‘Civil servants to get bonuses’

Minister Chinamasa

Minister Chinamasa

Nqobile Tshili Bulawayo Bureau
Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa has assured civil servants that they will be paid their annual bonuses for this year, despite the liquidity crunch.

Speaking to radio host Miss Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa on Capitalk on Wednesday, Minister Chinamasa said bonuses were part of the civil servants’ salaries hence they must be paid.

He said he was working on ways to grow the economy as it was unsustainable for Government to spend over 90 percent of its revenue on salaries.

“The bonus is part and parcel of the wage bill. It (the wage bill) consumes between 90 and 92 percent of revenues. It’s not sustainable, but it’s now a matter that we are addressing,” he said.

Government recently announced that civil servants would start receiving their bonuses next year in February. These would be staggered due to cash crisis.

Minister Chinamasa said the Government was trying to reduce the wage bill through the rationalisation of civil servants jobs.

“One approach which is not so successful is basically that we will try to rationale, redeploy, retrain to achieve efficiencies in the administration of the civil service in order to create savings,” said Minister Chinamasa.

He said the only way to effectively increase the country’s revenue base was for Government to grow the economy.

“But the more sustainable approach to dealing with the wage bill is to increase the cake. To grow the economy, to increase production, which is why if you look at any of the borrowing that I’m making, I’m addressing fundamental areas — infrastructure, energy, irrigation — so that you have an enabling foundation for you to make production,” he said.

“We are addressing issues to do with production. When I borrow to produce, I don’t think anyone should blame me for borrowing to produce, because that is the only way we can come out of our current circumstances.”

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  • Tadzoka

    So without another Council Rates write-off option, Minister Chinamasa thinks that by paying civil servants their long delayed 2017 Government bonuses just before 2018 elections, will ensure civil servant gratitude and loyalty towards Zanu-PF to win their electoral votes towards Zanu-PF party candidates? The only categories certain of being paid before elections are the military, CIO and police, all essential for repression and control of public demonstrations when the sh#t hits the fan, as lack of genuine US$ cash currency leaves shelves empty while closing down the little remaining industry and history repeats itself following that well known 2008 hyperinflation scenario?

  • mandevu

    hahahaha bonuses for civil servants who have no work to do! You created a monster when you started doing this to win their votes, and now it is killing the country – just like every other policy that Zanu PF has introduced to this country.

  • Londisizwe

    Minister Chinamasa already tried and failed rationalising the unsustainable Government wage bill by previously cancelling the “right” to end of year bonuses, much like private industry has long since done in order to survive, and retrenching thousands of worthless Youth Officers imposed on the Government payroll so they could continue their full-time Zanu-pf party activities without burdening the Zanu-pf’s own bankrupt party Treasury? All immediately shot down by President Mugabe of course, quick to promulgate populist but totally uneconomic policies to maintain a certain sector of purchased votes.
    If Chinamasa were really serious and had the courage to rationalise the public sector to increase the cake available for civil servants’ salaries, he would have acted upon the 2009 audit by Ernst & Young of India, resulting in two reports in November 2010 and July 2011 indicating over 70 000 ghost workers were milking the Treasury, with some suspecting this was used as a source of funding redirected into Zanu-pf party coffers?

  • Ruzvidzo

    Don’t blame me for “borrowing to produce”? Didn’t we blame Gideon Gono for trying that exact same failed scenario and we all remember how that ended? Now Mangudya has borrowed another $300 million to print more Bond Notes, and another $600 million facility in a futile attempt to clear a backlog of vital imports without Nostro support, that has already far exceeded the limited $600m capacity that will continue to be drip fed,…. too little too late?
    Governor Mangudya already promised (and reneged!) to resign if his Bond note fiasco failed, why don’t you do the same Minister Chinamasa, but this time honour your promises?

  • Chamunorwa

    The every idea of announcing payment of a bonus is quite odd and desperate. If a bonus is a term of an employment contract then it should be paid regularly and on time. A government which fails to pay its employees is not worth its name.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Wrong again. It is not the duty of the government to grow the economy it is the role of enterprises. Government only needs to provide an enabling environment for business to thrive. If you were the chief executive of my company and you spend 92% of the company on wages I would fire you immediately for failing to understand basic fundamentals. The current environment providers fertile ground for dealers and rent seekers to thrive.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Did Chinamasa just say one way is to reduce the wage bill through rationalization of civil servants jobs? Didn’t you fools just rehire 2000 useless greenbombers and added them back to bleeding the wage bill? Did Chinamasa say the best way to increase base is to grow the economy? How can you grow the economy with useless Zanuoids bleeding the fiscus taking 70 people including their grandkids to the UN so they can spew useless things? We have every conceivable mineral in this country yet we are poor like a churchmouse. Switzerland has no resources yet they are in the First World. Why is that 93yr old genius? You guys are heartless.

  • Judas Iscariot

    “We are addressing issues to do with production. When i borrow to produce,i don’t think everyone should blame me for borrowing to produce,because that is the only way we can come out of our current circumstances.”
    Hopefully Chinamasa’s statement will help those among us who are retarded like Mzvinavhu,to understand sanctions can be lifted,but as long as we keep borrowing, for none productive purposes,our current circumstances won’t change. Our current situation started with the regime borrowing money to fund a civil war in DRC, that we had no business being involved in. Then we borrowed money to compensate the same war veterans who are still asking for handouts from taxpayers. We borrow money to fund useless overseas trips like oceans by our president Borrowing money to buy luxury vehicles for our gov’t officials,pay for their overseas vacations. Chinamasa seems to be slowly but surely learning,the principles of economics. The introduction of bond notes wasn’t the solution.

  • Mugabeism

    Civil servants, please thank your President and your President-in-Waiting for guaranteeing your bonuses.

    • eliah

      Who is this President in Waiting because we seem to have a couple vying for the big one now including a lady.?

  • Rasta!

    You’ve been saying this for years and the situation is getting worse.

  • sky

    Ma bonus eyi ipo pasina mari /? Govt gets $3.5 billion revenue each year and all of it goes to civil servants salary leaving $200 million for education, health etc. Stop paying salaries please.

  • eliah

    But you know very well that ‘johnny come latelys’ will not be considered and we cannot even wait for congress to dismiss some of the candidates, and so who on earth is Waiting before congress?

  • nelson moyo

    Wonderful news if you are a civil servant

  • Just Sayin’

    Making a promise you CANNOT fulfill, you have no idea how and no track record to increase production (or enable it); no one trusts you after last year’s fiasco…

    Grow some nuts and fire the ghosts and hangers on, before elections please… like NOW