China speaks on Chiadzwa

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping

Felex Share Senior Reporter
China respects the Government’s decision to cease operations of companies that were mining diamonds in Chiadzwa and has no problem with actions being executed within the confines of the law, Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping has said.

Ambassador Huang said small differences would not affect the bond between China and Zimbabwe.

If differences were to exist, the envoy said, they would be resolved in a progressive manner that does not affect agreed projects.

This comes after Government ordered firms mining in Chiadzwa to cease operations and vacate the area within three months.

The firms, which include Mbada Diamonds, Diamond Mining Company, Jinan and Anjin, had not renewed their licences as stipulated by the Mines and Minerals Act.

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This saw Government resolving to take over the diamond fields to be run under the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company, a move which the companies resisted.

Some of the joint ventures in Chiadzwa, principally Anjin, involved the Chinese.

The merger sought to boost accountability and transparency.

Hours after Government annou-nced the measure, the private media intensified its propaganda agenda, claiming that mega deals sealed between Zimbabwe and China were now in doubt.

Mr Huang said the mega deals remained undamaged.

“That does not affect this relationship,” he said.

“We respect the move the Government of Zimbabwe has taken. I think we can find a way to deal with problems because even brothers and sisters have different ideas, sometimes in one family. Our cooperation will continue and we always find a way through consultations if problems do exist.”

He said Chinese companies should respect Zimbabwean laws with the later also respecting the interests and agreements it sealed with companies from the Asian country.

“Abide by the law and everything will be protected and we also signed an agreement with Zimbabwe around 1996 and this should be observed also,” Mr Huang said.

“President Xi (Jinping) said he will join hands with President Mugabe to continue strengthening this relationship and there is good cooperation between our two countries. He was greatly impressed by the hospitality during his State visit here and FOCAC.”

Mr Huang’s remarks come after Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi last week also asserted that the deals were still intact.

He said it was “mischievous” for someone to conclude that the investment decision of one or two companies would affect the mega deals.

The minister said the move by Government had not been done in the spirit of fighting or hostility and hence would not affect relations between China and Zimbabwe.

The agreements between the two countries were made at the highest level with Presidents Mugabe and Xi Jinping reciprocating visits in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

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  • Tarubva

    Read between the lines; “… we also signed an agreement with Zimbabwe around 1996 and this should be observed also”, said the ambassador. That is a wake up statement to the Zanu PF govt!

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Your wish is based on your hatred of ZANU PF government. You are free to speculate for the worst scenario fed by your ignorance on what is on the ground. Our govt has been with the Chinese for long . The govt knows how to solve any disputes with friendly countries. Things only worsen when dealing with the illegal sanctions imposers of the West. So,please, hold your satanic insinuation and stop celebrating Cassandra wise!

      • succuba

        Which illegal sanction are you referring to (prof)?

        Please explain here.

  • Tsotso

    Aaah what can he say? Did you want him to say J10s are now airborne?? Those short men will simply cut the pipe supplying air to you, the so called “deals mega”

  • sky

    Good. 1999 drc war we ran out of spares for the hawk fighter jet and Britain refused to sell us spares. We ran out of F7 fighter jets which we had bought from China and they refused to give us a few on credit. tit for tat

  • fidel castro

    Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof), our government has the propensity to turn friendly countries into foes even the illegal sanctions imposers, once upon a time were our dear leader’s darlings. Another illegal self made sanction imposer is in the offing, not western this time but eastern.

  • Esther

    The Chinese can say whatever they want, Zimbabwe cannot do what they Chinese were doing to our DIAMONDS. Go to Anhui and see what Zimbabwe diamonds have done to that province. Beautiful hotels, beautiful roads, etc while there is ZERO development in Manicaland. We will never sell our sovereignty for mere $4 billion in ten years. Never Never Never. Pasi ne Mhanduuueeeee! Hon. Chidakwa you owe no one an apology. You are doing for the future of our kids. Yes we are friends with Chinese not to the extent of selling our sovereignty. Muzukuru haafaniri kutora advantage achibatabata mukadzi wa sekuru nekuti sekuru harari mumba. Hongu West yakatiramba so friends should not take advantage of that. Manicaland should be looking like second capital city of Zimbabwe if these companies were trustworth. We thank the Chinese for Longcheng that was built on wet land but its not worth our diamonds.

    • karombe

      dont blame the chinese for our failures. ma zimbo ndivo vaipiwa chioko muhomwe ndokurega ma diamonds achingoenda zvawo. am still skeptical about this turnaround by chidhakwa et al. it must be one of those grand plans. next we will hear that so and so has a claim at chiadzwa. big names. mirai muone!

      • Esther

        If truth be told, one of Mnangagwa’s twin sons is married to a Chinese girl who happens to be a daughter of one of Anjin ‘workers’.

  • bodo_kwete

    I see peole being fired at Herald

  • Strategic

    “……….no problem with actions executed within the confines of the law………” This is an otherwise excellent opening line for your report! From this point on, you should then have dwelt on the actions of government in light of applicable local and international laws. Instead, you have chosen to go round and round in circles!! I however forgive you given your position relative to the powers that be.

  • karombe

    creating confusion so that they loot