Women miners: The untold story

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Editor Miriam Mbambo (40) wakes up at 3am daily to prepare food for her three school-going children before she leaves for work at the nearby Pickstone Mine in Chegutu.

Legislation that impacted on women

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Forum Last week Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world in commemorating International Women’s Day, by holding a series of events to celebrate women’s achievements calling for eq...
We have men in our midst who have devalued the sanctity of parenthood, and are instead relegating that duty to women

Of women who kill, deadbeat fathers

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Forum This is unthinkable for any parent, more so for the mother who is considered a nurturer, carer and regarded as an embodiment of life. So, just the idea of a mother murder...
Women need financial capacitation if the knowledge they acquire in workshops is to give them material benefit. In this file photo women showcase their artefacts during Rural Women’s Day commemorations

Men vital in the women empowerment matrix

Gender Forum With Ruth Butaumocho As a little girl, growing up in Chiweshe was an enriching experience which I relive now and then when life gets very demanding and I really need an inspirational sto...
While cemeteries are considered sacred and largely reserved for rituals and activities for the dearly departed, this collage shows vendors who have turned Granville Cemetery, popularly known as kuMbudzi, into a market of choice. (Picture by William Mafunga)

Feeding off the dead

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Editor They have attended close to a thousand funerals of strangers. Each day, they are part of up to five funerals or more, yet they rarely shed a tear, doing so on a few occa...
The tragedy of Council’s decision to ban backyard poultry-rearing will cause untold suffering, especially on female-headed families, as they rely on such income-generating projects to put food on the table

Vending, chicken bans worsen poverty

Gender Forum  With Ruth Butaumocho most Zimbabweans are still trying to come to terms with Harare City Council’s decision to ban the rearing of chickens in the backyard, arguing that this destroys th...

Turning trash into CA$H

For the ordinary Zimbabwean an empty plastic bottle is nothing more than a piece of trash that needs to be disposed in a dustbin if it can’t find any other use in the home. However, for the majority ...
Illegal vendors rounded up by municipal workers being ferried, together with their goods, to Harare Central Police Station. — File photo

Corruption hits women, youth hardest

Gender Forum With Ruth Butaumocho Walking in the central business district in Harare last week, I came across a group of vendors, mostly women, in running battles with the municipal police for sellin...

Condoms in school a big No, No!

Gender Forum With Ruth Butaumocho Last week most parents were restive after the august House deliberated on a contentious issue, whether condoms should be made available to pupils and be placed in sc...

Rural women reel under effects of cancer

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Editor Mrs Maud Chauke watched hopelessly as her mother, VaChireka, writhed in pain while lying under a mopane tree a few metres from the family kitchen. She noticed her condit...

Women are own worst enemies

Gender Forum With  Ruth Butaumocho Last week, a local tabloid ran with a front page picture of two women involved in nasty fight over a man somewhere in the informal settlement of Hopley, in Harare.

Miniskirts don’t rape, depraved men do!

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Forum In November last year, hundreds of women in Kenya held a series of demonstrations in protest after a group of men tore off a woman’s clothing for wearing a miniskirt. The...

Spare a thought for the rural woman

Ruth Butaumocha Gender Forum The onset of the rainy season signalled the start of land preparations in both rural and urban areas as farmers mobilised the cropping season’s inputs.

No relationship is worth dying for

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Forum The year comes to an end tomorrow and will probably go down in the history as one of the most eventful years in recent times. The gender discourse dominated news for both...