Chivayo dangles carrot• Pledges to give Warriors $250 000 to qualify for Gabon • Hands out cellphones and bonuses to Musona, Nhamoinesu

ALL-WEATHER FRIEND . . . Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo celebrates with Warriors’ star Costa Nhamoinesu (left) and triumphant coach Callisto Pasuwa (right), as they are joined by Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association chief Fortune “Giant” Bgwoni at the National Sports Stadium on Monday

ALL-WEATHER FRIEND . . . Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo celebrates with Warriors’ star Costa Nhamoinesu (left) and triumphant coach Callisto Pasuwa (right), as they are joined by Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association chief Fortune “Giant” Bgwoni at the National Sports Stadium on Monday

Petros Kausiyo Deputy Sports Editor
ZIFA benefactor Wicknell Chivayo, charmed by the Warriors’ destruction of Swaziland in a 2017 Nations Cup qualifier, has showered the squad with Samsung Galaxy S7 phones and dangled a massive $250 000 carrot for the senior team should they qualify for the finals in Gabon.

Chivayo was among the special guests in the National Sports Stadium’s VVIP Tribune on Easter Monday as the Warriors finally found their rhythm with a merciless 4-0 demolition of Sihlangu that propelled them to the top of the Group L standings. With Guinea beating Malawi 2-1 in Blantyre yesterday, coming from a goal down to win, it means the Warriors will still qualify for Gabon should they beat the Flames at home in June and the West Africans fail to win in Swaziland on the same weekend.

Chivayo released $72 000 to ZIFA on Easter Monday night to help the Association pay the players.

The massive victory left Chivayo over the moon and the young Harare businessman once again underlined his commitment to helping the Warriors achieve their dream when he released $72 000 to pay for their appearance fees and rolled out a tantalising $250 000 carrot which is now for the taking by Callisto Pasuwa and his men should they retain top spot in Group L and qualify for Gabon.

Chivayo first told Sport and Recreation Minister Makhosini Hlongwane and ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa of his pledge at a dinner with the duo before announcing the big carrot to the Warriors.

The ZIFA benefactor also weighed in with a mobile gadget for each of the 28-man squad, including the technical crew, who were given Samsung Galaxy S7 phones worth $1 100 each.

Chivayo reckoned that Sparta Prague defender Nhamoinesu, who capped yet another brilliant show in Warriors colours with a classy bullet back post header, was his man-of-the-match.

“Over and above what I gave I asked for permission to give my man-of-the-match Dread (Nhamoinesu) $1 000 and Musona $1 000 for scoring a very slow penalty I have never seen in my entire life that was full of class,” said Chivayo.

“I told them that if you qualify I will give the players $250 000 hard cash on the same evening after the match and no stories. “I said to Pasuwa ‘ask your wife which car she wants’ so that she can continue to cook for you nicely home . . . I want the coach and the players to stay motivated.”

Chivayo also made a huge statement against the scourge of match-fixing that had threatened to scupper the Warriors’ back-to-back clashes against Swaziland following revelations that a cartel had been working to try and fix the outcomes of those games.

“All these pledges that I am making are outside the $1 million which I gave to ZIFA which they have literally almost exhausted in three months,” said Chivayo.

Chivayo reiterated during his dinner meeting with Hlongwane and Chiyangwa that there was a strong need to ensure the Warriors are always motivated and incentivised to avoid being lured by match-fixers.

“I have assured the players that I am richer than these match-fixers and if you make my country happy like you did today complaining about salaries and bonuses will be a thing of the past,’’ Chivayo said.

Chivayo said match-fixers should not be allowed to infiltrate the national game by pouncing on the regular disputes over bonuses and allowances between ZIFA and the Warriors. The Warriors will now host the Flames at the National Sports Stadium on June 4 before they wind off their qualification bid with a tough away assignment against Guinea in Conakry in September. But should Swaziland who have been tough to beat in Mbabane, hold or beat Guinea, the Warriors could yet seal their qualification with victory over Malawi in their last home assignment.

And Chivayo wants that to be a night to remember for the Warriors and he emphasised to skipper Willard Katsande and his men yesterday that he would pull all the stops in conjunction with ZIFA to ensure that the senior team is fully motivated and ready for their defining moment.

Katsande and big striker Nyasha Mushekwi, in thanking Chivayo on behalf of the Warriors, also pledged that they would not disappoint ZIFA’s new all-weather friend.

“We are deeply humbled by this gesture and we just want to thank our sponsor for what he has done and all that he is promising to do for us.

“We also want to make history and qualify for the Nations Cup and make our country proud and we will work hard to achieve this,’’ Katsande said.

The Kaizer Chiefs hardman, who formed the first line of defence against Swaziland, said they were also aware of the rewards that come with success and were determined to be part of the history-making Warriors squad.

Only Sunday Chidzambwa in 2004 in Tunisia and Charles Mhlauri two years later in Egypt have managed to take the Warriors to the Promised Land with the legendary Peter Ndlovu being the captain on both occasions.

With Chivayo firmly behind them, Pasuwa and his men have Nations qualification firmly in their sights and the Warriors just need to hold their nerve and secure a berth at the finals which their industry richly deserve.

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  • Simbarashe Munemero

    nyc one Wicknell. Go warriors, tambai bhora vakomana

  • Gwereza

    Sir, munoziva here kuti Mari muyenzi. Always remember these two sentences.Mari. Inopera. Once its finished you will be finished as well. Uchafa usisona hama neshamwari. This pretend celebrity lifestyle won’t last for long Youngman.Get a personal trainer to help you to keep fit otherwise invest in a bariatric wheelchairs. Mhamo inenharo. We have seen it happen to others and it can also happen to you as well. Life just ends in failure. Thus when we fall on hard times. For interest’s sake ,what business are you in ????

    • Jonhbhedhazi

      Where ever he is getting that money, we dont mind as long zviri kuti batsira. I cld see smiles amongst zimbabweans on monday…..Sir Wicknell ndizvo

    • Widzo

      Tibvire ndoo problem yemaZimba munhu akaita mari hanzi ichapera kkkkkkkkkkkk. Saka iwe unototya kuita mari nekuti unotya kuti ichapera. Unoziva sei kuti ichapera. Ko kana ma blessings acho akawedzera times 100 unotii. Uchachembera uchingoti mari ya Wicknell ichapera chete uchitadza kutsvaga mari Cde

  • muchovi washoko

    Thanks. bhora mberi vakomana

  • Restless

    Is this how we should develop soccer in this country? I need help, yes its a good gesture, but I am afraid if one person seems to personalise the team. What if he is not there? ZIFA should have a sponsorship policy, that is if they do not have one, all monies meant for the warriors should be accounted for and properly distributed. Varume if we want to get far lets have systems in place, systems that even if one becomes ZIFA President today is able to follow. Are we saying showering goodies and money is the only source of motivation for the team. For some countries, just being in the national team means a lot to the player. Can someone help me

    • Widzo

      Thats your own problem isu toda kuti ma Warriors ahwine. He he he dont tell me you wont be motivated by cash! Izvozvi ndikati kwira bhazi uuye joburg before 10am mangwana ndikupe mota BMW 3series ne 500 000 hautizi basa iwe??? Iweee iweeeka kkkkkkkkkkk

  • kuda

    two best run ups are needed, 13 group winners and the host I think this time we will make it no excuses for failing.

    • mukwerekwere

      It’s a log jam for those 2 places. This could end in heartbreak for the Warriors….a yet familiar ending.

  • Lloyd

    this guy arikudya nevamwe, haana kufanana na Mugabe,Haape munhu chinhu well done Sir at least urikurangarira vamwe,

  • Widzo

    Saka varume vakuru vane mari ku Zimbabwe hamunyari kukundwa nemwana mudiki akadai? Dai vaive kana 10 vakadai muZimbabwe hanty nyika yaibudirira. Basa kuita mari madhara vachipedzera kumafaro asina kana basa rei. At least mfana Wicknell arikuita something for the football community. Hats off mfana and God bless you. Vanhu vakadai pakunamata hatikanganwi mazita enyu ende God will bless you more. Your empire will not fall mfana as long as you have a giving hand. God bless you

  • Widzo

    Unei nazvo uchitadza kutsvaga mari ndosaka musingaiti mari. Mazimba munhu akaita mari hanzi aiwanepi, aba here, ane chikwambo here. Ndosaka musingaiti mari. Isu vamwe we are blessed Cde toita mari imi muchishaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei

    • mukwerekwere

      It’s a valid question. Why do all you guys respond the same way when this question is asked?

  • Widzo

    Which country? Ipi? Kune dzonzi nyika dzaunoita proud nadzo mistress

  • Cactus Flower

    Vamwe vanoti achachema mari yake, well i beg to differ. Remember pane principle yamwari isina maconditions on rewards to unconditional giving. He knows by motivating warriors and the coaches, it makes millions of people in Zimbabwe happy. If they qualify, millions of soccer fans will be grateful. I believe God blesses such individuals who makes millions smile! Imagine the choking emotion (proudly Zim) that you feel when a Zimbabwean team wins crucial matches, let alone a prestigious trophy!

  • lesly

    Thank you Wicnell you are the man.

  • Gwereza

    Once upon a time there was money in Harare, it used to be called sunshine city. Unfortunately, people thought those were blessings. What happened when the money got finished? Harare couldn’t treat water for its citizens,cholera ikapedza vanhu. Thus why we are now having sewage for water and are complain. Everyone is now running to SA, handzi kuJonini. Wait until those SAfricans unleash whips. Another idiot here is idiolising Sir Wickenel and Chiyangwa. Mari. Inopera. Muyenzi. So what will happen if Sir stops funding the national team??? Definitely masupporters won’t have those smiles that you saw on Saturday. How short sight can people be, handzi vanhu vanemajealous. This s what happened to the likes of Shonhayi, Mercedes, and other pretend celebrities. They died paupers. Not to mention politicians like vana Shamunyarira. Life always ends in failure.

  • Blackwave

    chakanaka chakanaka….bless you sir wicknell