Chimene an enemy of Zanu-PF: Tshinga

Rtd Col Dube

Rtd Col Dube

Bulawayo Bureau
The leadership of a war veterans faction led by Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Mandiitawepi Chimene is an enemy of Zanu-PF and the liberation struggle, War Veterans Minister Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube has said.

Addressing hundreds of war veterans at Stanley Square in Bulawayo’s Makokoba suburb yesterday, Rtd Col Tshinga said Cde Chimene’s deputy, Cde George Mlala, was a “corrupt thief of the highest order and the devil’s in- carnate”.

He alleged Cde Mlala was extorting cash from a businessman in the city for “protection” and externalising much needed foreign currency.

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Rtd Col Tshinga scoffed at Cde Chimene’s group, saying his ministry did not recognise the faction because it was not elected.

“The faction led by Cdes Mandi Chimene and George Mlala mobilised people and bused them to Harare where they even booked street kids at Rainbow Towers Hotel so that they demonstrate against me on false claims that I insulted the President. They elected themselves as war veterans and now they are fighting me because I refused to recognise their faction,” he said.

The emotionally charged minister took a swipe at Cde Mlala, saying he was a mercenary and enemy of Zanu-PF working towards destroying the party.

“He (Cde Mlala) is working against the party and war veterans. He is destroying the party in Bulawayo and he even had the guts to impose himself as the party’s provincial secretary for security yet we know how corrupt he is. He is a thief of the highest order and a devil incarnate. There is only one war veterans association in the country not this group led Cdes Chimene and Mlala,” he said.

“If you want to form your own association, you can go ahead and do that. We don’t want mercenaries.”

Early this month war veterans from the Cde Chimene faction held a meeting at Davies Hall, the Zanu-PF’s Bulawayo provincial headquarters, where they demanded the ouster of Rtd Col Dube from Government after he said President Mugabe should either groom or name a successor.

There was commotion and near skirmishes as war veterans from Cde Chimene’s faction “passed a vote of no confidence” against Rtd Col Tshinga Dube.

At one time proceedings were disrupted after a group of youths led by Cde Magura Charumbira stormed the hall. The youths later fled after the tyres of the car they were travelling in were deflated.

The war veterans said Rtd Col Dube did not deserve to be a minister representing them after he said President Mugabe should name a successor. President Mugabe has since engaged Rtd Col Dube and made it clear that only the Zanu-PF congress had the mandate to elect the party leader.

Rtd Col Dube, speaking at Stanley Square yesterday, accused Cde Mlala of working in cahoots with a Pakistani businessman in Bulawayo to externalise foreign currency.

“He is working with a Pakistan businessman who owns a company that smuggles and packages rice and mealie meal which is rotten. They then externalise profits to Pakistan through Botswana.

“I have documents, which reveal all these corrupt tendencies. In October 2014, the Pakistani businessman externalised $4 million and Mlala approached him and he was given $30 000 protection fee. Uyahamba ayethatha imali okuthiwa yokuvala umphumelo. Uyenza into zokuganga lo ndoda (He takes protection money. This man is corrupt),” he said.

He dared Cde Mlala to challenge him on the allegations, saying he would meet him in court with the evidence.

Rtd Col Dube said although war veterans’ leader Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa was expelled from the Government and party, he remained the national chairman of the war veterans’ association.

“This faction led by Cde Chimene is accusing me of working with Cde Mutsvangwa. I am not the one who elected him but it is them through their congress. It is not my ministry which chooses the leadership of war veterans. President Mugabe did not kick Cde Mutsvangwa from his position in the war veterans’ association and if you don’t want him use the proper channels just like what you did when you removed Jabulani Sibanda,” he said.

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  • Gudo Guru

    Is this the guy who said he is just a mosquito? Now he is sparring with his other mosquitos. It’s a pity ZANU PF is now ravaged with factionalism to the bone. If comrades cannot agree with each other then I wonder how they can agree with the citizens of this beautiful country.

  • Blackwave

    I beg to differ with your assertion that corruption resulted from ‘ sanctions’. Corruption was here long before this new era of the so called sanctions. The willowgate scandal, the ZBS housing scheme scandal, NOCZIM, the GMB saga to name but a few, happened way before. All this happened under the watch of this government and it was swept under the carpet. Noone was ever held responsible despite the overwhelming evidence in all cases save for one or two individuals who chose to ‘resign’. So lets not try to justify an evil that has so blatantly destroyed the very fabric of our society. It is the responsibility of every government to safegaurd the interests of the citizens all the time and protect them from all manner of harm, be it economic, social or political. …but when it becomes complicit in the very things its supposed to prevent then it loses all credibility. Sadly this is the position we are at. We can only begin to move ahead if we tackle our problems head on and not bury our heads in the sand…

  • benzizvaro

    This Ruling Party is like a troop of conflicting baboons , they might have an internal fights within tgheir inner circles but when it comes to an external conflict they are united solidly, see the way they are taking the By-Elections its a clear educative indicator of a strength of any political organisation to appeal to the electorate and come next year they will solidly trounce our most trusted Opposition AND THEY WILL GO BACK TO FACTIONALIST CRUSADE AGAIN , HAMUVAGONE THEY ARE AHEAD!!!!!!

  • Eddy

    I don’t think sanctions are the cause because corruption was existent before the sanctions came only that when the economy was functional it was not as clear as it is today. Sanctions may only have helped only reveal the extent to which our leaders are corrupt.

  • Common Sense


    Even if ZEDERA was lifted today, Zimbabwe would not get any credit lines until she repays all her old debts ($10b+) to the 3 main credit agencies.. this has been acknowledged by Chinamasa explicitly

    So please please please STOP the Sanctions mantra, it is mere fiction to imply it has any link to the destruction of our economy…

    DRC war + The way Land Reform was executed + Indiginisation + corruption are the major causes of our demise. Wake up and stop lying to yourself, look at the FACTS

    • rukudzo

      OK Lift it let see what happens to the economy.

      • Jeffrey Kangara

        U must be daydreaming, what came out from 1980 to 2000. U need a century?

      • Zvobgo

        Level it before they can lift!

      • succuba

        Nothing will happen… are you for real?

        • rukudzo

          Yes I am for real. What surprises me most is none among those who responded to my post picked that I am calling for very stern measures on sanctions……none are honest enough to acknowledge the role of sanctions in making some Zimbabweans very corrupt. Before sanctions it was there but the magnitude was not at the level at which it is……sanctions and this multiparty nonsense has created a polarized Zimbabwe……a Zimbabwe which cannot see with clear eyes, other than through politically blinkered eyes……

          • succuba

            “…none are honest enough to acknowledge the role of sanctions in making some Zimbabweans very corrupt.”

            Which sanction made people corrupt? you keep failing to answer this fundamental question.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    I guess we wont hear a civil libel and or another extortion case.

  • Get With the Times

    Who cares, whatever the war veterans did nearly 38+ years ago is done and dusted…

    Their actions are clearly not relevant anymore, this is 2017…. and they are a spent force and have served their purpose… Mugabe just uses and abuses them when it serves his personal power interests….

    We have had majority rule for 37 years, you have taken all the land back… and this country is screwed, get over yourself we don’t care about your noises

  • rukudzo

    Where were you when supermarkets were empty?

  • Cecil Roars

    What is an enemy? How should i deal with an enemy if i meet one? Must I kill the enemy? It is high time we choose our words with a clear understanding of the implications. If you do not agree with someone, it does not make them your enemy.

  • Common Sense

    I did not say they were linked. I merely state that if ZEDERA never existed, we would still have a problem, because of past loan repayment failure….

    The point being that if there were no ‘sanctions’, we would still be stuck and get no credit.

    I don’t know the facts why other countries got credit despite repayment issues, but I suspect they demostrated a genuine will to fix their economies and repay… Zimbabwe does not and has an entitlement attitude of take take take… we stopped repaying years before ZEDERA

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    #Handeitione when a person cannot debate their issues there is a tendency to call their opponent the enemy of the state. I bore no brief for mbanje smoking Chimene but Cde Dube should cease with these threats, it is so lacoste in nature.

  • zimbotry

    Whatever, we will not get any more loans until we pay back what we owe. That is how things work in the modern World.

  • sandie

    Fertilizer…Windmill is under sanctions.

    • succuba

      Sandie, you are being hoodwinked by the government… fertilizer can be bought anywhere, even from the US… wake up and start to think for yourself instead of being spoon fed propagnda.

  • succuba

    You are radicalised and are delusional… wake up and smell the coffee. you are being spoon fend propaganda…can’t you see this Mazhanje?…

  • oni

    mugabe must be reminded of 1chronicles28vs5 david had to reveal the successor. this shows us that God has always a succession plan for leadership. the people around mugabe do not have him and his legacy at heart that is why they keep insisting that he keeps on doing the punishing work, hoping that sooner or later he is going to die, and so will his legacy. i feel pit for those of his blood that he will leave behind: their future is not so bright. what worries me most is that mugabe’s children and wife they lack financial discipline, their morals are questionable; instead of being neutral they have chosen to take sides in zanupf politics hence they risk losing everything

  • rukudzo

    What was the cause if I may ask?

    • succuba

      Hyperinflation… did you not know this rukky?

      The Zim dollar was worthless and could not buy goods. It was only when the country started to use the US dollar as its currency did things start to improve.

      Stop showing yourself up here…