Comm-Gen Chihuri warns corrupt, rogue cops

Comm-Gen Chihuri

Comm-Gen Chihuri

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is not home to dishonest and unprofessional officers who tarnish the force’s image by engaging in corrupt and criminal activities, Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri has said.

His sentiments come after it emerged that expelled policemen were mounting illegal roadblocks using spikes to collect cash from unsuspecting people.

Addressing officers at the Legal Services Directorate Strategic Workshop in Harare, Comm-Gen Chihuri said he was pleased to note that the force’s legal directorate continued to hold workshops discussing pertinent matters relating to improving service delivery.

He said the force did not require the calibre of officers and lawyers that were not honest.

“For the avoidance of doubt, let me emphasise this point for the umpteenth time in the presence of all of you.

“The ZRP is not home to dishonest and unprofessional persons. And it will neither brook nor incubate any acts of corruption, improper performance of duty nor timidity that tarnishes the good name of our organisation,” Comm-Gen Chihuri said in a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Comm-Gen Godwin Matanga who is responsible for administration.

He said attributes such as discipline, hard-work, research and investigative skills, logical thinking and sound judgment were essential for the development of well-polished lawyers and police commanders.

Comm-Gen Chihuri said these attributes challenged them to be self-starters that required “no cranking” in dealing with cases assigned to them.

“Thus, the quality of legal advice, which our lawyers render to the organisation will equally reflect on their commitment and ability to add value to the organisation.

“Similarly, the quality of your performance as police commanders has a huge bearing on the organisation and above all, on the quality of service we render to members of the public,” he said.

He said the subdivision of the directorate into three distinct sections — disciplinary appeals, court process and legal drafting — had allowed the section to clear all outstanding disciplinary appeal cases for last year.

Comm-Gen Chihuri said the force was also grateful for the initiative by the Legal Services to further train chief superintendents on the handling of disciplinary cases and applications under the Public Order and Security Act.

He said this was evidenced by the decline in the number of applications for disciplinary trial reviews and appeals.

He said he was confident that the decentralisation of the High Court services to smaller towns outside the city and Bulawayo would enhance the speedy finalisation of police disciplinary cases.

The Legal Services Department director Senior Assistant Commissioner Eve Mlilo, officers commanding provinces and the force’s lawyers attended the workshop.

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  • MadzibabaJoshua

    The police commanders must start to crack the whip before things spiral out of control.
    If nothing is done now as a matter of urgency,the police image in the eyes of the povo will be damaged beyond repair.

  • eliah

    Its too late. Senior Officers must get out into the field and start to work for their money otherwise for as long as they remain in offices bellowing instructions nothing is going to be achieved.

  • mimy

    tichikura tiri vadiki taito tiza mapurisa nekutya,vabereki vaitoti hokoyo nemapurisa wotorega misikanzwa iko zvino mahumbwe mahumbwe ndivo vakutofamba vakabata zvinkoto zvehwahwa mupovo vachinwa vari muhinifomu pamusoro pazvo kushoresa hurumende.

  • mandevu

    why are you only saying this now Chihuri? Might it be that you have become aware that the people are sick of the corruption in our police force, sick of the beatings, sick of the subjugation, and looking for change