Corruption manifests itself in different forms among them bribery, fraud, nepotism and extortion regardless of the quantum

Corruption: No fish is too big to fry!

Llodyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Mr Speaker Sir, all corrupt officials regardless of their position must be severely punished to prove to the citizens that indeed corruption has no place in Zimbabwe.
The proliferation of sex tapes leaks is an indication that revenge porn is on the rise in this technology era and it spreads like a veld fire through WhatsApp platforms or Facebook regardless of it being undesirable

Revenge porn law long overdue

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Revenge porn is a serious social and legal problem that could affect the majority of citizens including adolescents and teenagers who may find the publication of their expl...
The country’s productive sector is left poorer because the majority of workers are having to spend hours in bank queues trying to withdraw their salaries which they are given in drips and drabs

Time to take cash crisis head on

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Mr Speaker Sir, events of the past few weeks have dampened spirits, but make no mistake about it, this does not mean we are in recession already; it is a cash crisis that c...
Instead of portraying themselves in good light based on the questions they ask, some MPs have abused the platform by seeking to make our Parliament resemble that of South Africa, a place to heckle others

Likening children to MPs is an insult

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir Oftentimes, troublesome Members of Parliament across the world have been likened to children because of the “childish” manner in which they behave when in the House, but if...
Professor Nnadozie

Exploring importance of capacity building

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir One of the major problems in Zimbabwe is that people without the required capacity have been given authority to negotiate mega-deals with investors, yet the country has peo...
Air Zimbabwe

Airzim must shape up or ship out

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir On a Wednesday a fortnight ago, our Air Zimbabwe flight was supposed to take-off from the Harare International Airport at 9:30am for the Victoria Falls International Airpo...
Government is in the process of distributing food to drought-affected areas, but the majority of villagers will be expected to travel tens of kilometres to the centre where the food will be dropped off because their areas are inaccessible due to the poor state of the roads

Honourable MPs, this is how we live!

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir In all fairness, if they were to display the zeal they exhibited while debating the diplomatic passports issue on rural roads construction and maintenance, not many rural ...
Zimbabwe’s Parliament currently boasts  no less than 350 MPs, compared to Zambia’s 158

Why our MPs live like paupers

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir Just the other day, I met a former Member of Parliament of the Seventh Parliament in town treating himself to a one litre soft drink and buns. He was seated in the Africa ...
Happison Muchechetere

Corruption: No more kid’s gloves, please

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker, Sir It is important that ministers or boards take decisive action against officials in parastatals who misappropriate funds than be intimidated just because one has stayed in ...

Agriculture: A lot needs to be addressed

Lloyd Gumbo Mr Speaker Sir The fact that the serious effects of climate change coincided with the land redistribution exercise have resulted in land redistribution critics trying to shift blame for p...