CCZ demands Zesa bosses’ pay schedule

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The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe has demanded to see the salary schedule for top management at zesa Holdings in the wake of the parastatal’s proposal for an upward review of 5 percent in electricity tariffs against what they termed poor service delivery. Speaking at a stakeholder consultative meeting hosted by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority in Harare yesterday, CCZ national chairman Mr Phillip Bvumbe said the consumer protection body would only embrace a tariff increase after they are convinced management was not abusing the parastatal’s funds.

“As a consumer group we feel zesa is a public institution and that the salary schedule of top management be availed to us because since the 2006 tariff review paper that was presented to stakeholders by ZETDC on the pricing of electricity they have not been any notable changes in costing to date.”

“It is against this background that we feel the proposed hike might not be justified hence our demand to see their salary structure,” he said.
However, a ZETDC official argued that although they have proposed a 5 percent upward review since it is inflation related, this year the cost reflective tariff requires a 16 percent increase since a cost of supply study indicates an average tariff of US14,2 cents per kilowatt hour.

“Over the past 5 years we have had only one significant tariff increase while average expenditure has been higher than the average tariff awarded. Tariffs awarded are therefore not sufficient to sustain the minimum activities of the utility,” he said.

A tariff of US9, 83c per kilowatt hour was awarded in 2009, but was reversed and replaced by a US7,53c/kWh in February 2009. There was no tariff hike in 2010 while a US9, 83c/kWh raise was approved for 2011.

Zera chief executive, Eng Gloria Magombo said consultations were ongoing to consider the ZETDC 5 percent tariff hike proposal.

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  • Wilson Magaya

    It is refreshing to see people demand accountability from service delivery companies. I think there is evidence of abuse and the customer should not take the brunt of such blatant abuse. It is important that we eve go a step further and demand justification for such investment as 350 million into Kariba Dam. With this kind of money and deployment of new technology the Zesa can generate more power from a resource that will most probably last longer and is not as expensive to maintain. Keep the pressure UP.

  • comrade kunakirwa

    So what if they millionsper month? What shall we do? What will be done to them? Nothing…

  • Power

    Zim -Asset cancelled 80m farmers ZESA bill is this not what the ordinary man is being asked to pay for by this increase, because i feel farmers are in business thus they should pay their bills in full, else ZESA salary schedule disclosure is absolutely relevant considering that the nation is being milked through unimaginable ver high bosses salaries, disappointed energy use.

  • PSMAS member, Chinzara Bruce

    My challenge is to comprehend the fact that the government has been ignorant of these obscene salaries. What it means is that to a certain extant the government has not been alert and has actually let the consumers down. I feel this is not only negligence on the part of government but criminal negligence. We wait and see how the government will react. Is it that the bosses where just playing the front yet behind the scenes some other people where looting albeit in a facade of the so called bosses. Where is our corporate governance policy. Please government help us

  • bonnie

    herald please by any means necessary tipeiwo salary schedule ye zesa top management

  • ellazwurld

    We are living in interesting times! We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free! Gone are the days of sinister and selfish clandestine dealings! Every citizen of this country has a right to value for their hard earned money! We must no longer tolerate any attempts to compromise this fundamental right.

  • Jackie Dube

    here we go again well done herald l understand they is a gentleman who is related to two bosses at Zesa he walks around the whole day doing nothing looking for woman and because everybody knows his related to these two top guys at Zesa he gets paid every month for doing nothing.

  • Jindaguru

    We hope current demands for public accountability will become a permanent fixture in Zimbabwean culture and psyche. The days of the likes of Dr Mahachi and his ilk should become as extinct as the dinosaurs if we aspire to a new Zimbabwe.

  • Farai Mushe

    I think we are growing up now in Zimbabwe. As far as I know a document termed a salary schedule does not take three days to produce especially at an enterprise like ZETDC, coz, there is already a qualified chartered accountant whoa has a lot of bookkeepers under his/her command. What then takes it so long to produce such a thing, even more why cant they supply the one they used previously.

    The main reason for this delay is either there some big guns whop are being consulted first in the hope that there is going to be some kind of “mercy” extended to these guys. However, without this, the schedule irkutobikwa kuti ibude yakanaka and everyone knows that.

    Once something like this comes up, I am of the opinion that independent auditors should swiftly be sent to investigate and put the nation in light. Tikasiirira zvinhu zvakadai zvichienderera mberi even in 2018 kuchangonzi iZANU.

    Saka pliz government batsiraiwo CCZ kana kuti apa ndipo patinosheedza vana Cde Jabulani Siobanda naana Cde Chinoz uone zvichaitika.

  • Dengu

    Pamberi ne clean up iyi ndezvashe izvi for so long these looters looted from our little income,chachaya chawakadya chomuka vose vane mhosva repossess everything they have to the state .Some of these looter are richer than the nation aaaa shit dzevanhu mhondi .hospitals ,school are in shambles umwe munhu akagarira millions of looted dollars .Pasi ne mbavha,nemhondi,

  • bibi

    Is this TB Joshua’s prophecy on the expose’ and fall of corrupt leaders coming to pass????????????

  • jore

    kana vapedza izvozvo ngavaende kuma community share schemes, gore rino hakuna chinosara. zvose ngazvibudiswe tizviona, kikikiki

  • Nevison Bara

    The demand by CCZ is very simple. How are the executive paying themselves. Simple. I remember for jobs adverts, salaries per scale would be stated. So it is easy Messrs at ZESA, just tell the nation how much you are not milking the Nation. Maybe vanhu havazivivi kuti zvinoreveyi kuve public servants?

  • snitch

    It’s not the governments fault that these things have been happening . it is your fault , you the people who let this country run into the ground while you talk among yourselves and adapt to impossible ways of living . Until the people of zimbabwe rise up and take to the streets , there will never be change and this will continue . shame on you zimbabweans , a bunch of cowards . u live for one loaf of bread when you are entitled to 10

  • fdsergg

    Dont forget National Parks.Poaching is on the increase.rangers involved coz of meager salaries.Investigate the management.

  • Mbada Murenje

    Instead of thinking on how to make electricity continually available to the public at
    affordable rates, you are pushing for more monies! People!!!

  • Ishe Gondo

    aya ekuzesa ndiwo andishamisawo ngekuti hayi kuna advisor unohore $500 000….saka matarifs anokwirirei…..advice yemwakapuwa ndiye ngeyekutinyi…timbozwawo…..hemwaizoende kotsvake adivisor…basa reboard, ceo nemamanager ngerei???? tibvireyi apo…munotisvota tikarutsa…senzai ngemwoyo inerudo neanhu emuZimbabwe…dzikisirai mihoro yenyu tapota….rudo ngaruwande pakati pewana wevhu…

  • Mimi

    I think this hyper about government’s motives to bring to the public’s eye the huge salaries that was being paid to most Parastatals Management is not because government is bent on really punishing the culprits but it is because government it is now very broke… My reasoning is that the same Ministers knew what these looters were earning all along. Hey Zimbabweans let us not be hoodwinked.