Cde Chinx declared liberation war hero

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe and her deputy in the Women’s League Cde Thokozile Mathuthu arrive to pay condolences at the Chingaira home in Mabelreign, Harare, yesterday. — (Picture by Justin Mutenda)

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe and her deputy in the Women’s League Cde Thokozile Mathuthu arrive to pay condolences at the Chingaira home in Mabelreign, Harare, yesterday. — (Picture by Justin Mutenda)

Herald Reporter—
VETERAN musician and war veteran Cde Dickson Chingaira who died on Friday last week at a city hospital, has been declared a liberation war hero. zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Ignatius Chombo, last night said in conferring Cde Chingaira liberation war hero status, the Politburo considered his contribution to the nation.

“Cde Dickson Chingaira has been declared a liberation war hero. He has earned this because of his works during the war and he remained consistent after the war. The nation is thankful to his contribution,” he said.

Popularly known as Cde Chinx, the iconic musician passed on at West End Hospital in Harare.

He was 61.

Harare province had written to the party recommending national hero status for him.

Cde Chinx battled blood cancer for some time and was in and out of hospital.

He also had tried to seek help from prophets, apostolic faith churches and traditional healers without success.

Early this year, he released an album featuring Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Civic Education despite his ill-health.

The iconic revolutionary musician had two wives with 10 children between them.

Cde Chinx joined the liberation struggle in Mozambique in 1975, where he led the Zanla Choir.

Music played a crucial role in the fight against the brutal Rhodesian regime led by Ian Douglas Smith.

It inspired guerillas and the masses into successfully waging a war against the Rhodesians.

Through music, Cde Chinx protested the brutality of the Rhodesian regime while motivating the oppressed blacks to take arms and fight the injustice.

Even after independence, Cde Chinx actively participated in the decolonisation of Zimbabwe during the Third Chimurenga (Hondo Yeminda) when Government embarked on the land reform programme.

Again, Cde Chinx musically became the face of the decolonisation process and churned a number of songs encouraging landless Zimbabweans into embracing the land reform exercise as it was one of the major reasons the liberation struggle was waged.

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  • Cde Mvinazhu (Prof)

    Zvaramba kuti gamba redu riende pa Heroes acre

    • Muchina Muhombe

      MaSanctions comrade.

    • Gerald Maguranyanga

      Cde. Ndokubirira munhu afa uku. I am very far from home now but I am beside myself with disappointment. Otherwise I would have staged a one-man demo to declare Cde Chinx a national hero. Are you thinking what I am thinking; there’s a precedence, we can get this myopic decision rescinded? Seriously.

  • Gatsho

    Travesty of justice at its peak.

  • Cde Hondo


  • Cde Bazuka

    So his contribution was less than that of Border Gezi??? Sad. Very sad indeed.

  • garwe

    zanu pf just lost my vote this is slap in the face to the whole nation who wanted him to be declared a national ,maybe national hero means having helped the first family in one way or another thought kuti it was for the whole nation was wrong it should be called Mugabe heroes arc then shame to you politburo

  • Ngqaza

    While we mourn Cde Chinx, let us not forget Cde Kenny Ndlovu from Bulawayo, a true Zipra cadre who succumbed to the stroke he suffered in 2008. Not only was he my dear uncle but a true hero of the nation

  • manomano



      but handiti decisions are made with the interest of people at heart now is this people friendly


    Guys so wat criteria is used to choose national hero??Honestly speaking this is paining haa i mean this guy drove ZANU ideology through music and people really understood the basis of the struggle and is aims through his songs like MARUZA IMI.Dont you think kuti uri musoja musango and questioning kuti wat am i doing here?Dont you think kuti that soldier would remember the songs of CHIMURENGA OBVA ADZOKA MUGWARA? Aiwa aiwa aiwa this is so unfair the man litterally gave his voice to the struggle and to the country Zimbabwe and he aint no Natiional Hero.Inga Patrick Chakaipa makada kumuita hero for wat?? Because he wrote African novels asi here today lying we have a gallant son of Zimbabwe who chose to sacrifice his youth for the greater good and today you spit on him like this??? Sorry to say this but hamungamboti Chenjerai Hunzvi akarwa kupfuura CHINX???HAEWA Inini im a born free 1988 to be precise and i grew up being told by my parents to always remember and honor our liberators so pese paiitwa independance i would make it make it a point to watch ZBC and see the independance celebrations and pazvese zvaibuda Chinx was there mu archival videos avo. So it was plain to see that the contribution that this cadre did was there for everyone to see.Honestly speaking ZANU has lost my vote because kana ichibata gamba renyika like this no no no. Tekere defected from the party but makamuisa ipapo chinx did no treason but you deny him national hero status.Chidyausiku makati his main contribution was the land act wich meant it does not necessarily mean kuti uve hero you must have fired a shot or stayed in bush. The Chimurenga i saw was HONDO YE MINDA AND I WAS IN GRADE 7 IF THE TOP ECHELON DIDNT KNOW CDE CHINX had a remarkable effect on us youth i remember at boarding school tichiimba HONDO YEMUNO ZIMBABWE HONDO YE MINDA HONDO YEMUNO ZIMBABWE HONDO KA YEVHU. And honestly we understood the grievance of land that our forefathers had through these songs ana ZIMBAREMABWE ZUVA RAYO HOO RASVIKA. I AINT VOTING FOR zanu pf because it nolonger knows wat it stands for. ZORORAI MURUGARE CDE CHINX MUCHASANGANISWA NEVA KOMA NE HANZVADZI DZENYU DZAKATSAKATIKA MUHONDO YECHIMURENGA 123

  • God is Watching

    So we want are saying, in order to be a National Hero one has to be a CABINET MINISTER? There are some who became very very very clever vasina kuenda ku Hondo vakamhanya Hondo yakupera kuenda kunana Zambia ne Mozambique and have bn accorded heroes status. This is so painful. Cde Chinx akamira nemusangano from A to Z nhasi uno vakuona nezve heroes status ndivo vasina kuenda ku Hondo. Zanu PF musadaro. Inga musangano watinoda. Saka Chinx is not worth lying ku Heroes Acre nana Muzenda nana Nkomo? Aita mudiki nhai. Azvina mhosva. Ndarwadziwa. Ana Chombo ndivo vorara havo ku Heroes vasina kumboenda ku Hondo vasina kumboimba. God is watching.


    herald why arent you showing my posts

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      They aren’t politically correct


        and by that wat do you mean


    so you see this decision as mentaly sound

  • Zimba 1

    Spot on! This misfiring will cost Zanu PF one day.

  • Gerald Maguranyanga

    Cde. Point of correction. Chinx handi gamba remusangano mumwe bedzi. He had transcended a single party. He is the people’s hero! Gamba re “vanhu vose muno muAfrica”! Musarashike Cde!

    • Cde Njelele

      Ah , wena. Just because he sang a song that sounded Pan African does not make him an African hero for the rest of Africa.You are getting confused. Leave that for Kwame Nkrumah and others. Cde Chinx is our local hero .Period.

  • James Jealous

    I salute you Judah.

  • Zimba 1

    The guiding document is the supreme leader, my dear. Equally disappointed.


    couldnt have said it better

  • Mhofu Chaiyo

    Go well, our humble Cde! No need to debate whether he should have been buried here or there – we all know where he sits in our hearts. I will remember Cde Chinx for his non-self serving character. Pamberi nehondo iri mugwara kwaro! Eish, Dedye Yaramba! Asi Handei neRudo, MuZvikomborero!


    hahahaha i get the drift probably it was rainbow towers were he stayed for his whole tenure

  • Hwamanda

    Zveshuwa, gamba iri raiwe nekodzero yeNational Heroe status. Hapeno kuti what factors are considered to attain NHS. We had the likes of Gary Magadzire, William Z Duri, C. Hunzvi, B. Gezi to name a few who did not have much action on the battle front, still they benefited. The system needs a serious overhaul/restructuring before we restructure the Politiburo itself. Hondo yeminda here vakomana. Aaaaaaa dissappointed!!! Rest in Peace Cde of the people!!!

  • Mimi

    Things should just be said as is: late Cde Chinx was a Liberation War Hero and those of us who was with him know that. Million-$ question is that povho wished him to be declared a National Hero and this is where the problem lies muparty ZANU-PF. But nevertheless the fact is that tose tichangosvikawo pazuva iri. And then it won’t be surprising if others vakacherwa kubviswa paHeroes Acre apa. But zvekutiwo late Cde Chinx went to Mozambique in 1975 ini ndazviramba.

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    Enga kuHeroes Acre kure seku State House.


    exactly ive never been one of you because inini the ZANU PF i knew was people oriented and passed judgements according to what the people want and i sight HE R G Mugabe when asked by a british reporter in 1979 about his tenure in office and he said all i do is people oriented if the people like it i do it i get my mandate from the people. tRANSLATED THIS MEANS YOUR MANDATE IS TO THE PEOPLE AND NOT THE ZANU PF CENTRAL COMMITTE FURTHERMORE THE CHINX ISSUE IS A NATIONAL ISSUE AND NOT ONLY RESERVED TO ZANU PF AS YOU ARE INSINUATING WEN YOU SAY

    EVERYTHING DONE WAS ACCORDING TO PARTY PROTOCOL CHINX WAS NOT JUST A ZNU PF HERO HE WAS A HERO TO ALL ZIMBABWEANS BE IT MDC ZUM ZPF SHAKESPEAR MAYA SIMBA MAKONI ETC. Now putting that into perspective i see a ZANU PF that is no longer COMMUNISTIC in its thinking and socialistic in its practices because they are all bourgeoise


    true chief true lets bury our hero first i understand