Chinese leader salutes President

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Lloyd Gumbo in BEIJING, China
President Mugabe yesterday met his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing at a colourful ceremony that was attended by Zimbabwean and Chinese ministers and senior officials.
The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces together with his host, inspected a guard of honour mounted by China’s Land Force, Air Force and Sea Force.

They received a 21 gun salute as they were inspecting the guard of honour while the band provided entertainment.
Children were also holding flowers and miniature flags of both countries to welcome the two leaders.

The two leaders together with their ministers and senior officials then went into a closed-door meeting that lasted for hours.
In his remarks after the closed door meeting, President Xi praised President Mugabe for the role he played during and after the liberation struggle.

“Your Excellency is a renowned leader of the African national liberation movement,” he said.
“The main founder of the Republic of Zimbabwe and important promoter of African integration. Your Excellency enjoys high prestige in Africa, you are also an old friend of the Chinese people whom we respect very much.

“The Chinese people value friendship and will never forget those good friends and good brothers who show mutual understanding and support.”
He said the friendship between China and Zimbabwe was founded on same principles and values since both countries fought imperialism and colonialism.

President Xi said Zimbabwe and China showed mutual respect for each other adding that they must endeavour to promote political mutual trust.
“At present both China and Zimbabwe are at an important phase in our development endeavour and there are new opportunities facing China-Zimbabwe friendship and co-operation and I am sure Your Excellency’s visit this time will mark a new starting for our relationship.

“I stand ready to work with you, Your Excellency to comprehensively deepen our bilateral relationship and make sure the relationship will create benefits for people in both countries,” he said.

In his response, President Mugabe said he was grateful for the invitation by the Chinese Government, adding that his Government was committed to the relationship between Harare and Beijing.

“I want to thank you for what you have just said and assure you that we are prepared on our part to continue our historical relations and even build on them as we develop our economies and Zimbabwe will naturally as before being a smaller country be the beneficiary of this relationship and so I want to assure you of our reciprocal undertaking that we will do our best to reciprocate your friendship,” said President Mugabe.

Earlier in the day, President Mugabe toured one of the leading computer software and hardware manufacturer Inspur Group, that also has interests in Zimbabwe.
The firm donated 200 laptops to the President’s Office.

President Mugabe is in China on a week-long State visit.

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  • Observer

    I just wonder is it satisfying that people always praise someone for things collectively accomplished more than 34 yrs ago when they had another lifetime to accomplish some more. The fact that we are in china begging for assistance speak volumes of our “liberation” credentials..

  • Dombodema

    Contrast this with the infamous Tsvangirai/Merkel jambanja in Germany.

    • Grafie20

      Mugabe, by contrast, is not welcome in Germany.

  • Sodai Chamboko

    Can the Chinese leadership teach ZANU-PF how to deal with CORRUPTION our country is bleeding please!Or make Zimbabwe a province of China if that is what it will take to clean up our government

  • Vusumuzi Bvunzawabaya

    I think Mugabe is the face of our poverty ,exploitation and subjugation. I live in South Africa and when I drive past traffic lights there are Zimbabwean women begging for money some with young children by their side:if you call this empowerment then I give up. It does not end there:the dead being pulled out of disused mines are Zimbabweans. Go to Mpilo or Harare Hospital:there are no drugs .Equipment is in need of repair and you are told there is no money. But money to buy German Sedans ,all-terrain 4X4 ,endless overseas trips by bloated government delegations is always available.
    We need Mugabe to start identifying with the DOWNRODDEN at the moment he is not. Let us assist our party and government by giving ideas, criticising creatively ,that way the country can move forward. No need for insults or sugar coating.

  • Vusumuzi Bvunzawabaya

    From today’s Herald I sense that you are not too far off the mark. There are MEGA deals signed but little in terms of details

  • Makusakatara


    I agree with the statement, that “people do not eat steps”. However, I want you to know that a good step shows a stable and focused mind. Always when you take the right step of your life, the whole of your life will be and remain smooth.

    President R.G. MUGABE took very good steps for this country and it is those good steps taken since 1980 or even before (when he led the struggle for our independence and freedom); that have seen and will see Zimbabwe becoming a developed country well ahead of all the country currently being called “third world”.

    My only problem with what you said is that you have the ego of a child which, when it wants, it wants immediately. It can not stop wanting or cannot wait for the fruits to ripen – it wants, like a baboon, the food the very moment it stores it to ripen.

    When some of us went to war we were told that it was not an event neither was it smooth sailing. We were told that this was going to be a protracted armed liberation war that would punctuated by disease, hunger, bombs and DEATHS. This means that there was going to be EXTREME SUFFERING and indeed, there was SUFFERING which some of you can only imagine.

    What we had in our minds was that we were doing this, not for ourselves but for posterity. We did not mind dying as long as the future was good and guaranteed for our children and our fellow Zimbabweans.

    Today, Zimbabweans are free from slavery, subjugation,exploitation and racism and this was done or was made possible by those who did not enjoy a single bit of the freedom, independence and rights we are enjoying today. WHY can’t we do the same, sacrifice like those of our heroes that gave everything and died fighting to free our land from colonial occupation?

    Why is it that we do not see the good intentions that our President has in doing all that he is doing for this country? Why is it that we do not see – but outsiders do see – the selflessness; the honestyness; the uprightness; the unwavering and the dedication with which President R.G. MUGABE is doing all that he is doing for the good of this country?

    As Zimbabweans we need to rethink what we want for our future. Do we want foreigners to subjugate us again? Do we want to play second fiddle in the running of our economy? Do we want those who exploited us yesterday to continue to dominate in the exploitation of our land and resources? I am sure the answer is an emphatic NO!!

    YES, we want them, but only as partners and not as our bosses. There is no way I would accept myself or my children working under a Boer when I can do what he can do five times over.