Chiwoniso laid to rest amid family feud


The late Chiwoniso Maraire

Herald Reporter
MBIRA queen Chiwoniso Maraire was yesterday laid to rest at her rural home in Chakohwa Village in Mutambara, Manicaland, amid a family feud which saw her body spending another night outside her home.Traditionally, the body is supposed to lie in state in the house but Chiwoniso’s body, which was first denied entry into her father’s home in Bluffhill, Harare, was also denied at the rural home to the bemusement of the village elders.

Chiwoniso lived at the Bluffhill home, but her body was denied entry by her family.
The elders and mourners questioned why she was not given a proper send-off worthy of a mbira icon with some of them walking out.

Controversy surrounds the family’s decision not to afford Chiwoniso a traditional funeral and consequently the family was fined US$50 by the village elders for breaking a traditional custom.

A family member who requested anonymity confirmed the developments but said it was not clear why the family denied Chiwoniso’s body entry into her rural home.

“The decision to deny the body entry into the home was made when the family met at the funeral parlour, but it was not clear why they decided to do  that.

“What we know is that the doctors confirmed that she died of pneumonia,” the family member said.

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  • Sorojena

    So Andy Brown died of pneumonia and now Chiwoniso has died of pneumonia as well? what a coincidence? Maybe the family didn,t want to catch this deadly pneumonia disease.Thats the only reason i can think of ,We will greatly miss you Chioniso,and may your soul rest iin peace.

  • punungwe

    Asi mwana wepaguru kani Chiwoniso? Dai vari mai vake kana baba vake havaimborega mwana achirara panze seasina kuzvarwa.

  • wafa wanaka

    zvakaoma shuwa. Shuwa wafa haana chaanoziva……

  • jindaramambo

    herald reporter…you need not look at matters that way or even go that far in your story if you are not familiar with our customs…there are several possible reasons for such maters t go that way…I am sure you know better. You don’t need to bring the stardom into family issues, it doesn’t work.This is very different from the Michael Jackson or Whitney issue. It does mean the elders who fined the family were heartless…zvimwe siyiraiwo vemhuri yemunhu nhaika.

  • Gwereza

    What really went wrong to this cute lady? Western life styles are not for us. The life styles that we embrace , thinking that they are cool are likely to consume our future generations.

  • liniagozo

    RIP dear girl

  • jewelm

    some family members` cleverness become evident when someone with a name dies

  • Pearlbee

    Farewell Sister Chi. You are missed dearly. May your soul rest in eternal peace