Cheso admits using manhood on child

Alick Macheso

Alick Macheso

Tawanda Marwizi Herald Reporter
Sungura musician Alick Macheso yesterday admitted using his manhood to treat his first child of sunken fontanelle (nhova/inkanda), but refuted claims by his estranged second wife Tafadzwa Mapako that he inserted it in the child’s mouth.
Mapako told our sister paper The Sunday Mail last week that Macheso ejaculated in their first child’s mouth as a way of treating the sunken fontanelle.

She further claimed that she had stopped the musician from using the same method on their second child, which led to a misunderstanding that contributed to their divorce.

Macheso said he used a method known as “kutara” for treating the sunken fontanelle on the child.
“Kutara” involves a father sliding his manhood from the face, left ear, right ear and the back of the head to the middle of the head.

Macheso believed Mapako was fabricating the story in order to “fix” him, saying she had threatened to do that before.
“She is lying,” he said.

“How could I do that? I used ‘kutara’ to treat the child. She is claiming that she has the evidence to substantiate her claims. Let her produce it.

“When I saw this (nhova claim) in the Press I actually knew that she was just fulfilling her word that she fixes every man she dates after divorce

“I was told that I would die if I messed up with the relationship which I believe was only a way of putting pressure on me to leave my wife and family because by now I would have died if her threats were serious.”

Macheso was speaking in an interview at his lawyer Norman Mugiya of Mugiya and Macharaga’s offices where they were waiting to go for paternity tests.

He was accompanied by his daughter Sharon, his brother and assistant manager Jatiel Machanja.
Tafadzwa failed to turn up for the paternity tests for the second time and her lawyer’s mobile phone was unreachable.

Macheso said trouble began when Tafadzwa realised he would not leave his first wife as she had anticipated.
“She wanted me to dump my first wife and family and I refused,” he said.

“That is when problems began. She did not want my family and she openly told me she did not want Sharon to touch her children. All this nhova talk is a lie.”

Macheso claimed that Tafadzwa told him in the presence of his first wife Nyadzisai that she was no longer interested in the relationship.

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  • gondo

    Aah ! Redcross ambassador here akomana. Usatambe nevakadzi, if she no longer wants u , she can truely fix u. This is jail straight.

    • gode gode

      how jail? read to understand not to argue

      • Berto

        tafadzwa [email protected]#$ period, macheso bhora mberi, tafadzwa refused to come for paternal tests, saka VANA HAVASI VAMACHESO, SOOO TAFADZWA KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AND LET ME KEEP MY NYADZISAI.

        • Can’t Believe it

          Flabbergasting, Archaic, Notorious, Unpalatable, Diabolic in the worst degree to Macheso’s way of treating nhova, nhova is a result of shortage of fluids in the child’s body,just suckling the baby & giving clean warm water prevents nhova for good. In the name of civilization,Macheso’s & those who support him, pliz, Jesus is available 24/7 for you to save you.

    • ele

      Hapana jere apa. Uye nyaya hapana, its just a war of words, coz of lack of substantial proof to warrant conviction.

    • gunz

      jail 4 wat.hauketi kuti ukaramba hure rako ndozvarinoita here 2 tanish image yako

  • take it easy

    If she is lying she is a dangerous woman.Why she did not go for paternity test. It is the best way to get a clear ans.

    • Jotham

      Macheso admitted to using his small thing on a an innocent minor, usarasike.

  • Amuna

    Exrabasoo vanoTara not zvaTafadzwa izvi,. VakaTara mwana mhani. Ndiyo tsika yavo iyi yeChiMalawi yekutara.

  • Amunawanaga

    Manurse akarova mwaaaaana, mwana ndokuchemaaaa, Macheso wakaTaraaa mwaaaana , nhovaaa ndokumira, chitaraaa, taraaka , chitaraa singing …..

  • Cashful

    what tha hell… how stupid

  • nyams

    This is a lesson for all men with lusting eyes, Macheso actually hunted for the messy bedeviling him now. Simply be satisfied with your one wife and there is more happiness in living as a couple than a group of bulls chasing a heifer on heat. Macheso swallow your bitter pill, mazvokuda mavanga enyora, Chokuda hachina nadaroiwa. kkkkkkk, Cheso be careful, you could be Gumbura no.2 kkkkkk

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      @ nyams::::: Well said ! This “Save- Morgiza“ approach to life is very sinful! ! One man one wife is far better! Macheso ave kurumwa ne chekuchera!

  • chandunga

    There was never a marriage to talk about. She is an opportunist who like a viper is patient and only strikes when the time comes. Why washing the dirty linen in the public. So many things happen behind the scenes mudzimba…saka anoda kudestroyer baba vevana vake here, kana kuti yava “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

    • Jotham

      You are supporting child abuse of the worst order. Shame. Is this what you call dirty linen, Chandunga urimurwere

      • bigboy

        pamwe iye anotarawo kkkkkkk

        • jabbatings


      • obsever

        what constitutes child abuse?

        • Chaporonga

          Enda kuchikoro shamwari chero night school unodzidza zvawavhunza izvozvo kwete kuuya paline kuzofunda zvinhu zvegrade 5f pano.

      • Chaporonga

        Changunda murwere wepfungwa kwete murwere chete

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    HE should be jailed for life, he is a rapist of children.

  • Mimi

    Thought as much… that Tafadzwa, even though is not to be trusted, could not have been making up the fact that Macheso used his manhood on the poor child. What “kutara” is Macheso talking about, what kind of weird “kutara” is this. Mere subjecting one’s child to a whole adult man’s organ is simply wrong. Zibenzi blaz uyu Macheso. And I can bet Macheso’s lawyer Norman Mugiya will use his influence to corrupt and “buy” every other Magistrate at Chitungwiza Magistrates. This lawyer who ironically was linked to late Farai Maseka will do anything to ensure that Macheso is not found guilty. His track record if dirty and tainted.

  • Musimwa81

    Forget that he didn’t put his manhood in the child’s mouth. Just having it anywhere near child’s face is enough to send him to jail….Who thinks of these ‘healing’ things? Ignorant fool .

    • Jotham

      Where you present?. You must have been drinking – chidhakwa ichi.

  • Popiro

    is kuTara abuse? No….

    • Jotham

      Yes it is if you use unorthodox means.

  • mai maka

    ko chaarikurambira mapaternity test chii zvekuti yamacheso yakazoita fanikadora saka iye akamudirei mashandisirwo enhova akangosiyana saka zvese zviri kutaura tafadzwa hazvina kana nebasa becoz what we want to know is that is macheso the father of those children nekuti tafadzwa taimunzwa ari chifeve uyezve varume mapfidza kungoda kutesta dzese dzese first wife is yo really wife nomatter zviome sei

    • Makusakatara

      Mai Maka;

      Taurai zvenyu amai. Mataura se mukadzi mukuru akabva kuvanhu.

      Varume tinonzi tidzidze kubva kune zvakaitwa naMacheso. Mukadzi wako wokutanga ndiye chaiye hapana chinosiyana. Ungangoona mazigaro wofunga kuti wawana hoshi-koshi izvo wazviwanira bhinya mumba.

      Chinonetsa kuzodemba kana kufunga mukadzi wawaka siya kumashure. Ndinotenda Macheso nokuti haana kuramba mukadzi wake wokutanga. Instead he (Macheso) sought to have the two as best of friends as exemplified by the pictures we see; panova ndipo paaka gonavo ipapo.

  • Ujeni

    Call it what you want Macheso, that’s perverted!! How do you even get your manhood close to your child! Ndo mishonga yemari iyi! Mapurisa, heyo evidence, its time we took child abuse seriously! After all what is nhova? It’s simply dehydration, that’s what causes a child’s fontanel to collapse. DISGUSTING!!

    • Makusakatara


      But that is what you understand; many people throughout the country do not understand it the way you put it. Baba vako chaivo might have done the same to you. How do you know?? Izvi zvakango fanana nokutemera munhu nyora. Vangani vedu vakatemerwa nyora nevabereki? MANY!!

      Saka iwe wavakuti, because you are semi-enlightened, you think the practice is no longer happening and if anyone practices it then they should be arrested???

      As I have said before, what is required is education which clearly shows – in order to convince – that nhova is “simple dehydration”. Otherwise, in the absence of that, NYARARA ZVAKO IWE, HAUNA NYAYA!!

      • Jotham

        Old practices can not be a defence – when a person is busy abusing children under funny cultural beliefs -the act is unnatural. Many apostolic church members today have been arrested and sent to prison for marrying their daughters who are below stipulated age group. A girl child could be used as payment for Ngozi- if you do that today you will be jailed. What Macheso did is an abominable act- and is using the word nhova to justify and make the act acceptable to Zimbabweans. The police should arrest him period.

        • Makusakatara


          “Old practices can be a defence”. What cannot be a defence is ignorance of the law. Now here, there is no question of law but “old practices”. The “cultural beliefs” you are talking about, therefore, are not “funny” but deep rooted practices that need education.

          The “apostolic church members” you are referring to are ignorant of the law and this has nothing to do with “old cultural practices”.

          Using young girls to pay “ngozi” is or was a practice that was hotly campaigned against and so when it became law, anyone who breaks that law will be jailed.

          Macheso has not broken any law by treating the “nhova” for his child using what we would consider unorthodox means. What he did is morally wrong and unacceptable but has nothing to do with breaking the law.

          WHY? Because this practice is not naturally talked about and openly discussed. When you hear it being discussed like now, it is because there are people who are at each other’s throat.

          Otherwise, this is the last time that we, here on this forum, are going to talk about this issue until another couple cross swords again.

  • Slomo Dhaka

    Thats a very barbaric way of treating nhova,where did Macheso learn this method? His mother and the pple where he grew up said they don,t practice this method.Could some of Macheso,s misfortunes coming from neglecting his mother? Ukaona muchembere akutaura kubepa nhau kuti haazivi kuti mujaya wake umubata sei zivai kuti zvakaoma.Macheso ukakanganwa amai hameno zvako hezvino ndiri pano.

  • Guilty as Charged

    In this article Mr Macheso admits the use of his manhood to treat nhova. What is probably in dispute are the coordinates and exact paths and direction of the motion of his manhood and also the duration and action of the said organ. This admission therefore absoves the complainant from some publicly expressed views that Tafadzwa fabricated this whole story, meaning then that the police can now proceed to arrest and its now up to the judge to determine who of the two is lying. If Mr Macheso seriously believes in what he has admitted “kutara” then clearly such an individual can do worse. If he were intelligent enough he would have known kuti the “kutara’ he probably believes in doesnot treat nhova. In my vies this fellow is guilty as charged

    • moyondizvo

      Sando kwauri

    • jabbatings

      Wabaya ipapo chaipo

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      Kutara has been a Shona treatment method for donkey years. It does not even need the instructions of a n’anga to do it. In my village in Njanja (Chivhu) it was widely practiced and Njanja is not backward. Prominent Politicians and people such as Gen Mujuru, Utete, Musariri, Hunzvi, Nzuwa, Todzo AND GRACE hail from there. Chigwedere Anias comes from nearby Wedza. I bet you my last ZIM Dollar that all these were treated by “Kutara” and they never went bongaz because of it. I bet you I was tarwad too and I don’t give a hoot. Such fuss over nothing – you lazy zealots.

      • nimrod

        I HAIL from Guruve where KUSENGA BERE( abduction and rape) are common culture. My Kalanga friend was bonked by his father in law on wedding night, in compliance with the Kalanga culture. And yah, in Zhombe you can marry your mother after your father dies. Yu can also marry your sister as long as you pay a white cow to the village head for the makunakuna (incest). I guess the fact that prominent people come from these area makes these cultural abominations acceptable. By the way, there is such a crime as indecent exposure, and such a thing as sexual assault! If you are in the habit of drawing your manhood on the faces or bodies of your children, you are a serious pervert who must be locked away from society!

      • Gidhiza

        which part of Njanja are u from? I’m from Sadza (Domboramavara School)

      • Yaspar

        How could anyone think that Njanja was backward?! They must be bongaz!!

      • NightTrain

        Trust me, Njanja is backwards. The whole world is disgusted with all of you and your insane pedophile traditions. Give the child food and drink, you DO NOT put a penis in a child’s face for any reason! I can’t believe you people actually do this and then defend it like it had any sort of basis in medical science or even basic human societal norms.

        Backwards? Oh, yes. Very much so. I would even say, “Stone Age”, and yet you people defending this insanity are actually using computers and the internet.

        Do yourselves a favor and start using the internet to research medical problems and use legitimate American sites. I guarantee that you won’t be waving penis or ejaculating on children’s heads (or in their mouths) any more, and will instead start pulling yourselves out of the Stone Age.

        You have the technology to find real answers, start using it.

        I still can’t believe that people actually have to tell you that it’s wrong to do this – and some of you are defending it! Absolutely bizarre.

    • rukudzo

      Picture ejaculating into the mouth of x months old baby. Would the baby not choke? When I heard that story, and I compare with what my mother told me about treating nhova. She said a thumb is used to push the fontanels upwards but it has to be done softly. When the story broke I refused to read it. Again it has taken me courage to read this one. Could it be that using the manhood was a substitution for softly softly? Does it really work? What would you do if your child was dying? I am confused I must admit.

    • tanzvikwa

      Chesohood scandal

      • Ziziharinanyanga

        This has nothing to do with culture but what the law says. Will this be treated as child sex abuse? Maybe yes maybe no and it depends.

    • punungwe

      In Europe they used to burn people accused of being witches and invented the guillotine to behead people. Their culture has since moved on.

      Similarly our culture has moved on. Would you you butcher one of both of a set of twins today because that used to be the practice in the past?

      If kutara was practiced by your grandfather’s generation it is no longer acceptable for today’s generation. So stop justifying nonsense. Stop justifying indecent assault and child abuse.

      I am almost half a century old and I come from Chivhu but I have never witnessed this kutara thing or even head it being mentioned.

    • Prosper Chinamhora

      are u white or black. this practise in common among us the blacks, although coz of my religious beliefs we don’t practise it but its commonly done in Southern Africa coz I heard of it in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia

  • Gen Franko

    I heard Franko ndosaka akazotiza band. Apparently he also had some serious disease problem which could only be cured by Macheso’s kutara technique.

  • cavu

    tafadzwa is a disgrace to womanhood

    • Chakachaya

      And Macheso as well

      • Chweeeeeka!

        Yes, Tafadzwa igarinya. If you want go kuCIO you will know about this Tafuc*dz sh*t

    • Jotham

      Iwe ndiwe unonyadza – kubatisa mwana tsvina yenhengo yakashanda vakadzi vakawanda vanongorivaira vachitsvaka varume. What about diseases that are transmitted through contact eg STI/Aids ; the list is endless. Stop waffling.

      • cavu

        i cant ague with you mafungiro ako, kutopopota kutaridza your level of intelect or lack of it

  • notorape

    Arrest this monkey now

    • Makusakatara


      Why should he be arrested?? Had he inserted the thing in the mouth, we would all be calling on police to arrest him. What he did does not amount to abuse. ALL that is needed is education to many people who still believe in this method of treating nhova.

      Many people do not know that very soon, what we take as normal practice may tomorrow be taboo. Take for example hugging your daughter. If cases of fathers raping their daughters increase and it can positively and directly be attributed to hugging, the practice will be banned and anyone found doing it would be jailed.

      But does that mean we should starting arresting each other in anticipation of what is to come?? Not at all!! What is required here is just education to those who still believe in this method of treating nhova.

      • anti-Musukatara!

        iwe musukatara unenge wakatarwa fo sho, ndambokusiya pekutanga but heyi mhani. abuse isn’t jus the physical act chete. iko kutogumisa yake pamwana haitombofaye kana ka1. zvaakaita zvosemesa and ts ABUSE, ngaasungwe uyo. newewo Makusakatara u r sooo uneducated. kunyepera kuita reasoning…wakadhakwa nxaaaa obhowa!

        • Makusakatara


          Kwete hama yangu, chausingazivi ndochokuti iwe pamwe wakato tarwa. Hapana pakati pevabereki vako anoku taurira kana kuku budira pachena nokuti havasi kutukana. Kana vakango pesana chete uchanzwa zvinobuda kusanganisira zvawaka dyiswa uchikura.

          Kutara is not, repeat IS NOT ABUSE. It is just a backward practice that should go through education and not kusunga munhu. As I said elsewhere, zvakawanda zvinoitwa na mai na baba mumba mavo kuvana vavo. Zvizhinji hatimbofi takazvi ziva nokuti vaviri vanenge vachiwirirana.

          • zimbabwe

            Iwe anti-musukatara ask your parents first how they treated your nhova before you could utter that rubish. Do you know that your father sperms are spread on your heard, hands, feet etc under the process called KURAPIRA that you grow fit and never be vulnerable to any form of disease? Zimbabweans lets behave like grown up Zimbabweans, we are not Westerners.

      • justice for all

        iwe……………if its wrong its wrong….usade kukuchidzira zvakadhakwa kudai, would you watch while someone pulls out their [email protected]!!# (erected & all) and starts rubbing it all over a child’s face and probably got it in the child’s mouth n all..t’sch, ure a sick individual if u think that’s OK!

        • Makusakatara


          I wouldn’t let anyone do it to anyone but that does not remove the fact that this is a practice widely followed in this country. This is why I have been, from the word go, advocating for education so that people in the rural areas, in towns and in farms get to know that there is a better way of treating nhova than kutara.

          Arresting Macheso and/or insulting him does not change the fact that many people went through this process and now are who they are today because of the ‘kutara nhova’ practice.

          • Jotham

            Please state other people who are engaged in a notorious act like that . That is why Tafadzwa left- divorce is far much better, kwete kugara nebenzi rinozora matope kumeso.

          • Makusakatara


            Tafadzwa did not feel that divorce is far much better because of this issue. She is an accomplished whore who was being restricted from doing the practice she knows best – prostitution – by her marriage to Macheso.

            If that was the case, she should have left Macheso a long time ago. Remember that we are here talking about her first child who is now either four or six years. So, why did she not leave Macheso two or three years ago??

            Her allegations that he has a small banana are proof enough that ava kufunga kumatongo and she needed to go back. After all, she had acquired enough of what she wanted – house and money from Macheso.

            Manje chachaya; Macheso avakuda parternity test – tinoda kuona kuti anopabuda sei kana vana vasiri va Macheso. Ngaato namata kuti vana vave va Macheso, otherwise kuluma kwaperera ipapa!!

          • Jotham

            You are lying – Unonyepa. You a disgusting lier. You just assume that women are cheats only – which is not true.

          • Achimwene

            I believe in Kutara and ndakatotara vana vangu

      • christopher churu

        Macheso 2 years asina kuona mai achichengetana na tafadzwa wake he should face and dance to his music

      • Voltara Smith

        Ejaculating on a baby’s face is somewhat different to giving your daughter a hug.

        • Makusakatara


          Macheso did not, repeaat did NOT ejaculate on the “baby’s face” unless I missed some other report mentioning this. The way “kutara” has been explained to me is that there is no ejaculation that takes places but only the organ drawing an invisible line and sometimes in the air above the head.

          What you are implying is that he either masturbated and then ejaculated on the baby’s face or he fucked his wife and when he was about to produce, he then took it out and ejaculated on the baby’s face. Both ways are not possible.

          I would have agreed with you if you had said that he ejaculated in Tafadzwa and then took the now mixed fluid and spread it on certain parts of the baby’s body like the joins.

    • Roc

      How can you call a fellow human “a monkey”, grow up

      • Jotham

        Macheso igudo risina mwise. He is such a craze wild animal – Mupengo number 1.

    • spagado.

      Mese makuzviita vakadzidza nhasi because of the english education. These are some of the methods dzechi african. Because u can only know of this at a certain age most probably when you are a parent,doesn’t mean it does not exist. Imi musingazive ndimi madofo. Dai makwanisa kubvunza vabereki venyu kuti which method did they use on you,u wil b surprised. Yes chirungu chiriko but chivanhu still exist aswel. Iri [email protected]# rayifunga kuti richarambanisa vanhu ava. Zvino ndiro rakalumira. Wayimboenda babarika wanga washaya wako murume wega. Kukara mari chete. Now you are free kungorarwa nevese. Shame hauna nyadzi.

      • Makusakatara


        Taura zvako hama yangu, ndiwe unonzwisisa chete nyaya iyi mamirire ayakaita. Zvimwe zvipopi zviri kuhukura pano havazivi kuti vakatarwa tarwa; vakazadzwa zadzwa madzihwa ama dzibaba avo asi nhasi voona sokunge zviri primitive. Hungu, it is a practice that should go but to advocate for the arrest and punishment of Macheso is to miss the point.

        Macheso is one of the millions in this and other countries in Africa who still practice such methods of treatment. What is required, as you rightly pointed out and I have also said many times without number, that education is key to eliminating this practice and many other practices that our people still believe in.

  • Bonyongweville

    This Macheso dude is not very clever. Tafadzwa was known in all of the bars in Harare.

    • Jotham

      So if Tafadzwa was well known – that gives Macheso the right to abuse an innocent child. hayayaaaaaaaaaa mayiweee ndapererwa.

  • blar tindo

    Aaaaaa nhova ahh nhengo yemurume chii chii unobva watoshaya kuziva kti zvaMacheso zviri kumbofamba seii

    • dotcom

      @@@!!! taura hako iwe, hauzombozivi kuti chii chirikumboitika. Such a man can actually do worse. A penis to treat sunken fontanelle!! Isnt that a nutritional condition that needs a child’s diet to be revised and adjusted accordingly??!! in other words its a condition that needs a doctor chete!!!

  • Marz

    So this “kutara” is acceptable he is crazy ! this man has to be arrested asap its still abuse

    • Svinurai

      Kutara is a very common practice in Zimbabwe yekurapa nhova nayo only that it is not often talked about maybe because mudziyo unoshandiswa wacho wakarema kufumura.This practice may be new or queer to novices and those who are mature should understand that.Ndokukurazve.Vamwe vevanhu varikunyora pano vakatotarwa!Would anyone expect their parents to tell them that.Tisabatire chirungu pamusoro.Kutara imwe nzira inoshandiswa kurapa nhova uye hapana midzi inoshandiswa apa.Bvunzai vakuru kana musingazive tsika iyi nekuti munoregera vana vachifa nenhova nenyaya yekunyepera kudzidza.

      • Marz

        I really never knew they are still seriously ignorant people like you you. Its a pity evolution has not yet caught up with you. the reason you say the practice is a secret that’s because its disgusting and is very abusive and shameful pratice, whoever does this should be sent to prison. So your father rubbed his manhood on your face I feel pity for you! what a shame maybe that explains a lot about your line of thinking!

  • dusty

    So if you re Sharon Macheso’s daughter how do you feel thinking your Dad ran his manhood over your head when you were a child? Maybe did worse?
    Shame mhani.

    • big stan

      taura dusty sure if he was my dad i would deal with him

      • Makusakatara

        Big Stan;

        Manje enda uno deala nababa vako nokuti ndizvo zvavakaita pauri. Uka nyatso tarisisa kana kukumbira mumwe munhu akutarise panhongonya achaona kamutsara kakatarwa nababa vako vachikurapa iyezvino wava kunyepera ku ngwara-ngwara nokuti wakura. Unoziva kwawakabva nako iwe?? Waka rwara ne nhova kangani mukukura kwako?? Uri fuza yomunhu IWE!!!

    • Chaporonga


  • Stanford

    Macheso please! How could you use that to treat your child in this age and time? Nda nyara hagu ini.

    • observer

      Did you take time to ask yourself how many children die in hospitals as a result of ‘nhova’ & why people have continued to prefer the traditional methods?

    • Makusakatara


      Unonyarei?? Hazvinyadzisi izvi; it is something that was and still is happening everyday in the rural areas and in farms AND even in towns. Saka chokunyara hapana. Chinodiwa idzidziso ku vanhu vedu vazive kuti izvi hazvichaiti in this day and age!! CHETE!!

      • zimbabwe

        Ko Kana zvichiporesa vana?

        • Makusakatara


          Kana zvichiporesa vana still ngazviregwe – ngazvipere – nokuti we now have better ways of treating nhova. Why should we continue doing what was done on us by our forefathers when modern ways are available. After all, it is disgusting to “tara a line (visible or invisible)” pamwana using your thing. Don’t we all know that this is simple dehydration??

  • pasi namacheso

    this is gross child abuse. there is no justification for this kind of stupid practise. this behaviour being perpetrated by a public icon and for him to publicly admit to such is just appalling. murume mukuru kuita art mumusoro memwana nemhengo yake here. ndini ndega here kana kuti ndohumbwa hweku pedzisira. nhova yacho hapana anogona kuitsananunga futi. medically mwana anenge aita dehydration due to vomiting or diarrhoea. zvinorapwa nema oral or intravenous fluids depending on the severity of the dehydration. kushaya chikoro kwakafanana nekufa. pasi namacheso

  • boaz

    anon newewo ziBenzi kusanzwa tsitsi

  • ginger brown

    most of yu who are commenting do u want us to believe yu don’t kno what is ‘kutara’ now let me tell you that’s exactly what r father did to yu and its not even chimalawi its but chitru afriken whether mucharamba or what but ndozviripo musade kuda kuti nyepera kunge musingazvizive, I kno almost zim tribes do this and don’t argue with me cuz u want chienglish chekunyepa saka whatever r comments im not bothered but im making it easy for you that’s exactly what r father did to you when yu were an infant. PERIOD!!!!

    • old fashon

      Ginger brown ndobvumirana newe kungoti apa tiri kudhila ne maborn free ngavabvunze vabereki vavo kuti vamborapirwa sei kwete nhova chete but zvakawanda. Izvozvi vakura vakaendeswa kuchikoro vaakunge vanotoziva kukunda vababa vacho vakavabereka. Kare kwaipirwa midzimu varungu vakauya ne bible maakuti zvemidzimu hazvishande chivanhu first chirungu mumashure. Tafadzwa ngaaende nevana kumatest.

  • Nicky

    Somethings just shut up if you don’t know. Others who are commenting probably your father’s did worse so it’s better you shut your mouths.

    • Jotham

      That might have happened- but we are dealing with a satanist who confessed to child abuse. No wonder women believe men monsters. Treating your child like this. Mwari tinzvireyi nyasha

  • Jotham

    Alick Macheso is a very uncivilised fool this country has ever witnessed. I wonder whether Macheso is not a witch. All along we have been made to believe that Tafadzwa was unfaithful- Macheso must repent the man is an outright satanist. So his popularity in Music is based on witchcraft. This man is very barbaric indeed. I am at loss for words. Kudyisa mwana svina yako. This is the 1st Degree in child abuse. I hope all child protection groups will take this monster to the police and let the law sentence Macheso to a very long period of incarceration.

    • Makusakatara


      Kwete shamwari uri kurashika iwe. There is no barbarism in what Macheso did because it is a practice that is known and is followed by many throughout this country. After all, he did not put his thing in the mouth and ejaculate as you are alleging and as you would want the world to believe – AKATARA chete.

      This is TOTALLY different from inserting the thing in the mouth. Some people vanotora stuff ya baba voizora muma join emwana and I do not see any uncivilisation or satanism in that. Ingori belief chete inoda kupedzwa ne fundo kuvanhu!!

  • pragg

    mudzimba munezvakawanda kana zvaipa twunobuda tunyaya hobo saka musanyanyotarisa macheso think a minute about yours before you spatter otherwise you did worse than him……..

  • wellie

    ko iwe Tafadzwa pazvakaitika ipapo wakadii kutaura…..nhasi warambwa wakuona kuipa kwazvo…..paiitwa mwana hanti iwe wanga wakabata….newe uri accomplice kana Macheso ane mhosva…..chituta chemukadzi

    • Makusakatara


      I agree with you 101%. Tafadzwa anofanira kusungwavo kana Macheso akango sungwa. Mwana ava nemakore mangani since zvaitika?? Anga aka nyararirei?? Wava kuona kushata kwazvo nokuti warambwa?? Ibva apo mhani iwe. Pamwe Tafadzwa ndiye akatoudza Macheso kuti ndizvo zvinoitwa paku rapa nhova nokuti nyaya zhinji dzine chokuita nekurwara kwevana dzino zvivikanwa naana mai.

  • flex

    All who are opposing Macheso need to be examined thr brown substance that is if they do posses.There is no law or whatsoever single method of treating nhova.Each household practiz its own way technique yekurapa nhova.This practiz Macheso mentioned is very common and popular.
    Lest not be driven by ignorant and jealous.Macheso ane abot 6 other kids vatokura so if that the way he had been treating them so whats the fuss….all those who are doubting him go back to your parents and ask them how they treated you…u will get shocked if they are to tell you the truth.
    Lets also not forget kuti hunhu [email protected]# hwakafumuka [email protected]# rinoita zvese zvese kana rarambwa, kana kubvisa hembe chaidzo pakazara vanhu richikubvunza kuti imari yezvidhinha here [email protected]# rarwadziwa nekurambwa naMacheso zvinorofukura hembe…kikikikkik zvinonyadzisa izvi.

    • Jotham

      Flex you have a mental problem- do you do that to your own children?

      • Shatozm

        Jotham you have missed the point. Flex is right and you damne wrong

  • vgf

    tafadzwa nyarara

  • Masharks

    There something that I don’t understand here, does it mean that if the paternity test results come come out in favour of Macheso, he will be exonerated of any wrong doing because it seams people are now dwelling on Tafadzwa’s past and ignoring the real issue here

    • Makusakatara


      The real issue is paternity test. The issue about kutara is not an issue at all. Actually, Macheso should be thanked for preventing death of that child by the way he treated the baby. Izvi zvakango fanana na dhokotera wokutanga akaita operation asina kutanga apa murwere anesthetic kuti ambofa zvishoma. Saka tingati here dhokotera uyu should be punished nokuti akarwadzisa murwere iye murwere akato pora akakura kusvikira pazera rako iri??

  • Muongorori

    iwe Tafadzwa,go kuma paternity tests chete nyaya ipere! haunyari????

    • zimbabwe

      My grangmother told me that she leaked the anus of a puppy and spate the saliva into the ears of her son to open his ears which were going deaf. Few days letter, he could hear, now he is 50years old. What do you say then.

      • yarpos .

        Personally I would say there was nothing wrong in the first place (given diagnosis by a dog anus and spit user) although it probably took a while to get over the “treatment”

  • jabbatings


  • Genesis23456

    Tafadzva dai akanyeurira vaTete asina kuzoshambadza kudai, zvino mwana kana overenga nyaya akura ozoti chii?

    Oti Daddy vakanditara.

  • Don Wezhira

    Imi macdes musatukana, cultures are so diverse yu will be shocked. In 1998 in Bavaria, Germany I witnessed a young mother squeezing her milk onto the bare head of her infant. She would then gently rub the droplets into the scalp, kunyanya panhongonya, repeating that, so I was told, until the hair grows. Out of respect I didnt ask why.

  • vharazipi

    tafadzwa shld go for partenity test and if the baby is not for macheso still macheso goes to prison for his ku tara method on someone’s child.. either way macheso azvitemhera bazi raagere.

  • Cde Nharo

    Just a QUOTE from Newsday today.

    Speaking at his lawyers’ Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers in Harare,
    Macheso said Tafadzwa’s claim that he had used unorthodox traditional
    means to treat his own three-year old daughter’s fontanelle
    (nhova/inkanda) problems, was bent on destroying his music career.

    “I have been quiet all along and I think it’s high time people got to
    know the truth. Never at any stage did I abuse my child in the manner
    that has been described in the papers by my former wife,” Macheso said.

    “I do not even remember a time when my children suffered any
    fontanelle problems. And, if supposed they had such health problems,
    there is a proper way to treat it commonly known in Shona as kutara and
    not what Tafadzwa alleges was done.”

    Media reports last week quoted his estranged wife claiming that
    Macheso had inserted his manhood into his sick child’s mouth claiming
    the rite would stop the fontanelle problem.

    “I will tell you the truth, that when she raised those allegations, I
    then remembered her threats to me when she said she was a different
    woman who if rejected would leave the husband either six-feet under or
    behind bars,” the musician told NewsDay.

  • ginger brown

    if macheso is charged and found guilty as some of u are saying then it means we are arresting our own culture, I wonder where is the men group Padare, I think they shd come and help evry1 akatarwa zvino kuda chiwestern chenyu muchiti abuse hameno mune pfungwa dzekuda kuzobhinya vana venyu izvi zvinoitirwa kurapira mwana

  • ginger brown

    infact 90% of black men in Zimbabwe shd go to jail

  • lami

    musade kunyepera kunge musingazive chivanhu apa..we are africans with different practices and traditions we follow and use to save or protect our loved ones..kana kwenyu zvisiko dont try and villify iti kuti its barbaric, Macheso should have stuck to the idiom yekuti rooranai vematongo, hezvo mai iyo yakushamiswa nechivanhu chekwake chaasingazive yakutonzi inyaya nema self righteous but emasculated and brainwashed africans mamwe aripano

  • Ben

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa Macheso

  • jack

    Macheso wanyadzisa

  • Cde Amai Ethan

    This whole Macheso fiasco is just getting out of hand. Newsday reports that Macheso denied it, Herald says he admitted to it. Can someone please explain to me what Kutara really is? When I gave birth to my son, when my husband came to get us from my mothers house there was a ceremony called “Kutara mwana” where they brought hupfu mutswanda and huku ikabikwa yakadyiwa ipapo. ndibatsireio kuziva chamunoti Kutara kurapa nhova. Iyowo link ye nyaya ya Macheso mu Newsday

  • Chaporonga

    Macheso u are very premitive how can u do that to child. Mapurisa batai munhu nevose vari kuti ari right kureva kuti ndozvari kuita kuvana vadiki vasina zvanoziva. kutundira mwana here nhai veduwe.

  • jacktheswede

    Sunken fontanelle is caused by dehydration….a nice glass of water will have done the trick.Now thats what we call being educated!

  • JS

    As much as we might want to despise what Aleck did, its culture, and depends on your back ground, what you were taught by your parents, sekuru, tete. lets not run away from out tradition, this is not news, just that people dont say or talk about it in public, tafadzwa afumura chirimuhapwa. If Cheso wanted to abuse mwana as most of you say, he would have done so secretely, but because of his culture and belief in treating Nhova, he consulted his wife tafadzwa and did it in her presence even pafirst child as she said. its only on second child that she refused.kana wapinda mumusha mavaridzi wotoda zvemo amai.
    ask your mothers all you men. what they do to open the foreskin of your pennis, so that it wont accumulate desease and smell? kikiki. vana amai tinoti mwanakomana achikuyamwa, we pull back daily the foreskin and drop our breast milk right on the top of the pennis, until it opens. but one has to be very careful, if the breast gets in contact/ or touches the balls or pennis, u are gone, you will have infertility problems. ndosaka vamwe venyu mun maproblems with your manhood, paka kanganisika. sorry to say. but now answer me, do we say your mother did abuse to you playing/pulling your foreskin/pennis.

    • NightTrain

      No, mothers don’t do that to their children, either! You people need to move into the civilized world. This is barbaric beyond description. There is no medical justification for any of this… it’s like a very bad movie.

  • Chaporonga

    Some people are alive only because its illegal to kill them. samacheso

  • shepy

    Iwe tawanda marwizi akakudza kuti kana pachishandiswa method yekurapa nhova inonzi kutara panenge pachishandiswa manhood ndiyani?Hindava uchiita mislead vanhu paku reporter kwako?Asi watengwa here natafadzwa

  • Tendekayi Machivenyika

    I have five children but have never experienced this mystery of nhova although I have heard of people having problems with it. I have also heard of children dying because of it. However, this treatment by Macheso seems to be cultural, and I think instead of making a press statement, Macheso should have made this admission to the police, in private. Some of his fans will definitely look at him differently although he was simply following his culture. This however calls for a health awareness campaign to be initiated to inform people the exact causes of nhova (de-mistifying it as it were) so that people know what it is and how to treat it, just like campaigns were held to inform the apostolic faith followers of the need to have their children immunised against polio etc.

  • Bongobongo

    Fellow zimbabweans,if you don’t know anything about this story, the best is to keep quiet.The bottom line is culture remains culture we cannot runaway from it,this practice happened to most of us who are living now.It is hard to swallow the truth,but it happened to the majority of us.This man Macheso’s therapy to cure his child’s ‘nhova’ shouldn’t be a subject of debate,because culture differs PERIOD

    • yarpos .

      2014 … time to move out of the stone age and not keep looking backward. Culture changes , populations evolve , hopefully.

  • shepy

    Kana tafadzwa aramba kuuya kuma paternity tests macheso imbomira kumupa mari yawanga uchimupa tione kuti anorarama pachidepfure here sezvaanga achita pese apa

  • glen

    There is nothing sinister about Kutara practice. Its all our traditional practice as Africans. Its the same thing ne ku vhura mwana nzeve nekusvinira mwanasikana breast milk pa vigina kuti asaite nyere yekuda arume too much kana akura. Mese mudzimba menyu umo mune chivanhu chamakaitwa muchizvarwa nhasi maakuda kuzviita ma salads. Vamwe venyu if it wasnt of kutarwa mungadai muri madhunyazi.

  • me more tose

    macheso should face jail. child abuse . child rape and man more

  • me more tose

    this guy is guilty

  • Jotham

    Those that support what Macheso did real, real need a mental check up. Macheso is trying to sanitize a very cynical act. Macheso is a musician of repute – but his deplorable acts of child abuse can not in anyway be condoned because he is popular. All popular people should make sure their deeds both in public and private are above board. Musicians are well known for womanising. How many women has Macheso slept with other than his two wives.His children will grow up – with terrible mental problems- their father disgraced them to the entire country let alone the world(imagine the headlines abroad). Mwana wangana akaitwa zva…. nababa vake. Sexual Transimitted Diseases that are contagious were transfered to the child(ren). The Aids pandemic/ including other STIs can cause blindness to the minors – I just rubbed my thing around the face of my child- shame. The cultural beliefs are being defended in order to perpetuate barbaric acts against minors. The Zimbabwean laws are supreme and should protect the vulnerable in our country. There are many cultural beliefs that violet Human Rights – this is one good example where a parent literal lost all dignity and engaged in horrific acts under the guise of treating illnesses. An unlawful act – under the pretence of serving life can not be supported because this is a big time musician. Macheso must apologise to the Zimbabwean society. If we visit other countries – Zimbos. will be ridiculed big time.

  • Mthukutheli

    all these things are purely satanism. children are a blessing from God and we dont need all these funny treatments for protection. I used to go some churches and we would use so many funny staff or sometimes allowed to go to sangomas for these treatments. But since I got saved/born again I have never sort these satanic treatments. my children were just prayed for and never have they been sick from these so called nhova/inkanda. people resort to these satanic treatments and in the process dedicate their children to the devil because they dont want to humble themselves and seek the Lord

  • Tamuka

    Macheso does what all other men who care about the ‘Nhova” do to their children. There nothing new here, people only want to pretend to be ignorant on public forum. I know some villages where the men do it in front of vanyarikani…….

    • NightTrain

      Ignorant savages. No ones does this except idiots in Africa, it’s things like this that really set you apart from other backwards people around the world.

  • chinda donyo

    ASI anopenga Tafadzwa nyamai vake aaa mahure anonetsa kana aona panemari aa

  • TheWest

    What the [email protected]#k! How can rubbing your genitalia over a child’s face be appropriate in any instance?! What are we, animals? Only in Africa would this not go down as pedophilia . Disgusting. Lost for words.


    even the publishers of this article are not in the know of whether or not Macheso used his manhood onto or into the child because this article is based on the writer’s understanding of ‘Kutara’ you should do more research on ‘Kutara’ only then can you link it with Macheso’s manhood being ‘annexed’ onto or into the baby.

    • Jambanja

      Macheso must be charged with child molesting and sexual abuse.I’m
      shocked how ignorant he is to such a heinous crime.He should be locked

  • Ignorance Kills

    Clinics are there to treat such things.that was weird of him doing so and am trying to picture his mahood running through the face of the innocent baby and obviously the baby’s lips, its crazy!!Any mother is rightly justified to resist such a barbaric practice.

  • Jambanja

    Macheso must be charged with child molesting and sexual abuse.I’m shocked how ignorant he is to such a heinous crime.He should be locked up.

  • Justin Igger

    Is there any low ni99ers will not stoop to?

  • Justin Igger

    Only ni99ers.

  • Justin Igger

    Only groids.

  • Circa53

    Is this guy from Detroit?..

  • Brown animal

    Dumb rape apes always defending these brown animals “culcha” when you touch a baby in the mouth with your muhdik you should be put down it’s really that simple if you are defending these feral monkeys actions you are probably a baby rapist yourself

  • angel

    Dai ari Tafadzwa akadyisa kana kunanzvisa mwana panhu pake tirikuti chii sevanhu??? Man or woman it is ethically and morally wrong. If Macheso had the sense to go to a recording studio he should have had the sense to take mwana to a clinic or hospital, he could afford that kwete kuisa mwana kanhu kake. Ngaasungwa, he is a paedofile disguised as a father, next, its the neighbours daughter, imbwa ngairoverwe pachiny’iro. Guilty. Thank people like Tafadzwa fo standing up against perverts like him who hide under tradition.

  • Active SSD

    No wonder we have no inventors and progress in Africa, grown men spending time running their penises over children’s heads to ‘cure’ them …actually some ‘educated’ people with Phd’s support this barbaric act of child abuse because of their stupid superstition beliefs….unbelievable continent.

  • yarpos .

    Jeez people , its 2014 not the stone age. People are travelling in space , curing diseases , building civilisation. How can anyone defend rubbing your [email protected]# on a childs face for any reason. Evolve FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dirk_Pitt

      Why are you talking about space, these people didn’t even invent the wheel.

  • billrowland

    This is disgusting on so many levels. Your kind is beyond hope.

  • David Franklin

    DEAR GOD! You know, I hate it when people compare blacks to apes.It’s not fair…to the apes.

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    many adults (mostly blacks) receive my katara treatments an gets da benefits dat dey desires…..

  • jt

    What a bunch of God forsaken idiots!

  • Yaspar

    As an outsider looking in, would it be fair to say that in that part of Africa the man’s
    muh-dik is the source of his juju? Or am I completely bongaz?

  • Bootlips Johnson

    According to a 2003 journal article in American Family Physician,the most common cause of a sunken fontanelle is dehydration. A second explanation for the condition is malnutrition.

  • Bootlips Johnson

    According to a 2003 journal article in American Family Physician,the most common cause of a sunken fontanelle is dehydration. A second explanation for the condition is malnutrition

  • Makusakatara


    While I am not condoning what Macheso did; calling Macheso an uneducated person implies that education is only education when it is formal – white man’s education. The knowledge that Macheso had and believed in is education that most Africans used to believe in.

    Instead of insulting him, we should sympathise with and feel sorry for him and many other people who only know this method as the best way of treating ‘nhova’.

    Now that a problem has been identified, let’s call upon authorities to educate the public on how nhova should properly be treated.

  • big stan

    nonssense utter rubbish unenge wakatarwawo iwe

  • igi

    I couldn’t agree with you more…you speak sense…people need to separate a criminal intent from acting out of a false tradition…while i find this to be a disgusting practice, it would be hypocritical to punish macheso by either humiliating him in public like this or even arresting him over the matter…most people out there, most african homes are doing so many things out of false traditions such a women being asked to eat ndove to prepare for the first child birth…we need to address this from a traditional belief and rectify it before we punish macheso

  • Chaporonga

    Asi macheso ngaambosungwa atongwe kana vatongi vakati haana mhoswa, its fine

  • gnark1ll

    Im sure you enjoy the fruits of ‘white man education’ quite a lot.

    Like the Internet you are using to express your backwards ideas right now for instance. also the Aeroplane you flew on to get to Europe was a direct consequnce of ‘white man education’…pretty much everything you enjoy here in the civilised world comes from it.

    (since you are on the internet its a pretty good bet you arent in Africa)

    The fruits of ‘Black Man Education’ are yet to be identified however….

  • Makusakatara


    Thank you very much for being the sensible one around. This is an issue that needs addressing on a wider national scale and not just punishing Macheso because we feel it is disgusting.

    As far as I can see, there was no criminal intend on the part of Macheso. Actually, because the baby was cured, he and many others of his ilk, are convinced that the baby was cured through that practice.

    So, therefore, all this is just like believing kuti mvura ye Chipositori inorapa kana kuti muti (mudzi) wen’anga waponesa munhu. Chinodiwa idzidziso kuvanhu kuti vazive kuipa kana kunaka kwe zvavano bhilivha in.

  • Makusakatara

    Big Stan;

    Handigoni kuzviramba nokuti zvinhu zvakaita seizvi zvinoitwa uri mucheche saka kuti uti categorically “handina kutarwa”; it is just foolish – it is like saying “my mother was a virgin when she gave birth to me”. Hence, what I said, if you are a reasonable person, is neither “nonsensical” nor “utter rubbish”.

  • Jotham

    I am in agreement. Taura hako.

  • Chaporonga

    Who told you the baby was cured by that.

  • Chaporonga

    newe wakatarwa iwe matauriro ako aya

  • zimbabwe

    Look Hacha Ndizvo talks about our shona culture here. Truly there is nothing strange here. There are several ways of treating nhova guys depending on how one was taught, so dont rule Macheso off-side whether through jelous or personal grudges. Macheso has done it to his other brilliant children already, why not those of Tafadzwa if they are his own siblings? People hate successful individuals, wake up and work hard to prosper!

    Cheso power dont loose sleep becoz of what your ex and other jelous pple might say, the truth is in you and God.

  • gure_culture

    Oh boy, that’s not Shona culture (Cheso is not Shona), that’s Malawian culture. Am a Zezuru from Uzumba we dont do that. its done by the Gure or something similar. Hate me or wat, very backward i think…..

  • Makusakatara


    The baby is still alive and very strong and there is no likelihood that he may fall sick from any other disease except if he is poisoned by you.

  • Makusakatara


    Foolish colonialists! Who told you we did not have education before you colonised us? Who told you that the internet we/I am using is white? Who told you that African people were not civilised and were only taught to be civil by Boers. Stupid racist idiot!!

    There is NOTHING that we did not have before you colonised us. We had knowledge which you stole and by virtue of your barbarism, you took all that we created and the knowledge we had and made it your own. You are silly and unclever.

  • gnark1ll

    Well you didnt quite manage to develop a written language for a start.

    Sub Saharan Africa I mean…North Africa were very highly advanced throughout history..but Sbb Sahara…nothing but mud huts and cannibalism.

    Even to this day.

  • Jutta Gyllichsen

    this kind of news kinda proves it.

  • Makusakatara


    Look at your confusion which borders on racism. Now you want to divide Africa into Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western?? You are a foolish fool. Here we are talking about Africa not doing anything significant, thus, separating Northern from Southern Africa; Western from Eastern Africa is just foolish, idiotic and stupid.

    This is why you Boers have never accepted that we built the Great Zimbabwe Monument. In your racist mind, a structure of that nature and magnitude could not have been built by Africans but by either Europeans or Arabs. You are an unclever buffoon!!

    In my previous post I forgot to tell you that I am not in Europe but Zimbabwe, Africa. If you want to prove it, just tell me so I can give you directions so that next time to come to Africa but Zimbabwe in particular, you do not have to spend days in a hotel but will be hosted by this black African you are insulting.

    If you want a country environment, I will take you to my quite house at the farm – a farm given to me by none other than President R.G. MUGABE – complete with all the facilities found in town.

    I built this house with my own sweat, in case you are inclined to think that I inherited it from the Boer who used to occupy my forefathers’ land.