Chipanga ruled offside, to pay costs

chipangaDaniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter—
The High Court has interdicted Zanu-PF deputy youth secretary Cde Kudzayi Chipanga from threatening war veterans with violence before ordering him to pay costs of the suit on a higher scale. Cde Chipanga allegedly threatened former freedom fighters with violence during an address to a group of youths, a day before a failed war veterans meeting in Harare last week.

On Tuesday, Cde Chipanga declared war on veterans of the liberation struggle whom he described as “sickening rabble-rousers”. He said they stood no chance against the youths. He said the youths “outnumbered” the liberation war fighters and were not afraid to fight them.

He also threatened to mobilise the youths to demonstrate against The Herald for alleged “biased reporting”. Justice Jester Charewa yesterday ruled against Cde Chipanga in a case in which the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) was challenging the conduct of the youth leader in threatening and denigrating freedom fighters last week.

Lawyers for ZNLWVA, Nyika Kanengoni and Partners, on Friday faced resistance from identified people at the Zanu-PF Headquarters in a bid to serve the urgent chamber application on Cde Chipanga.

On Saturday, the lawyers engaged the services of the Sheriff of the High Court, Mr Mcduff Madhega, who also had difficulty serving Cde Chipanga with a notice of the case’s set down.

Justice Charewa had no option but to grant the freedom fighter’s request in the absence of Cde Chipanga. “The third respondent (Cde Chipanga) be and is hereby ordered not to threaten any member of the applicant with violence. “The third respondent be and is hereby ordered to pay costs on an attorney and client scale,” ruled Justice Charewa.

The ZNLWVA had cited Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri as first and second respondents respectively in the matter, but made a U-turn later and withdrew their case against the two, leaving Cde Chipanga.

The withdrawal of the case against Minister Chombo and the police followed President Mugabe’s public apology to the war veterans and a unifying message in his State of the Nation Address on Friday that has been well received by the nation. ZNLWVA on Saturday issued a statement to the Press and part of it reads:

“The President’s words have indeed complemented the medication that the wounded comrades are receiving. “The intervention by His Excellency has confirmed the historic bonds of comradeship which exist between His Excellency and the war veterans of Zimbabwe’s liberation. “We are now confident of procuring His Excellency’s assurance and facilitation for the holding of the association’s meeting without hindrance.

“Accordingly, the matter which we had filed against the Minister of Home Affairs and the Commissioner-General of Police will be withdrawn but that against Kudzai Chipanga will proceed.”

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  • haiwawo

    So the fool has been used and thrown under the bus – typical of ZANU PF and typical of the tools as well who are too thick to see and who never learn.

  • Judas Iscariot

    So the war veterans are willing to forgive the people,who unleashed violence on them,but they’re not willing to forgive the poor young man,threatened them? They’re even willing to forgive the organizers, of the unsanctioned meeting that resulted in police, unleashing violence on them? What a shame. I hope this will be the last time,we hear war veterans threatening to go back to war, if Tsvangirai wins a free and fair election.

    • robzam

      Are you also buying into this tired story of an unsanctioned meeting. This was not a political gathering open to any member of the public but only affiliated members thus there was no need of the dubious police clearance. Setting the police on the war veterans was mischievous of the highest order from G40 devoid of any moral or legal justification. The only reason the police were set onto the war veterans was premised on a lie that the purpose of the meeting was to embark on a street demonstration leading to ZANU Pf HQ.

  • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba

    People forget that Chris Mtsvangwa is not only a former war veteran but a former Deputy Director General of the CIO and also ZBC. You don’t walk to those position you need to have some credibility and I wonder if this Chipanga and Chimene fellows come any close

  • Tafadzwa

    Zvaakafanana naKasukuwere mwana uyu. Tarisai face yacho.

    • Thandie Gwatidzo


    • Wapas

      DNA Tests needed here as a matter of urgency

  • Masilangokuthubela

    Why are some party members stopping Chipanga’s prosecution, it is obvious he was saying this as a paid up G40 foot soldier!

  • blar tindo

    iko kuzomuti Cde Kudzayi Chipanga…..mwana mudiki uyu hu Cde hwacho akazowuwanepi?

  • Sekuru Karikoga

    Zimbabwe’s political landscape is changing rapidly like a chamelion. Aiva madziva ava mazambuko. The war veterans vaikwapura vanhu nhasi votopuhwa protection ne mutemo. In New Zimbabwe, with its constituion in place, we see the legal system in operation, Zvakaramba zvakadayi kuti atadzirwa woenda kuCourt zvotongwa fair fair, foreign investments zvotonaya sechimvura mabwe. I am still skeptical because a chamelion matches its colors in order to hide in its surroundings while waiting to catch those tasty insects. Chenjara mufana wame rwaiyivi can be difficult to spot.

  • machakachaka

    Chipanga will eat something he doesn’t like. It’s called humble pie.

  • Wemene

    I am a lot worried with the manner people make certain public utterances, which I doubt would be followed by action, but have the potential to cause anarchy and despondency. Public peace and order must be maintained at all costs. Surely, we cannot have this drought and at the same time have a war being caused by reckless motor mouths like Chipanga. Is there no law that criminalises such actions? We need some semblance of normalcy and we need our leaders to be addressing bread and butter issues but no-one seems to realise this glaring imperative.

  • cinhema

    Great to note that the War Veterans have employed legal means to stop this Chipanga rabble-rouser. Just hope that Chipanga wont delude himself into thinking that the War Vets have sought the protection of the court from possible violence.Far from it.If Chipanga fools himself into thinking that War Vets are afraid of him and his cohorts, he shall have no-one to blame,but himself, if and when decisive action is taken against him.

  • Department 6

    it was more of ‘State of ZPF Address’

  • G Tichatonga

    Our war veterans cannot continue to hold the nation at ransom. At independence demobilization dues were received, towards the end of the 90s Mugabe was heckled at the Heroes Acre and $50k etc was paid….the Z$ then crashed. There has not been economic peace since then. You can’t keep on having babies in your 60s and 70s and still want the state to look after them. We got land….fertilizer….maize seed….tractors…..and are still asking for more! Nyaraiwo kani. The youth is not wrong to try and claim their lives back. Yes perhaps the language used is too strong but we must get the message….give them a chance to lead decent lives. Mutsvangwa has become moronic.

    • Judas Iscariot

      Well said,i’m a son of a war veteran myself. Gov’t paid for my school fees,and that of my siblings. We went to gov’t boarding schools,like Chindunduma in Shamva, Rusununguko in Marondera,Mavhudzi in Nyazura and Nkululeko, in Bulawayo. This was part of the gov’t benefits for war vets,soon after independence to help them get on their feet. Honestly war veterans should have been responsible for kids born 10years after independence.Alot of these veterans were given first preference, for govt jobs after independence,especially those that didn’t require advanced skills. They also had plenty of opportunities, to go back to school for free,like some of them did. Gov’t should have given the vets opportunities and not handouts. Teach a man to fish and you might never see him again,give him fish and you will get tired of seing the same man. The nation has done enough.

    • tafamutekwe


  • Observer gonzo

    Munangagwa is Justice Minister, and meanwhile Tomana is at work….

    Cards at play are so clear for all to see.

  • Gonte

    Chipanga loud mouth youth .He must just shut up.
    War Vets no pushie overs.Hokoyo


    the war vets are young and the youth are old ….. only in zimbabwe ruins