Chaos rocks MDC-T as bigwigs boycott meeting

Obert Gutu

Obert Gutu

Bulawayo Bureau—
MDC-T president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s hint that he may soon retire from politics has plunged the opposition party into chaos, exposing the party’s internal fights, as some of its senior officials yesterday boycotted a key meeting. Mr Tsvangirai, who is suffering from cancer of the colon, on Monday hinted he may retire from politics, saying that a younger generation of politicians should take over the party’s reigns.

This threw the already faction-ridden party into chaos as battle-lines are said to be drawn over the succession of the opposition leader. The party is fiercely divided along two factions angling to succeed Mr Tsvangirai: one allegedly led by Dr Thokozani Khupe and another fronted by Mr Nelson Chamisa. The cracks were exposed yesterday as the MDC-T held its national organising and elections directorate meeting chaired by its acting president, Engineer Elias Mudzuri.

Dr Khupe and Mr Chamisa, among other senior officials, were allegedly conspicuous by their absence. The party’s spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu yesterday revealed that the two senior party’s leaders did not attend the meeting. “On Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at Harvest House, acting president Elias Mudzuri chaired the MDC national organising and elections directorate meeting,” he said.

“The meeting was attended by the deputy national chairperson Morgen Komichi, secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, treasurer-general Theresa Makone, deputy national organising secretary,Amos Chibaya, secretary for information and publicity Obert Gutu, secretary for elections, Murisi Zwizwai, chief of staff Sesel Zvidzai, directors of various departments and several other senior staff members.”

Mr Gutu did not clarify the reason why the other deputies did not attend the meeting. Sources within the opposition party said their absence was a result of divisions in the MDC-T. It’s not the first time for senior party officials to boycott the party’s programmes.

Last year, Dr Khupe boycotted party events after she and her lieutenants, who include national chairman Mr Lovemore Moyo, party’s national organising secretary Mr Abednigo Bhebhe, were bashed allegedly for protesting against the formation of the MDC Alliance. Mr Gutu said Mr Tsvangirai will remain the party’s presidential candidate despite his failing health.

“Contrary to recent Press reports that suggested that president Tsvangirai will soon be stepping down from the leadership of the party, the fact of the matter is that president Tsvangirai remains the leader of the MDC and he is the MDC presidential candidate for the 2018 elections,” said Mr Gutu. He said the party was gearing for elections and will soon start campaigning through rallies.

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  • yowe

    Varume musatambe nesu Morgan is a hero for Zimbabwe but he should rest.We need an able bodied candidate and the party’s constitution says party members must vote for the person.Iwe Obert Gutu wasiyanei naGeorge Charamba?? How honestly can the party field a candidate who is ill ?? Isnt that the same as having a 94 year old going to run for elections?? Be serious imi you need an Operation Restore Legacy kuMDC uku

    • Ndini

      he is a Joji Charamba wannabe. vanochiva Zanu stereki vanhu ivavo

  • YOBO

    Gutu ngaite mushe sure hamudi kuti MRT azorore here?give the man a break priiiiz an STOP IT

  • dusty

    Selective reporting.
    Just like that we are back to MDC is in trouble/bad reporting

  • musayigwa

    Spot on! Like operation legacy to restore Mugabe Chimurenga legacy. But the only change so far are former uniformed men now wearing suits in high echelons of power and of course the $$$ that comes with it.

    • str8arrow

      for the risks taken…

  • Daniel5

    The problem with Zimbabwean opposition politics is the acute dearth of visionary leadership. They have been united because they had one common enemy – Mugabe and family, now that they are out of the picture MDC-T and others are running out ideas. Their idealogy is too weak and not well articulated. MDC-T with an ailing Tsvangirai is clueless as Zanu PF rebrands and gains lost ground. MDC-T to be relevant to the masses needs to garcefully retire Tsvangirai and appoint visionary young blood in office who will take the game higher

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    At least there is no “one center of power” like some parties we know! as soon as Tsvangirai steps down as the leader, an “elective conference” is held….hear that ZANU PF, an “ELECTIVE CONFERENCE”. Prospective leaders are nominated by branches or party cells and then taken to the conference where a substantive Party Leader is ELECTED by delegates!

    There is no chaos in the MDC-T, its people just readying themselves for posts in the party……its called INTERNAL DEMOCRACY…..not INTERNAL APPOINTMENTS!

  • str8arrow

    So are you saying that from other sources of news on zimbabwe that you source your news from zvinenge print, digital, makuhwa etc hakuna kakurwisana nekusawirirana mubato rinopikisa re mdc-t here…karimo and its an open secret…tumabato itwotwo ndo ma faction. denial of the existence of factions in zanu-pf by herald is immaterial to this article. acceptance of their existence in the mdc-t is a rather more pertinent issue to discuss due to its foreseeable and some other not yet foreseeable ramifications given the status quo in zim politics. handifungi kuti reporter uyu ataika