Churches rally behind President


Rev Wutawunashe

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
CHAIRMAN of the Faith for the Nation campaign and founder of the Family of God Church Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe yesterday called on Zimbabweans to rally behind President Mugabe at the elections to be held on Wednesday saying he was anointed by God to lead the nation.Rev Wutawunashe said this while dedicating Zanu-PF’s final star rally held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare yesterday.

“We are not going to where we came from. The elections that are coming this Wednesday are important. We should not be like Israelites who after experiencing a little hunger they craved to return to servitude in Egypt,” he said.

Rev Wutawunashe said President Mugabe was to Zimbabwe what Joshua was to the people of Israel as he led them to the Promised Land.
“The reason why God is not allowing you to rest is because your work has not been completed yet. You are to Zimbabwe and to some extent to Africa what Joshua was to the people of Israel,” he said.

Zimbabweans, Rev Wutawunashe added, should use their vote wisely to protect their national heritage.
“Whatever we are given by God we must keep, we should not lose our country by the vote instead we should protect it by that vote,” he said.

“To all Zimbabweans, I say be wise to protect the wealth that God bequeathed us. Empower him on Wednesday to complete the work he embarked on.

“We still need him and even those in the opposition still need him because of his wisdom.”
He said President Mugabe had confronted a lot of obstacles in his life starting with leading the liberation struggle and the West’s illegal sanctions regime.

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe Archbishop Johannes Ndanga — who leads the 100 sect strong grouping — presented a Certificate of Presidency to President Mugabe declaring him life president saying this was prophesied by Shonhiwa Masedza (Johane Marange) in 1934.

“We stand guided by the prophecy made on January 23, 1934 that you will remain president of our country for life,” Archbishop Johannes Ndanga said.

Archbishop Ndanga said the ACCZ was aware that the MDC-T and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai had caused untold suffering to Zimbabweans through their call for sanctions.

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  • $39733349

    What wealth is this***? 80% of the people are unemployed, 1,6 million depend on foreign food aid, so where is this wealth? The only ones with any riches are the elite of Zanu-PF and their cronies!

    • Albert Mutasa

      Look closely at the 80% unemployed! 50% of them drive cars. Read the research by the London reseatch group. The 80% are not FORMALLY employed but INFORMALLY employed or doing their own thing. Its a shame if you really believe 1.6 million Zimboz depend on food aid. when I got kumusha I found 2 drums cut in half and each half filed with very white plastic maize mixed with salt being fed to our oxen. That’s the food aid. Africans accept it even when tey don’t need it. its an Afrcian psyche. Unorambirei zvemahara? accept, sell and drink the money, r feed your oxen.

    • bantu_biko2

      To be employed hazvirevi kuti you have to go to a factory , say good morning bhasi and get on with duties.In the first world even sex is employment, they pay tax too

  • tony

    prophet or politician

    • Ivhu ndereveZimbabwe muZimbab

      Prophetic utterances are no limited. Prophetic words which will come to pass, and, they are not limited to what you yourself want to hear only. Prophetic words are God’s miracles and they shall come to pass regardless of your political affiliation.

  • Nechemhaka

    People please, what servitude are people from Zimbabwe enduring other than being controlled by a party that has perfected the art of mass mobilisation and control. Zimbabwe has enjoyed independence for three decades but has nothing to show for it. We are struggling to make ends meet because ZANU PF squandered a healthy economy into complete utter hopelessness and despair: that is servitude.

    • Mhungu

      Some people will never learn period. Where will Tsvangirai get the money from, to create jobs? Europe is broke! and so is America. You can not base your campaign on handouts from these countries. All they want is our raw materials. They will siphon everything for their people, like what they’re doing in Iraq and Libya. If you vote for him, you’re simply ushering the country to the very same people we fought against. A vast majoriy of our people are educated, but they have no clue about how things are done in Europe and America. Do you think they care about us?

  • Lol

    Say Rev Wuta, not churches! He must pray for his sins and stay out of politics!

  • Dombo Dzvuku

    Let the people be the judges on the 31st.prophecy or no prophecy mufundisi this time mumwe anoenda chete!