China commits to funding Zim-Asset

Vice President Joice Mujuru flanked by Chinese Vice President Dr Li Yuanchao and Foreign Affairs Minister                     Simbarashe Mumbengegwi after her meeting with the Chinese VP at Harare International Airport yesterday. — Picture by Justin Mutenda

Vice President Joice Mujuru flanked by Chinese Vice President Dr Li Yuanchao and Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi after her meeting with the Chinese VP at Harare International Airport yesterday. — Picture by Justin Mutenda

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
China has reiterated its commitment to assist financially within the purview of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation. In a meeting with Vice President Joice Mujuru in Harare yesterday, China’s Vice President Dr Li Yuanchao said Beijing wanted to see Zimbabwe prosper.

Dr Li met VP Mujuru during a stopover at the Harare International Airport en-route to Zambia for a four-day State visit.
At the airport he met VP Mujuru, Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, Minister of State for Harare Province Miriam Chikukwa and Minister of State in the VP’s Office Sylvester Nguni.

An initial funding commitment for Zim-Asset was made by China’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Lin Lin last month when he said discussions for a financial package were underway.

“We are very proud to see your achievements and we will do our best for you to realise this feat,” said Dr Li.
“Our two countries enjoy very good relations, especially in terms of economic co-operation.”

Dr Li, who is also a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China, informed VP Mujuru that Beijing was preparing for President Mugabe’s visit to China later this year.

He described Zimbabwe as one of China’s best friends, adding that the CPC and Zanu-PF had a long-standing relationship dating back to the days of the liberation struggle.

Dr Li, who is leading a 21-member delegation including senior Chinese government CPC officials, said Zimbabwe was making strides on the economic front and Beijing was ready to assist in the area of training.

VP Mujuru said Zimbabwe was ready to work with China in implementing Zim-Asset.
“There is a lot that we feel China can also try to look at and work with us so that this blueprint becomes a reality because it is a programme that the generality of this country is looking forward to,” she said.

“For years since independence, we have been failing to deliver fully . . . yes we got the land, but the land has not given the full results which the Head of State and our party and his people are waiting to see.”

VP Mujuru said Zimbabwe appreciated China’s support during and after the liberation struggle.
After a brief closed session with her Chinese counterpart, VP Mujuru said Dr Li told him that a senior official would visit Zimbabwe in July.

She said detailed discussions would be held with the official pertaining to Zim-Asset funding, among other issues.

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  • kuzi

    inonzi “Look East”, tinobatana paAirport, kwete State House

  • mugopower

    So this was an afterthought to visit Zim. Zim was not on the schedule yet we call them best friends

    • Dzakabvuraudzwa

      Your best friend is not always regarding you as his/her best friend

  • Mhesvamukono

    It would appear Zimbabwe’s close relationship with China is only fit for a visit from a senior official next July. Other more worthy nations receive extended visits from the Chinese President, Prime Minister or VP accompanied by hundreds of top flight business managers and investors.

    • tafamutekwe

      It just illustrates how Zimbabge has fallen on the scale of leading and progressive African countries. To think at one time we were up there alongside South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya but now we rank lowly to our erstwhile “back-boys” like Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Its heartrending and depressing.However since we have somersaulted ourselves to the very bottom of the “least under-developed nations of the world” the only option for us now is to go up again. Let’s seriously do a reality check and correct all the glaring and not so glaring mistakes we have done over the past 33 years and take Zimbabge back to the summit yet again. Yes, thanks to the Chinese for their “unwavering ” support but for God’s sake, lets market ourselves to the entire world so that our economy becomes bankable again.

      • succuba

        True but it will never happen as long as patronage trumps progressive thinkers

        • Mangwende we Chinhoyi

          So what is your point succubae? It is enough for you to know that the Chinese VP met our VP and they held their discussions.

    • rukudzo

      What you miss is that visits between China & Zimbabwe are almost a permanent feature-but you dont see.

      • Mhunhu

        more like a permanent after thought.

      • Jindaguru

        What you miss is that 1 occasional visit by the Chinese to any other nation, is worth more in investments than 34 years of Sino-Zimbabwe style ‘permanent features’.

      • mugopower

        Permanent public relations practice. I guess!!

  • succuba

    While the Chinese premier Li Keqiang was in London yesterday signing a £14 Billion trade deal with the UK.

  • Abel

    Somehow I dont buy this ‘committment’ story. Where they are serious they pay 5 day visits, where they are saving face they stopover at airports. we saw this with the father Kabila where he was now visiting SA and flying past Zim. History repeats itself. i dont blame China though, hatibatsirike, after helping us nguva yehondo, we got independence and started supping with the west while forgetting ana China. Why would they want to help that much now. chakachenjedza ndechakatanga.

  • Rodger

    Saka vakangogumira paAirport chete here?MuChina uyu was in transit asingatodi hake zvekuonana nesu zvino akanyara kuti ndongopfurira neparuvanze rwevaridzi ndisina kutaura here.Hapana friendship apa varume.China does not want anything to do with us and we should stop prostituting ourselves to them..

  • zoro

    i didnt kno kuti zanu pf inotodawo rubatsiro runobva kunze. so amazing really?

  • Bingo

    Its questionable when your friend greets you @the door & goes on to stay for 4 days with your neighbour.

    • Nyadzi

      Hahaha ndaseka hangu…where is Mzvinaprof t rescue this embarrassment..I feel sorry for all these leaders it’s pathetic, now begging at airports..ko mukatanga kufungawo ne kuita zvisingadi mari yekunze yatisina zvakaipei..Surely it’s un Zimbabwean to plan for success based solely on help from outside the country where is our sovereignty in that, if we are the envy of the world based on our resources what we have why can’t be innovative and start from there?Or is it a case of brainless leaders who can’t inspire the citizens?

  • Samson Khoza

    I am just comparing two states both with a hunger for investors:South Africa and Zimbabwe. In South Africa the leading impediment to further investments is their labour relations. Unions ,some of which are aligned with the ruling party are holding the country to some sort of ransom.The government there is seriously talking to unions including deployment the Vice President to deal with unions .
    In Zimbabwe the biggest impediment to investment is not labour or unions but senior party and government officials. These officials want to extract as much as possible from potentially investors. Mugabe has acknowledged this in the past with no action. What is worse for the country is that this naked thievery is now being legalised through the abuse of empowerment legislation. Right now the majority of people in cabinet find themselves with stakes in mines, farms etc through manipulating the system. This frightens off investors. The sad thing is that even though the President has spoken about it repeatedly ,there is nothing being done about it at the top levels.Infact the opposite has happened, those who spoke against corruption have been silenced. The bosses milking the state companies have been left to continue to do the looting. The ministers have merely recycled board members. With such glaring non-action from the very top ,it is no wonder that even China is ignoring us like we have rabbies! Don’t read too much into “China Committs” ,these commitments will only be implemented if we change course. The Chinese are business people there are only Communist on paper

  • Nyadzi

    Pa Aiport here akomana not looking good at all.

  • gabbage in gabbage out

    Madhiri anoita during a stopover here? this sounds more like lipservices just say something since hes here

  • Observer

    Saving face (English), manatsamukanwa (Shona), how could someone commit to a $27billion project in a whistle stop while spending 4 days elsewhere to commit (thru signing of papers) to $5billion projects that are mutually beneficial. What was he supposed to say/do while he was refuelling his jet? #justobserving#

    • rukudzo

      Please use your brains. Hauna kuita Geography su. If it was a refueling stop, the ideal place would have been Dar or Lilongwe. Not Harare. A lot of things in politics are never said. You observe but you don’t see.

  • blejk

    pamberi nekubatana neChina

  • Makure.G

    Ministers and civil servants who have been in government since 1980 are now exhausted and have run out of ideas. They must go on early retirement and pave way for ‘fresh’ talent. We are tired of seeing the same old incompetent faces, involved in one scandal after another. We don’t want the country to slide into a ‘failed state’.

  • Minimum Payments

    Hanzi fix the pot holes first otherwise all leaders will stop at airport

  • Vuyo Mthethwa

    Ngiyazibuza nje..I wonder whats in it for China… Ayaphela amadiamond la!!!

  • bitchsbrew

    Lord save us from the Chinese.