In this file picture Cde Chinotimba addresses the National Assembly

Demystifying Joseph Chinotimba

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir— When news filtered through that Joseph Chinotimba had won the Buhera South National Assembly seat on July 31, 2013, I am sure most people exclaimed in shock, “Oh my ...
Cde Mudenda

A level of education requisite for MPs

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir “IF you fail academically, then be a Member of Parliament — the only profession where academic qualifications don’t matter,” said one of the readers in response to one of ...
Front row on the right reserved for ministers and their deputies is empty as they abscond the question and answer session in the Senate on one of the Thursdays

Why do ministers bunk Parly Q&A?

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir Every Wednesday when the National Assembly sits, the first session is dedicated to questions without notice and written ones. In the Senate, that session is slated for Thu...

Let’s cut on costs in the House

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir Legislators are entitled to US$75 per sitting for both committee and House sessions. This means the 290 backbenchers that we have in both houses would chew almost US$22 00...
Minister Chinamasa

Yes, you can if you want!

Lloyd Gumbo  Mr Speaker, Sir It’S official, the proposed 2014 National Budget is predominantly to do with about two percent of our population, if submissions by various ministries to Parliamentary Po...
Minister Chinamasa

Budget debate: Zanu-PF’s litmus test

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir By virtue of being representatives of the people, Members of Parliament are best placed to know the country’s needs, something that makes their debate relevant in making s...
Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa

Goodbye to hung Parliament

Lloyd Gumbo Herald Reporter The inclusive Government era proved that where polarisation blooms, meaningful discussions wither. Zimbabwe’s Parliament in 2013 was characterised by polarisation along pa...
It would be unfortunate for us to spend millions of dollars on about 300 backbencher MPs who are just there to rubber-stamp Bills without scrutinising them or their proposals not being taken on board

Ideological battlefield or playground?

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir DEBATES in Parliament are often characterised by polarisation and highly charged exchanges between Zanu-PF and MDC-T legislators mostly influenced by political grandstandi...
Minister Chinamasa

Parliamentarians’ defining moment

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Our parliamentarians were back in Harare to consider the National Budget that was presented by Finance and Economic Planning Minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday.