Chivayo buys car for Mlauzi

A MAN OF HIS WORD . . . Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo, who has poured more money into the new ZIFA board than anyone else, poses with the brand new vehicle that he bought for Mighty Warriors’ coach Shadreck Mlauzi, just days after another vehicle was delivered to Warriors’ gaffer, Callisto Pasuwa

A MAN OF HIS WORD . . . Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo, who has poured more money into the new ZIFA board than anyone else, poses with the brand new vehicle that he bought for Mighty Warriors’ coach Shadreck Mlauzi, just days after another vehicle was delivered to Warriors’ gaffer, Callisto Pasuwa

Petros Kausiyo Deputy Sports Editor
ZIFA partner Wicknell Chivayo is becoming a trendsetter in the support of domestic football and reviving the fortunes of the national association.

In the week that he delivered a top-of-the-range vehicle to be used by Warriors coach Callisto Pasuwa, and pledged to do the same for Mighty Warriors gaffer Shadreck Mlauzi, Chivayo, a Harare businessman, yesterday lived up to his promise and bought a car for the women’s soccer team mentor.

The 33-year-old Harare businessman, whose patriotism has been manifesting through his unwavering support for national football, revealed yesterday that he had paid $44 000 for the Toyota Hilux D4D double cab truck to be used by Mlauzi.

Chivayo said he was equally keen to see the Mighty Warriors succeed as he was upbeat about at the Warriors potential to reach the 2017 African Cup of Nations in Gabon.

“I bought it (the car) this morning. It is brand new. It is slightly different from the one we bought for Callisto Pasuwa but it is still a good car which the Mighty Warriors coach will use.

“I will keep on supporting the national teams and women’s football to ensure there is also gender equality,’’ Chivayo said.

The ZIFA benefactor, however, said he was not amused by complaints raised by Mlauzi on Wednesday in which the Mighty Warriors coach expressed disappointment at the late start of preparations.

While acknowledging that the Mighty Warriors preparations had taken long to kick-start, Chivayo felt the women’s coach ought to have been a little bit patient and believed in ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa and his assurances that funds had now been secured for their camp to start.

“I was a bit disappointed that the coach was complaining bitterly even when two businessmen had said funds were being put in place for their training camp to start and that a car was also being bought for him.

“I have said I am going to look after them but I am worried that there is an element of doubt on the part of the women’s coach. I am a patriotic Zimbabwean and I live up to my promises.

“I also took into consideration that it can be a bit of hassle to coach women’s football and I speeded up the procurement of the vehicle.

“I want them to succeed and like I have said before, my late uncle Vice President John Nkomo was their patron and he always wanted them to succeed and I am just doing my bit to help,’’ Chivayo said.

ZIFA spokesman Xolisani Gwesela said the association’s secretariat was now working on finalising the Mighty Warriors revised training camp programme that will also take into account the fact that they will need to prepare for both the Olympic Games in August and the African Women Cup of Nations qualifier against Tanzania early next month.

The Mighty Warriors will travel to Tanzania for the first leg on March 4-6 and Mlauzi is worried that with the women’s league inactive at the moment, his charges could struggle for match fitness for their clash against the East Africans.

Since deciding to go into to bed with ZIFA, Chivayo has helped breathe life into the Warriors and now the Mighty Warriors brands and setting the tone for corporate and individual sponsors to renew their confidence in doing business with the local soccer mother body.

Meanwhile, after being overlooked for various major continental assignments, local referees have won back the confidence of the Confederation of African Football with seven officials being appointed to handle Champions League and Confederation Cup matches this weekend.

Unlike in the past where such referees like Felix Tangawarima, Brighton Mudzamiri, Frank Valdemarca, the late Felix Sanyika and Wilfred Mukuna were a regular feature on the international stage, the current crop of match officials have been struggling to make their mark at CAF.

But with a refreshing wave sweeping across the Zimbabwean game following the ushering of a new board that was elected into office on December 5 last year, referees have become the latest facet of the national game to benefit from the changing fortunes.

The ZIFA referees committee chaired by board member Edzai Kasinauyo yesterday announced that seven of their members had been appointed by CAF to take charge of the inter-club assignments that are starting this weekend.

CAF have named Harare referee Norman Matemera to handle the match between Mbabane Swallows of Swaziland and APR FC of Rwanda in Swaziland.

In that assignment in Mbabane Materemera will be assisted by Salani Ncube and Edgar Rumeck while Nomore Masundire will be the reserve referee.

Another set of match officials led by Philani Ncube will officiate in the match between Zesco of Zambia and Gal Galghazalawau of South Sudan with Brighton Nyika and Luckson Mhara being his first and second assistants.

Zesco will be at home for that encounter.

Kasinauyo has applauded the appointments of the local referees by CAF to officiate in two of the Champions League matches this coming weekend.

“This achievement shows that as a country we are going somewhere, we can improve on our level of refereeing but having seven referees is quite a feat,” Kasinauyo told the association’s website.

“This is an improvement on our standards as we didn’t have a referee at CHAN tournament in Rwanda, so seven referees receiving continental recognition is honourable,” said Kasinauyo.

Kasinauyo also highlighted that although the appointment is a rare opportunity, Zimbabwean referees can improve their standards and become even better.

Match No 29 — Mbabane Swallows (Swaziland) v APR FC (Rwanda) CL

Referee: Norman Matemera

Assistant Ref (1): Salani Ncube

Assistant Ref (2): Edgar Rumeck

Reserve Ref: Nomore Musundire

Match No 13: Zesco United FC (Zambia) vs GAL GHAZALAWAU (South Sudan) CL

Referee: Pilan Ncube

Assistant Ref (1): Brighton Nyika

Assistant Ref (2): Luckson Mhara

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  • Unendoro11

    Anomboita nezvei Wickell uyu

    • DontLieToUs

      Nhai iwe asi waziva kuti ndoda kuzvibvunza, ini handizive ndotodawo kuziva zvangu

    • ZIFA

      Hasiye here wenyoka pa Barclays kkkkkk

    • bodo_kwete

      He stole millions from am alleged white investor. He is an imposter pretending to be an expert in solar. Said to be related to the first lady. Enough?

      • Dickden

        Akutochaya mari ye Project apa haana kana Solar panel one ra-installer.Mubhoyi!Kungoti hunzi ndine mari.

        • gutu chitovah

          Kwete vakuru vangu, unode zivo unobvunza kwete kungowawata. Tender yazuro ino iyi ndoyomototaura? handiti iyo zesa kuzopa tender kuona kuti pane kamba irikufaya inonzi intratrek. saka mari haisi yanhasi iyi. vanohustler vakuru ava. Sando dzavo

    • Judas Iscariot

      His uncle is the late vice president John Nkomo. Hopefully this will answer your question.

  • Muntu

    Akumboiwana kupiko mari iye Wicknell? Or perhaps it doesn’t matter as long as he is doing something good with the money? ZIMRA, RBZ where are you? Is the money clean?

    • robzam

      There is hardly any clean money in the world.

  • muongorori

    Zvakukurwadzai kuti Phidza aakufambisa zvinhu, anoita nezvei zvine basa rei izvozvo, mazimbo kurwadziwa! Now its about zvaanoita Wicknell, ko kukubatsirai kwaarikukuitai?

  • Wilson Magaya

    Respect to the man who is giving back to our beautiful Zimbabwe and the beautiful game. I believe this is what it will take to change our country for the better. Commitment by individuals, politicians included, private business, civil society and others. Show the way and how its done so others may emulate. I think this is a trend that will catch on especially with the millennials, we have seen it in Rugby with the recent match between Cheetahs and Blue Bulls. Action creates miracles. Show the way so that others may follow. “Nyika Vanhu, Musha Matare”

    • Judas Iscariot

      He has the wrong priorities though. Instead of raising money, for the team to go into camp,and start preparations for the tournament,he is worried about buying the coach a new car. ZIFA will be judged,by the performance of our teams on the field,rather than the type of cars driven by our coaches. Time is money,and this coach has the right to raise hell.

    • magiya kulumani

      People who sacrifice for others have a best talent from God.This doesnt mean having too many resources.but the love for the beautiful game.Wicnell well done man.Continue supporting others so that they can support you tomorrow.To the man of his words Chiyangwa welldone may your name be blessed,Amen

  • franco

    kudos To Mr chivhayo for a Job well done. An exemplary display of patriotisM, bsiness Ethics,, and social Responsibility.

    Now,, to those who are asking abt the source of income,, ,shame on you. Thts why you will never succeed in life. To help others,, cz u alrdy have the “bring him DoWn meNtality. Dnt ask Zimra,, ,rbz to investigate anythng,, cz nthng is illegal here, its ur hearts and mind that are illegal and rotten

    Again thanK you mr chivhayo.

  • hunzi007

    He is a mule used by the so called politicians. Look how can he be not concerned about the coach’s lack of early preparations. If he is patriotic he should be advocating for early preparations. He is therefore working for Phidza and mayb the money for the cars could be coming from Phidza.