Consumers are being forced to pay through the nose for locally-manufactured products like cooking oil, something Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa (above right) must look into

Protect us from local industry as well

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa came up with a number of fiscal measures when he presented the Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review re-cently.
Supermarkets before the dollarisation had empty shelves

Good Government with bad debtors

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Things were coming to a halt, fuel stations had more queues than fuel, supermarkets had condoms and tea leaves, sadza had become an endangered meal with institutions of hig...
At present, some beneficiaries of land reform need a helicopter to check out their farms because the land is too big

Time to put finality to the land question

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir The withdrawal of 25-year leases from Zanu-PF heavyweights in Save Valley Conservancy in Chiredzi who are believed to have been double-dipping has come as good news to prog...
BREATHING FIRE . . .  Minister Chinamasa did not mince his words when he said: “When you talk about corruption, be it in Government or the private sector, first look at the procurement system. This is the capital city of corruption.

SPB Act crying out for urgent overhaul

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir “When it comes to tenders, something which I have noticed and which worries me, is the dominance of briefcase businesses in the tender system,” charged Finance and Economic...
FLASHBACK . . . President Mugabe opens the First Session of Zimbabwe’s Eighth Parliament in September last year. Some MPs are still to make their maiden speeches 12 months after being voted  into the august House

Eighth Parliament, 12 months removed

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir What is most disturbing is that some portfolio committees chaired by Zanu-PF MPs resemble praise sessions when they summon ministers to appear before them.

Nothing honourable about some MPs

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Politicians, especially Members of Parliament, are the most scrutinised and castigated for any wrongdoing whether it is to do with their parliamentary roles or private live...
Minister Chidhakwa

Board appointments need interrogation

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir The criteria used in appointing board members of parastatals need serious interrogation. Yes, qualifications and specifications have been put in place but sometimes they ar...
Government owns majority shareholding in some of the non-performing companies such as the  National Railways of Zimbabwe, Zesa Holdings, Cold Storage Company and Air Zimbabwe whose plane is pictured above

State Enterprises: Time to crack the whip

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir The way our State-owned entities operate makes the heart sick. How many of them can justify their existence besides being a drain on the fiscus? They are always screaming f...
Auditor-General Mrs Mildred Chiri . . . has her work cut out for her

Corruption, all in a day’s work

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Let’s stop institutionalising corruption if we are serious about developing this country. Zimbabweans are sick and tired of being told how their money is being stolen or mi...

Missing Persons, we presume?

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir “We have not seen our MP since the elections last year when he left for Harare,” is the common response we hear from any constituency when we inquire about what development...
It would be unfortunate for us to spend millions of dollars on about 300 backbencher MPs who are just there to rubber-stamp Bills without scrutinising them or their proposals not being taken on board

Pass laws on their merits, not source

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir Our parliamentarians, albeit a few of them, are slowly getting there, unless the momentum is deflated by some forces. MPs are now refusing to be bulldozed into rubber-stam...

Give whistle-blowers maximum protection

Lloyd Gumbo  Mr Speakers Sir The legislature must be severe with those who disregard its proceedings. We cannot have a situation where some individuals consider themselves more powerful than the thir...
MPs during their tour of Econet Wireless premises recently

MPs’ taste for freebies shocking

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir There is a joke going around about Members of Parliament’s penchant for free things. It says, “One day a florist goes to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asks abou...