Church must complement State: First Lady

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe

The First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe, says the Church and State should support each other.

Amai Mugabe said this in a message delivered on her behalf by the deputy secretary of the Zanu-PF Women’s League, Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo, to thousands of congregants at the Zion Apostolic Faith Christian Mission in Chivi.

Thousands of congregants from the Bishop Ezra Pedzisai-led Zion Apostolic faith Christian Mission turned out to commemorate Easter in Chivi South.

Amai Mugabe said the Church and the State should always support each other.

The Easter moment for the congregants became even livelier when Chivi Rural District Council chairperson Cde Killer Zivhu handed over a new church building to the congregants.

Cde Zivhu also handed over computers and printers to the police in Chivi.

The equipment will be used in all police stations.— ZBC.

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  • Accumulator

    Grace you are now targeting mapositori ne mazioni ekwachivi vasina chikoro kuti vazo kuvoteraka.
    Wanyangira yaona in the name of Jesus

  • titusO

    In the same way the Catholic church supported the Nazi or the orthodox church supports Putin? this is onr of the most ill thought and dangerous statement this woman has said of late .

  • sol2soul77

    ignorance is bliss hey….going by this ignorance is hell…

  • Tinovaziva

    Yes we must turn the Church into a bunch of brainless bootlickers just like the catholic church of the old days which was made up of a gang of fawning, corrupt and useless old men. Wait! Haven’t we done that already with idiots like old man Guti cuddling with a corrupt regime to build their legacy. Elijah would rage against this corrupt and heartless regime of modern day Ahabs and J******

  • Rangarirai

    We can only hope all political party zealots are aware of the separation between Church and State, each with an autonomous role to play with independent spheres of existence, requiring great individual integrity and discipline to avoid crossover abuse.
    There appears to be a recent proliferation of speeches and messages purported to be delivered on behalf of Grace Mugabe. The obvious question is who wrote those words claiming to be on her behalf, and purpose of a person with no official or constitution role in Government misrepresenting State opinion or policy?
    Hopefully the police in Chivi have verified the provenance of computers and printers “handed over” by a past convicted fraudster, whose charges are well documented easily available and indisputable. No doubt all new ICT equipment received is fully compliant with a national police computerisation plan together with approved software, that works seamlessly with other networked systems that provide full security to confidential documents and information?

  • Sekuru Karikoga

    There should be a separation between Church and State lest one religion violates the freedom and liberties of other religions by imposing its values on others.

  • fidel castro

    I do not see anything amiss with what the First Lady or her proxy did. Its up to the church leadership to accept or turn down requests from politicians to address their congregants. The only challenge is that these pseudo churches in Zimbabwe believe that anything good comes from those in corridors of power rather than from God. Instead of fearing God they fear man. Its only fools who get excited by such a relationship between a political party and their church. If at all this is a church of God, its fruits shall bear testimony. Time will tell on whether the name of Jesus or party slogans will be the order of the day come 2018.

  • Tsotso

    Ndezvenyu izvo first mother!!

  • Zezuru unconquerable

    The F/L is not a ripe politician if we are to judge her ascent to the women’s league chair, it is only nepotism that has seen her occupy that position In the same way that Patrick Zhuwawo and Chombo have influential positions yet the three are all related to the president. Imagine one district, Zwimba, having three related influential members in the party and state yet many districts have none! For that matter they all belong to the same faction and are immune from prosecution because they wield power. People of Chivi should not be fooled by the F/L because she is not sincere in all that she says if we are to factor in the ‘Zezuru unconquerable’ chants she chanted and that Chivi is not in Zezuru speaking provinces.

  • Well_Read

    Early american theocracies in the colonies would have ended earlier if the bible didn’t support slavery. We might have been a theocracy if christian sects weren’t executing each other in mass for our first 200 years.