Chimene sticks to guns on Mutsvangwa expulsion

Cde Chimene

Cde Chimene

Samantha Chigogo Herald Correspondent
A faction of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) led by Manicaland Provincial Minister of State Cde Mandi Chimene yesterday dug-in, and said the vote of no-confidence passed against the Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa-led executive remains unchanged.

This comes after the Chimene-led faction announced that she would lead the interim executive as its acting chairperson.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Cde Chimene said the resolution to boot out Cde Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica, secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda and member of the executive Cde Headman Moyo should not be contested.

“It is always a norm for people to complain after any form of expulsion and it takes time for someone booted out to accept his or her fate and just go peacefully,” she said.

“As it is, we stand by our resolution and the continued ranting by Cde Chris Mutsvangwa will not stop us from standing firm with our position that he remains suspended.”


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Cde Chimene said Cde Mutsvangwa would not go unpunished for insulting the First Family.

“As we have been saying before, he is being blamed for insulting the First Family as well as denigrating our patron for the war veterans association. Hence we shall be moving around all provinces explaining what it is exactly that led us to the decision of suspending Cde Mutsvangwa and his top leadership,” she said.

“Insults on the First Lady or the First Family are culturally uncalled for and it’s unheard of for anyone to publicly launder insults at the First Family. That should be stopped and we will not sit back and watch people going astray.”

Cde Chimene blamed some party cadres for pushing successionist agendas in the party.



“You must remember that the Mujuru-led faction started by doing exactly as some of these people are doing now. The indications are already there and clear for everyone to see,” she said.

“These indications alone should tell us more of what is coming. Some people are off track and all this confusion is just a way of announcing themselves and their agendas. That is why they are better off aside and doing what they want without dismantling the party.”

Cde Chimene said: “People should just come out in the open and declare their agenda because as it is some people are already hungry for positions. We can continue beating about the bush but as cadres of the party, it is our right to stop this before it manifests itself into something bigger.”

Cde Chimene said a new war veterans’ national executive would be elected within the next three months.

“We are not personalising his expulsion. We are just following the people’s will. We have a mandate to do as the people of Zimbabwe want. In three months’ time, we will have done everything to sustain the election of the new war veterans’ chairman and his executive,” she said.

Meanwhile provincial chairpersons and national executive members from all the country’s 10 provinces have rubbished Cde Mutsvangwa’s suspension and rallied behind him and his executive saying their dismissal is null and void.

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  • Mart

    The lady looks gorgeous. Anemunhu here? Ndipeiwo number please.

    • kk

      You don’t know her history during and after the war, do you?

    • mc3946

      She will expel you from the house any time

  • Grace Jones

    So who did Chimene sit down with to Suspend Mutsvangwa? Herself? These Dr Fugu zealots must follow procedure. Zimbabweans are all equal. follow procedure otherwise go away. You did not suspend anybody. Dream on.

    • Fred Muchena

      what procedure was followed when Mujuru and others were expelled? Did they not ululate?

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    too many boots kicking in all directions, hope next time its not youu…

  • Judas Iscariot

    I feel sorry for Mutsvangwa and his executive. Their fate was sealed in Chiweshe, where the first lady reminded him, of how he was smiling from ear to ear,while Jabulani and his executive,were receiving the vote of no confidence. Now it’s his turn and his only defence is,their constitution does not allow a vote of no confidence. If that’s the case then Jabulani and his executive should be in charge. You were mocking amai Mujuru,for claiming,she shot down a helicopter during the struggle. Now your own heroism,is under scrutiny. Chimene has the backing of the first lady,the first lady has the backing of the president,who is the patron of the war veterans. Tough like Mutsvangwa your time is up. Chickens are coming home to roost.There’re no active military members who are willing to jeopardize their jobs,because they’re seen to be supporting you. You only have your executive behind you that’s it.

    • Nyandoro Kunzwi

      Yes Jabulani Sibanda insulted the First Family. Mutsvangwa also did the same when he insinuated abuse of matrimony institution.He speaks and vomits words like he never worked as a diplomat. . But his faction now and again, day in day out, lyingly and vehemently declares support for the very First Family. Mutsvangwa started fighting the First Family! Matemadanda is not intelligent to see that. He cuts the log unwisely without controlling the utterances of his friend. May be he does not understand Mutsvangwa`s insulting English language grandiloquence.

      • cde honde

        pasi nemi mese nami venyu.GO HANG YOURSELF ZANUOIDS. let every ZANU member harvest what he/she sowed. today we have many young man and women from Varsity selling tomatoes and working as waiters because of your corruption and greed.sanctions sanctions sanctions my foot,the worst sanctions that have hurt this economy was from you Zanu people. whatever you touch turns to dust. SHABANI MASHAVA you destroyed, ZISCO STEEL you destroyed, our AGRICULTURE sector you you are complaining why Zambia is refusing to sell you maize produced by farmers you chased away.point those fingers at yourselves you ZANU thugs and may God judge you for the sufferings of peaceful Zimbabweans.

        • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

          Pasi newe , if you support the satanic sanctions. How many countries, besides Zim across the globe with graduates doing such jobs. Go to India , Nigeria! You have not travelled outside Zimbabwe. Anyway we don`t justify unemployment in our country of all people, including graduates.

    • yowe

      Hehehe wapedza

  • mapfungi

    I dont like this lady at all

    • Mamvemve

      I’m sure she could careless.

  • hezvo

    so who is good ,,,, pachine munhu kwaye here mu Zanu

  • joseph

    “There is no factionalism in ZANU PF. It is only in the imaginations of opposition newspapers.” How many times have we heard this refrain from ZANU officials?

  • Tinotya

    Somebody has the masterplan. All these others are pawns. Who is the chessmaster? Who is moving the pawns and the horses and the bishops and the queens (no pun intented)? This is where it gets exciting? Is it the top man himself? Is it some professor with the legendary brains? Or the queen mother enjoying overt power for the first time and enjoying it? Is it the bulky upstart from Mash Central with a penchant for declaring he has degrees in thuggery? Is it….whodunit?????

    kkkkk. All would be hilarious if it were not so potentially deadly. But to me, with volumes of spy thrillers plots in my bag, it seems like its that scenario where the controller loses contact with his agent and the agent has got to use his own ingenuity to succeed. Haaaa, nyaya yatanga manje. The Bourne Identity scenario anyone?

    Manheru, Shakespeare anopinda here apa. Bring Manheru back. We had kind of gotten used to his verbosity and at times deep insights to the happenings in the country. And like all showmen, his showmanship is kind of addictive. He is nuanced. And witty too.

    To hell with egos. Manheru is a national asset. I don’t always agree with him, but I’m not ashamed to say that he makes me think about my country in a very personal way.

  • Telescope

    Who really cares….dzinganayi until kwasara one person. Iya !!! You are creating problems for the party. Too many actors trying to find relevance in this Zanu PF movie. Do you care about the povo….. NOOO nada.
    Fuel prices are going down ku South so can someone in Government tell us when to expect a further reduction. That is if there is anyone working and still focused on getting things on track.

  • cinhema

    Nyandoro Kunzwi and Judas Iscariot, there is no institution called the “The First Family”. Saying out some not so flattering words about the president’s wife is not an offence,especially one who thinks and acts like she is on top of the world.

    • Nyandoro Kunzwi

      Politics is not based on mathematics . Its the art of the possible , not just dreams . Its the most unpredictable occupation in life, especially in developing countries like ours. What we need in this country is unity among our politicians , especially the ruling , because they got the mandate in 2013 to deliver via ZIMASSET, not quarrel over succession or political power before they are due to elect their new leaders. We have economic problems and shortage of jobs and food , not shortage of political successors to be elected in future. Are the war vet leaders putting more efforts to redress the welfare of their members via their new Ministry, instead of worrying about succession prematurely, given the fact that they took party few years ago in the elections of current political leadership.? Zvokungoti tsinga taratara over digression from economic priority issues pasi nazvo! People don`t eat political history or votes and counter votes! We all know how we fought one way or the other to liberate our country. Food , jobs, and peace should be the hallmarks of our patriotic leaders preoccupation across the board. Zvigaro zvekupa vemagaro chete vasingatishandire kwete! If all leaders can focus on that then will not have the current quarrels, in our ZANU PF party , in my patriotic view.

  • Kuta Kinte

    I do not like all what is currently happening. I would suggest a situation where the two War Veterans bodies show character by convening their own combined meeting and solve the issue like comrades who fought side by side and not against each other. The idea that you were once ardent cadres who candidly complemented each other in spirit, should be the guiding principle of how you should approach such a divisive challenge. Please be guided by the past for it is the past which shapes the future. You should all be aware that all this hullaballoo is some people’s project which is nearing completion and during the war, you were the same people who could see beyond that. These differences are now an open betrayal to the FALLEN HEROES. Please show your original character and solve this YOURSELVES and not through the press.

    • DK

      I agree with you Kuta Kinte, but you seem to be taking a cautious approach too. Don’t you see gloves are off? Kasukuwere said it in public that gloves were now off…against who?…he did not elaborate. But listening to the speeches of the speakers at Chiweshe and the recent Politburo meeting, it is clear the gloves are now off for Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Karanga people. However, listening to the song :Mazezuru unconquerable” it sounds the composition of the organizers of the Chiweshe rally are just after causing social strife in the country. This makes the whole issue something that should openly be discussed about. We do not want a Hutu-Tutsi kind of war here. Zimbos are just a peaceful people who do not need to be dragged around by politicians to this extent.

      Then the attack on war vets is something that pains. War vets are members of society just like anyone. They have feelings too, they have families, but what distinguishes them from the rest of us is that when they lost their childhood through voluntarily fighting for the nation, for no salary at all. They lost everything. The few that are there enjoying life could be enjoying just a few material gains, but they will never re-gain the time lost and somw will never get out of the trauma caused by the experiences of the war-and all this, they were doing it for all…not for their families alone.

      So when the so-called G40 are out to destroy the institution called the War Vets Association, then even us children of the vets, we get worried. The ideology of self rule is synonymous with war veterans. If you want to see how untouchable this institution is in other countries, try to mock war vets, say in America. You will be treated like Osama Bin Ladin. So, G40 may want to hide behind the First Family’s name, but i think they are missing the plot big time.

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    Herald – we are running out of “Maputi” in the terraces – please consider donating a tonne of popcorn to take us through this round of fighting – kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Difficult Munetsi

    kakanaka ka?

    • emmerson matongo

      DK thank you so much for a much reasonable contribution to the building of our beloved nation .There is a point that Zimbabweans that should know and do without compromise is to appreciate the liberation struggle .Imagine this reality and mockery of our fathers and mothers in this way people going to face the reality death everyday not for a salary but for the love of our country.
      There is no monetary thing that can be equated or being enough to compernsate them . When you were in school they were in the bush ,when independence came you got jobs because you said you need a proffession , how unfair.

  • mellisa

    she was CIO operative ma days a matsanga from mozambique. in the early 90s District head CIO Nyanga district, at one point she contested on being senator, that district again. Now she is governor Manicaland. She was very soft spoken, i went to school with her kids, but i guess Zimpolitics changes people.

  • chidaddy daddy Chibababababa

    Ko iyo First Family iri kungotukwa, nei pasina arikumbobvunza kuti varikumbotukirwei? Kana iko kutuka vamwe kusingadiwe nei ivo vari kuzviitira vamwe? Chero parikunzi ndatukwa, kutukwa chaiko here kana kuti kutaura zvisina kuwirirana nevamwe?

  • jomo511

    I wud like to see what lies under the multiple layers of make up. Otherwise ya chiramba kusakara

  • mc3946

    I thought Mutsvangwa was appointed by the President ….. school me here….. where does Chimene get the powers to suspend Mutsvangwa?