders from Jonathan.

“He has become de-facto member of the Executive of this country. From nowhere he has become the executive. Jonathan does not need to be elected, but he anoints himself, then he gets the occult of Mandi to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe accept him.

“This is the incestuous relation between the occult and a drive for power which has no basis except for a mystical belief in himself. A professor consorting with the occult of Mandi?

“I assume that when he was boasting he knew the deployment of the police he knew the result of today. He must have contrived, wished it and propelled it. So, we now have a situation where Jonathan has become de-facto the Executive. We call upon the President as fellow revolutionaries, as loyal people, to take back his powers from this mystical man.”

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  • Jonso

    Chickens are coming home to roost!!! Zvainakidza zvichaitirwa vamwe!

    • SG

      Ummm pakaipa!

    • jojo

      no sympathies at all from yours truly to them.ex-combatants have just been rightly reminded that they are not the future and will never be the law in the new Zimbabwe.RETIRE IN PEACE.bye bye will soon be unemployed

  • Mart

    When they were beating Tsvangirai war vets were ululating till their vocal cords became sore. Now it’s them on the receiving end they cry foul. They are useless people. They have been perpetrating violence against innocent people and killing some. Only the police can deal with murderous ppl. Tsvangirai raised these issues long back but they dismissed him. They want to overthrow the government but I say we want peace. We have suffered a lot from these useless ppl. They must wait for elections in 2018 and field their Croc.

    War vets are a confused lot. They can’t see reality. It’s brainless to separate Grace’s actions from that of Mugabe. They eat and sleep together and discuss how to deal with rowdy and violent people. War vets have been known to be violent and have murdered and maimed innocent people before. It’s logical that the police smoked them out.

    • Hurungudo

      Tsvangirayi was given a chance to show his capability & he started behaving like benzi rapihwa pembe. Don’t even put him in the picture. He was and is still useless. Look for a better opposition leader.

    • Tangwena

      War vets said, they treating us like we are MDC meaning Tsvangison and his team are the ones who deserve to be battered

    • Goritoto

      You are spot on. The file is now ripe to charge someone with treason.

  • Kapfupi

    Bhora pasi Cde Mutsvangwa. This is Zanu Pf of today. Welcome aboard……


      Off course its not surprising at all even George Orwell foresaw this happening. Now reading the next chapter to see what will happen next .

  • Munya

    Yah, Chris is calling game on! confronting the first family

  • Muchadura

    Mutsvangwa and the Herald (which is of course controlled by George Charamba) are now openly defying dear leader and Dr Amai. This may ultimately end in tears for team Lacoste or do they have the guts and the ability to roll dear leader’s head? We are in uncharted territory here? Unlike Mujuru, it seems team Lactate has decided to fight back.

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Totally agree these farm raiders should know that we are not afraid of them.
      Stop threatening people because you went to war
      Well done to the police please give those War Vets a Barton stick
      Locaste my foot marara chete chete.

  • Tengenenge

    TOTALLY unconvincing explanations by the police….and why is Mutsvangwa not talking about the police minister…i think he is unintentionally elavating people like Moyo and Mandi to what they are not

    • ashburton grove

      he also cd hv taken aug chihuri to task here

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Who is this Mutsvangwa guy ?
      Please tell to come a validate himself with me or I give him a Barton stick
      This man has been threatening people with guns and provoking and trying to hold the country to ransom because he went to War.

      He needs to note that Zimbabwe has now a strong educated youth that can deal with him and his propaganda unwavering kind of dispresctful political moves.

      To be honest no in the Midlands like them hence MDC won it was a vote of protest against the very same people who are passionate about ruling Zimbabwe.

      We say now clearly we don’t want u please go quietly.

  • G.Sambiri

    Gonzo naChin’ai zvatosvorana. Handei tione vakomana

    • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba


    • Muchovi

      Chats a, iPhoto

  • max moyo

    not funny but kkkkkkkkkk

  • chinos


  • Tarubva

    The MDC-T has long been at the receiving end of this heavy-handedness by the regime, and war veterans have been well part of the system that unleashes violence on opposition supporters. War vets created a monster which is coming back to haunt them! So I really don’t know whether to sympathize with them or to just say, “test your own medicine”!

  • Kufandada

    I regret the heavy handedness of police in handling the icons of our liberation.The First Lady is not at war with war veterans.She has castigated Mutsvangwa alone for his arrogance and disrespect which he continues to display against the First Lady.Comrade Mutsvangwa will not have our sympathy for as long as he continues to attack and disrespect our First Lady.Dr Amai had her reasons for reprimanding him,and him alone.She did not insult all war veterans.

    • Mabaleka

      @Kufandada:disqus. You have a shallow understanding of politics in Zimbabwe. You are just a follower, no idea where u are being taken to. You need to goback to school to know and see what is happening. Enda unonamatirwa uone, maziso ako akavharwa. Anyway time is nigh, you will see and know, so dont worry…muchanyara gore rino..

  • sambiri

    If these war vets were demonstrating against Tsvangirai would they have been dispersed or water cannoned?

    • Elton

      it would be a peaceful demonstration agnest West

  • Legal Expert

    I like the rich language and articulate presentation of the state of affairs in the country by Cde Mutsvangwa.

    • Ngomalungundu

      His linguistic grandiloquence and foul utterances is not good politics. In fact there are few such foul mouthed leaders in the ZANU PF party who have unwisely contributed to the current tension . Lack of diplomacy and open attacking each other is not adding value to people`s expectations from their elected government. That could justify the attack on those hell bent of flexing their historical military muscles yesterday, aimed at creating political capital for their chosen political leader instead of food for the hungry masses. War vets leaders should quietly find each other and unite instead of being used to create pockets of political power for any ambitious individuals. Their association should give more effort to the welfare issues of their association members.

  • Shame

    In the internecine battle, the police have chosen a side. Does this mean the issue is decided?

  • zimbo 4 real

    Mutsvagwa, in present political landscape both in ZanuPF and government you must not mess up with DAM. Dr Amai Mugabe. RGM has repeatedly and consistently reminded you that noone can STOP DAM. You and lacoste are finished.

  • Blackwave

    zvatosvorana gonzo nachin’ai….

  • mwana wevhu

    hehehehe never imagined it not even one day mawar vet kukandirwa mateargas,yha maidimbura maoko ehama dzedu kumusha gore riya,mukapisa dzimba dzanamai vedu,mukabata zvibharo anasisi vedu with the blessings of this zanu pf govt,nhasi yakupandukiray zanu yenyu,ndimika mairarama muchiita zvamooda,remember muchikwira matebhuru muHigh Court when Hunzvi was being tried muchizvidza dare nemutongi waro.Rememember varungu vemapurazi amakatora vamaicheka mhuno nemamatchet,remember vanhu vamakauraya 2000 2002 na2008.You thought you owned the world muchida kufadza zanu,zvino heyo nhasi zanu iye yakukuitay wastak makuchemey.vese vairohwa nemapurisa vachidawo kuita musangano nekudemonstrater since 2000 ndozvavainzwawo zvamakanzwa nezuro kutapira kwazvo,every dog have its day hezvoka nhasi macomrades.Pamberi nezanu pf!

  • mwana wevhu

    hey herald where is my comment

  • Tsoso

    Chris did you say Prof Jona is now the de facto President??? Aaaah!

  • jj

    Kkkkk! Kutonhodzwa kwaChauruka!

    • Nhunguru

      Wakaita O Level Cambridge ndazviona…kkkkk

    • mbeva

      JJ vakadzidza nguva yaFay Tung. Vandirangaridza makare. Hezvo na”Muchadura”

  • Murozvi mudoko we doko


  • Ngomalungundu

    When will Mutsvangwa know who he is fighting? He is fighting the government when he is a whole Cabinet minister? Being the war vet leader is not a sworn to serve the State job. He should raise his sentiments in the Cabinet with his colleagues or resign from his Cabinet post and question the government as war vet leader. The ZRP commander he is attacking is commanding as a sworn government officer not as a fellow war vet. The current ZANU PF elected government and ZNLWVA are subject to ZANU PF,not the other way round. Both are creations of ZANU PF.Some members of ZNLWVA are in government. This stands Minister Mutsvangwa on his head on the issue. This is regardless of who are the legitimate leaders of ZNLWVA. The split of ZNLWVA is a challenge for Mutsvangwa to unite the comrades, but it should not be misconstrued as government split at all.

    • Kusvikazvanaka

      Chaos at its best. Imagine a hen cracking its own eggs and drinking contents thereof? Imagine a government not paying its war vets from next month. Imagine the police banning all war vets meetings. Imagine war vets being gassed by the police. Yaa it’s on the way soon….

  • Pamusoroi

    Mwari makanaka ………… this ana answered prayer. vachapedzana pachavo vogadzira zvavo nzira yokuti tigotonga………….bayanai

  • Mkoma Sam

    Happy sanity starts to prevail in the country. These guys had become law unto themselves. They have been abusing the nation at large. Its true they are not fierce as they all along portrayed. Let them follow the normal channels if at all they have a bone to chew. We can not be held at gunpoint by useless individuals. We gave them farms, inputs, tractors, fuel, wives, etc. They should in Mutorashanga farming. Instead of doing farming they want to run for posts in the New Zimbabwe. We are sick and tired of [email protected]@@@ stories. Its time we should be celebrating our Independence as we craft working strategies that can grow our economy.

  • YOBO

    laws should be followed they shld hv notified the police abt the planned meeting and you just dnt bulldoze venue yamusina kupihwa.well done ZRP good job.vakada kunetsa dedzai mapostori akubetserei

  • MalumeT

    Sounds Like Tsvangirai or the MDC complaining

  • Department 6

    this ZPF series is very good.

    • Collin Mackenzie

      The best
      Give those War Vets a barton stick.

  • Ital Click

    pamberi nekudirana mvura kkkkkkkkkk….. chakwenyuwo

  • Pastor Farie

    Nyuchi Dzorumana

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    Maputi angu apera – Herald please help. Tinoda kuputitsa mhandire muma terraces – I have even taken leave from work to watch this titanic fight.

  • Hurungudo

    Rule of law at its best. If the war vets are still patriots, they would have known what to do first before calling a meeting. Its them who are trashing their own legacy. They must reign in Mutsvangwa before they are all dragged into conflict with the state. By the way, the term “war vet” cannot be attributed only to those who carried guns.

  • ashburton grove

    im sure mutsvangwa had the same reaction what the police did yesterday when they did it to opposition members all those times

  • Mkoma Rex

    In our culture kudira munhu mukuru mvura even when the water is clean is greatest sign of disrespect. Zvino vana sekuru ava vangadigwawo mvura ine muto unovava here? Ko pavakamhanya right now misana yakurwadza nembonje dzekuhondo. Lets have mercy. Despite them being war vets they are also our senior citizens they deserve respect. Its too early for Mutsvangwa to implicate @@@. He still hopes he will buy their agenda since he is the Sec for Admin kuparty. What he doesnt know is Gina akatohwanda kuna amai. The looter wants protection he cant fight on his own

  • Sekuru Karikoga

    People lie too much. They said there is no rule of law in Zimbabwe. Ko izvi zvotoyambirwa mabasa mukati kuchsbuda chakanaka here?. Mapurisa arikuita basa regardless whether you are MDC or ZANU PF. I thought this day may never come. Kupinduka kweshizha welcome to the Republic of Zimbabwe. Zimbi !!!

  • Harare

    zvavakutapira, gore rino tichatapirirwa

  • Kenge

    When the canons were bought Mutsvangwa thought they were for fighting Mdc crowds but alas they are for so called war vets.

  • Nyamasvisva

    My comment could not have been offensive Herald – the one about the current AU chair , could it ?

  • Sinyoro wekuWedza

    Zvainaka tsuro ichinyenga gudo, nhasi yonyengwa yoti kwangu kudiki.

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    I totally agree with you here. By the time we go to the 2018 elections, I think the party Zanu-PF will not exist in its present architecture, and I have no doubt that that party will be the next official (if not third) opposition in parliament. Unfortunately, the president doesn’t seem to see where his wife is taking his party to.

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    I trust the president is still able to fully comprehend this political matrix, but I have my doubts. Vachaeuka bako mvura yagasa muna 2018.

  • Cde Chirikuwutsi

    War vets are not all taxi drivers. Some are ministers. Some are farmers ! Some are soldiers. Some are judges. Some are police officers. Some are destitutes and alcoholics. We worry about those.Being being a taxi driver is not an insult. I drive my tractor at my farm. Some driver cars. Some cycle to work. We cannot all be VPs and Presidents. We must accept that any occupations or posts can be occupied by anyone in this country, including those who were young or not born during our armed struggle.Mutsvangwa`s utterances will get resistance from the young generation and rightly so. The young are the future of this country. We did not liberate it to die with it. Let us work together united and peacefully

  • Tafadzwa

    “at this late hour of his life by people unleashing violence on the same people who made him become the icon he is,” he said.

    Hop. Who told you it’s his late hour.

  • SimonPetere

    When the laws like POSA were put in place, little did the war veterans or G4orty realise that it will not affect the opposition parties only but ALL VOICES OF REASON. The truth is …ZaNu will never be the same again . We have issues that need to be addressed

  • karombe

    zvako, vangadai vaudzwa zviri decent. but ne crrent situation we are no longer sure what is coming next. ma one chaiwo

  • karombe

    freedom of assossiation

  • karombe

    taura zvako mutsvangwa anogona chirungu and eloquancy! jona haakwani and haana ma guts anoita zvokubira kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  • E Makhate

    At last those who fought against change are being taught lessons. They occupied farms and chased away farm workers. Now the border geziz are in charge.