Chiyangwa in messy divorce

Phillip-ChiyangwaDaniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
Businessman Mr Phillip Chiyangwa is embroiled in a messy divorce in which his wife of 25 years is claiming 85 percent of the couple’s wealth and US$83 000 per month for 120 months as maintenance after the termination of the marriage. Mrs Elizabeth Chiyangwa (nee Juma) says her husband was now associating with several other women and that their marriage had irretrievably broken down.
Her lawyer Advocate Isaiah Mureriwa of Scanlen and Holderness, filed the divorce papers on at the High Court on Monday.

Mrs Chiyangwa is seeking a decree of divorce, an order for property sharing in which she claims 85 percent and monthly maintenance in the sum of US$83 000 for a period of 120 months.

Among the listed properties believed to be part of Mr Chiyangwa’s empire include 60 hectares of land in the Grange (Harare), Stoneridge Farm measuring 586 hectares, six hectares of land in Harare, Lot 3 of Delnadamph Estate measuring 5 hectares, Stand 65 Colne Valley Township 5 of Lot 7A measuring 7 hectares, Stand 389 Derbyshire Township measuring 25 hectares, a piece of land in Zvimba measuring 1 331 hectares, piece of land in Shortson Harare measuring 72 hectares, part of Sangwe Farm in Chinhoyi measuring 845 hectares, 2 812 hectares of land at Olympus Farm in Chinhoyi, 4 060 hectares at Old Citrus Farm in Chinhoyi, 1 416 hectares at Strathcona Farm, Chinhoyi, 600 hectares at North Umzari Farm, urban residential stands throughout the country, a fleet of top of the range vehicles and 40 companies.

Mrs Chiyangwa claims during the subsistence of their marriage, they acquired 109 stands, plots and structures and a host of other properties.

In the plaintiff’s declaration forming part of the application, Mrs Chiyangwa said she married Mr Chiyangwa in 1986 but their marriage was solemnised under Chapter 5:11 of the Marriages Act on November 11 1988.

The parties have two daughters Ellen Vanessa (born 1986) and Mitchelle Martha (born 1989).

Mrs Chiyangwa claims the marriage had irretrievably broken down.

“The defendant (Mr Chiyangwa) has improperly associated himself with several other women sexually.

“The defendant continues with such conduct such that the plaintiff finds his continued behaviour irreconcilable with a continued marital relationship between her and the defendant.

“The defendant continuously neglects, emotionally and physically, abuses the plaintiff in a manner inconsistent with a normal marital relationship.

“The abuse is to the extent that the plaintiff lives in constant fear of the defendant and her continued living with him is out of submission as opposed to consent, a situation incompatible with a normal marital relationship.

“The defendant has successfully alienated his love for the plaintiff to other several women to the extent that the plaintiff regards as irreconcilable with a continued marital relationship.

“As a result of the conducts and behaviours mentioned above, the plaintiff has consequently lost all trust, faith, love and affection for the defendant to the extent that she desires to have this marriage dissolved,” read the declaration.

Mrs Chiyangwa said the properties she listed were acquired by the couple over the years but registered in Mr Chiyangwa’s name or names of some companies linked to him.

She wants the court to appoint an independent professional auditor to determine the exact extent and particulars of the estate acquired by the parties during the subsistence of the marriage and compile an inventory of the properties.

An independent evaluator, Mrs Chiyangwa says, should be appointed by the registrar of the High Court to evaluate the properties in the inventory to be compiled by the auditors.

Mrs Chiyangwa says the parties involved in the divorce should equally pay the appointed evaluator and forensic auditor.

She wants 85 percent of the property.

“The defendant shall pay the 85 percent value in cash to the plaintiff within a period of 90 days of the decree of divorce, failure of which the deputy sheriff shall, by public auction sell those of the assets mentioned in the inventory as shall realise cash proceeds equivalent to 85 percent of the value declared by the evaluator and pay such portion of the proceeds thereof as is equal to 85 percent of the declared value of the estate to the plaintiff.”

Open page 2 below and view the properties believed to be owned by Mr Chiyangwa.

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  • Bvumavaranda

    Uuum, Interesting.He has been a womaniser since time immemorial, how come they managed to stay together for so long. Something else bigger must have happened- me thinks.

    • time_nguva

      Bigger? Eg? Go on say it man it’s a free world

    • Chuck Noris

      You dont harvest the fruit before its ripe.

  • temba

    Why 85%, when at the most in divorce cases, parties stake their claim at 50% for a start.Did she contribute more to the estate that the man himself? Or is it a case of grabbing it all

    • Tracy

      Grabing it all, she is crazy

      • Taku

        She does not expect 85% of their wealth but must start at a higher % as the courts will clearly reduce it and maybe end up in the 50′s when his legal team also contest it.If she started at 50% she would probably end up with between 15-25%, its a negotiation tactic common in high profile divorce settlements across the globe.

    • Kekeke

      kikiki it sounds like she is the main contributor of Fidza’s wealthy…. Anotopenga chete mukadzi uyu

    • idi-kwe

      varume vanozochengeta vana here

    • a b

      I could have felt sympathy for this woman but her greed is so disgusting I have suddenly, strange as it may sound, wished the best for Phillip. It is such ridiculous and outrageous abuse of the law to wrest the most from men that all men must, for their own good, marry in community out of property and have antenuptial (pre-nups) in place. Forget about the “happily ever after” nonsense.

    • harare

      she is aiming for maybe 25-30% its just a negotiating tactic

    • MissRue

      There is something called forfeiture of benefits..if one spouse behaved badly in the marriage the other spouse cn hv the court forfeit wt ttht spouse is entitled to…and contribution to an estate isnt necessarily monetary-im sure she supported him emotionally, gv him chn and tolerated his behavioir for 25years

    • moe

      in the end she wants to be reacher than Chiyangwa :)

    • Sarudzai

      She knows the Courts will always bring it down.

  • tkays
    • Tichakunda

      “Cheating comes from God” ?????? Are sure?? Kana washaya zvekutaura please shut your big mouth. Ndini ndazvitaura

  • gushungo

    bla fidza just refuse kurambana chete, sweet talk her vakadzi ipwere unoihwina chete usatye

  • kmak

    This guy has been linked to several women since mid 90′s. why a divorce now? we are missing something

    • hove

      I suppose that she has reached the end of he tether

    • randomGuy

      the cow was not yet fat enough for the slaughter

  • JZ

    social problems of post conflict societies. is it a good policy to tax assets heavily as a deterrant to easy divorces, or as a free society government should do nothing about such social problems. The fastest way to destroy a nation is to destroy it’s moral fabric. ZimAsset won’t work if our social fabric is torn apart. We must change our mindset before we can see any economic transformation.

    • chailingoma

      Pavanhu vose ndimi mataura baba JZ. The fish is rotting from the head. The people who our young children idolise are doing this I wonder what the former will learn.

  • kokorigo

    Zvaiwana ngwarati

  • Common Sense

    ..This idea of wanting to use marriage and divorce to steal the spouse’s wealth is the major reason why young men of today no longer want to marry. Women must not try to use the law to steal lest the boys will continue to impregnate and dump so as to avoid such wars in the future. This is a very bad example to the future generations and the justice system must not allow itself to be abused by some very greed women who think being married is their passport out of poverty and responsibility for their own lives. NDO EMPOWERMENT YACHO HERE IYI???

    • Pablo Escobar

      Your comment is garbage,most of the young man who are impegnating women and not marrying them don,t have a job,let alone weath,so this is a very lame excuse for young man to shy away from their responsibilities once their girlfriends are pregnant.Women these days are now smart,they will sue your a**** for child support if you get them pregnant and refuse to marry them.Have you ever heard of a prenuptial agreement? Thats what young couples have to sign before they get married to avoid issues like these rather than your dump idea of imprgnating then running away.

    • Soso

      But if you are also man enough to impregnate them you should be man enough to maintain them.

      • jojo

        sensible contribution.stick to one woman and you wont have any problems.

    • Peacemaker

      I think your observation is out of context and what poverty are you talking about? These guys have been married 25 years and have been enjoying their wealth together and i’m sure you do appreciate that when you are married you not only share your heart and lives but your property as well. The simple golden rule that was broken in this case is Faithfulness. If this story is true then the man has brought it upon himself, if he had been faithfull this wouldn’t be happening. Asi 85% yazonyanya.

      • Chuck Noris

        You chose to share your property, he didn’t :-)

      • Muzambiringa

        It could be worse, you could be the one aggrieved pamusaka pekuroora ***, and lose half (85%!?) your wealth and perhaps your health??

      • Pacs

        hahahaha 85% kana newe wabvumawo. aaaa haana tsitsi. ndiye aakuda kuita chiyangwa wacho

      • tendai

        She asking for 85% but she is expecting 45-65%

      • Jaluo

        Common sense will say , they share 50-50 and no maintenance at all since all children are all grown ups. This woman is just greedy and selfish.

    • harare

      imari yavo vese murume 85% mukadzi15%

    • jojo

      so in your cuckoo world a man should have the right to toss women like rugs.that era my friend is way way gone.the world has evolved whilst you were in hibernation.if ‘ young man’ are irresponsible,its best for them to remain single forever.

      • Mpho086

        he/she only meant, why is it that its mostly women seeking to share the wealth. Loosely translated, it shows most women are lazy.

    • Mhof

      Mr Common Sense, if Dr. Phil had married Elizabeth 5 years ago I would probably say she married him to divorce him and get wealthy, but 25 years??? You don’t marry someone for 25 years and divorce them just to get rich, pane nyaya apa.

    • Vella Ncube

      This is marriage kwete MAPOTO, u ddnt say anything here l agree with PEACEMAKER

    • Vella Ncube

      Hasi Mapoto ka its 25yrs of Marriage

    • Mpho086

      I support you all the way especially wen the woman involved is one of those lazy ones. One that even forgets to bath in the morning and only does so when told by neighbours. Some women irks me, they do not even want to work to and get their hand dirty in order to grow the fortune but they are the 1st ones to demand 85% in a divorce. Some who work will not allow you to share their income but wen comes to divorce they demand 85% of what you have worked for.

    • Pastor Timothy Chiguvare

      WE CAN’T BUY LIFE BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE LIFE TO LIVE… Its very important for Mr Phillip Chiyangwa and Mrs Chiyangwa not to be excited by the media they must immediately withdraw the high court divorce case and count their blessings and then reconcile in the interests of their innocent children and for the 25 years they have been together God the Almighty has blessed them with so much wealth and that is a clear sign that , their combination is unique.Whatever the differences these two can only be separated by death and not by a court because the author of their differences is the DEVIL. Mr Phillip Chiyangwa and Mrs Chiyangwa must realize that its only GOD who has granted them the 25 years they have been together, and its only GOD who gives the “FREE GIFT OF LIFE” to all of us.Now Mr Phillip Chiyangwa and Mrs Chiyangwa must fear GOD and humble themselves before GOD and seek GOD’s guidance on their differences because the DEVIL is only there to steal ; to destroy and to kill. And with all these blessings they must thank they must slow-down ; be united and and ask GOD the Almighty to open their hearts for His word and ask GOD the Almighty to open their heart for His spirit and say GLORY BE TO GOD THE ALMIGHTY…as they count their blessings and enjoying the “FREE GIFT OF LIFE” that GOD the Almighty has given them.Anyone can go to the High Court but in their case High Court is not a solution because sooner or later they will walk out of the High Court being waste enemies and this will create a danger to their lives and will have a serious impact to the lives of their children and that is an offence against GOD the Almighty , because the word of GOD says so.You will all agree with me that there is no problem that GOD cannot solve and there is no burden that He cannot carry…I advise accordingly !!!

    • mamoyo

      do you know the kind of stresss this women went through?she had to deal with a lot she even got Hiv from this ex husband of hers besides if you dont want things to be split half way after a divorce just sign a prenup .Chiyangwa didnt sign it up that means he doesnt mind imimi vasina mari ndimi munenge muchi chema chema

  • Blackbeauty_1

    Money can’t by love its true, but in this case it buys plenty of sexual women for Mr Philip Chiyangwa and plenty of greed for Mrs Elizabeth Chiyangwa.

  • diblo dibala

    This marriage was based on material things.Be that as it may,your claim must not exceed 50% of the total assets you acquired together.Crazy claims show some greediness not worth true events on the ground.All the best becoz tsuromagen’a can bribe even the whole Supreme Court bench.

    • Mr C

      While Mrs Chiyangwa’s claim 85% of the wealth may be too high, I want people to bear in mind that when Mrs Chiyangwa married Phillip, he probably did not own anything of note. So it is wrong to say that the wealth belongs to Phillip as Common sense, presumably a young and single man, suggested. In a marriage, whatever you acquire during the subsistence of your married belongs to the two of you. Not to the man only. Men, let us not break the hearts of our wives by being selfish. You cannot go on enjoying yourself with other women. It is ungodly. Mwari havazvidi. Inga wani vakuru vakare vakataura vakati “Zingizi gonyera pamwe maruva enyika haaperi”.

  • kutototo

    “Smash and grab” MaOne Blah Fidza, asi mune twunhu wena, looks like you own half of Zimbabwe, ndimi ma Land baron chaiwo.

    • JZ

      Reality is all 15million of us can’t own land. Those who have the privilege of owning land must use it productively and contribute to the economy. If anyone who owns land is doing that we have nothing to worry. if land is idle it must be conserved and not become barren. The social contract is if you own land you have responsibility to some extent to those who can’t be as equally productive as you because they dont have large tracts of land. Any failure by the landed elite to reduce poverty and look after our economy eventually leads to another land revolution because people can suffer for a while but they know when our society has false equity. The last land revolution must be a reminder to the current elite.

  • Thefuture

    I am sure Zimra will be grateful for this information. Haha !

  • rukudzo

    Barika harisi chitema.That woman must be stopped.If his reason is that Mr Chiyangwa has other wives, then she should be stopped. I see also an opportunity here for Mr Chiyangawa to fight to have that “Muzungu” marriage law consigned to the dustbin. I really wish I was presiding over this case.

  • L Makombe

    These are the so called role models for our youths? May the Lord give us wisdom so that the only role model we have is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Wominising at this day and age?

  • amos

    l love God,do not judge coz you will also be we really need to comment on someone else perfect is yours?

  • Japana Hapana

    So what happened to multi ownership of farmland? Does it only apply to selected groups of people and some are touchable?

  • Mwana WemuPorofita

    Jeremiah 17 vs11, “So he who gets riches, but not by right; It will leave him in the midst of his days and the end he will be a fool”

  • Murozvi

    Seems these divorce cases are providing a de facto land audit. Now we have clear cases of multiple farm ownership on legal record. We know who are the people with several farms. Why no action against them?

  • Mukanya Woye

    one man one farm…ko izvi zvi nhai Fidza? U dd not buy these farms.

  • hoza

    aaaaah hey asi garai pasi muwirirane 85 kwete kurambana kwete .

  • Easy Money

    Inga makabudirira mu Zimbabwe , ma sewage kuererera mumaraini , kuputsa tumba twevanhu, close to 100% unemployment rate with unemployed restive touts openly shouting vulgar at bus termini,retrechments everyday,nigerians bribing council & outbidding locals for shops in CBD & relegating locals to street vending, human faeces in bus-rank shelters,pot-holes muma roads,importation of grain for mealie-meal, hiding behind racism to steal & plunder (Lomagundi High school Chinhoyi uniforms saga), mega -cult , aeroplane hangar sized churches built in a township riddled with poverty, impromptuToll-gate kombi passage fees, wailing P.A systems at night of miracle crusade gospel fanatics who tell you – you will be rich tomorrow, making noise until the wee hours of the morning causing others sleepless nights,buying miracle bricks at $40 each with the hope of waking up tomorrow in a house like that of Chiyangwa and few others living on another planet,not the one with all the mentioned vices flaunting their wealth; infinity number of farms,infinity number of companies,infinity number of houses,infinity number of girlfriends zvichingoenda zvakadaro. Mwari komborerai Zimbabwe chokwadi.

  • Gwandove

    I think she has a fallback position. 85% is just to try and scare Fidza so he can make a substantial offer. But all the same ,money or no money I think there is need to respect your spouse and not flaunt yo relationships in public. Remember how Fidza once spoke openly about his relationship and sexual escapades with Makosi Msambasi in an interview with some British broadcaster and got $50000 for it…How pathetic…

  • Easy Money

    ma sewage kuererera mumaraini , kuputsa tumba twevanhu, close to 100% unemployment,restive touts shouting vulgar at bus termini,retrechments ,nigerians bribing council & outbidding locals for shops in CBD & relegating locals to street vending, human faeces in bus-rank shelters,pot-holes,importation of grain for mealie-meal, Lomagundi High school Chinhoyi uniforms saga, mega -cult , aeroplane hangar sized churches built in a township riddled with poverty, impromptuToll-gate kombi passage fees, wailing P.A systems at night of miracle crusade gospel fanatics who tell you – you will be rich tomorrow, making noise until the wee hours of the morning causing others sleepless nights,buying miracle bricks at $40 each with the hope of waking up tomorrow in a house like that of Chiyangwa and few others living on another planet,not the one with all the mentioned vices flaunting their wealth; infinity number of farms,infinity number of companies,infinity number of houses,infinity number of girlfriends zvichingoenda zvakadaro. Mwari komborerai Zimbabwe chokwadi.

  • Ngwena

    Chiyangwa has other kids besides the two daughters mentioned in the story e.g Bruce and Edmund. Bruce was born around 1982 so it means Elizabeth akatorambisawo another wife so dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe lol….the fact that the story is coming out today ahead of tommorrow Provincial elections also leaves a lot to be desired

    • annoyedatnonesence

      get your facts straight chiyangwas first wife ie bruces mother died…..

  • Mancu

    I think Mrs Chiyangwa has just opened a can of worms here. How did Mr Chiyangwa acquire 3 farms, and the 1300+ hectares in Zvimba? Is this not the very practice we have been fighting against when we talk of equitable land redistribution? I sense DOUBLE STANDARDS!!

  • maruza

    but mari unayo mface wangu …. I wil try to be like u

  • vaccine chimbora

    In marriage behave or perish. endurance has a breaking point. that lady deserves 95%, she has sufferred a long time. Left lonely, while the so called business man boots arround booty areas

  • Michael Mokwena

    Sorry Mr Chiyangwa. this s***t is happening more and more often these days and the unfortunate reality is that the law will always rule in favour of the women. Be strong. You will bounce back

  • inini

    this is not a divorce settlement, this is WAR! this will drag on forever

  • nonsense

    Why should he then pay maintenance to her? why not her to pay maintenance to him… if she feels she has a 85% stake then doesnt that say she feels equally entitled to his wealth? if so then why doesnt she take her half and just go? why would you want to be maintained by a man you dont like any more?

  • Thandiwe

    Imi amai since marriage matanga kuzviziva kuti vaChiyangwa i****? Ko Bruce mwana wani? Were you the first wife of Chiyangwa? Why turn to courts, ko Mwari hauvazive? Fungai patsva amai. Munoti madzimai ese agere mudzimba vakagarika? Hupfumi hwaurikuda ndehwepasi. Usafurirwe kana nevamwe varume kuti ibva iwe tokuchengeta. Ziva kuti varikuda kudya newe hupfumi ihwowo. Think twice. Kunemadzimai ese, zivai kuti ukabvisa umwe mukadzi mumba iwe uchaona chimoto.

    • Mary

      Thandi, You don’t stay in an abusive marriage simply because some other women are. Have self worthiness. She has to consider the risk of issues such as STI’s and emotional abuse

      • Big Show

        And she has to do that now after so many years of “suffering”? Inga akashinga mukadzi uyu if that is the case, but the question will still remain: why divorce now? Mari pasina Mwari yagara inokonzeresa when all is said and done. Ndodambudziko huru panyika, zvikuru mumarriages umu.

  • Thomas Chimbwido

    Chiyangwa has always been a cruel person, everyone knows that but everyone also knows that he is a serial womanizer hence this woman’s story sounds dubious. How can she only find out in 2013? Plus 85%? Divorce gracefully don’t lose public sympathy and your own morality by making such outrageous claims


      Thomas you are right. There is a high risk of losing public sympathy from moral Zimbabweans even if Phillip has his shortcomings.

  • Define Hustling Brethren Sitho

    The high must not take this issue in to there pocket but to do it peaceful as a way to resort corruption . The woman they now take law as there beneficiaries to loot the stuff from there husbands . They try to hold themselves as good people yet they are sleep dog who always found guility of theft . Zim is now rotten with this purpets .

  • Solo WepaRank

    Ndiyo 1 man 1 farm here yacho iyoyi? Humbavha huri pachena.

    • Beetroot

      Taura hako Solo. Ndaverenga 6 farms: Stoneridge ; Sangwe; Olympus; Citrus; Strathcoma; & North Umzari. Zviri kufamba sei?

    • Fids

      Anti-corruption investigation first b4 dividing the loot. might be a facade for laundering.

  • Pindirai Nhasi

    I salute Elizabeth Chiyangwa for finally seeing the light. This is a typical case of male dominance in this partriach society. This is a woman who has endured all forms of violence from a spouse, intimidation, fear, emotional tortures, verbal abuse, physical abuse and many other. Mr Chiyanga has boasted publicly about his many improper affairs with many women, young, old, beauty Queens, prostitutes, models,Miss Zimbabwes etc, in Zimbabwe out of Zimbabwe and he treated his wife Elizabeth in the most inhumane manner as he did not respect her and continued to cause more and more emotion injury to her. Money does not buy happiness. Elizabeth lived a life of torture. This is a test case of all high profile divorces happening in this country and we hope the courts will see reason and treat her fairly. We have see many women in high divorces cases walking out of the marriages with nothing because our courts in reality are still biasied towards men, even women judges like Rita Makarau has no soft sport for women as her judgements have left a lot of women and children homeless. We also wait to see what the women`s movement in this country will do to ensure that Elizabeth Chiyangwa is treated fairly by the courts and the media. Mr Chiyangwa is a bad role model to most young people in Zimbawbwe. I support you Elizabeth and be strong, you are a woman of God and he is on your side right now. We will continue to pray for you because you finally deserve your happiness and to celebrate the gift of life that God gave you, You do not need Phillip, let his small house finish him. I can tell you that all of them will start to lay claims on him one by one. Murume upi asinganyare anoita kunge ndiye enga anogona kunyenga vakadzi panyika pano.

    • mwana wevhuu

      well said

    • Kuta Kinte

      “We have see many women in high divorces cases walking out of the marriages with nothing because our courts in reality are still biasied towards men,” NO The opposite is actually very correct if you live in Zimbabwe. Nowadays it is the man who walks out with nothing as you are also advocating. Pindirai Nhasi, you are also giving us that greed preference. Please remember the other kids and not the only two mentioned. If you support the 85%, then let the devil help you.

    • randomGuy

      Iyi ndo inonzi ‘EXTREME feminist propaganda’….hanzi the courts are biased towards men. Thats ridiculous. I have seen men stripped of their wealth in divorces that are actually the woman’s fault. Pindirai stop it please

    • Tracy

      1 Corinthians 7:10
      To the married I give this charge (not I, but the Lord): the wife should not separate from her husband

      1 Corinthians 7:10-17
      To the married I give this charge (not I, but the Lord): the wife should not separate from her husband (but if she does, she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband), and the husband should not divorce his wife. To the rest I say (I, not the Lord) that if any brother has a wife who is an unbeliever, and she consents to live with him, he should not divorce her. If any woman has a husband who is an unbeliever, and he consents to live with her, she should not divorce him. For the unbelieving husband is made holy because of his wife, and the unbelieving wife is made holy because of her husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy.


  • Unendoro11

    Perfect Picture for the headline


    Ivo ana Elizabeth ha…. vanetsa ….. netunyaya twekuda kusiyana nevarume…. Elizabeth Tsvangirayi ,Elizabeth Chiyangwa…

  • Bhonimbi

    Kutorwira hupfumi husiri hwavo, hwekuba kani? Inga chisingaperi chinoshura zvedi …taiti vachapinda nazvio mumakuva zvese izvo kani imi ahhhh??

  • geofas

    asi 85% yawanda wena ita mushe kurambana hazvireve kuti Fidza anofanira kupfidza matadzo aka . Asi waakutoda kumukuda kani? Pawatangira hapasiripo wazonyanya Hongu malawyer anoda mari asi kwete percenetage yawataura. You are using greedy lawyers ,who are fooling you, get good lawyers in time zvekuramabana hazvina manyanisi munogona kudzokerana mukatogara mese zvakare

  • Pindirai Nhasi

    Elizabeth Chiyangwa must also demand through the High Court that Mr Phillip Chiyangwa is tested for HIV and she must also get tested. We encourage all women who have slept with this man to come forward and lay claims. This will be an example to the many big chefs, business man, chief executives , politicians in public, private companies who are abusing women and girls using materials things. They must all lay claims and damages for HIV. Otherwise we will never win the war against AIDS. I am so angry to see a women still being treated like this. This is an issue of gender, traditional, religious and cultural practices and we must end this as a country.

    • BishopLazarus

      Your only folly is in thinking that women who have sex with big fish are being abused. They want it. They look for it. When you grow up you will understand that. The picture of innocent little girls who are victims of sexual predators is naive. Get a bit of money in your pocket and this too will become clear to you. An 18 year old can plot to bed a 40 year old man. I remember a few years back receiving a message from a woman who vowed that “ndichakukwira chete.”

  • Mazvita

    Women normally tolerate their husbands’ infidelity asi inosvika nguva yaunoti izvi zvanyanya enough is enough. Mukadzi arwadziwa uyu veduwee haisi nyore after 25 years of marriage kufunga kuti ini regai ndiende zvangu. 85% yanyanya zvayo, asi even akasara zvake ne15% iripo mari.

  • Jena

    The year of the ELIZABETHS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bambo

      Likely to win. can i have your number beautiful madam. will divorce my wife chop chop and am very very faithful.

  • Big Daddy

    Bhora mugedhi!!

  • Nays

    Mukadzi uyu akazvimbirwa nenyemba. A hit will take care of all this nonsense.

  • John Rambo

    Ko vazvibata nhasi kuti murume uyu anoda madhirezi, Inga makore ose aya kana nyika yese yaizviziva wani kuti baba ava vanoda zvinhu se paper bag rekwa OK. Ndini ndadaro.

  • Boardhouse

    they should also share the debts that philip has

    • anayser

      good comment

  • Zvapano

    kana ZANU yokurasa ndizvinoitika. Ask Bishop Pius Ncube, unonuyra chete uri rombe neZANU, ask your self Mr Fidza why they didnt NIKUV for you, now they are NIKUVING you. use teh NIKUV papers, the word divorce will be delicious, love will be loved or Elizaberth Chiyangwa will be Elizaberth Macheka. Confuse the judge just like what you did to the 12miliion zimbabweans

  • Jacobeth

    Its now evident that the Land Reform benefitted only those who are politically correct and relatives of “him”. How can one man own a myriad of farms, let alone 40 companies. Heaven alone knows how he got all that “wealth”.

  • Jacobeth

    shame on u Chiyangwa, looting farms and properties under the veil of “black empowerment” and “land reform”. Am sure by publishing this report, the Herald has delivered your head on a platter to the President.

  • jacktheswede

    Oh my word! Dr Phil makashanda baba but the long suffering Elizabeth has always been by your side and i strongly believe kuti its NOT out of greed or malice that she is seeking this divorce…baba munovadawo vakadzi and its amazing that she has withstood your shenanigans for so long. Settle up sir 50/50

  • NK

    How many farms where allocated to Chiyangwa and why does he have so many hectares

  • svuzva

    ndo zvazvinoita kana ukasatendeka pane umwe wako but hey bla fidza mapfidza dai mukatorerwa iyoyo chaiyo 85% so it can be examplery to all cheating husbands out there.STICK TO ONE FAITHFUL PARTNER

  • mafikizolo

    Its a real miracle that these have been together for this long this guy is a Casanova. This is bad for a leader …bad role modelling for the young ones. The big ones are coming down …It was Khaya Moyo, Francis Nhema, Chombo, Nguni etc now Fidza kkkk

  • Muzambiringa

    Merry Christmas Mr Chiyangwa!

  • Mimi

    It was just a matter of time before Chiyangwa’s marriage crumbled. Chiyangwa is a womaniser since God knows when. And whilst it might be correct that varume or vakadzi ndevekutorerana, kana zvarwadza one has a right to opt out and stay in peace forever after. Chiyangwa should just give Elizabeth what she deserves, 25 years living with such a beast handi nyore. Kuzoti HIV/AIDS hazvisati zvapinda mudariro. Most women that I know can tolerate their husbands philandaring so long as the husband gives the wife “respect” nekaconjugal rights here and there. It’s just that Chiyangwa ane show-off kani inotobhowa. Am sure Gushungo is having the last laugh. Elizabeth ngaataure zvese in the Courts so she gets what she deserves and leave this moron.

  • phillip

    why 85%?

  • marjorie

    Publicity stant , lets watch these two will never devorce

  • Roger Chamembe

    I personally know the woman from personal business dealings for 25 years.She is a businesswoman in her own right.She really was holding the family together. She is another businesswoman in the mold of Mrs Chiwenga the first. The chickens have come home to roost!

  • mm

    no one knows how thy acqrd e wealth they have and besides his wife can not just claim 85% from nowhere she knows what shes doing, and mybe mr chiyangwa dnt have anything the time they got married if tht is the case then she has every right… who wants to stay in an abusive relationship anyway?

  • dzisina

    she is a gold digger she have discovered age have taken its toll so she want to shift wealth to her side so that her family will cherish 25 years of labour in bed. Its clear that its not Dr phill who is moving out of marriage but it is the old lady with a motive to enrich dzidza re kwavo god Luke Dr Phill.

  • Jonson

    Bravo to this woman. She is clever as they come. She is mastermind ,patiently waited for 25years until the wealth was bigger. Now she be going for the jugular, and I hope she bleeds him a significant bit on the regular. Get yours Elizabeth!!

    • Dharma Appavoo

      Sweet are the uses of Adversity.
      Paupers seldom refer to Family Law.

      Cash is the High-Octane Fuel in any Genital Chase.

      Human Nature simply implodes when it is caught between the uncontrollable Fires of Carnality and the Foxy wiles that spring forth from Cold Cash.

  • tendai

    She asking for 85% but she is expecting 45-65%.. hmmm

  • Mimi

    It will be interesting to hear what our government has to say with the wealth especially mafarms mentioned in this messy divorce. And isu the voters we are supposed to fold our hands while almost all these Big Fishes amass so much wealth that they actually do not need. Quite disappointing. No wonder the British and Americans will never forgive us, who can forgive us with this kind of behavior???? Chombo & Marian’s circus revealed more worms than anything, Simon Khaya Moyo has divorced and remarried, Nhema has divorced and the list is endless. And all these guys are supposed to be Zimbabwe’s role models – my foot.

  • $4558738

    Billionaire, seems Strive is not the one and only!

  • Tracy

    The man is required to provide the woman with her marital rights; food,
    clothing, and sex. [Exodus 21:10]

    If the man refuses to provide the woman with her marital rights;
    food, clothing, and sex, then he is required to release her but it is his
    decision, not hers. He is the only one who can issue a Bill of Divorcement. A
    woman who has been defrauded can do her best to influence such a man with
    whatever legal means she has at her disposal but she cannot divorce him because
    she does not possess him any more than an arm possesses the body. Its unfortunate Mrs Chiyangwa you cant divorce your husband since you as a woman belongs exclusively to the man.

  • Tozvireva

    I thought the “one man one farm” policy still work. MDC has been right all along to call for a land audit. This is greedy at it’s worst

  • jore

    there is no mercy when it comes to divorce. Its a question of showing each other’s nackedness. I tell you if he does not meet, her demads, obviously not the 85% she is talking of, we will here of how that wealth was acquired.

  • James Smith, Attorney

    there are few people that can walk away with grace and dignity

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